HR & A Report on EVs for Uber
H R & A is one of the most highly influential & connected world wide consulting firms in NYC. Their people go in & out of government. After having read this report by H R &A, “NYC Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Assessment for For-Hire Vehicles,” commissioned by and paid for by Uber, coated with the veneer of credibility that a longstanding advisor to NYC government possesses, one might conclude that this is Uber’s plan. It was included in the Uber written testimony at the June 2023 City Council Transportation Committee hearing on EV conversion. In short, the initial costs or “seed money” for charging infrastructure will come from taxpayers. They call for 200,000 chargers, an unspecified number of which to be placed in areas where Uber drivers live or pickup/drop off fares, charging subsidized rates to Uber drivers. This is all predicated on the locations where drivers live/work remaining the same over time & also a continuing stream of funds from city, state & federal governments, ignoring what may happen in the event of regime change. The mayor has stated on more than one occasion that the EV conversion should be at no cost to drivers. How this is to be accomplished, other than federal/state tax credits, is not explained.

Imagine for a moment the EV conversion occurring with the same efficiency & competency as the cannabis rollout, regulation of for hire vehicles resulting in the addition of 60k FHVs with more coming, the legalization of micro-mobility devices which resulted in mass chaos, etc.

The EV FHV is not an efficient use of a vehicle because of charging time. The H R & A report states that 71% of NYC FHV EV drivers charge their car several times a day. This makes double shifting impossible which results in more cars.

There has never been an environmental impact study done in NYC weighing costs & benefits of EV conversion or if the grid & charging infrastructure will be able to handle the onslaught of EVs.

Former NYC electeds & appointees along with their corporate masters have made many egregious errors over the years. Once policies are put into action it becomes almost impossible to roll them back.

Let’s think this one through before we are on yet another road to ruinous chaos with no off ramp.
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