Abe Mittleman drove a NYC taxi for 42 years. 1970-2012. For 16 years he wrote a column in Mini Press taxi newspaper called "CAB GAB"
This column ran monthly from 1994 to 2010. Alan Decker the publisher of the paper passed away in 2010 ending this newspaper.
Thought to be lost, Abe has discovered 56 months worth of "Cab Gab" Read how much of what was wrote then still apply today.
December 2005Airport Hustlers Read
February 2006Another One Bites The Dust Read
April 2006Medallion Prices Read
May 2006Gas Prices Read
June 2006Accessible Taxi Medallions Read
July 2006Outer Borough Taxi Stands Read
August 2006The Way It Was Read
September 2006Fare Increase Read
October 2006Has The TLC Gone Too Far? Read
November 2006Main Street Flushing Read
December 2006Sick and Tired Read
January 2007Fare Well to A Great Fare Read
February 2007The Drivers Will Speak Last Read
March 2007Exclusive Right Read
April 2007Pedicab Bill-Weíre Shocked! Read
May 2007Some Thoughts onTraffic Read
June 2007Hybrid Taxis Read
July 2007Service Enhancements Read
August 2007We Didnít Agree to Anything Read
Sept 2007The Real Objections Read
October 2007All Is Not Well Read
November 2007Itís The Money Read
December 2007Deed Of The Year Read
January 2008Service Enhancements Read
February 2008No Training Is The Reason Read
March 2008Thank You-Not Read
April 2008Enforcement Personnel:
There Are Enough
May 2008Stop the Stealing! Read
June 2008Living Wage? Read
July 2008Only a Start Read
August 2008No Left Turn? Read
September 2008Energy Crisis- No Help? Read
October 2008Safe Taxi Driving Read
November 2008Safe Miles Read
December 2008And,I Said NO! Read
January 2009Happy New Year
Lost and Found
February 2009CC Problem Read
March 2009Bridge Tolls Read
April 2009Rest Room Secrets Read
May 2009Why Did The MTA Choose Us? Read
June 2009My Senate Testimony Read
July 2009We All Have To Join The Fight Read
August 2009Health Insurance-The Truth Read
September 2009Long Summer Read
October 2009MTA Tax-Disturbing Read
November 2009Where Do You Draw The Line? Read
December 2009Not a Good Year Read
January 2010Who Listens? Read
February 2010Reckless Driving-Not Read
March 2010Police picking on you? Read
April 2010Reckless Driving-Follow-UP Read
May 2010An Ocean in the Boroughs Read
June 2010MTA is Using
Our Money to Hurt Us
July 2010Revisiting an
Old Ongoing Problem
August 2010More On Restrooms Read
September 2010A Tale of Two Wallets
Still No Adequate Restrooms