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MIKE AND ABE-11-26-17
TAXI DAVE-11-19-17 MIKE AND ABE-11-19-17
MIKE AND ABE-11-12-17
TAXI DAVE-11-5-17 MIKE AND ABE-11-5-17
TAXI DAVE-10-29-17 MIKE AND ABE-10-29-17
TAXI DAVE-10-22-17 MIKE AND ABE-10-22-17
TAXI DAVE-10-15-17 MIKE AND ABE-10-15-17
TAXI DAVE-10-8-17 MIKE AND ABE-10-8-17
TAXI DAVE-10-1-17 MIKE AND ABE-10-1-17
TAXI DAVE-9-24-17 MIKE AND ABE-9-24-17
TAXI DAVE-9-17-17 MIKE AND ABE-9-17-17
TAXI DAVE-9-10-17Show Postponed
TAXI DAVE-9-3-17 MIKE AND ABE-9-3-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-8-27-17
TAXI DAVE-8-20-17 MIKE AND ABE-8-20-17
TAXI DAVE-8-13-17 MIKE AND ABE-8-13-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-8-6-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-7-30-17
TAXI DAVE-7-23-17 MIKE AND ABE-7-23-17
TAXI DAVE-7-16-17 MIKE AND ABE-7-16-17
TAXI DAVE-7-9-17 MIKE AND ABE-7-9-17
TAXI DAVE-7-2-17 MIKE AND ABE-7-2-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-6-25-17
TAXI DAVE-6-18-17 MIKE AND ABE-6-18-17
TAXI DAVE-6-11-17 MIKE AND ABE-6-11-17
TAXI DAVE-6-4-17 MIKE AND ABE-6-4-17
Pre Empted-MetsMIKE AND ABE-5-28-17
TAXI DAVE-5-21-17 MIKE AND ABE-5-21-17
TAXI DAVE-5-14-17 MIKE AND ABE-5-14-17-Best of
TAXI DAVE-5-7-17 MIKE AND ABE-5-7-17
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-4-30-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-4-23-17
TAXI DAVE-4-16-17 MIKE AND ABE-4-16-17
Pre Empted-Mets MIKE AND ABE-4-9-17
TAXI DAVE-4-2-17 MIKE AND ABE-4-2-17
TAXI DAVE-3-26-17 MIKE AND ABE-3-26-17
TAXI DAVE-3-19-17 MIKE AND ABE-3-19-17
TAXI DAVE-3-12-17 MIKE AND ABE-3-12-17
TAXI DAVE-3-5-17-------
TAXI DAVE-2-26-17 MIKE AND ABE-2-26-17
TAXI DAVE-2-19-17 MIKE AND ABE-2-19-17
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-2-12-17
TAXI DAVE-2-05-17MIKE AND ABE-2-6-17
TAXI DAVE-1-29-17 MIKE AND ABE-1-29-17
TAXI DAVE-1-22-17 MIKE AND ABE-1-22-17
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-1-15-17
TAXI DAVE-1-8-17 MIKE AND ABE-1-8-17
TAXI DAVE-1-1-17 MIKE AND ABE-1-1-17
TAXI DAVE-12-25-16 MIKE AND ABE-12-25-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-12-18-16
TAXI DAVE-12-11-16 ------
TAXI DAVE-12-4-16 MIKE AND ABE-12-04-16
TAXI DAVE-11-27-16 MIKE AND ABE-11-27-16
TAXI DAVE-11-20-16 MIKE AND ABE-11-20-16
TAXI DAVE-11-13-16 MIKE AND ABE-11-13-16
-------------- Abe Talks to a Concerned New Yorker
TAXI DAVE-11-06-16MIKE AND ABE-11-8-Election Day
TAXI DAVE-10-30-16 MIKE AND ABE-10-30-16
TAXI DAVE-10-23-16 MIKE AND ABE-10-23-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-10-16-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-10-9-16
TAXI DAVE-10-3-16 MIKE AND ABE-10-2-16
TAXI DAVE-9-25-16 MIKE AND ABE-9-25-16
TAXI DAVE-9-18-16 MIKE AND ABE-9-18-16
TAXI DAVE-9-11-16 MIKE AND ABE-9-11-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-9-5-16
Guest Nancy Reynoso
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-9-4-16
TAXI DAVE-8-28-16 MIKE AND ABE-8-28-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-8-21-16
TAXI DAVE-8-14-16 MIKE AND ABE-8-14-16
TAXI DAVE-8-7-16 MIKE AND ABE-8-7-16
TAXI DAVE-7-31-16 MIKE AND ABE-7-31-16
TAXI DAVE-7-24-16 MIKE AND ABE-7-24-16
TAXI DAVE-7-17-16 MIKE AND ABE-7-17-16
TAXI DAVE-7-10-16 MIKE AND ABE-7-10-16
TAXI DAVE-7-3-16 MIKE AND ABE-7-4-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-6-27-16
TAXI DAVE-6-19-16 ------
TAXI DAVE-6-12-16 ------
TAXI DAVE-6-5-16 MIKE AND ABE-6-5-16
TAXI DAVE-5-22-16 MIKE AND ABE-5-22-15
TAXI DAVE-5-15-16 MIKE AND ABE-5-15-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-5-8-16
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-5-1-16
TAXI DAVE-4-24-16 MIKE AND ABE-4-24-16
TAXI DAVE-4-17-16 MIKE AND ABE-4-17-16
TAXI DAVE=4-10-16 MIKE AND ABE-4-10-16
TAXI DAVE-3-27-16 -------
TAXI DAVE-3-20-16 MIKE AND ABE-3-20-16
TAXI DAVE-3-13-16 MIKE AND ABE-3-13-16
TAXI DAVE-3-6-16 MIKE AND ABE-3-6-16
TAXI DAVE-2-28-16 MIKE AND ABE-2-26-16
TAXI DAVE-2-21-16 2-20-16-Special Guest John Mc Donegh
TAXI DAVE-2-14-16 MIKE AND ABE-2-15-16
TAXI DAVE-2-7-16 MIKE AND ABE-2-9-16
TAXI DAVE-1-31-16 ------
TAXI DAVE 1-24-16 MIKE AND ABE-1-31-16
TAXI DAVE-1-17-16 MIKE AND ABE-1-22-16
TAXI DAVE-1-10-16 MIKE AND ABE-1-17-16
TAXI DAVE-1-3-16 Interview With Nancy Soria-Green Taxis
TAXI DAVE-12-27-15 MIKE AND ABE-12-27-15
TAXI DAVE-12-20-15 MIKE AND ABE-12-18-15
TAXI DAVE-12-13-15 MIKE AND ABE-12-11-15
TAXI DAVE-12-6-15 MIKE AND ABE-12-04-15
TAXI DAVE-11-29-15 MIKE AND ABE-11-26-15
TAXI DAVE-11-22-15 MIKE AND ABE-11-20-15
TAXI DAVE-11-15-15 MIKE AND ABE-11-13-15
TAXI DAVE-11-8-15 MIKE AND ABE-11-06-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-10-30-15
TAXI DAVE-10-25-15 MIKE AND ABE-10-23-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-10-16-15
TAXI DAVE-10-11-15 MIKE AND ABE-10-9-15
TAXI DAVE-10-4-15 ------
TAXI DAVE-9-27-15 MIKE AND ABE-9-25-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-9-18-15
TAXI DAVE-9-13-15 MIKE AND ABE-9-11-15
TAXI DAVE-9-6-15 MIKE AND ABE-9-4-15
TAXI DAVE-8-30-15 MIKE AND ABE-8-28-15
TAXI DAVE-8-23-15 MIKE AND ABE-8-21-15
TAXI DAVE-8-16-15 MIKE AND ABE-8-14-15
Taxi Dave-Aug 9. 2015 MIKE AND ABE-8-7-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE 7-31-15
TAXI DAVE-July 26, 2015 MIKE AND ABE 7-24-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE 7-17-15
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE 7-10-15
TAXI DAVE-July 12, 2015
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-July 3, 2015
Best of Dave MIKE AND ABE-June 26, 2015
TAXI DAVE-June 14, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-June 19, 2015
TAXI DAVE-June 7, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-June 12, 2015
TAXI DAVE-May 31, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-June 6, 2015
TAXI DAVE-May 24, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-May 29, 2015
TAXI DAVE-May 17, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-May 22, 2015
TAXI DAVE-May 10, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-May 15, 2015
TAXI DAVE-May 3, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-May 8, 2015
TAXI DAVE-April 25, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-April 26, 2015
TAXI DAVE-April19, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-April 18, 2015
TAXI DAVE-April 12, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-April 10, 2015
TAXI DAVE-April 5, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-April 7, 2015
TAXI DAVE-March 29, 2015 MIKE AND ABE-April 1, 2015
TAXI DAVE-March 22, 2015
TAXI DAVE-March 15, 2015
TAXI DAVE-March 18, 2015
TAXI DAVE-March 1,2015
TAXI DAVE-Feb 22,2015
TAXI DAVE-Feb 8, 2015
TAXI DAVE-Feb-1, 2015
TAXI DAVE-Jan 25, 2015
TAXI DAVE-Jan 18, 2015
TAXI DAVE-Dec 28, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Dec 21, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Dec 14, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Dec 7, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Nov 30, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Nov 23, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Nov 9, 2014
TAXI DAVE-Nov 2, 2014