Nina Frenkel was a passenger of mine in Dec 2011. The conversation we had while taking her from Manhattan to Park Slope. Brooklyn on a late rainy night meant more to her than I could imagine.
Below is a fabulous art work that she created. I have this in a book copy she sent me. We stayed in touch until 2015. We had a long phone conversation concerning another project she planned to work on from my days in the U.S. Army.
Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer in 2016. This page is a tribute to her. First Read her letter to me followed by the art work she did! Abe Mittleman-NYC Taxi News

*Editors Note: Reference to "Abie's Downtown Taxi" was a card I gave her for "Abie's Doowop Taxi" a web site I had then and still is on line in 2021. use scroll bar on right to see all