TLC meeting on Industry Economics:

On April 25, 2019 the TLC has scheduled a meeting to discuss  Industry Economics    
This meeting is in compliance with TLC rules that oblige this take place every two years.


No one in the industry is hurting more than Medallion Taxi Drivers and Owners. In the last discussion of this matter on April 6 2017, 
there were cries for relief on the onslaught of Medallion Taxi Drivers and Owners. These cries went to deaf ears. Also, many in the industry were worried that a fare increase would be detrimental due to the competition from Uber and Lyft. They were wrong!

The State of New York has proven that fares can be raised with little disruption. The proof is in the Congestion Surcharge that was dumped on the Medallion Industry. This $2.50 surcharge per ride in what was formerely known as the exclusionary zone and now the Congestion Zone is amounting to several hundred dollars per week per taxi. This is money that could have been allocated to owners and drivers to greatly help keep those in need financially stable.

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