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12/31Uber’s Latest Report Shows 8 Women Sexually Assaulted In Its Vehicles Every DayIDIVAhttps://www.aol.com/news/uber-reports-average-8-women-153720772.html
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12/31California's mandatory arbitration law temporarily blocked by federal judgeUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/niM4NLttt5?amp=1
12/30California considers the electric-car requirement for ride sharesSPEEDLUXhttps://t.co/OaIncWJ6S8?amp=1
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12/30California Takes Lead On Laws Affecting Gig Economy, PrivacyCBS-KPIXhttps://t.co/9jza4Pwv89?amp=1
12/30MTA Wants To Build Wireless Cell Service Connections In East River TunnelCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/C7zlcJJOFA?amp=1
12/30Travis Kalanick To Sever Ties With UberSiliconhttps://t.co/a6vU0Qvqpe?amp=1
12/30I took a private NYC tour in a vintage 1933 Buick
with startup Nowaday and I saw a different side of the city
12/29E-Hail Cruising Cap Struck Down by State Supreme CourtNY1https://t.co/gYsYNIU74M?amp=1
12/29Silicon Valley’s Useful Idiotscity-journal.orghttps://t.co/FYcRqTqDNr?amp=1
12/29Closure of Troy taxi cab company raises concern about future of the industryWRGBhttps://t.co/lQhybPCeL5?amp=1
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12/27Cuomo Vetoes Bill To Legalize E-Bikes And E-Scooters In New York Patchhttps://t.co/f9KvfI4OK1?amp=1
12/27NYC Creeps Ahead on Congestion Fees, Raising Doubts on DeadlineYAHOOhttps://t.co/A35pQy0GO1?amp=1
12/27Uber just quietly bought 600 acres of land to build a new test track for self-driving cars in PittsburghBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/FLmQAWRMxv?amp=1
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12/27The hidden perk New York's mega-rich demandTHE BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/FUrFSf5iHl?amp=1
12/26Woman gets Uber's helicopter ride as cheapest option to reach JFK airport, people want her to take itTIMESNOWNEWS.COMhttps://t.co/kaH4MNwl97?amp=1
12/26Uber gets judge to toss taxi authority anti-congestion ruleCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/z5MvfHJzV4?amp=1
12/26Bloomberg Just Bought CityLab—and Put Half Its Reporters Out of a JobMother Joneshttps://t.co/RoxpBAzeTz?amp=1
12/26Judge rejects $1.7-billion taxi industry suit targeting Toronto over losses after Uber’s arrivalTHE GLOB AND MAILhttps://t.co/MfCyQYHS7J?amp=1
12/26Michael Bloomberg roasted for using prison labor to make campaign calls N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZlJ0G0kgKe?amp=1
12/26Ramp up hawker crackdown: Statue of Liberty ticker scammers must be shut downN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ixeGXoHQfI?amp=1
12/26The privacy worries with smart citiesAXIOShttps://t.co/KfXLAcNxn6?amp=1
12/26Boston airport joins LAX in punishing Uber/LyftHOT AiRhttps://t.co/rE05416Aqs?amp=1
12/26Brooke Shields bundles up in a longline puffer coat as she hails a taxi cab with her daughterDaily Mailhttps://t.co/06tOVNU7Ns?amp=1
12/25Travis Kalanick severs all ties with Uber, departing board and selling all his sharesCNBChttps://t.co/Dgxy0RQwlU?amp=1
12/25A rundown: What happened with the BQE rehab plan this yearBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/uErf4K6X1t?amp=1
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12/25Inside Uber's privacy battle with Los AngelesAXIOShttps://t.co/lSh5jah5E4?amp=1
12/25Mexico City Says Ride-Hailing Trust to Become Public in 2020YAHOOhttps://t.co/MlEwKgfQEB?amp=1
12/25Below-the-Surface Struggles in Manhattan Housing Bust Seep to the Surface WOLF STREEThttps://t.co/ilIjMqZiuq?amp=1
12/24Uber Founders Have Collectively Sold More Than $1 Billion Of Shares So FarWCCFTECHhttps://t.co/kyK6ezjciV?amp=1
12/24Vision Zero To Be Ramped Up After Deadly Few Days On NYC Roads NYC PATCHhttps://t.co/RHl1uz58fI?amp=1
12/24NYC traffic deaths rise for first time since de Blasio took office N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/pZOKIY8mwn?amp=1
12/24A $750,000 Taxi Medallion, a Driver’s Suicide and a Brother’s GuiltN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/HTYRRzOMHz?amp=1
12/24Uber to cease operations at Sky Harbor next month, company saysABC-15 ARIZONAhttps://t.co/I5sLUXB98j?amp=1
12/24Uber and Lyft drivers could become employees with this law: 10 things to knowC/NEThttps://t.co/48wKCGO1Ia?amp=1
12/24In win for Uber and Lyft, judge strikes down New York City’s cruising capCNBChttps://t.co/Gj30zKq4on?amp=1
12/24Delivery dilemma: Americans are ordering more, but the U.S. can only handle so muchNBC NEWShttps://t.co/mXRIQBB5xg?amp=1
12/24Undocumented migrants drive closer to American dreamRAWSTORYhttps://t.co/sEE2QlDy1l?amp=1
12/23Tragedy amid transit triumphs marked 2019 transportation in NYCamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/CX94HkSInn?amp=1
12/23Newly Revealed Bloomberg Emails Give Glimpse Into NYC Mayor StintTHE CITYhttps://t.co/mleNe36GDF?amp=1
12/23A Search for Emails From Mike Bloomberg’s Mayoral YearsTHE CITYhttps://t.co/J2eB5zNEIC?amp=1
12/23One nation, trackedN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/9Ocko0UZ41?amp=1
12/22Colombia orders Uber to cease ride-hailing, cites competition rules violationcanada.comhttps://t.co/XGVVe776GM?amp=1
12/22DOT Nearly Doubles Pedestrian, Bike Space Outside Port AuthorityWCBS-880 NEWS RADIOhttps://t.co/DHd0kaFEW6?amp=1
12/22NYC paying through the nose to close Rikers, execute other justice reforms N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/JyuIaVyNg5?amp=1
12/22Drivers will pay higher tolls on new Mario M. Cuomo bridge N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/NriD2FKxe6?amp=1
12/22Uber driver sentenced in rape of passenger READING EAGLEhttps://t.co/c2b9vfgZj0?amp=1
12/21Cuomo proposes crackdown on predatory debt collectors N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/VLXcLpKku3?amp=1
12/21A Top Data Scientist at Uber Has Left the CompanyYAHOOhttps://t.co/vQ9zL82OYc?amp=1
12/21The Strange Case of Mexico City’s $24 Million Uber TrustBloomberghttps://t.co/x1o9rgezE1?amp=1
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12/21California to Uber, Lyft: Why aren’t drivers employees?S.f. Chroniclehttps://t.co/SuxWuVwhBf?amp=1
12/21NYPD: Four People Killed by Drivers in 24 Hours, Six Within 48STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/KOspgQaPdo?amp=1
12/21Airbnb is a tech company, but Uber is a taxi companyS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/aaYZFmOCXh?amp=1
12/20Uber, Lyft to stop Phoenix airport trips over higher fees Miami Heraldhttps://t.co/CgNQhomr8z?amp=1
12/20Can Cargo Bikes Solve A City’s Transportation Issues?MH&Lhttps://t.co/ThJdmcNcgy?amp=1
12/20Uber must pay €250,000 per ride, according to court ruling in Germanyboinbgboinghttps://t.co/eD6T2Ezxtx?amp=1
12/20Uber to pay victims $4.4M in sexual harassment settlement with feds N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Wt6UspLtpr?amp=1
12/20Data shows why rideshare drivers deactivated across cityWVNTVhttps://t.co/uG5wxyQ7pF?amp=1
12/20San Francisco couple says Uber driver wouldn't let them out of SUVABC-7Chicagohttps://t.co/gRkdhlrFl2?amp=1
12/20Legally Speaking: What to do if an Uber driver hits youVelo Newshttps://t.co/Zyt1Xqdlop?amp=1
12/20Uber’s Ex-CEO Travis Kalanick Has Dumped 90% Of His Stock In Just Six WeeksForbeshttps://t.co/T1Zo3ilxIS?amp=1
12/20Colorado woman plans to sue Lyft after she says she was sexually assaulted by a driverTHE DENVER CHANNELhttps://t.co/T1Zo3ilxIS?amp=1
12/20Lyft’s algorithm is trying to block people with names like ‘Dick,’ ‘Finger,’ and ‘Cummings’ THE VERGEhttps://t.co/rkT51nyPAw?amp=1
12/19Are Lyft and Uber Flirting With Illegal Price Fixing?The Motley Foolhttps://t.co/HxmZR81sES?amp=1
12/19Phoenix City Council again approves controversial Uber/Lyft airport feesKTARhttps://t.co/UnRUuHlTQI?amp=1
12/19The impact of national ride-hailing regulations: Safety SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/wBSHtUqRQU?amp=1
12/19More drivers sue Uber, saying they're employees, not contractors NBC NEWShttps://t.co/LhPHV7WGHZ?amp=1
12/19House approves split tolls on Verrazzano-Narrows BridgeBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/9F3Cn8ocAf?amp=1
12/19Why A Judge Made Uber Create An Email AddressJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/yB7bH6oeeK?amp=1
12/19MTA blasted for Access-A-Ride cuts as authority asks for millions more from city taxpayersN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2abITk5ChB?amp=1
12/19Michael Platt brags to taxi driver about his wealthN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/OGtmcBUMDk?amp=1
12/19Uber agrees to pay $4.4 million to settle EEOC sexual harassment and retaliation chargeTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/rJHvENQe5C?amp=1
12/19How NYCHA Lead and Repairs Scams Started Under Mike Bloomberg’s Mayoral WatchTHE CITYhttps://t.co/uY31nZHC4t?amp=1
12/19MTA board approves $18B budget, hiring of 500 additional copsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZEj4M9ywsK?amp=1
12/19Public Should Get More Time to Have Say on MTA Plans: AuditTHE CITYhttps://t.co/h7eLvpSMxq?amp=1
12/18In Response to Push for Workers Rights, Uber Opens the Door to More DiscriminationDM agazinehttps://t.co/aAaehxF76g?amp=1
12/18Is Uber Cheating On Social Security/FICA Taxes?Forbeshttps://t.co/t3uyCrVwbQ?amp=1
12/18City Council Could Make Gov. Cuomo Irrelevant in E-Bike DebateSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/qPJc05r3MQ?amp=1
12/18Smart Ass Cripple: Who Needs Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs?The Progressivehttps://t.co/XdPNU7baiN?amp=1
12/18Bloomberg defends treatment of women at media empire despite multiple lawsuits N.Y.POSThttps://t.co/5K1MLgTjZg?amp=1
12/18Bradley Cooper And 19 Other Celebs Spotted Hailing Cabs In NYCTHE TRAVELhttps://t.co/0MMGVG2eeU?amp=1
12/18E-Bike Robbers Menace and Assault Delivery WorkersWest Side Raghttps://t.co/v3amFzQfkt?amp=1
12/18Inside Uber’s Dramatic Rise – and Its CEO’s Fallwttwhttps://t.co/BcMHou4MvB?amp=1
12/17Hours-Long DMV Wait as Undocumented Immigrants Apply for NY Driver’s Licenses NBC 4-NYhttps://t.co/ZiXOP9ghMm?amp=1
12/17Manhattan Council member calls out pols who opt for SUVs over bikesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/cHjSZFFkxX?amp=1
12/17MTA: Stats show performance improvements continued after campaign plan, new tech1010 WINShttps://t.co/jljSlgdfZE?amp=1
12/17Judge Won’t Force Uber to Treat California Drivers as EmployeesCourthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/2g48GjmL81?amp=1
12/17Uber plans to ‘double down’ on bikes and scooters next year — especially in EuropeCNBChttps://t.co/31u4FK1fJj?amp=1
12/17Why I'm Leaving New York (After a Short Visit)JEZEBELhttps://t.co/P5WKwG6AjY?amp=1
12/17Mayor’s MTA Board Member Blasts Toll Rebates To One Million Car CommutersSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Fic3Z1PHIR?amp=1
12/17What’s Behind NYC’s Mounting Cyclist Death Toll?CITY LIMITShttps://t.co/Fao4YycAjq?amp=1
12/17Former Uber CEO Kalanick is exiting his Uber holdings uber quicklyCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/JwqIx13zg6?amp=1
12/16Councilman proposes new agencies to help people get around without a motorThe Riverdale Presshttps://t.co/XvYlCxzn3G?amp=1
12/16Data: Busway and SBS Are the Perfect Transit MarriageSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/3k3dKb7GC9?amp=1
12/16Managing data from all those dockless scootersAXIOShttps://t.co/iE6VXEXx5Q?amp=1
12/16NY Police: 'Drive Sober' This Holiday SeasonWAMChttps://t.co/5KxYeXEGGu?amp=1
12/16Electric air taxi investors aim to replace the Uber rideQUARTZhttps://t.co/oeYr9RxhA6?amp=1
12/16Huge Outlay on Taxi Cab Service Market Growth AnalysisMarket Report Gazettehttps://t.co/Tkflu4INO2?amp=1
12/16EDITORIAL: Gov. Cuomo needs to answer for state of NY budget POST STARhttps://t.co/D5RAFHulBt?amp=1
12/15Bradley Tusk made $100 million helping Uber conquer New York, and he's not apologizing (Sept 2017)CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ugGObkaG9d?amp=1
12/15Will E-Scooters and E-Bikes Be Legalized in New York? There's No Sign Cuomo Supports Them.NY1https://t.co/ANUJa3C9kl?amp=1
12/15Lofty promises for autonomous cars unfulfilledRFIhttps://t.co/IuJDLgCuMx?amp=1
12/15Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER) CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Purchases 250,000 SharesTRENT TIMEShttps://t.co/5mnfcwTeac?amp=1
12/14New York wants to write its own rules for the gig economyCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/PJAEz08APK?amp=1
12/14Uber's co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick
sold off close to $166 million shares over the past three days
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/EBMLdDoD5Y?amp=1
12/14Majority of NYS county clerks call on Cuomo and DMV to delay 'Green Light Law' until Oct. 1THE BATAVIANhttps://t.co/Tz6bNzlWLN?amp=1
12/14Comptroller: State must be prepared, boost rainy day fundSun Sentinelhttps://t.co/PTMqETOcpb?amp=1
12/14New York Passes Law Granting Credit Unions Access To Banking Development District Program nycua.orghttps://t.co/5LxG3XUrIh?amp=1
12/14After years of bitter battles, Uber adds traditional taxis to Madrid travel optionsEL PAIShttps://t.co/Leio3Kol7V?amp=1
12/13Joe Dowd: Has the Uber phenomenon been worth all this trouble?LIBN.COM
12/13HEADLINECouncilman Rodriguez enters crowded field for Rep. Serrano’s seatnews 12 THE BRONXhttps://t.co/PVfHtIts3a?amp=1
12/13New York wants taxi drivers to be aware of pronouns and how to use themCNNhttps://t.co/pWI5WLSgsq?amp=1
12/13Walking Back Calls to ‘End Free Parking’,
Community Board Committee Now Wants City to First Study Curbside Use
West Side Raghttps://t.co/noeRyJIMLe?amp=1
12/13Did Uber Just Enable Discrimination by Destination?CITYLABhttps://t.co/c1CskQbj1u?amp=1
12/13Wall Street is worried Uber’s core rides segment could stop growing next yearFresh News Nowhttps://t.co/L8yMOcRetC?amp=1
12/13The gig economy keeps growing, but its workers are fed upMACLEANShttps://t.co/Zxpqh9HbZh?amp=1
12/13SuperShuttle is going out of business. Its last rides are Dec. 31 L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/uh2IQ8fOLk?amp=1
12/13E-Scooter Workers Just Formed Their First UnionVICEhttps://t.co/V3hQxNr1xH?amp=1
12/12Mastercard Offers Holiday Refunds For Tap-and-Go Customers In NYCPYMNTShttps://t.co/GOAMfOGarO?amp=1
12/12Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO in defensive mode about safety recordImdustry Global Newshttps://t.co/xG6r29g6AC?amp=1
12/12Uber's Tainted Record on Human RightsTHE WIREhttps://t.co/ArkFJbgtFQ?amp=1
12/12Did Uber Just Enable Discrimination by Destination?CITYLABhttps://t.co/c1CskQbj1u?amp=1
12/12Imprisoned ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen asks for sentence reductionCNBChttps://t.co/rw9UvzrZhY?amp=1
12/12When Three Wheels Are Better Than FourNYCITY News Servicehttps://t.co/WwpTjU8cqT?amp=1
12/11Uber Founder Dumps 56% of Stock in a Month, But He Can’t Be SuedCCNhttps://t.co/XTK0fg4J3D?amp=1
12/11IT’S A DRAW: CB7 Panel Passes ‘Parking’ Resolution, But ‘Consensus’ Must Be HadSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/YxgFoH3ic1?amp=1
12/11“Breakfast Club” intern is brutally attacked inside of a Lyft Pool car, according to her lawyerthe griohttps://t.co/EcT4hwD42q?amp=1
12/11Bus operators given political support in NY congestion pricing campaignBUS AND MOTORCOACHhttps://t.co/6uHjueO0Qa?amp=1
12/11Is Uber Doomed to a Point of No Return?MEDIUM.COMhttps://t.co/CDZ3lkX9Wz?amp=1
12/11Uber / Lyft Ridehailing Growth Is Slowing In NYCSeeking Alphahttps://t.co/R6HfBehf3k?amp=1
12/11SurveyMonkey CEO: Our data shows Uber could raise prices because ‘people are addicted’ to appCNBChttps://t.co/eX6vIftMrq?amp=1
12/11Barclays Report: Despite Weak IPOs, Uber And Lyft Can Be ProfitablePYMNTShttps://t.co/Ewdl2wnO1Z?amp=1
12/11De Blasio agencies and campaigns shower cash on Amazon, Uber despite mayor bragging he doesn’t ‘enrich’ themN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/u6Aa3QHkaT?amp=1
12/11Uber Sexual Assault Report Spurs Calls for New Government PoliciesROUTE FIFTYhttps://t.co/6fu569kCRt?amp=1
12/10After Uber’s report, attention turns to assault allegations that went unreported to police Pittsburgh Post-Gazettehttps://t.co/1fQpIerG7B?amp=1
12/10Where Bicyclists, Doormen and Tourists Battle for TurfN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/leZAS4rXVR?amp=1
12/10E-bike, e-scooter bill stuck in Albany Cuomo’s spat with sponsor N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/dDdkntFW3a?amp=1
12/10Insider Selling: Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER) Director Sells $118,829,112.78 in StockSlater SENTINELhttps://t.co/pPG6iREfYK?amp=1
12/103-year-old boy killed, mom hurt after being hit by car in ManhattanABC-7NYhttps://t.co/fMOD15ftTa?amp=1
12/10New California law redefines who gets employment benefits. The lawsuits are just startingTHE TRIBUNEhttps://t.co/0x8YRVxEq4?amp=1
12/10Waymo’s driverless car: ghost-riding in the back seat of a robot taxiTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/KQ3u9nU39o?amp=1
12/10Philadelphia teen says Lyft driver attacked her after she complained about distracted driving N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/I05DmANgpn?amp=1
12/9Worker behavior will have to change for cash-strapped MTA
to afford $830M in wage hikes over next four years
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ufjNquroBf?amp=1
12/9Uber Passenger Pulls Gun On Driver In The BronxCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/iF9oHHSTOq?amp=1
12/9Editorial: No rush on e-scootersThe Buffalo Newshttps://t.co/DFOuZWGyCp?amp=1
12/9Here is the gossip we heard at Uber's Christmas party in London, where it faces an imminent banBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/YEXhnmd1X6?amp=1
12/9Transcript: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Appears On Brian Lehrer Show Patchhttps://t.co/ueGioD5aBI?amp=1
12/9On Uber, hundreds of incidences of rape go unreported to policeBangor Daily Newshttps://t.co/niKKTMXMRw?amp=1
12/9Drivers‘ strike paralyses Uber, Ola services in Indian capitalSPRING HILL INSIDERhttps://t.co/Gug2fRFIqk?amp=1
12/8Brooklynites drowning in helicopter noise since Uber Copter, Blade launch N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/z49MDnsugS?amp=1
12/8Uber’s fatal accident tally shows low rates but excludes key numbersTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/5KuCT7Nv0Z?amp=1
12/8Sex, drugs and glitter: Secret lives of Uber driversnews.com.auhttps://t.co/R4z4NvS9dP?amp=1
12/8Uber says there should be a fee for cars entering the most congested areas of New YorkDenton Dailyhttps://t.co/5zMDgWLb4V?amp=1
12/8Uber cannot operate without licence: Delhi governmentINDIA TODAYhttps://t.co/UoVXj8FJ9N?amp=1
12/8Uber rape victim hires high-profile US lawyer to sue companyINDIA TODAYhttps://t.co/BHhKV4sHQw?amp=1
12/8Uber Sexual Assault Survivor Recalls Horrid Act, Criticizes Company’s ResponseCBS DFWhttps://t.co/F1M4IpHkrK?amp=1
12/8It’s not just passengers being assaulted in Ubers. Drivers are at risk, too.VOXhttps://t.co/TioGD0vuPS?amp=1
12/8Uber, Lyft drivers on path to unionizingRiverdale Presshttps://t.co/2Sf2b2GEG4?amp=1
12/7Uber Sued Over Lack of Wheelchair-Accessible Cars in NYCVALLIANT NEWShttps://t.co/5cFb0xt7Vn?amp=1
12/7A Criminologist Says Uber's Crime Report Is ‘Highly Alarming’WIREDhttps://t.co/c8kyzRKag1?amp=1
12/7Trump Administration concerned about law giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/sDYYiNEjzD?amp=1
12/7Uber’s “Academic Research” Program:
How to Use Famous Economists to Spread Corporate Narratives
12/7Academics face many challenges researching Uber, Airbnb and their ilkUAAUhttps://t.co/tjIBPlvAAj?amp=1
12/7Lyft driver accused of raping female passenger in St. Louis N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/qlGnqfEfX7?amp=1
12/7Uber is set to lose $1 billion in market value after it reported 6,000 sex assault cases (UBER)MARKETSINSIDERhttps://t.co/l9laFs8FoX?amp=1
12/7If Uber Thought Its Safety Report Would Help Its Reputation, Wall Street Didn’t Buy ItBARRON'Shttps://t.co/REmA1D3VNr?amp=1
12/7‘Gig economy’ workers take center stage
as labor leaders and tech companies appeal to New York lawmakers
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/yBebLkxBI3?amp=1
12/6Uber Reports 3,000 Sexual Assault Claims Last Year in Its Safety ReviewBloomberghttps://t.co/EYyMjzPpgk?amp=1
12/6Uber’s new loan program could trap drivers in cycles of crushing debt The Guardianhttps://t.co/bcprERD3uy?amp=1
12/6Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Uber's 'classism'
for having separate bathrooms for drivers and employees
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/I8C7ZEkI08?amp=1
12/6De Blasio's pick for taxi commissioner is leaving the countryPOLITICOhttps://t.co/ne8s77nls7?amp=1
12/6Sadiq Khan reveals shocking reasons behind Uber not having their licence renewedLBChttps://t.co/4kRH0ktBsG?amp=1
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12/5GWB carpool discount to end… unless last-ditch effort succeedsSOURCENEW JERSEY 101.5https://t.co/y3tTwFRDCr?amp=1
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12/3NYC Has an Old-Timey Plan to Fix Its Traffic FutureWIREDhttps://t.co/d9LSDoyPul?amp=1
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12/2Woman says Uber driver ‘ignored’ her cries for help during backseat robbery N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/E5ejAjdJaO?amp=1
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commitment to helping all people get around New York City
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/SoDHy6BRYn?amp=1
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12/2OPINION: Why TFL was RIGHT to ban Uber .Politicalitehttps://t.co/wc2e4fnNGe?amp=1
12/2With new tax and minimum wage,
Seattle is latest battleground in Uber and Lyft’s feud with regulators
12/2Taxi-hailing firm Gett will reportedly file for IPO this yearSTOCK DAILY DISHhttps://t.co/6l442F04z6?amp=1
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11/30SF-City officials could seek more power to regulate ride-hailsS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/iYPkr0XxK9?amp=1
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11/28Transit worker contract a major test for Cuomo’s union tiesCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/ptCSNaOlK2?amp=1
11/28New York legislature delivers Right-to-Charge law to Gov. Cuomoelectrekhttps://t.co/ddVZiFtaSL?amp=1
11/28Chicago Approves Traffic Congestion Tax on Ride-Hailing Servicesijr.comhttps://t.co/d5brtrGWP0?amp=1
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11/27We Spoke To Uber Drivers Who Have Taken Over The Company’s Offices In FranceVICEhttps://t.co/r5M0FkDPnh?amp=1
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11/27Citi Bike strips down hundreds of dangerous e-bikes, sends them to ChicagoN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2DhUMV072V?amp=1
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11/27Man with criminal caution for child porn images is among 43 fraudulent
drivers without Uber licences who faked IDs to get fares as ride-hail app is banned in London
Daily Mailhttps://t.co/ShulfeG7C2?amp=1
11/27Frustrated cabdrivers don’t see much help from new ride-share tax, license fee cutChicago Tribunehttps://t.co/k2y11jJjTK?amp=1
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11/27You can still get Uber rides in London while company appeals revoked licenseCNBChttps://t.co/ygcvYfyjKN?amp=1
11/26Former taxi commissioner Joshi: London’s Uber license removal was expectedCNBChttps://t.co/Ti0TSPwIdy?amp=1
11/26Uber's problems in London could be just the start — and investors might not stick aroundMARKETS INSIDERhttps://t.co/oCTEx8XGS1?amp=1
11/26Uber just lost its license to operate in London thanks to fraudulent driversBUSINESS INDIDERhttps://t.co/dkZQmR8z1r?amp=1
11/26Getting kicked out of London will cost Uber hundreds of millions S.F. BUSINESS JOURNALhttps://t.co/uJvJ1w3GR2?amp=1
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11/26Talking ride-hail data with TLC’s Amit AgarwalCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/WJPiq1SMm2?amp=1
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11/26De Blasio now says he'll close streets around Rockefeller Center for holidaysPOLITICOhttps://t.co/sDhQuv9Hh7?amp=1
11/26New Council Bills Will Create a Bike and a Pedestrian MayorSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/zjb6qT5vTV?amp=1
11/26Ruff laws proposed by City Council to restrain dogs and curb pooch poopN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4ElqsLpgE4?amp=1
11/26Seattle City Council OKs new 57-cent tax on Uber, Lyft rides Seattle Timeshttps://t.co/Kpaukf0CUv?amp=1
11/25Uber loses licence to operate in LondonBBChttps://t.co/ykTG7eoIUw?amp=1
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11/25NYPD: 3 Men Robbed Livery Cab Driver At Knifepoint In HarlemCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/CQoSNHteBH?amp=1
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11/25Manhattan beep wants to bring ’busway’ to Harlem and Washington HeightsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/MfQij8qmIT?amp=1
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11/23De Blasio slams Uber and Lyft's 'antiworker' response to city wage rulesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/hVZTYSef4r?amp=1
11/23Uber’s ex-CEO Travis Kalanick has sold more than $1 billion in stock since lockup expiredCNBChttps://t.co/6VusFcJcnz?amp=1
11/23Insider Selling At Ride-Hailing Companies: Uber Vs. LyftYAHOOhttps://t.co/OHUpunf0P9?amp=1
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11/23Investors Bail on Uber... Right Behind the FoundersThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/xgMl45f6JR?amp=1
11/23Uber could be forced to collect driver biometrics in LondonWIREDhttps://t.co/J04Wy3G9dm?amp=1
11/23Uber Accused of Cheating the Public in Driver Suit Over PayYAHOOhttps://t.co/0Jxivb2Y6M?amp=1
11/23CBS2 Has Tips To Navigate Construction At LaGuardia AirportCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/ZlGOFKAfN7?amp=1
11/23Elon Musk reveals Tesla's electric Cybertruck and smashes its windowsZDNEThttps://t.co/L8AC8DB8JW?amp=1
11/23Senator Says Tesla Needs Safeguards To Prevent Drivers From Sleeping on ‘Autopilot’CLAIMS JOURNALhttps://t.co/i46cweMyFN?amp=1
11/23De Blasio now says he'll close streets around Rockefeller Center for holidays POLITICOhttps://t.co/sDhQuv9Hh7?amp=1
11/23Uber Got Off Easylifehackerhttps://t.co/AAuhXGbWjx?amp=1
11/22Re-moving lane: Marine Parkers bash DOT proposal to eliminate Marine Parkway’s second travel laneBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/8dcT6PeTcO?amp=1
11/22E-scooter rider struck and killed by tow truck in NJPIX-11https://t.co/mgEoEyDW8C?amp=1
11/22Video Shows Lyft Driver Dragging Woman From Car on Melrose AvenueKTLA-5https://t.co/PBQn406x65?amp=1
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11/22Uber's CEO is spending millions on shares as Travis Kalanick cashes out (UBER)MARKETS INSIDERhttps://t.co/dDHeumoxY7?amp=1
11/22MTA eyes more buses on 14th Street Busway, but increased enforcement coming firstamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/FcJJQsZhw9?amp=1
11/22Ydanis shows solidarity for livery drivers’ plightAmsterdam Newshttps://t.co/bIsM93ZM9j?amp=1
11/22Another de Blasio appointee departs the MTA, further diminishing his sway POLITICOhttps://t.co/PMsp9KQT7Y?amp=1
11/21Could New York City Eliminate Free Street Parking?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/tCKH0tSsBk?amp=1
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11/21Tesla and Uber draw scrutiny at Senate hearing on self-driving cars: ‘That’s not safe!’CNBChttps://t.co/PxLRMkQsMi?amp=1
11/21Uber reports a sharp rise in government demands for user dataTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/xWj2QERl48?amp=1
11/21Car-Mounted Ads Take a New Direction: Data CollectionCITYLABhttps://t.co/tcACkJzEMK?amp=1
11/21Lopez shills for Uber’s phony ride-hail tax counterproposal, Reilly skewers itSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/GVQSd7FjhJ?amp=1
11/21Uber to tape, listen to audio from riders on tripsFOXhttps://t.co/JsUXpE1uF8?amp=1
11/21Uber will reportedly let riders have journeys audio-recorded for safetyC/NEThttps://t.co/hPZGkmclDc?amp=1
11/21Are Uber and Lyft in trouble? They’ve already cost investors $34 billionTHE STARhttps://t.co/TGhfpVxO5W?amp=1
11/21Daimler Rolls Back Autonomous Taxi Plan, Focuses on TrucksTransport Topicshttps://t.co/5IlJnN3oYR?amp=1
11/20Ride-Sharing App Juno Shuts Down in NYC, Blames Misguided RegulationsNY1https://t.co/Fd7q057BZd?amp=1
11/20Uber’s co-founders market millions of their stock in the enterprise – CNETgotechdaily.com/CNEThttps://t.co/QXfCsXSAcR?amp=1
11/20Uber’s chief product officer is stepping downTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/wbvsYat2ZY?amp=1
11/20Quebec Will Force Uber to Share Your Trip Location Data VICEhttps://t.co/6WF46hUEgM?amp=1
11/20Lightfoot shoots down Uber’s latest offer as a ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘distraction’CHICAGO SUN TIMEShttps://t.co/bTzeIwBiLJ?amp=1
11/20Hedge Funds Bail on T-Mobile US and Uber Technologies Stock BARRON'Shttps://t.co/zS0uCRtQkd?amp=1
11/20California Tried To Fine a Company $10,000
for Ordering Blind People Ubers and Lyfts Without a Permit
11/20Uber And Lyft Rides To Local Airports Could Get More Expensive Next Yeardcisthttps://t.co/Od2ZbLlqiX?amp=1
11/20SEE IT: Burglar pries open safe at Brooklyn taxi medallion broker’s officeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/CXYyiYYCjR?amp=1
11/19Taxi Drivers Rally For Change After Number Of Cabs Drastically DropsWCBS-880-NYhttps://t.co/pglDL6CXJT?amp=1
11/19Cabbie Accused Of Stabbing Passenger Out To Clear His NameCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/CCCrAKupIA?amp=1
11/19NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar says goodbye with final saucy edition N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/CBArP9Tz2S?amp=1
11/19Seattle begins effort to establish minimum wage for Uber, Lyft driversKOMONEWShttps://t.co/XJgJ5WQu4v?amp=1
11/19Op-Ed: Should We Toll Motorcycles Like SUVs?STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/dVgMvUNBHk?amp=1
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11/18Cab Driver Who Tricked Immigrants Into Cabs, Demanded Ransoms to Be SentencedNBC-4-NYhttps://t.co/BSGr0eZJy3?amp=1
11/18Paris Ends an E-Scooter Melee With New Rules of the RoadWIREDhttps://t.co/BOL5f0DENy?amp=1
11/18We’ll hit Amazon next, says lawyer chasing Uber over £1bn unpaid VATThis Is Moneyhttps://t.co/6NMhwey4wp?amp=1
11/18Trade unions slam Uber UK chair's claims over pay and conditionsTECHWORLDhttps://t.co/SNwzwHVRdv?amp=1
11/18Another ‘Busway’ Success: Fresh Pond Road Commuters are Getting Better ServiceSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/oRT0KDPkei?amp=1
11/18Reform groups demand congestion pricing board comply with open meetings law N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/x7w3TcQJlN?amp=1
11/18Congestion fee panel can meet in secret, MTA brass claimsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/DDZIhwVaKE?amp=1
11/18The MTA’s fiscal ‘plan’ is pure politics N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/uJK2g3W3eX?amp=1
11/18Lyft Is Another Step Closer to Driverless RidesharingMotley Foolhttps://t.co/dlLtbAmiQO?amp=1
11/18Advocates: MTA Board Must Get Moving On Congestion Pricing DetailsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/8Q0bMvdOU3?amp=1
11/17Deconstructing Uber’s vaporware counterproposal to Lori’s fair ride-hail taxSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/F7EavJhFVM?amp=1
11/17Police: Drivers, victim flee scene after father, son struck on Harlem sidewalkABC-7-NYhttps://t.co/UPflr2QRqL?amp=1
11/17Autonomous Taxis Become a Rough Ride for EuropeYAHOOhttps://t.co/B3ppnK8qwm?amp=1
11/17Taxis Go Electric: Tesla Joins Cab Fleets in New York CityHEADLINEZhttps://t.co/aG4UqVtY1v?amp=1
11/17 Lyft is pulling its scooters from cities across the USCNNhttps://t.co/3no4ggihOF?amp=1
11/17Cities worldwide are reimagining their relationship with carsTODAYhttps://t.co/szVvNKc1R8?amp=1
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11/16End ‘Free Parking’ on the Upper West Side? Community Board Tones Down Language in ResolutionWset Side Raghttps://t.co/LBEuScjkc6?amp=1
11/16The Critical Points: Why I now avoid ride-hailing services whenever I canTHE POINTS GUYhttps://t.co/tXqDhedmkJ?amp=1
11/16Uber Woes Continue As First Co-Founder Garrett Camp Sells 510,000 Shareswccftechhttps://t.co/Tuamh3l1vN?amp=1
11/16Uber Loses $5 Billion, Misses Wall Street Revenue TargetNEWSMAXhttps://t.co/qpnjEJAhDe?amp=1
11/16MTA Board Seeks Job Cuts and NYC Payments to Balance Its BudgetBloomberghttps://t.co/Ufk1YGz8SR?amp=1
11/16Taxis Go Electric: Tesla Joins Cab Fleets in New York CityOBSERVERhttps://t.co/sNnUbWEfgl?amp=1
11/16Predicting New York City Taxi demand: Spatio-temporal time series forecastingjaxenterhttps://t.co/Jw9wvKgHK5?amp=1
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11/15Inside the Spate of Cab Driver Suicides in New YorkHYPERALLERGIChttps://t.co/x1EQTSaN6M?amp=1
11/15Pittsburghers who filed lawsuit against Uber will be heard in federal court BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/ZSx0A6dL0k?amp=1
11/15City Council approves $1.5B project to ‘weather-proof’ Lower ManhattanN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/1HxGaJoL5q?amp=1
11/15Ride-hails say they’re in compliance with TLC accessibility rulesCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/7cDQtN2OQi?amp=1
11/15New York airport regulator partners with ride-share firm ViaREUTERShttps://t.co/gj1do8igSm?amp=1
11/15Uber's former CEO Travis Kalanick sold
another $164 million worth of stock, further cashing out of the company he created
MARKETS INSIDERhttps://t.co/pUFsRQsbLO?amp=1
11/15Should Cities Invest In All-Electric Taxi Fleets?INSIDEEVShttps://t.co/1zhf0BhuFw?amp=1
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11/14Is surge pricing a fair way to manage demand?BBChttps://t.co/jI63ucmd8t?amp=1
11/14A study said that 60 percent of Uber riders don't tip. Here's what rideshare drivers had to say.SFGATEhttps://t.co/dYOHV6uIWN?amp=1
11/14CB1 Endorses Plan to Ease Downtown Traffic with Toll Modification Miles AwayTHE BROADSHEEThttps://t.co/Q23xklSm8e?amp=1
11/14Chicago Mayor Rejects Uber's Alternative Tax ProposalN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/hWtEOyldTO?amp=1
11/14Uber CEO: More cars "not the answer"AXIOShttps://t.co/WUpqbPZsPc?amp=1
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11/13Lyft driver charged after allegedly sexually assaulting passengerNBChttps://t.co/JHz6axDKWC?amp=1
11/13Lyft Still Insists E-Citi Bikes Will Be Back By FallSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/7DgypndKyK?amp=1
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11/13Fare evasion costs cities millions. But will cracking down on it solve anything?VOXhttps://t.co/zThKFwLwOQ?amp=1
11/13More People Flee New York City Each Day Than Any Other US CityZero Hedgehttps://t.co/x4XBbV4P41?amp=1
11/13Riding While Drunk and Other Dangers of the Electric Scooter CrazeN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/3hZx6u2Wbn?amp=1
11/13Taxi bursts into flames on the Upper East Side N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/14GrGM02ro?amp=1
11/13Lightfoot’s rideshare fee plan improves equity, but why not tax Uber and Lyft directly?THE CHICAGO REPORTERhttps://t.co/rO5I2LQu89?amp=1
11/13Cuomo-appointed commissioner urges critics of subway cops to ‘take a breath’POLITICOhttps://t.co/fwuvWMGetA?amp=1
11/13MTA expands Access-A-Ride program – but limits number of trips N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/eIQ1y4rQRv?amp=1
11/12MTA to severely limit pilot program that gives cheap cab rides to Access-A-Ride usersN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ajTY0fhyCl?amp=1
11/12Uber, Lyft say proposed California ballot measure is a good deal for drivers. Economists disagreeUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/WNlzqSsdMQ?amp=1
11/12Insurer Cuts Uber Ties, Deems Ride-Hailing Too RiskyAuto Rental NEWShttps://t.co/tMCgJ9D2m4?amp=1
11/12Uber wants users to help it fight City HallCHICAGO SUN TIMEShttps://t.co/7UBKvWKcg7?amp=1
11/12Uber CEO compares Saudi murder of Jamal Khashoggi to ‘mistakes with self-driving cars’N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qtH7OILkbx?amp=1
11/12Elderly woman sues Lyft and the city of Santa Monica after tripping over scooter, fracturing hipsmdphttps://t.co/a275nDDT5T?amp=1
11/12Airports Tame the Ridesharing RodeoWall Street Journalhttps://t.co/NkQPSNws9O?amp=1
11/11Queens veteran and longtime cabbie represents New York City in national art exhibitN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KCUDynq8Jv?amp=1
11/11Transit union calls for ‘around-the-clock’ bargaining for new MTA contractamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/g7APIh3niQ?amp=1
11/11Uber needs to buy Lyft to surviveBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/CZLLKqytkJ?amp=1
11/11US banks face uncertain future in coming yearsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Oosmbitdr9?amp=1
11/11NYC’s war on cars has eliminated 6,100 parking spots in two yearsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/V3H68BK3Jl?amp=1
11/11NYC's Tesla taxis and SDG storytelling: The sustainability success stories of the weekediehttps://t.co/xko2bvcReA?amp=1
11/11Kalanick Travis Cordell Uber Stock SaleSpuoophttps://t.co/o81PBf6PzY?amp=1
11/10This Is What A Cab Ride From La Guardia To Midtown Was Like In the Late 1940sJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/odAiLfFwRj?amp=1
11/10Uber’s CEO Wants the Company to Be Magical. The Market Just Wants Profits.BARRON'Shttps://t.co/6J55J0izNb?amp=1
11/10Woman gives birth in Manhattan taxi cab in middle of rush hour N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/cM5nioTrNG?amp=1
11/10Uber may have to pay Waymo to use its self-driving techTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/2kbhs4F4P1?amp=1
11/97 On Your Side Investigates: What's behind increase in NYC traffic fatalities ABC-7-NYhttps://t.co/gCZOiKBWmq?amp=1
11/9Here's how much of Chicago's Uber, Lyft tax will go to public transitCHICAGO BUSINESShttps://t.co/dDWPMissVE?amp=1
11/9Do self-driving vehicles have a future in New York?CITY&STATEhttps://t.co/ZFapBzv0CX?amp=1
11/9America's Road Fix May Require A New Way Of ThinkingWCBS-880-NYhttps://t.co/LrMde4y54T?amp=1
11/9Let them drive, with auto insuranceN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/oMY7DrTd9H?amp=1
11/9Smart Cities are Getting Smarter in Surprising WaysBusiness Wirehttps://t.co/8nl4nD8BCH?amp=1
11/9Sen. Blumenthal calls on Uber, Lyft to share data on risky drivers, implement fingerprintingThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/U4gpXs1MDe?amp=1
11/9Judge dismisses Erie County Clerk's case against NY's Green Light LawWGRZhttps://t.co/Y2NrcBEXxg?amp=1
11/9Opinion: Is it Time for NYers to Park Their SUVs … Permanently?CITYLIMITS.orghttps://t.co/ZZF0QuMqpj?amp=1
11/9Motor Vehicle Collision Report Statistics CitywideNYPDhttps://t.co/rvUaXUg1XN?amp=1
11/8De Blasio demands Board of Elections end $12M spending on black cars N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/rrA0NQVk9H?amp=1
11/8Florida risk helped ruin Uber for insurer James RiverYAHOOhttps://t.co/sF61WdWf0R?amp=1
11/8Tesla Model 3 NYC Taxi Worries Uber and LyftMARKET REALISThttps://t.co/URYqI8nqPH?amp=1
11/8NYC Taxi Drivers React to Tesla Model 3 Approval for Cabscheddarhttps://t.co/bgDAL04dvz?amp=1
11/8Taxi Cab Service Market Emerging Opportunities with Current Trends and Forecast to 2029sound on soundhttps://t.co/oKhYD6Ggqm?amp=1
11/8These Nine Council Members Voted Against Life-Saving Street Safety — Here’s WhySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/ijui0RAK32?amp=1
11/8Uber reported losses that would make WeWork blush – and that's the good newsThe Guardianhttps://t.co/BykM57eRIC?amp=1
11/8What Regulatory Role Should the State Play with Scooters, Bike-share? CA Legislators Want to KnowSTREETSBLOG CALhttps://t.co/3ROi0xnvJR?amp=1
11/7As Uber shares hit new lows, analysts see no road to profitsYAHOOhttps://t.co/JgMcKgWgWB?amp=1
11/7Uber for years shortchanged nearly 100,000 drivers: lawsuitN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/awihqq27uR?amp=1
11/7Sun-Times op-ed against ride-hail tax reflects Uber and Lyft’s astroturfing campaignSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/lvLC8Xrogk?amp=1
11/7Public Transport Companies Sue Uber and 99 for Unfair CompetitionRio Timeshttps://t.co/28iMGipHQB?amp=1
11/7Drivers protest as Uber stock lockup period expiresS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/MbVUYzbQFw?amp=1
11/7Bradley Tusk Cashing In Some Shares As Uber's Lockup Period Endsbenzingahttps://t.co/Bl8sYi7Ss8?amp=1
11/7New NTSB Reports On Uber Fatality Reveal Major Errors By Uber Forbeshttps://t.co/vJcTmlKqa0?amp=1
11/7 AN ACT to amend the labor law, in relation to dependent workersSTATE of NEW YORKhttps://t.co/847qVLUbaC?amp=1
11/7A bigger, more ambitious Transit Tech LabCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/8PvLwQdXK6?amp=1
11/7Supreme Court(Canada) set to hear Uber case with implications for gig economyCTVhttps://t.co/rJf3RkQzUw?amp=1
11/6Uber’s lockup expiration may be muted because a ton of shares are underwaterCNBChttps://t.co/9ZIQRKyfRn?amp=1
11/6Uber promises profits, but it offers few details when analysts hammer it with skeptical questionsCNBChttps://t.co/X0Ol3qkY6W?amp=1
11/6Uber thinks it’s a ‘good thing’ for cities, but cities are having second thoughtsTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/N6JPiiWOxQ?amp=1
11/6Self-Driving Uber in Crash Wasn’t Programmed to Spot JaywalkersBloomberghttps://t.co/j1of9UFYxL?amp=1
11/6Uber's 'self-driving' cars crashed 37 times in 18 months with one fatalityFOXhttps://t.co/WtP17jPgcC?amp=1
11/6SoftBank’s Vision Fund Is a Graveyard of Broken Tech StartupsVICEhttps://t.co/RxbyUXOSBm?amp=1
11/6San Francisco elections a sounding board for tech backlashPitch Bookhttps://t.co/bbbbwT727y?amp=1
11/5Uber loses $1.2B in the most recent quarter N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/3ROzVtXzaf?amp=1
11/5Why the wheels could be about to fall off Uber The Telegraphhttps://t.co/1nHbjWkbp3?amp=1
11/5America’s Biggest Pension Bought Up Apple, Intel, Uber, and Lyft StockBARRON'Shttps://t.co/vHH5ZmK0pQ?amp=1
11/5Uber Is Starting To Look DesperateSeeking Alphahttps://t.co/bnwbbpQED5?amp=1
11/5As Congestion Pricing Looms, Pols Rethink Uptown Parking: Report Patchhttps://t.co/gmbL9AHNUM?amp=1
11/4Will the Uber share price plunge when lockup ends?IGhttps://t.co/AGxUNAjOnv?amp=1
11/4Why Didn't The Tesla Model 3 NYC Taxicab Get An Alt. Fuel Medallion?INSIDEEVshttps://t.co/d4FVRq617E?amp=1
11/4Congestion pricing has NYC pols scrambling to change parking rules in northern ManhattanN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Sk0FJC0lyp?amp=1
11/4Commercial Driverless Taxis Have ArrivedMoney Mavenhttps://t.co/ferH5Ate8E?amp=1
11/4Uber court document reveals the scale of
sexual assault and dangerous driving allegations against its drivers
VALLIANT NEWShttps://t.co/uuqJlEkfL2?amp=1
11/4Uber is officially back on the road in London, but only for 15 monthsVALLIANT NEWShttps://t.co/JI8bQZ6qYV?amp=1
11/3NYPD: 5 women toss chemical into cabbie’s eyes, rob him in Brooklyn1010 WINShttps://t.co/jBx7WmzfBt?amp=1
11/313Cabs positions itself as simpler and faster than Uber in campaign via ThinkerbellMumbrellahttps://t.co/175u4ofz7G?amp=1
11/3Livery drivers protest against TLC for ‘unnecessary’ finesNEWS12-BRONXhttps://t.co/nDLuK8Abdi?amp=1
11/3Why New York City’s tech boom will turn it into a ghost town N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Lo5YjF1TVo?amp=1
11/3Waymo finally let a reporter ride in a fully driverless cararsTECHNICAhttps://t.co/Bpj8X8hEPB?amp=1
11/3Waymo wants to offer robotaxis in California. But the state insists they be free L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/facxttjCzH?amp=1
11/3Lebanese Uber driver sentenced to death for murder of UK womanTHE TIMES OF ISREALhttps://t.co/7Auir62uaw?amp=1
11/2Judge tosses Uber lawsuit against NYC’s for-hire vehicle capCURBEDhttps://t.co/rso1784S6c?amp=1
11/2Uber’s lawsuit challenging NYC’s cap on new vehicles is dismissedTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/2zukRTUsXX?amp=1
11/2The fight to keep free curbside parking in NYCFOX 5https://t.co/YeXngqV9pe?amp=1
11/2Is This The Beginning Of The End For Free Parking In NYC?gothamisthttps://t.co/1nnanGelSb?amp=1
11/2Capital One subpoenaed by N.Y., feds over taxi loans AMERICAN BANKERhttps://t.co/euhlRzkPTr?amp=1
11/2The Uber/Lyft Ballot Initiative Guarantees only $5.64 an Hour UC BERKELEYhttps://t.co/qOAgFt0DPi?amp=1
11/1Despite street-safety 'master plan,' council speaker won't give up his SUVCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/lfV7Gx7QRr?amp=1
11/1Experts at Crain's forum worry e-scooters will bring 'Wild West'CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/uwA1JYZE9x?amp=1
11/1'Taxi king' claims he helped expose Trump as 'unindicted co-conspirator'timesunionhttps://t.co/jtinV5kQk7?amp=1
11/1Curbside Debate Rages at Community Forum:
Residential Parking Permits, Streetside Garbage Corrals, Package Delivery All on Table
West Side Raghttps://t.co/UikxxEr8Os?amp=1
11/1Uber and Lyft on pace to hit records with lobbying spendingMarket Watchhttps://t.co/CPHgLCDvKc?amp=1
11/1Mayor Backtracks On Fixing the ‘Christmas Crush’ for Midtown PedestriansSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/jAUSwkR7P0?amp=1
11/1Hackers Plead Guilty in Uber’s 2016 Data BreachCISO MAGhttps://t.co/NYWnZo3L92?amp=1
11/1Cyclists demand new bike lanes in black communitiesBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/Hc60K0y1rX?amp=1
11/1Europe’s Congestion Pricing Lessons For AmericaSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/tHw1FOUEF1?amp=1
11/1Uber and Lyft Fight a Law They Say Doesn't Apply to ThemWIREDhttps://t.co/Xi5RlNLt9s?amp=1
11/1Lyft's stricter safety policy could make it harder to ban bad driversengadgethttps://t.co/YfV3Nx0Mb7?amp=1
11/1Horse carriage drives to gates of City Hall to protest Council vote to restrict industry operationsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/n7sDUqL64I?amp=1
10/31Michael Cohen’s Ex-Partner Gets Probation After Turning on Him N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/Ty45hOuajJ?amp=1
10/31YULE BE PLEASED: City Plans to Help Ease Holiday Congestion in MidtownSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/epEwbxa1bT?amp=1
10/31Los Angeles Suspends Uber’s Scooters Over Data Fight Wall St Journalhttps://t.co/coLzewvvS5?amp=1
10/31Electric Car Charging Stations Will be Installed Citywide — But at the Cost of ParkingNY1https://t.co/JvSbVMpJEJ?amp=1
10/31‘Extraordinary’: TfL criticised over Uber licence extensionThe Guardianhttps://t.co/Z3o8C9OBOB?amp=1
10/31Mexican National Guard to Crack Down on Uber as Drug War RagesBloomberghttps://t.co/54I4ly6L89?amp=1
10/31Streetopia Upper West Sidewww.streetopia.cityhttps://t.co/b8sVSX513n?amp=1
10/30Tesla Model 3 becomes first electric car approved as NYC yellow cabelectrekhttps://t.co/JCoV7UlFDz?amp=1
10/30Uber’s lockup expiration could ‘hobble the entire market’ even more than Beyond Meat,Cramer warnsCNBChttps://t.co/Y9a0UFujvv?amp=1
10/30New York's LaGuardia unveils new $3.9 billion Delta terminalCNNhttps://t.co/BLNNnzfNhQ?amp=1
10/30Uber says will not share electric bike rider data with Los AngelesREUTERShttps://t.co/HaiOJfbjyh?amp=1
10/30The Look Book Goes to the Taxi DepotTHE CUThttps://t.co/HH7fifSAfP?amp=1
10/30This is the gig worker ballot initiative Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart are backingTech Crunchhttps://t.co/rtdlF0EIpm?amp=1
10/30Uber Money Is Company’s Latest Attempt at Profitability—But Experts Have Some ConcernsOBSERVERhttps://t.co/W5a46MZo2V?amp=1
10/29Comptroller wants Uber to report on driver treatmentCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ZKkxE5BUM4?amp=1
10/29After Spike in Deaths, New York to Get 250 Miles of Protected Bike LanesN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/akCcdkg4k4?amp=1
10/29Judge Dismisses Suit Against Central Park West Bike Lane, Allowing it to ProceedWest Side Raghttps://t.co/CFQcUC4lXV?amp=1
10/29No More Curbside Pickups And Drop-Offs For Uber And Lyft At Logan AirportWBURhttps://t.co/NBzsIUE5nJ?amp=1
10/28Local Board Considering How to Replace or Modify Curbside Parking Spots; Meeting TuesdayWest Side Raghttps://t.co/HjjeMzeXi4?amp=1
10/28California’s gig work law targets Uber and Lyft. It could hit taxis insteadS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/JuQ8o2aPJD?amp=1
10/28Public Advocate Candidates Debate on NY1 Over Bike Lanes, if the Office Should ExistNY1https://t.co/tkzt0HkcVJ?amp=1
10/28Taxi driver drops cell phone, nearly drives into fountain at Columbus Circle N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/aOseys2ZMl?amp=1
10/271.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. StreetsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/Ln4DhysxSe?amp=1
10/27What’s So Bad About Zombie Robo-Taxis? Forbeshttps://t.co/z29s9Ip5J3?amp=1
10/27California gig worker law aims at Uber, Lyft driversbusandmotorcoachnews.comhttps://t.co/tH5P6lfTQD?amp=1
10/26Lightfoot at budget address: Uber and Lyft’s “essentially free rein in Chicago” is overSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/B48ANCSvnT?amp=1
10/26NYC Democrats to introduce bill that would ban nearly all commercial helicopter traffic in city... N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/0a28bZ24IT?amp=1
10/26How Much Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Make in 2019?TheStreethttps://t.co/PwhuohdrHl?amp=1
10/26City pushes for backseat seatbelt law, passing standards for cyclistsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/1mfJWCq0lT?amp=1
10/26More than 30 women are suing Lyft....BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/54L1Byn7Mn?amp=1
10/26Do you tip your Uber driver? It turns out most customers don'tWCPOhttps://t.co/uTPzUC4Oqb?amp=1
10/26Schumer Pushes Electric Cars — Here’s Why He’s WrongSTREETSBLOG USAhttps://t.co/Gn6AtkzYsI?amp=1
10/25City Council pushes bill to require NYC drivers to stay at least 3 feet from cyclistsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/bWPVzLaY2L?amp=1
10/25Uber: Sell Or Short Before November 6thSeeking Alphahttps://t.co/yv3ndrjCWU?amp=1
10/25Local Board Considering How to Replace or Modify Curbside Parking Spots; Meeting TuesdayWest Side Raghttps://t.co/HjjeMzeXi4?amp=1
10/25Drivers, advocates aim to hold ride-sharing industries accountableAmsterdam Newshttps://t.co/6scUUvxunG?amp=1
10/25Lyft is fostering a sexual assault 'epidemic,' victims sayc/nethttps://t.co/P7R8dnwQv7?amp=1
10/25City’s ride-hailing report quantifies the damage Uber are Lyft and doing to ChicagoSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/vORg0NNcCx?amp=1
10/24Teen Uber passenger says she was accidentally shot by driverN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/9EiH76Lx6Z?amp=1
10/24London’s world-famous black cabs go green with launch of a fully electric vehicleCNBChttps://t.co/bFx3jzxC7C?amp=1
10/24Here’s What I’m Worried About with the Everything Bubble WOLF STREEThttps://t.co/38aumlX0iH?amp=1
10/23Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Taxi Passengers Who Try to Mute His VideosHollywood REPORTERhttps://t.co/tZ8lXMyucS?amp=1
10/23San Francisco’s struggling cabdrivers appeal to city for helpS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/F2uBMEOina?amp=1
10/23Legislative effort to curb costly private parking and towing practicestimesunionhttps://t.co/HQ0Tv2GzwB?amp=1
10/23Dozens Of Parking Spots To Be Scrapped From LES Esplanade Patchhttps://t.co/ULHncMMFVB?amp=1
10/23Office of Nightlife will address Lower East Side noise and trash problemsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/WKa7uckxtZ?amp=1
10/23Police Haven’t Slowed New Yorkers’ Subway Fare Evasion Wall Street Journalhttps://t.co/2MVM5PsALM?amp=1
10/23Cities eye higher fees on Uber, Lyft ridesCommon Wealthhttps://t.co/zGB3O4NP38?amp=1
10/23Surprise! Uber and Lyft don’t like NYC’s new ride-hail rulesSTOCK NEWS BRIEFhttps://t.co/w8isEgQKww?amp=1
10/22The Legal Argument That Could Destroy Uber Is About To Be TestedJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/xc2B2DnJby?amp=1
10/22'I Wonder What They Are Hiding:'
Lyft Drivers Can No Longer See How Much Riders Paid For Each Trip
10/22Changes to Uber and Lyft pickups at LaGuardiaPIX-11https://t.co/8GSSKf3A2A?amp=1
10/22Nearly two-thirds of Uber customers don’t tip their drivers, study saysTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/IkYVwrkdma?amp=1
10/21The taxi stand outside Punjabi DeliamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/qwY9oohTGJ?amp=1
10/21Move NY Endorsements.movenewyork.wordpress.comhttps://t.co/feBe3ErnYu?amp=1
10/21NYC’s congestion pricing program moves forward as MTA picks company to install tolling techN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/PsTKGTgEGq?amp=1
10/21After years of declines, NYC subway ridership is slowly risingN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/kCOlmjWDnS?amp=1
10/21Uber Criticizes New LAX Policy
Banning Rideshare Apps, Taxis From Picking Up Passengers From Their Terminals
10/21Cashing out in Uber's IPO: China, Russia and the Middle Easttech.comhttps://t.co/AtX3YfavLF?amp=1
10/20WeWork’s Failure is SoftBank’s Day Of ReckoningWIREDhttps://t.co/I10X3D3OGC?amp=1
10/20Why Uber Could Sink Even LowerThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/7hbKndn7uQ?amp=1
10/20The MTA Needs More Money. Will It Get It?STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/nAweTCPi4l?amp=1
10/20US agency eyes fatal crash involving self-driving carSunSentinelhttps://t.co/MZQMg0yNSd?amp=1
10/20Chicago Considers Congestion Charges, Starting With Uber/LyftTTAChttps://t.co/AmWgmecTmU?amp=1
10/19Chairs DeFazio, Norton Put Their Questions to Uber and Lyft in Writing transportation.house.govhttps://t.co/v0dt2utD44?amp=1
10/19Trottenberg: 14th Street ‘Will Be a Template’STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/wHpoQc84Hi?amp=1
10/19Uber will face legal action from Medway taxi drivers and councillorsKent Onlinehttps://t.co/YRg1zg4Ncq?amp=1
10/19Can Uber and Lyft survive if California's worker protections go nationwide?salonhttps://t.co/muzvhhUWmX?amp=1
10/19Eleanor Holmes Norton says let them scoot!Roll Callhttps://t.co/1qHdhL0rl2?amp=1
10/19Lightfoot readies $40 million-a-year tax on Uber, LyftCRAIN'S CHICAGOhttps://t.co/xQKt4jhNBt?amp=1
10/19NYC transit chief Andy Byford resigned last week amid tensions with Gov. Cuomo N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/4qdLMMlIth?amp=1
10/18New TLC Police Grads to Increase Field Presence by More than HalfAirport Newshttps://t.co/Mi6JwqZUsq?amp=1
10/18Uber Drivers Are Organizing Protests at Billionaire Investors’ HomesVICEhttps://t.co/gYBQK2XcCW?amp=1
10/18House bill aims to curtail fake Uber and Lyft driversKALBhttps://t.co/BbfdXktIs1?amp=1
10/18Should Uber and Lyft drivers earn $30 per hour? Los Angeles will study a minimum wage L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/lqcvySM1sp?amp=1
10/18New Report Calls on Lawmakers to Hold Ride-hailing Industry AccountableTTD.orghttps://t.co/NdSwM6lnMM?amp=1
10/18How can US transportation be ‘re-envisioned’?ITShttps://t.co/rN61wopPtC?amp=1
10/18Queens teen suing Lyft after recording video of driver masturbating N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/GjyMxE7xpw?amp=1
10/18MTA eyeing billion-dollar passenger train through southern BrooklynBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/fKczzomEAd?amp=1
10/17Uber, Lyft anger Congress by skipping hearingFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/GIfRQTQLrX?amp=1
10/17How New York City taxis can get ahead of Uber and LyftCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/jeE51c3agk?amp=1
10/17NY Assn. President Asks NCUA to Be Flexible With Taxi Drivers; Cites Reputational RiskCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/sTNaLTAerv?amp=1
10/17Taxi industry is seeking $1.5 billion from the Quebec government and UberCTVhttps://t.co/nSyFJ3JCqq?amp=1
10/17LAX to open centralised pick-up point for taxis and ride appsAirport Worldhttps://t.co/tyJmZg5fdF?amp=1
10/16MTA launches sweeping borough-wide bus redesignBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/IvlRZwMWzy?amp=1
10/16Uber driver convicted of sexually assaulting 'extremely vulnerable' passenger Evening Standardhttps://t.co/0YBGm1QsWg?amp=1
10/16Uber and Lyft are refusing to appear at a Congressional hearing, angering lawmakersBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/zbMpF5aW0P?amp=1
10/16Letters to the Editor: Uber and Lyft make LAX a nightmare. Move them off site, but not taxis L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/5ZlTZC9Z99?amp=1
10/16LA City Council Pushes $30 Minimum Wage For Uber, Lyft Rideshare DriversCBSNhttps://t.co/V5YlPI1WaA?amp=1
10/16Lyft Partners With ADT, Uber Cuts 350 More In ‘Final’ Layoff As Ride-Hail Criticism MountsForbeshttps://t.co/eTl3ir5NuD?amp=1
10/16SoftBank Faces $100 Billion Debt as US and China Tech IPO Bubble Bursts: ReportTHE EPOCH TIMEShttps://t.co/eQaTk0YwZL?amp=1
10/16Uber: The ride-hailing app that says it has ‘zero’ driversThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/hROHo77Jkh?amp=1
10/15Uber to Owe UK >£1 Billion in VAT if It Loses Appeal
on Suit on Driver Status, Also Loses Liability Insurer
naked capitalismhttps://t.co/BF7uuZbJtk?amp=1
10/15Mastercard and Curb Make NYC Cab Rides Count Towards American Cancer Society ProgramBusiness Wirehttps://t.co/qh5gL1AhnV?amp=1
10/15Uber's Shopping Spree ContinuesThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/cFlDOiF4S2?amp=1
10/15Moody’s: Growing MTA debt may mean fare hikes, service cuts N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/hO01ACB7ZI?amp=1
10/15Uber lays off another ~350 across Eats, self-driving and other departmentsTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/BXBV8FxapN?amp=1
10/15House panel 'strongly' urges Uber, Lyft to take part in hearingYAHOOhttps://t.co/zUYe0Qhx7v?amp=1
10/15Goldman Sachs is expected to report third-quarter hits from sinking WeWork, Uber stakesCNBChttps://t.co/7NG5YCjZxh?amp=1
10/15Autonomous shuttles in Northern Virginia suburb show why the future of robot cars might be slowThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/V3fiGmYi8r?amp=1
10/15What Uber DidCITYLABhttps://t.co/SP9zmwfeRv?amp=1
10/14Letters to the Editor: Uber and Lyft make LAX a nightmare. Move them off site, but not taxis L.A. TIMEShttps://t.co/5ZlTZC9Z99?amp=1
10/14Uber Boosts Junk Bond Sale in First Debt Raise Since IPOBloomberghttps://t.co/YRkTZ6zQm7?amp=1
10/14Queensland cabbies sue government for $1.5b over devaluing by UberFINANCIAL REVIEWhttps://t.co/m8BAQGapfF?amp=1
10/14Uber to work with taxi firms under government planTAIPEI TIMEShttps://t.co/TwktHCs9ee?amp=1
10/14Op-Ed: New York Needs More Micro-Mobility Lanes NowSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/RokSNFeQNp?amp=1
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10/13Why Lyft Stock Lost 17% in SeptemberThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/nxG2fAYaiC?amp=1
10/13NY Socialite Bevy Smith allegedly denied cab ride because she is BlacktheGriohttps://t.co/urLUDASKUS?amp=1
10/12#DeleteUber for GoodJACOBINhttps://t.co/j47ILNvXZf?amp=1
10/12Lyft sues city over cruising capCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/7jTwlrgnE6?amp=1
10/12New York City cabbies say 'no-cost' bailout would avoid financial ruinSFGATEhttps://t.co/Qh6VSvoIhu?amp=1
10/12Tad’s Steaks finally closing its last NYC outpost N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/KT0C5K664s?amp=1
10/12High-Yield Savings Accounts Feel the Fed’s SqueezeBloomberghttps://t.co/6gV8ZrnN8f?amp=1
10/1119 Sketchy Facts About LyftThe THINGShttps://t.co/50ZqaRQC4f?amp=1
10/11Green and transit groups call on Cuomo to sign off on e-bikes and scootersCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/KExiUk2dAQ?amp=1
10/11Technology Sabotaged Public SafetyThe Atlantichttps://t.co/LNzj9esWIl?amp=1
10/11Uber and Lyft Drivers Talk About Getting Ripped OffSPLINTERhttps://t.co/wRVrWJKUdA?amp=1
10/11UPDATE: City to Reduce Speed Limit on West Side HighwaySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Pj81oSGlJq?amp=1
10/11Uber, Lyft drivers protest companies amid new rules in New York CityWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/0eRgmkd60k?amp=1
10/10New York Said to Become Next Battleground for Gig Worker LawBloomberg Lawhttps://t.co/l1Bo8ynzDK?amp=1
10/10Exclusive: Car crackdown coming to NYC’s West Side HighwayN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/NxLRINOFzw?amp=1
10/10L.A. City Council President Proposes $30 Per Hour Wages for Uber, Lyft DriversKTLAhttps://t.co/HJzIUpUMcN?amp=1
10/10Uber Losses Trigger $228M Write-Off At PayPalPYMNTShttps://t.co/Ap0s6W1HAl?amp=1
10/10Inequality Is Slowing Cities to a CrawlTheAtlantichttps://t.co/pYlJ1F4hHh?amp=1
10/10Shareholder Alert: Robbins Arroyo LLP Announces
Uber Technologies, Inc. (UBER) Sued for Misleading Shareholders
10/10Insurer James River shares slide 22%
after it cancels policies issued to Uber's commercial auto business
10/10How the MTA Plans to Spend Billions on its Subway WishlistTHE CITYhttps://t.co/GI0uHHASW2?amp=1
10/10Two women just wanted to get home. Instead, they say, their Lyft drivers raped themBoston Globehttps://t.co/ec4U6MhS3i?amp=1
10/9How New York's Taxi Industry Destroyed Chicago's;WNYChttps://t.co/8LAJZsLMGK?amp=1
10/9Police: Hoboken man charged with drunk driving for intoxicated E-scooter rideHUDSON COUNTY VIEWhttps://t.co/Rut5zHJdfk?amp=1
10/9How to get buses to run on schedule? Restrict other trafficFAST COMPANYhttps://t.co/04TnKleKws?amp=1
10/9Governor calls for forensic audit of MTA's $51.5 billion infrastructure spending planNewsdayhttps://t.co/J0Uq16hegx?amp=1
10/9SoftBank Losses From WeWork, Uber Failed IPOs Top $5BPYMNTShttps://t.co/bcS3KBtCpT?amp=1
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10/8Lyft Driver at Large After Robbing Passenger at Gunpoint in WestwoodKTLAhttps://t.co/pUUNzYnO8Y?amp=1
10/8Uber? No ThanksReal Moneyhttps://t.co/fkR39kAsRR?amp=1
10/8MTA Begins Using Cameras On Buses To Catch Cars In Bus Lanes Patchhttps://t.co/W3tI5RxC4h?amp=1
10/8SoftBank’s founder is ’embarrassed and impatient’ with his investments after troubles with UberBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/ay1xxQ53vU?amp=1
10/8Mexico City cabbies block traffic to protest rideshare appsChicago Tribunehttps://t.co/b8qTqW2pQV?amp=1
10/7Ride-Share Companies Cheat Drivers Out of Minimum WagesTHE INDYPENDENThttps://t.co/ShOiMJSlqZ?amp=1
10/7Taxi Spending Surges While Transit Stays FlatSTREETSBLOG USAhttps://t.co/pvqVrhe6aj?amp=1
10/7AirTrain Fare Hike Could Send Riders to the RoadsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/QAh2sotpuV?amp=1
10/7Transit Tech Lab's mission to solve NYC's subway 'crisis' SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/cyLOJVUClq?amp=1
10/7Global Taxi Cab Service Market development scope,
growth opportunities, risks,Forecast Analysis to 2029
10/6NCUA Hood Says There Is No One-Size -Fits-All Solution to NYC Taxi Medallion Loans Keith Leggett’s
Credit Union Watch
10/6NYC judge dismisses city effort to shut down beloved Midtown newsstand N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4gqegYgcy9?amp=1
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10/5Ocasio-Cortez: Bailout for Taxi Medallion Owners Will Not Cost $13BNY1https://t.co/mnQDxS7XYp?amp=1
10/5De Blasio rejects city bailout of taxi drivers—but welcomes a federal oneCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/qlfggWYk80?amp=1
10/5Uber's Growth Could Take a Hit Thanks to This Negative ReportMotley Foolhttps://t.co/5mu5hmrdye?amp=1
10/5FBI probe into Cuomo's hiring sparks $1.2 million legal contracttimesunionhttps://t.co/Kl0KNIsSfh?amp=1
10/5Uber and Lyft Analysts Look the Other Way as the Stocks CraterYAHOOhttps://t.co/ZbNsRcglNL?amp=1
10/5Uber shares personal rider information in sexual assault
cases with a claims company without informing alleged victims
USA TODAYhttps://t.co/88BlqJ5ece?amp=1
10/5A landmark law disrupted the gig economy in California. But what comes next for Uber drivers? recodehttps://t.co/J5u0PNrb9Z?amp=1
10/5Lyft and Uber Are Having a Terrible, Awful, No-Good TimeVICEhttps://t.co/dXe0Bc6Ijo?amp=1
10/5Drivers Say Reporting Assault to Lyft is ‘Extremely Traumatic’VICEhttps://t.co/GoI1ButcWx?amp=1
10/5Kaufman Attorney Says Ex-Melrose CEO Conducted Legal Business, Not Bribery SchemeCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/bA4TLF3UwY?amp=1
10/4‘Feeding Frenzy’: How New Yorkers Plundered the Chicago Taxi TradeN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/XSnMiWun3z?amp=1
10/4De Blasio struggles to find new Taxi and Limousine commissioner
after first pick’s disastrous performance at Council hearing
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/xlgzUdUGDN?amp=1
10/4Uber rolls out $200 helicopter service from Manhattan to JFK -
but riders say it takes the SAME time as a taxi
Daily Mailhttps://t.co/JMxXm2wENd?amp=1
10/4It’s time to ban cars from ManhattanCURBEDhttps://t.co/xlgzUdUGDN?amp=1
10/4Bay Ridge residents wanted a solution to lawless drivers. They got yellow paint.Brooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/ZYLg7MiNGw?amp=1
10/3Cars All but Banned on One of Manhattan’s Busiest StreetsN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/8KSSOCJ1cT?amp=1
10/3The 14th Street car ban begins tomorrow — here’s what you should know N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/VU4oKa9DX5?amp=1
10/3Uber driver sexually assaults ‘helpless’ passenger in North Carolina, police say The Charlotte Observerhttps://t.co/edKJHAD5FY?amp=1
10/3Both Uber and Lyft are at record lows as investors continue to shun unprofitable unicornsBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/tpkjhTJmxU?amp=1
10/3Opinion: Federal Reserve’s interest-rate cuts hurt the economy by tamping down lending MarketWatchhttps://t.co/9RPQuHglZ2?amp=1
10/3Robo-Taxi Market - Global Industry AnalysisCISIONhttps://t.co/pGC1jxqnom?amp=1
10/3Vancouver adds licence rules, congestion fee for ride-hailing companies CTV NEWShttps://t.co/ppdfNxAgtv?amp=1
10/2Uber and Lyft close at record lows as investor skepticism grows around recent IPOsCNBChttps://t.co/inOJoHyxWs?amp=1
10/2Cuomo announces L train construction is three months ahead of schedule, will wrap up in AprilN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/uYbgx1xEio?amp=1
10/2Manhattan’s 14th Street to Ban Most Cars Starting ThursdayBloomberghttps://t.co/zb1Mj8R8Tj?amp=1
10/2After e-bike fires, San Francisco sets deadline for Lyft to restore bike-sharing serviceBicycle Retailerhttps://t.co/sKdsDJbTNA?amp=1
10/2Morgan Stanley cuts Waymo’s valuation By 40%MARKET REALISThttps://t.co/QdzgsUWS5V?amp=1
10/2L train reconstruction work under budget and ahead of scheduleBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/LLi11osMSz?amp=1
10/1New York City Representatives Calling for Taxi BailoutTHE NEWS WHEELhttps://t.co/psbkAFpMOj?amp=1
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10/1Transit app slams Lyft’s attempts to ‘take over mobility’CURBEDhttps://t.co/b4MJyJdF3S?amp=1
9/30Study Finds More Blacks Have Rides Cancelled On Uber Than WhitesTHE SOURCEhttps://t.co/P250Z5XGEw?amp=1
9/30Lyft Driver Accused Of Masturbating In Front Of Female Passenger During Ride,
Investigation Underway
International Business Timeshttps://t.co/ow8RNO0ofq?amp=1
9/30AOC Calls For Bailout To Help Taxi Drivers After Rash Of SuicidesCBS-880-NYhttps://t.co/AaAlqCW2V1?amp=1
9/30WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Demands American Taxpayers Bail Out NYC Taxi Drivers:
This Is ‘Indentured Servitude’
9/3020 Sketchy Facts About UberTHINGShttps://t.co/PeuWxy5zAG?amp=1
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9/29City transit honchos unveiled ‘Shared Street’ in Downtown BrooklynBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/L656bTHovr?amp=1
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9/29Uber is trying everything to make bikes and scooters a profitable business CNNhttps://t.co/o5EMGf0Yys?amp=1
9/28Rep. Ocasio-Cortez joins calls for bailout of NYC taxi driversFOX5-NYhttps://t.co/g2lNIUGRIP?amp=1
9/28AOC joins growing calls for taxi medallion bailout N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/fPEdyPPJDz?amp=1
9/28Plan to Ban Most Cars on 14th Street is Back onNY1https://t.co/S0mC71aXVR?amp=1
9/28Uber's market value slips below GM's for the first time since its IPOBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/4QuIHcznl2?amp=1
9/28Planes and automobiles:
With for-hire vehicles flooding airports, the Port Authority makes an odd choice
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/n6EPyBmR3v?amp=1
9/28New Limits Raise Questions About Uber Drivers' Supposed Freedom Patchhttps://t.co/q8tgqi8LV4?amp=1
9/27Regulator approves NYC area airport tax, favoring taxis over ride-hailsREUTERShttps://t.co/e1PjHR2Quf?amp=1
9/27Uber job cuts in Bay Area: 300 The Mercury Newshttps://t.co/bBKfzsbj9w?amp=1
9/27California's New Gig Economy Law Forces Uber To Grow UpTHE/DRIVEhttps://t.co/HxBi1FqMnm?amp=1
9/27SoftBank's big tech ambitions in doubt as it loses billions on WeWork and UberCNNhttps://t.co/cmjwcSmWvW?amp=1
9/27Cops investigating two separate alleged sex assaults by Lyft drivers N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/8HJ9I1yBhS?amp=1
9/27Why would a central bank want negative interest rates?CNBChttps://t.co/Rcft4TtexZ?amp=1
9/26When rides go wrong: How Uber’s investigations unit works to limit the company’s liabilityWashington Posthttps://t.co/fKPReSfFRY?amp=1
9/26MTA board approves historic $51.5 billion Capital Plan in New York CityABC 7 NYhttps://t.co/wOo6A4IBjK?amp=1
9/26Unhinged Lyft driver’s beatdown ruined composer’s ‘illustrious’ career: suit N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/xsojwq2Cql?amp=1
9/26Blind woman says ride-sharing companies do not allow her service dog in vehiclesBOSTON 25 NEWShttps://t.co/IDd4ZC8efI?amp=1
9/26Cap Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Lease Costs, Queens Lawmaker SaysTHE CITYhttps://t.co/WbicE5qMgI?amp=1
9/25London keeps Uber on short license as it scrutinizes firmBOSTON 25Newshttps://t.co/aFvdQ8QBsp?amp=1
9/25Former Uber Engineer Appears In Court On Trade Secret Theft ChargesSF-CBS-Localhttps://t.co/2mIZh48XB1?amp=1
9/25Sweeping California law shakes up gig economyTHE HILLhttps://t.co/GpnEM0dYfb?amp=1
9/25Cabs get a break, but commuters get no mercy from Port Authority toll hikesnj.comhttps://t.co/9pcbRzCbLS?amp=1
9/25Average MTA bus speeds aren't on the rise, despite promised improvementsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/jYHTPd1z2m?amp=1
9/25Give Uber & Lyft drivers a lift: Crack down on predatory loans that ensnare app-hail workersN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9Ix2ACdcMt?amp=1
9/24Bill de Blasio Drops Out Of 2020 Race To Return To NYC — Where He Does Absolutely NothingThe FEDERALISThttps://t.co/9igBYacabb?amp=1
9/24NYC Buses Still Crawling Despite Mayor's Speed Pledge, Stats Show PATCHhttps://t.co/ikS929BiOu?amp=1
9/24Pair caught having sex in Uber at filthy MTA-owned train tracks N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/N80dkfSyut?amp=1
9/24Portland OR Suspends or Revokes Permits for 168 Drivers for Uber and LyftESR News Bloghttps://t.co/v6Rq6uqAwq?amp=1
9/24He drives 60 hours a week for Uber. He’s still homelessSan Francisco Chroniclehttps://t.co/lgwZGejl5u?amp=1
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9/21Uber sues New York City, says 'cruising cap' threatens its business modelC/NEThttps://t.co/Vk5wyGNt8X?amp=1
9/21Uber sues New York City in effort to override ‘capricious’ vehicle and cruising capsPOLITICOhttps://t.co/gmsr1WmH9o?amp=1
9/21Seattle mayor proposes minimum wage, protections for ride-hailing drivers SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/kOH783pgRh?amp=1
9/21Lyft app adds bike lanesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Sd43oGnRSp?amp=1
9/21De Blasio’s Back: Here Are 6 Major Problems He’s FacingN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/f9yDCJTaJO?amp=1
9/21Opinion: The path to profitability for Uber and Lyft looks more like a dead end Market Watchhttps://t.co/kmSL7Czpz8?amp=1
9/21'An app my cat could have written':
Larry Ellison reportedly says Uber's business model is 'almost worthless'
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/bqUuImntJ3?amp=1
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9/20WaPo No Longer Discloses Its Owner’s Uber InvestmentFAIRhttps://t.co/8VPVw3ybBz?amp=1
9/20FDNY union: De Blasio’s ‘Vision Zero’ is slowing response times N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ovMfHFZ1Wg?amp=1
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9/19How’s New York Doing? Mayor’s Report Shows Ups and Downs WALL STREET JOURNALhttps://t.co/rKIJsCVO3k?amp=1
9/19Think tank wants congestion pricing to cut both waysCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/VIXPGQlW1r?amp=1
9/19Driving us crazy: Things can get fairer for Uber and Lyft drivers, but their protest tactics aren’t helpingN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/fmKUV6EspX?amp=1
9/19Gavin Newsom signs landmark bill making Uber and Lyft drivers employees, not contractorsWashington Examinerhttps://t.co/YeyRImFLQc?amp=1
9/19Corey Johnson’s Bold Words Show Leadership — And How We Can Hold Him AccountableSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/0SQWuCycPS?amp=1
9/19“We Will Not Take No for an Answer”
Families for Safe Streets Demand Cuomo Act on Speed Cameras
STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Zyx3b7AnYB?amp=1
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9/19Seattle mayor proposes higher fees for Uber/Lyft rides to raise money for transit, housingKIROhttps://t.co/GI3lH9UHUd?amp=1
9/18Protesting Uber, Lyft drivers cause massive backup: ‘We will not be ignored!’ N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/RfXznWAX6K?amp=1
9/18Uber, Lyft Drivers Stage Protest On Brooklyn Bridge, FDR DriveCBS2-WLNYhttps://t.co/Hsgniyf7Yq?amp=1
9/18Experts Give MTA Roadmap For Congestion Pricing: $9 Peak Prices & No Exemptionsgothamisthttps://t.co/M3VfMv2v6p?amp=1
9/18Why Jump—Uber’s E-Bike Scheme—Failed in Two Cities Outsidehttps://t.co/a2Fz27LKUl?amp=1
9/18Lyft hit by five more alleged sexual assault, rape cases in one dayCNNhttps://t.co/O0yTuaDpYD?amp=1
9/18Uber, Lyft stock performance shows 'appetite for risk has diminished'YAHOOhttps://t.co/cREFZwge6N?amp=1
9/18Uber, Lyft Drivers Protest Stalls Traffic in New YorkBloomberghttps://t.co/tOggJKFFqb?amp=1
9/17Report Shows Why the Congestion Pricing Fee Must Be Really HighSTREETSBLOG NTChttps://t.co/tOggJKFFqb?amp=1
9/17Uber to limit drivers' app access to comply with NYC regulationREUTERShttps://t.co/vhuBTuCSxm?amp=1
9/17The Attack on Saudi Oil Shows Why Driverless Cars Will Never Become LegalThe Streethttps://t.co/zKoYqpfqDj?amp=1
9/17City Council hires independent firm to review BQE rehab planBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/WaJha42RyV?amp=1
9/17Uber’s baffling claim that its drivers aren’t core to its business, explainedVoxhttps://t.co/JFXu36jnSX?amp=1
9/17Cuomo’s tone on Byford softens, sparking talk of a detentePOLITICOhttps://t.co/qLubA7pf2S?amp=1
9/17New York City to Build $15 Million Immigrant Research and Performing Arts Center ARTFORUMhttps://t.co/fROCxwvze3?amp=1
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9/16City buses as last-mile solution—the past or future?FREIGHTWAVEShttps://t.co/Cwaa8XjK7D?amp=1
9/16Suspect nabbed in deadly March stabbing of cab driver in the Bronx N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6rdWvXnpnj?amp=1
9/16Taxi reps LTDA launch ‘Real cost of Uber’ campaign in lead up to London licence decisionTaxiPointhttps://t.co/YH7HULliSk?amp=1
9/16'There really isn’t anything that can keep you safe': Women Uber and Lyft drivers speak outSFGATEhttps://t.co/kozhJ2gNWK?amp=1
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9/16Economy teetering on edge of recession as rates fall, analysts warn N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/M3hjEVwmwr?amp=1
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9/15New York City Congestion Pricing: From Idea to Reality, with Sam Schwartz, P.E. www.spreaker.comhttps://www.spreaker.com/user/ite-talks-transportation/sam-schwartz
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9/15Feds target possible New York City taxi loan fraud; Uber, Lyft drivers protest outside City HallABC-7NYhttps://t.co/Mtx8TvXqIv?amp=1
9/15MTA's managing director Veronique 'Ronnie' Hakim resigns after decadesamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/yD2GAunq5M?amp=1
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9/15SoftBank Investments Slammed From Wall Street to CaliforniaYAHOOhttps://t.co/wmu8GulhNK?amp=1
9/14Uber Will Block Drivers From Taking Riders When Business Is Slow Patchhttps://t.co/gvoVTFf3GD?amp=1
9/14Gig Economy in Crosshairs After Decade of Freewheeling Growth WALL STREET JOURNALhttps://t.co/esdORrmDXt?amp=1
9/14Hong Kong court upholds ban on Uber drivers without hire-car permitwww.scmp.comhttps://t.co/uCyh00Vka3?amp=1
9/14Uber set to sign massive lease at 3 World Trade Center N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Y7NEYEIy8Y?amp=1
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9/14The MTA Is Hiring 500 New Cops To Fix 'Quality Of Life' Issues In The Subway Systemgothamisthttps://t.co/MpeM1f494u?amp=1
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9/14Uber follows Lyft in limiting appCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/yLTUSt0MTN?amp=1
9/13Uber is sued over resistance to California 'gig' employment lawREUTERShttps://t.co/fyoBFm7uQw?amp=1
9/13California lawmakers shake up the transportation industry by voting to make Uber drivers employeesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/OEIlbPwiut?amp=1
9/13Uber Goes Back to Basics: Violating the LawTHE AMERICAN PROSPECThttps://t.co/0haNOU5fDn?amp=1
9/13MTA Taking a Bigger Beating on Subway and Bus Fare EvasionTHE CITYhttps://t.co/JUq3PG84yP?amp=1
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9/13Uber Boosts Junk Bond Sale in First Debt Raise Since IPOYAHOOhttps://t.co/2CpueMOoAV?amp=1
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9/13New book calls Uber 'cautionary tale for Silicon Valley'ABC7NEWShttps://t.co/3B59Li2RQK?amp=1
9/12Uber To California: Make UsJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/V3SQZJ8VL3?amp=1
9/12City Council looks for answers on ride-hailing regulationsCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/cpLDT1qcRc?amp=1
9/12TLC faces calls for an overhaul to 'level the playing field' with Uber, LyftamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/RqV9569zQW?amp=1
9/12Uber argues its drivers aren’t core to its business, won’t reclassify them as employeesTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/jt4S7RLJW1?amp=1
9/12California’s Contractor Law Stirs Confusion Beyond the Gig EconomyN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ezaUtWWggp?amp=1
9/12New York Prosecutors Reportedly Open New Probe Into Taxi Medallion Loan FraudCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/pHxCd4BTLi?amp=1
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9/11A $1.7 Million Loan, $30,000 in Income. Prosecutors Are Now Investigating.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/IICQT0VJrS?amp=1
9/11California Labor Bill, Near Passage, Is Blow to Uber and LyftN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/20DsmUhBUX?amp=1
9/11Cuomo wants more independent contractors to be employeesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Lsb3D6tr5j?amp=1
9/11Uber lays off 435 people across engineering and product teamsTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/HTEaRUWlUv?amp=1
9/11California Labor Bill Likely To Deal Blow To Uber And LyftForbeshttps://t.co/m0PzzSudbg?amp=1
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9/10Reckless Loans Devastated Taxi Drivers. Now Prosecutors Are Investigating. N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/IICQT0VJrS?amp=1
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9/10Longtime labor strategist joins top ranks of de Blasio's City HallPOLITICOhttps://t.co/PnOZzj4tkL?amp=1
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9/9Uber has surveyed some drivers on small loans, suggesting financial products are comingTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/TTxElmRf3I?amp=1
9/9SoftBank’s Big Bet on WeWork Could Turn Sour: Term SheetFORTUNEhttps://t.co/r8WTB3YV3a?amp=1
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9/6Nalani Johnson case: Doctors rule homicide in death of toddler allegedly kidnapped by Uber driverAOLhttps://t.co/LhNfHP6m6o?amp=1
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9/6Uber and Lyft both hit all-time lows and continue to struggle since their IPOsCNNhttps://t.co/ErYJtMZTdd?amp=1
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9/6Long-struggling livery cabs still losing groundCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/PRKXKyhQPF?amp=1
9/6Taxi companies ask court to strike down rules allowing Uber and Lyft to operate in B.C.VANCOUVER SUNhttps://t.co/0BNpFR6sEJ?amp=1
9/5Missing Toddler, Who Was Allegedly Kidnapped by an Uber Driver, Found DeadPeoplehttps://t.co/7HV9GJKmbb?amp=1
9/5Mayor de Blasio says bicycle licenses should be considered, promises to sic cops on cyclistsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9ankHcTZlN?amp=1
9/5Lyft Received Nearly 100 Complaints Of Sexual Assault By Drivers In Just One State Over Two YearsBuzzFeedNewshttps://t.co/NEDqa9atev?amp=1
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9/4Uber and Lyft close at record lows as investors lose faith in ride-sharing companiesCNBChttps://t.co/L1WXJqhvNb?amp=1
9/4SoftBank is more than $600 million underwater on its Uber investment as stock hits an all-time lowCNBChttps://t.co/AEMVbnkyxs?amp=1
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9/4California gig-worker bill will speed up Uber, Lyft’s push to autonomous: Early Uber investorFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/wDVPSC48sz?amp=1
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9/3Uber Reportedly Made $500 Million Selling This 1 Little Thing.
(Customers and Drivers Really Don't Like It)
9/2Uber, Lyft, and Amazon make SF’s environmental planning irrelevant48hillshttps://t.co/6fsYSfxgO7?amp=1
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9/2Uber and Lyft are floating a $21 minimum wage. Critics say it's closer to $15.SFGATEhttps://t.co/sxoGta2Nty?amp=1
9/2Worried About Negative Interest Rates Coming?
They Are Already Here, And That Is A Serious Problem
9/1Uber And Lyft Don't Have A Right To ExistJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/cXug1dJ1kt?amp=1
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8/30Cabbies say passengers viciously pummeled them — but Queens DA dropped the ball on their casesN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/RctD2FXdn1?amp=1
8/30'Downright alarming’: Bay Area test riders criticize self-driving taxi serviceSFGATEhttps://t.co/2Pow3UwK5l?amp=1
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8/29Lyft shorters pick up earningssecuritieslendingtimeshttps://t.co/u5xW2ml1ZJ?amp=1
8/29Uber proposes policy that would pay drivers a minimum wage of $21 per hourTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/loz8fXojVG?amp=1
8/28Taxi Medallion Roundtable Todayhttps://t.co/x9tfx31cB3?amp=1
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8/28A former Uber and Google executive has been indicted on accusations of stealing self-driving-car techBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/4jZVuaQoh7?amp=1
8/28Century Resident Files to Dismiss the Lawsuit Against
CPW Protected Bike Lane; ‘It Came as a Complete Surprise’
West Side Raghttps://t.co/3QDuORyNCq?amp=1
8/28Police Try to Slow Bicyclists in Central Park After Four Crashes In Short SpanWest Side Raghttps://t.co/kjlSxsbb86?amp=1
8/28BQE reconstruction scope and timeline prodded by NYC polsCURBEDhttps://t.co/9XgtDfqvsv?amp=1
8/27Ford says its autonomous cars will last just four yearsTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/ndVEGVSjRo?amp=1
8/27Uber Driver Indicted for Allegedly Kidnapping 15-Year-Old Girl After Sweet 16 Party on Long IslandNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/UfEroYhjfi?amp=1
8/27Uber And Lyft Take A Lot More From Drivers Than They SayJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/sjblKu0rcy?amp=1
8/27Cyclist Critically Injured After Colliding With Pedestrian In Central ParkCBS-2NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/DhMJHMXfOv?amp=1
8/27Uber rake in half a billion dollars from questionable ride-safe surchargeTaxiPointhttps://t.co/Ewhr9v3iMv?amp=1
8/27Ride-hails say they’re in compliance with TLC accessibility rulesCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/7cDQtN2OQi?amp=1
8/27Lyft's main taxi business is already profitable in some areas,
but self-driving cars and bike-sharing are eating into that revenue
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/5tAs5V1jTH?amp=1
8/27Uber contradicts own research with London congestion ad claim THE GUARDIANhttps://t.co/79BBaNqELG?amp=1
8/27Waymo’s robot taxi service is improving, but riders still have complaintsTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/Dx5AV2lmTp?amp=1
8/26Second Span of New Kosciuszko Bridge to Open Thursday NBC-4NYhttps://t.co/Nz1fZpXnje?amp=1
8/26Drivers call for emergency hearings after rushed voteRiverdale Presshttps://t.co/Ctlh9ZkNEh?amp=1
8/26Charge Unveils First-Of-Its-Kind Micromobility Charging, Docking And Service Station In New York Citywww.newkerala.comhttps://t.co/MS7XeeOzJq?amp=1
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8/25EXCLUSIVE: Kamala Harris Is Backing a Bill Giving Uber, Lyft, Postmates Workers New RightsVICE Newshttps://t.co/b3Tuf5uqg8?amp=1
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8/24Uber’s $1-per-ride ‘safe rides fee’ had nothing to do with safetyTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/9arR9dMyn0?amp=1
8/24No Ruling at CPW Bike Lane Hearing; Now Awaiting Judge’s Decision and Possible ‘Intervenor’West Side Raghttps://t.co/QlHpQbLR08?amp=1
8/24Closing Doors: MTA Working on Record Spending Plan in Secrecy, Watchdog HowlsTHE CITYhttps://t.co/qdbRyfDEGl?amp=1
8/24Accused Killer In Sara Hudson Homicide Was Also A Lyft DriverCBS-SF-DFWhttps://t.co/nkI0iGnhKk?amp=1
8/23Ride-Share Vehicles Banned From Adding Advertisements To Their CarsCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/QASW8s2YLH?amp=1
8/23Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers to launch a protest caravan accross CaliforniaTech Crunchhttps://t.co/QSTSn8rXMV?amp=1
8/23Uber Takes Texas Taxpayers For A RideJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/2AxckWL0QQ?amp=1
8/23Uber created a $6.1B Dutch weapon to avoid paying taxes accountingtodayhttps://t.co/1HT9oJeHaK?amp=1
8/23Taking Aim at Amazon and Uber, Sanders Campaign Promises Sweeping Pro-Union Legislation GIZMODOhttps://t.co/xlxZYSPuEM?amp=1
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8/22State senators call on MTA to abide by open meeting laws when weighing capital projectsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/W5giSGu9eA?amp=1
8/22Curbing city traffic and air pollution: Mayor de Blasio on reforming how Uber and Lyft operate N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/g1XEy2BMXE?amp=1
8/22Here’s every study of every terrible thing Lyft and Uber do to SF trafficCURBEDhttps://t.co/GUApOzEjgS?amp=1
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8/21Republican leaders bemoan Cuomo’s license plate redesign as money grabN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qr4P0b5lAn?amp=1
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8/20Ride Sharing Adds to the Crush of Traffic at AirportsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/s8vfNpVcPO?amp=1
8/20B.C. sets rules for ride hailing, same minimum fee as taxisVICTORIA NEWShttps://t.co/0elFVSMExy?amp=1
8/20Readers Write: MTA needs many billions for its projectsthe island nowhttps://t.co/6bphRdB4xh?amp=1
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8/18Editorial: In the final weeks of session, Sacramento can’t neglect these billsSan Francisco Chroniclehttps://t.co/YHXQpiX9lg?amp=1
8/18Lyft's 'woke' image collides with flurry of sex assault lawsuits Messenger-Inquirerhttps://t.co/kCHLvEC1tZ?amp=1
8/17City reinstates free street parking after community backlash, vows to remove parking elsewhereBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/Zc5JrDniWF?amp=1
8/17The DOT's Incrementalism Has Failed. NYC Needs To Break Car Culture Nowgothamisthttps://t.co/YVLeg2zqoJ?amp=1
8/17Lyft Slapped With Another Class Action Lawsuit About Driver Employment StatusJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/RLYefVZY7U?amp=1
8/17MTA warns of subway and bus service cuts amid budget woesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/mQo8dGWs9o?amp=1
8/17London taxi drivers are planning legal action if Uber receives a new licenceTAXI INTELLIGENCEhttps://t.co/NjFSEu1Tz5?amp=1
8/17Lyft Shares Rise Ahead of Insiders’ First Chance to Sell StockTT Newshttps://t.co/2QZHoflpO7?amp=1
8/17Uber Gives Investors the Worst of Both WorldsFORBEShttps://t.co/vWJ2cdllse?amp=1
8/17Surprise! Uber and Lyft Don’t Like NYC’s New Ride-Hail RulesWIREDhttps://t.co/HZVghWRORk?amp=1
8/17Uber driver convicted of raping intoxicated passengerABC NEWShttps://t.co/wT1IrGvVTw?amp=1
8/17Keiser Report: Red queens and looking glassesRThttps://t.co/n3ev6l3Bas?amp=1
8/17Older People Need Rides. Why Aren’t They Using Uber and Lyft?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/DApAiOg2Xm?amp=1
8/17Arms maker Kalashnikov shows an electric car for the taxi sector in MoscowTAXI INTELLIGENCEhttps://t.co/crXHBvNzPI?amp=1
8/16HONK HONK HOOONK: NYC Streets Are 'More Congested Than Ever' the gothamisthttps://t.co/kP0cuXJCs0?amp=1
8/16Paris Marx Uber's second quarter losses another red flag for the 'Amazon of transportation'NBC NEWShttps://t.co/RmWyrgvTmt?amp=1
8/16Man on small bike has big temper tantrum in NYCN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/yIQeausnU0?amp=1
8/16To stop shameful exploitation of ‘gig economy’ workers, let’s start with this billTHE SACRAMENTO BEEhttps://t.co/Z4HpiooNTT?amp=1
8/16Why you can't ignore AB5—and what it means for the future of independent contractors - OpenforceJDSUPRAhttps://t.co/AER6b0QMvW?amp=1
8/16Moody's off track about taxing the rich for transitCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/AqXZl2Qvin?amp=1
8/16Uber's IPO was the biggest of 2019. Here are the 19 firms that have bought the most shares since.BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/mRnVNXN6YR?amp=1
8/16Block Party: Cop Cars Still Jamming Bus Stops After ExposéTHE CITYhttps://t.co/r5Y3lVmGoS?amp=1
8/15Video-Police arrest Taxi DriverNYC Taxi Newshttps://www.nyctaxinews.com/jfk_8_14_19.html
8/15Car traffic in Manhattan moving at slowest pace in decades: reportN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qxFm13kiHG?amp=1
8/15MTA employee busted using work E-ZPass for Uber side gig N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/MLIL48K889?amp=1
8/15Uber stock hits a new all-time lowCNBChttps://t.co/JlbPzfVo5q?amp=1
8/15Basic economics means Uber and Lyft can’t rely on driverless cars to become profitable Market Watchhttps://t.co/YMPSAISqOP?amp=1
8/15Tech to Help New York MTA Better Manage Crowds, Performancegovernment technologyhttps://t.co/KuJr6vj79B?amp=1
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8/14Uber stock fell to an all-time low yesterdayMARKET REALISThttps://t.co/FkMDOBjfcY?amp=1
8/14Uber Hires Google Exec As VP Of Global Marketing Just Weeks After Massive LayoffsForbeshttps://t.co/g6MZcLzk9o?amp=1
8/14Colombia antitrust regulator fines Uber for blocking probeBoston 25 Newshttps://t.co/2KON5y2nod?amp=1
8/14How Many Uber and Lyft Drivers Are in Recalled Cars?WIREDhttps://t.co/dBA311jE2Z?amp=1
8/14Uber puts brakes on taxis but hasn't run them off the roadSydndy Morning Hearldhttps://t.co/Rj9WyTlvNK?amp=1
8/13Corey Johnson criticizes 14th Street car ban, citing concerns about spillover traffic N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/LtrWfzWQ4C?amp=1
8/13Uber to stop service at Ontario International Airport after increase in pick-up, drop-off feesABC7https://t.co/Yxx326ySTP?amp=1
8/13Uber investor: CEO lacks ruthlessness of ousted co-founder Travis Kalanick and the stock shows itCNBChttps://t.co/qprxfNKVCO?amp=1
8/13Uber falls to all-time low as investors grow more skepticalCNBChttps://t.co/aOLzivs61d?amp=1
8/13San Francisco woman with disability who says
Lyft drivers repeatedly cancel her rides is calling for change
8/13Former NYC TLC chair on regulating ride-hailing servicesCNBChttps://t.co/EtqmUEEqDn?amp=1
8/12MTA documents offer first glimpse into plans for congestion pricing infrastructureN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/BWLbPchtu8?amp=1
8/12Here are the biggest risks Uber's facing, according to Wall Street analystsBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/h9UCcx6gnO?amp=1
8/12New York’s stepping up its war on cars N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/9n5KKONeYQ?amp=1
8/12Cyclist killed, the 19th to die on NYC streets this yearamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/zKs7pSAltI?amp=1
8/12Why scooters are Silicon Valley's latest misery-inducing 'disruption'NBC NEWShttps://t.co/ANgrzSbEdF?amp=1
8/12Lyft driver suspected of raping passenger near San Francisco L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/l70oSAGoGl?amp=1
8/12Cate Blanchett wears a quirky outfit and platform loafers
as she and husband Andrew Upton hail a taxi while out in New York City
DAILY MAILhttps://t.co/klmMYjZmpE?amp=1
8/11A rideshare driver hit a man on a seated e-scooter in BrooklynBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/XnbLY74JoA?amp=1
8/11We’re All Killing Uber Just By Using ItVICEhttps://t.co/SYFszM9ufe?amp=1
8/11Taxi Driver Charged In Deadly CrashWCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/cOJYNsBEiC?amp=1
8/11Ford shows off Escape Hybrid taxi which logged more than 400,000 milesFOX2Detroithttps://t.co/cCyyksjh71?amp=1
8/11Uber considers limiting drivers' access to its appCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Ws5NuCMuTP?amp=1
8/11'Malarkey,' CEO says: Uber, Lyft bash city regulationsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/fVqDdZBN4E?amp=1
8/11Uber CEO’s assurances fail to stop stock slide N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/yvHunSe8Jp?amp=1
8/10(From The Past-2013)
Mike Bloomberg Wants to 'Fucking Destroy' the Taxi Industry: Here's How He Could Do It
The Atlantichttps://t.co/7TG6MAjHnp?amp=1
8/10Judge Stops NYC’s Controversial Plan To Ban Cars From 14th StreetWCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/HNttke653d?amp=1
8/10Uber considers limiting drivers' access to its appCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Ws5NuCMuTP?amp=1
8/10Uber Lost Another $5.2 Billion, Has Now Burned $16.2 Billion Since 2016JALOPNIKhttps://t.co/gEMtPyyOhh?amp=1
8/10Uber imposes engineer hiring freeze as losses mount: ExclusiveYAHOOhttps://t.co/KSmt2PObi4?amp=1
8/10Uber’s losses point to strategy to destroy transport industry, says TWUMIRAGE Newshttps://t.co/nmulk4wJma?amp=1
8/10Self-Driving Cars Are Still Years Away. That’s Probably A Good Thing.HUFFPOSThttps://t.co/RN0nnDcGEJ?amp=1
8/10Uber Is Coming to Dallas. What Happens When the Company Collapses?D Magazinehttps://t.co/KNyMixEHcZ?amp=1
8/10State will fund connections between Downtown areas divided by BQEBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/Q7E4N3e6Fe?amp=1
8/10City expedites plan to implement bike lane
through Sunset Park, Park Slope in response to cyclist deaths
Brooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/o8nLZhLR2o?amp=1
8/9Taxi Driver Strikes and Kills Woman in ChelseaNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/nZpsD9UmS1?amp=1
8/9Uber and Lyft Suggest the Days of Cheap Rides Could Be OverWIREDhttps://t.co/xWCYQk5T0P?amp=1
8/9Subway tour prompts City Council transportation chair to seek more city money for MTAN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/xwS6welJb7?amp=1
8/9Subway riders more than willing to slam service during City Council transit tourBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/1UHdCv3MNr?amp=1
8/9This California city just voted to give a $30 minimum wage to Uber and Lyft driversFast Companyhttps://t.co/1qeeknW0WR?amp=1
8/9Uber’s stock drives right off a cliff after earnings show worse-than-expected lossesFast Companyhttps://t.co/J7mvsD2Kpx?amp=1
8/9Tax the rich to save the subways, Moody's recommendsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/aLNnEJPIQv?amp=1
8/8Cops looking for hit-and-run bicyclist who fatally struck pedestrian in ChelseaN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HpupFq3KBT?amp=1
8/8NYC blocks new Uber, Lyft and other for-hire vehicle registrationsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/6gF3T4aRrH?amp=1
8/8Harassment and indifference: Passengers say Lyft isn't doing enough to monitor driversNBC NEWShttps://t.co/rbLC5yRUL3?amp=1
8/8Some Local Pols Want City to Slow Down on New Bike Lane PushTHE CITYhttps://t.co/aTKqtuby4C?amp=1
8/8Uber's hopes go into reverse in new TfL battle for London licence sky newshttps://t.co/ebcmlUHmEy?amp=1
8/8Uber fined £28,800 calling London probationary licence into questionTaxiPointhttps://t.co/SkMgUMFmew?amp=1
8/8Driverless cars off to a slow start at Brooklyn Navy Yard N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/OIhlkn6F4F?amp=1
8/8Keep the Uber cap in place: Flooding the streets and underpaying driversN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/gsi79sdiBx?amp=1
8/7TLC set to vote on new e-hail rulesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/RV8Rdm9gVB?amp=1
8/7IT’S NOT YOUR IMAGINATION: Uber and Lyft Drivers Almost Always Park in Bike LanesSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/YA4bszp2Bw?amp=1
8/7ALL RISE! Judge Rules City Can Build 14th Street ‘Busway’STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/yxiWsH0fE3?amp=1
8/7Lyft app usage slows, data showsYAHOOhttps://t.co/Wi1ktGO76G?amp=1
8/7Self-driving vehicles have arrived in New York N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/HB9T9cbKyb?amp=1
8/7NYC’s top administrative judge Fidel Del Valle retires after hurling f-bombs at cop in City Hall tiradeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/v2lzEtbrCV?amp=1
8/7How to Avoid Future Taxi Medallion Loan Problems; Lawmakers Want AnswersCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/EWhGhUGsQ5?amp=1
8/6Appy medium: The Taxi & Limousine Commission is right to keep a cap on app-car growth in placeN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/P73BsZi0Xz?amp=1
8/6Clinton Hill residents furious over surprise loss of parking spotsBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/Wtu6kHFUAV?amp=1
8/6Transit advocates say 14th St. lawsuit cost bus riders a year’s worth of timeN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KEMr4lVwwi?amp=1
8/6Will Uber ever make money? Day of reckoning looms for ride-sharing firm The Guardianhttps://t.co/9EhjUKMQWd?amp=1
8/6Brooklyn Dem Party lawyer Frank Carone also worked for de Blasio’s mortgage lenderN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/mhRRCLiCpR?amp=1
8/6New York taxi regulator tries to put the brakes on free speechTHE HILLhttps://t.co/KdWJHQVB4n?amp=1
8/6ABA slams non-member deposit proposal for federal credit unions BANKINGDIVEhttps://t.co/IDZkdD2RHn?amp=1
8/6New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces $206 Million for Freight ProjectsTransport Topicshttps://t.co/tbsOcFhMFT?amp=1
8/6Attacked on two fronts, Cuomo calls ethics criticism 'baloney'CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/jV0K4jQ796?amp=1
8/6How Much Traffic Do Uber and Lyft Cause?CITYLAB
8/5Man Shot Twice Over NYC Parking Spot: NYPDNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/1UmuoS5k4l
8/5Ride-hail apps fret over New York City’s new regulationsCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/SJieYKTiTU
8/5Washington, D.C., Pilot Project Addresses Crowded Curbs Government Technologyhttps://t.co/Jk6ROxlcR1
8/5San Francisco-based curbFlow is officially launching its DC pilotTechnical.lyhttps://t.co/oJO8d1RnYA
8/4Council members urge TLC to pump brakes on Uber decision until new commissioner is hiredN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HOIlgSHEzj
8/4This Is Why Elon Musk’s Self-Driving Taxis Are Probably A Scam /Sputnik Newshttps://t.co/DQV1QGFa0V
8/4CEO at Taxi-Medallion CU Was Collecting Huge Salary Right Up Until the EndC.U. todayhttps://t.co/RS8w3n9Ab3?amp=1
8/4This Startup Wants to Tame the Chaos of City Street ParkingWIREDhttps://t.co/dbtRani7ZU
8/3Brooklyn residents outraged over
Department of Transportation plan that quietly eliminated daytime parking in parts of the city
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/18TZIa1GZd
8/3E-Scooter Rider Critically Hurt After Slamming Into Car Door in BrooklynNY1https://t.co/YOKUMKVYeI
8/3Ethnic community groups fighting city on Ubers, Lyfts cap N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/hdBxwIhRuv
8/3Ocasio-Cortez calls for tougher oversight of New York City taxi medallion lendingKSROhttps://t.co/BYpzRp9gts
8/2New bus lane will make Jewish holidays unbearable: Synagogue membersBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/kg96gp8xNs
8/2U.S. Senators introduce $287 billion highway billFREIGHT WAVEShttps://t.co/UhUmTeDpb9
8/2This vehicle cap hurts working-class driversN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HFSpG3SmB5
8/2Long Island City must get protected bike lane network: advocatesCURBEDhttps://t.co/KiR1usjd96
8/2Amazon eyes Industry City for new logistics facility: reportCURBEDhttps://t.co/lESnnUCnVT
8/2Uber and Lyft strike: What's at stake for injured gig workers?benefits prohttps://t.co/zDaHpHtC8W
8/2Former Taxi Commissioner: Shame Lenders Who Refuse to Provide Relief to DriversCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/wazybkVQiW
8/2Lyft is Leaving Uber in the Dust Says Top AnalystYAHOOhttps://t.co/Rc03iTnsFq
8/1Hackers could use self-driving cars to cause mayhem, study warnsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/1dckjy1pNe
8/1Halo Cars Expands To New York, Making Ride-Sharing More Profitable For Drivers FORBEShttps://t.co/V1XTpZgOlU
8/1NYC’s bid to limit Uber is starting to recreate the taxi-medallion system N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/dPeUTFEWYA
8/1Condo Board Sues City to Stop Central Park West Protected Bike LaneWest Side Raghttps://t.co/3hSRklrZRL?amp=1
8/1Bill Could Give Uber Drivers Employee Status — At What Cost?THE EPOCH TIMEShttps://t.co/PfmAd8DaJg
8/1Lyft pulling all e-bikes off Bay Area streets after two burst into flamesSFGATEhttps://t.co/ojupDcUaVb
8/11 In 4 Food Delivery Drivers Admit To Eating Your FoodNPRhttps://t.co/QTSy8Ls5we
8/1The Uber and Lyft Drivers Who Call Their Cars HomeThe Bold Italichttps://t.co/fayhnGePPb
7/31Electric taxis have saved London cabbies £3.85m on fuel costs, LEVC claimsBusiness Greenhttps://t.co/bAoWu3ACKc
7/31Lyft And Uber Supposedly Paid Drivers To Rally Against Worker StatusIndustry News Hourhttps://t.co/BRDUJE4qXb?amp=1
7/31Corey Johnson: Cars shouldn’t be the ‘king of the road’ in NYC N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/eJ49s6zf1w
7/31Scope in Taxi and Limousine Services Market 2025 Overview by Key Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab, Limo CityMR Journalismhttps://t.co/lggYlkPujN?amp=1
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7/30Save the Yellow Cab IndustryCITYLANDhttps://t.co/rWMxMv5cIk
7/30Lyft stock drops on news that COO is leavingCNBChttps://t.co/pynpECdmnU
7/30Lyft's COO reportedly stepping down just four months after IPOc/nethttps://t.co/VERo48OBl8
7/30Uber Only Has 800 Marketing People NowGIZMODOhttps://t.co/PD4mHKjesy
7/30Cuomo Signs Law Decriminalizing Marijuana Use in New YorkNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/zMERO1n0O3
7/30Brooklynites react to reports of potential Amazon facility in Sunset Park’s Industry CityBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/r5vp8qhNOI
7/29Manhattan cabbie fights revocation of his license after eating pot-laced gummiesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9AxNEwClm7
7/29MTA’s worst days are behind us THE RIVERDALE PRESShttps://t.co/Mc12KQju1X
7/29Ex-Uber Employee Shares What Uber HQ Really Thinks About DriversTHE RIDESHARE GUYhttps://t.co/j4ostWknl5
7/29Nipomo woman files 2nd Lyft lawsuit for alleged sexual assault — and others join herTHE TRIBUNEhttps://t.co/eaGrzWo3jV
7/28‘Bike supremacy’ is ruining the city SOURCEN.Y. POST
7/28MOMA's Volvo Was a Safer, Boxier 'Taxi of Tomorrow'JALOPNIKhttps://t.co/IRyxLRKcQ8
7/28NYC Rolls Out Confusing New Plan To Stop Double ParkinCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/7ZtVOT3aDI
7/28New Jersey woman says Uber driver gave himself a $100 tip, 5-star ratingNBC NEWShttps://t.co/1k7Xs54Sm8
7/28State looks to bring wow factor to 21st century JFKREAL ESTATE WEEKLYhttps://t.co/9tIGxFeU1p
7/27Parking Spots Become Daytime Taxi and Truck Loading Zones on 17-Block Stretch of West End AvenueWeat Side Raghttps://t.co/YNLE4HZFDP?amp=1
7/27Livery cab driver shot in head, body found on Brooklyn streetWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/olmaFCZDzW
7/27San Francisco Taxi Drivers Getting Letters Demanding Repayment Of Medallion LoansKPIXhttps://t.co/X57nMVx6Nn
7/27Teamsters Union Splits From Uber and Lyft on California Worker Rights LawBloomberghttps://t.co/AnKfShzD1j
7/27Manhattan Luxury Broker Looking for Love, in a Taxi Cab Near YouBloomberghttps://t.co/C8QonggawU
7/27Ramp it up: Go faster to make New York City accessible to people with disabilitiesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/rNOZ2f8wdx
7/27US presidential hopefuls have spent $87,631 on Uber and Lyft rides this year.start.att.nethttps://t.co/3x6t6r8NwI
7/26Cut the Cap Cortar el límiteManhattan Timeshttps://t.co/UtjmB9gKQ7
7/26Your commute to NYC is going to get easier. Say good-bye to toll booths.nj.comhttps://t.co/Fa6fNAnzaQ
7/26City Officials Debate What To Do About Taxi Medallion Debt CrisisGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/ByzNRyHI2R
7/26NY House Dems call on city
to bail out thousands of cab drivers suffering because of taxi medallion ‘crisis’
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/PShz5m3hBg
7/26$58.4 million bicycle safety plan from de Blasio follows surge in cyclists' deathsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/L2JeixuPUv
7/26Lime bike apparently explodes, injuring rider in QueensN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/67ZaPrDPTg
7/26Uber and Lyft drivers run their own businesses? Give me a breakCNNhttps://t.co/Azgnlf7TjZ
7/26City Council eyes helicopter banCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/bACV8FWI83
7/25Private Equity Firm Buying Up NYC Medallion Cabs to Take On Uber & LyftThe Jewish Voice/td>https://t.co/nDKmpEnI1a
7/25California Looks to Give Gig Workers Their DueTHE NEW REPUBLIChttps://t.co/39Pe1RB0FZ
7/25Air pollution may have killed 30K Americans in a single year: study N.Y. POSTShttps://t.co/xIuarEkKtH
7/25Uber loses two more board members: Arianna Huffington and Matt CohlerCNBChttps://t.co/zL4OpWsOlt
7/25Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to close driving lanes starting FridayBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/JhKxb8SvCj
7/24Uber and Lyft battle new regulationsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/D4lJ3c7O8T
7/24Taxi And Limousine Commission Holds Hearing On Rideshare Service RulesCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/D4lJ3c7O8T
7/24New York Needed a New Taxi Chief. But a Battle Got in the Way. N.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/wsRDVn1d6e
7/24The city must raise its game on Uber and Lyft carsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/hrF5W4YhL1
7/24Lyft starts kicking drivers off their app as incoming regulations crack down on e-hail companiesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/8OIcGgbI8n
7/24California high court to rule on whether gig-worker decision is retroactiveS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/7rkjbyavvC
7/24Justice Department launches antitrust probe of Big TechAOLhttps://t.co/I6bIUTjUzU
7/24Bird Is Said to Raise New Funding at $2.5 Billion ValuationN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/ZpwQwV2QKq
7/23Amid controversy, mayor withdraws taxi nomination ‘temporarily’POLITICOhttps://t.co/qPnWcb6KBU
7/23Why we’re hiking tolls and fares: Port Authority bosses explainN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/jm0Jr0nAvh
7/23Attacking Manhattan street congestion:
Why we are putting a cap on cruising by Uber cars and their competitors
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ir8gCi6jK4
7/23What's in a decimal point? Maybe a $9672 Uber rideABC NEWShttps://t.co/lRssPTzzaS
7/23Uber says de Blasio’s ride-share rules hurt poor New Yorkers N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/obINIJQBBk
7/23Taxi drivers union calls for justice in beating of livery driver in BrooklynWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/gQZTHa3T77
7/23Credit Unions Failed Taxi Drivers: CU Founder, NYC CouncilmanCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/aacFqWidFS
7/22Wealthy New Yorkers are ditching city’s high taxes for Miami N.Y.POSThttps://t.co/5WF1X3TFAr
7/22Mayor: I Want to Do Citi Bike on the Cheap (And I’ll Try to Keep Riders Safe)STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/m3PYym3qhu
7/22Citi Bikes can now be rented through the Lyft appTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/Se2vNQzHWA
7/22BikeNYC 2020Transportation Alternativeshttps://t.co/iq857lSTn7?amp=1
7/21City Council driving Mayor de Blasio’s taxi boss nomination off the roadN.Y DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/e63tSWq5Y8
7/21Taxi Fallout Tests CUs’ ReputationCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/S5VfBCu692
7/21P.A. Press ReleasePA-NY-NJhttps://t.co/0Be1HpCj5e?amp=1
7/21Bicycle Master PlanPA-NY-NJhttps://t.co/nSeYGBPKqo?amp=1
7/20NYC Owes Cabbies a Fair Hearing on License Suspensions Courthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/Bkeep7Krqq
7/20A private-equity firm buying up taxi medallions could take on Lyft and UberCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GGDfWGOmia
7/20Mayor de Blasio’s pick for Taxi Commission gives ‘awful’ performance under fire from City CouncilN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Bn2FBzySwf
7/20Lyft expands its PIN feature for airport pickups to LaGuardiaTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/VYWmzuR8NG
7/20C.B. 5 O.K.’s protected bike lane outside Port AuthorityTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/mP8bwdWTrS
7/20New York to expand electric-vehicle charging stationsTRANSPORTATION TODAYhttps://t.co/SrbfuLtLdD
7/20McDonald's Ends Its Exclusive Deal With Uber and Partners With DoorDashYAHOOhttps://t.co/nWNCDqs8Yu
7/20Uber, Lyft drivers demand input on gig-work negotiationsS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/KNf10xKRdH
7/19Mystery buyer snaps up taxi medallions as prices fall furtherCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/3QJ3bp5Na2
7/19Taxi & Limousine Commission nominee Jeffrey Roth grilled by City CouncilamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/iOZ9oHFxgN
7/19This Bill Could Destroy Uber's Unsustainable Business ModelVICEhttps://t.co/LfCmdjQH1K
7/19Corey Johnson says New York City has ‘too many parking spaces’ N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/fTTfgpRDvM
7/19Lyft Tries to Steer Around New York City’s New Ride-Hailing Rules WALL STREET JOURNALhttps://t.co/J5NYUrft5J?amp=1
7/19'My $19 Uber ride cost 100 times that'BBChttps://t.co/2RVfPclck5
7/18Dispelling the myths of the taxi crisisCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/oKC4fiPCUZ
7/18Teen who prosecutors say caused cabbie’s bizarre
Bronx death robbed another driver days earlier: sources
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HxnP4PwyCI
7/18How Fear Could Hurt Uber StockYAHOOhttps://t.co/9B0AFkLnFo
7/18Is E-Scooter market headed for a crash?FREIGHT WAVEShttps://t.co/16nE3dCmgV
7/18De Blasio rakes in big cash from crony lawyer and allies; not much $$ from grassrootsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/BJuINV7ybY
7/18Uber drivers and other gig workers in California could get better pay under proposed lawU.S.A. TODAYhttps://t.co/GZMBBuQPdR
7/18Uber driver arrested for molesting Nyali boy he picked from schoolDAILY NATIONhttps://t.co/BdCwfBhnjc
7/18How Cuomo is cooking New York’s books N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/5xnlppdGYj
7/18MTA says it will cut up to 2,700 jobs as part of reorganizationN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/V59b76Oc4Y
7/17What medallion owners deserve: Finding individual solutions to the taxi financial crisis N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/A64fLR31Rl
7/17Teenager arrested in Brooklyn taxi driver's deathNEWS 12-BRONXhttps://t.co/BeGtgG5JIW
7/17Uber and Lyft rides are down in New York City thanks to a minimum-wage rule that drove up prices.BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/gKLfGXFiNR
7/17Taxi Driver Drug Test Failures Soar Amid Growing StressTHE CITYhttps://t.co/kLmldl5esB
7/17Uber searches for driver hangout space in ManhattanCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GWXMeKpUNk
7/17New York City can ban ads inside Uber, Lyft vehicles - U.S. appeals courtYAHOOhttps://t.co/CvFmJgr83G
7/17MTA ‘transformation’ plan is just another Cuomo conN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/grMoMB2t0l
7/17Uber driver busted for sexually abusing young passenger N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/t3rGOGUOmO
7/17Lyft broke the law when it failed to tell Chicago about a driver it kicked off its app. A month later....BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/lp47CvxHem
7/17Cops release surveillance image of suspect wanted in bizarre cabbie deathN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Nd4WLsopX9
7/16Uber and Lyft drivers were paid up to $100 to protest a bill that could make them employeesL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/W2f4WuGh1V
7/16Cabbie fatally hit by his own car after jumping out to chase thief N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/FJdSoIe6y2
7/16Council Considers Bailout for Cab Owners The Chiefhttps://t.co/7FOkQxrjYS
7/16NYC Blackout: Uber, Lyft Accused Of Price Gouging During Weekend Power OutageCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/Lxcix2Eu6P
7/16Uber, Lyft Ridership Pace Declines in NYC After Fares RiseBloomberghttps://t.co/aVkksuBlRs
7/16Uber driver accused of making unwanted sexual contact with young rider WSFBhttps://t.co/oO76aBnyN8
7/16Police Still Investigating Last Year’s Uber Autonomous Vehicle CrashClean Technicahttps://t.co/CodOgTFXaN
7/15New York City taxi drivers need debt relief, but not from taxpayersCITY & STATEhttps://t.co/iTC1FFTrMj
7/15YouTuber Emily Hartridge killed in freak e-scooter accident N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/VdzleT2zyC
7/15Cars significantly more dangerous than guns in New York, new data showsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HhCHLZDQGt
7/15These companies are most exposed to California’s gig economy billQUARTZhttps://t.co/BhrPVCQ6UW
7/15Can you capture a portrait of a city with a sensor-mounted taxi?archpaper.comhttps://t.co/RHrwSXEG1p
7/15Driverless Cars Are Taking Longer Than We Expected. Here’s Why.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/shNwWzPymh
7/15July 12, 1982: The Last Checker Cab Made in KalamazooWBCKhttps://t.co/0rJRkuUR8J
7/14It’s broke; fix it: The city’s proposal for strapped taxi drivers won’t solve the problemN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4YcAbnrHUx
7/14Are the Uber and Lyft Bubbles about to Burst? NATIONAL REVIEWhttps://t.co/Z13389zWyM
7/14City of Chicago fines seven scooter companiesChicago Tribunehttps://t.co/aW495nU30n
7/14Bird’s Leaked Numbers Detail The High Price Of Scooter Growthcrunchbase newshttps://t.co/Dsgb8Wdrk8
7/14SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Reminds Shareholders
with Losses on their Investment in Lyft, Inc. of Class Action Lawsuit and Upcoming Deadline
7/1410 Countries Where Uber Isn't AvailableTHE TRAVELhttps://t.co/RyRH7F8LSV
7/13After CBS2’s Reporting On Chaos At LaGuardia, Immediate Help Promised To End Traffic MessCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/xFRYJHDBJz
7/13Escalating Their Battle With City Hall, Taxi Drivers Rally For A Bailoutgothamisthttps://t.co/7T4WHWqNF5
7/13Councilmember & Taxi Drivers Call for Bailout, Citing City’s Role in CrisisCITYLIMITShttps://t.co/UzC2Le7kMg
7/13The Problem with the Uber-Lyft Business ModelYAHOOhttps://t.co/oMboGH5scu
7/13New York CU Association CEO appointed to taxi medallion task forceCREDIT UNION JOURNALhttps://t.co/66oeqpHvPq
7/13CEO of credit union that made toxic taxi medallion loans charged with accepting bribesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/CZrBMCbJ4M
7/12Former CEO Of Melrose Credit Union And Long Island Businessman Charged With Bribery SchemeU.S.DOJhttps://t.co/KeyXlnXtXO
7/12Taxi medallion auction price hits new lowCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Srs0qJQJ1z
7/12Melrose Credit Union CEO charged with taking bribesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/kW64gUYqC5
7/12NYC’s privileged bicyclists won’t even discuss best way to stop bike deaths N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/OKce6tfubj
7/12Uber and Lyft Could Be In Big Trouble If California Creates New Rules for DriversBARRON'Shttps://t.co/4cHShR2jXM
7/12Uber and Lyft try to blunt a court ruling that their drivers are employeesL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/Z9juB5ylS7
7/12Taxi medallion owners call for NYC's help with 'overwhelming' debtamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/a3xCDKzF4D
7/12City bus and train drivers busted moonlighting for Uber and Lyft: report N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/xZeW0QrNUt
7/12Emails Show How Uber Wooed Arizona Governor Before Fatal Crash Ruined Their RelationshipGIZMODOhttps://t.co/GaSdGXFQ0X
7/11Endless Traffic, Mass Confusion, Ride-Share Price Gouging Creating Chaos At LaGuardia AirportCBS-2-WLNYhttps://t.co/g9vmwDQQGf
7/11NY: Vision Zero failing as New Yorkers turn to cars over mass transitMASS TRANSIThttps://t.co/YcytuwO72G
7/11Breathe easier, New York City: Clean-air taxi rules are workinghealth24https://t.co/0yGFjwrge9
7/11NCUA Says It’s Helping NYC Taxi Drivers 'Preserve Their Livelihoods'Credit UnionTimeshttps://t.co/LGkATM9KVy
7/11MTA Inspector General releases bundle of reports detailing fraud and abuse at agencyN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/z9DM5nd8yd
7/11Workers Rack Up Another Victory As California Preps to Classify Uber and Lyft Drivers as EmployeesGIZMODOhttps://t.co/z9DM5nd8yd
7/11Lawmakers Request Exemptions from NYC’s Congestion Pricing PlanThe Jewish Voicehttps://t.co/iHEp7eH93Z
7/11A hit-and-run scooter crash nearly killed him.
Now he’s fighting for the data that could reveal the rider’s identity.
The Washington Posthttps://t.co/njAFgSGXSh
7/11Surprising NYC ridesharing study findings have implications for policymakersPHYS.ORGhttps://t.co/P86kHmq8Tz
7/11Israeli Business Thriving In StateJEWISH WEEKhttps://t.co/nLC8u9SKXE
7/11London's minicabs have a cunning plan to beat Uber at its own gameWIREDhttps://t.co/gAKsOHVivw
7/1060 Unrestricted NYC Taxi Medallions to Hit the Auction BlockSend2Presshttps://t.co/uvlNjQdoW0
7/10Taxi Drivers, Mayor at Odds Over Medallion BailoutN.Y. 1https://t.co/wKaXIE8kNI
7/10Mayor de Blasio moves to crack down on taxi medallion brokers who prey on cab drivers N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/XoFpX5sZih
7/10Uber will take 'years' to make a profit, CTO says CNNhttps://t.co/1hzGgBFVTL
7/10Trump in My TaxiBKReaderhttps://t.co/zM5ymcEYTb
7/10Uber launches helicopter service from Manhattan to JFK airport The Telegraphhttps://t.co/1t2YOcoJZC
7/10Why Lyft Stock Rose 14% in JuneYAHOOhttps://t.co/3CAeFYlAxh
7/9These Taxi Drivers Thought They Were Buying the American Dream. Instead, They Got Despair.VICE Newshttps://t.co/J7ZWzLTB00
7/9Driver charged with manslaughter in death of beloved Harlem fatherN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/j54fK9KhK8
7/9Scathing report accuses taxi medallion brokers of misleading drivers Bloomberghttps://t.co/u0xenhVLJ5
7/9NYC Toughens Rules for Granting Taxi Licenses to Curb AbuseBloomberghttps://t.co/pWEnxYXWAV
7/9NCUA Is Refusing to Negotiate With Taxi Drivers Facing Financial Ruin: NYC MayorCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/5Z2utDLY4V
7/9NYC Toughens Rules for Granting Taxi Licenses to Curb AbuseSOURCELINK
7/9DOT Adding Thousands of New School Zone Speed Cameras,
Will Double the Hours of Operation Later This Week
7/9The hidden way cabs could promote healthier citiesFAST COMPANYhttps://t.co/jkBoPbe59e
7/9Erie County Clerk to sue Governor Cuomo over Green Light BillWKBWhttps://t.co/lUuMGliQSw
7/8NYC Council Declares a Climate Emergency NYC Councilhttps://t.co/z31piSTuVk
7/8A Bailout for Taxi Drivers? The Mayor Says No, but Others Keep PushingN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/5RAvxx6TXS
7/8The shocking moment a speeding NYPD car slams into woman on sidewalk N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6LgWbLWE9F
7/8Electric scooters are igniting new laws, liability concerns and even "scooter rage"CBS NEWShttps://t.co/aw8GpvWUhf
7/7Lawmakers call for exemptions from NYC’s controversial congestion pricing plan N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/W6cKduj8EN
7/7Manhattan man clinging to life after fall from electric scooter N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/dDHLzdKPbQ
7/6Call Uber and Lyft drivers what they are: employeesL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/f0RkIAbe4X
7/6Delta Air Lines Previews New LaGuardia Airport Terminaltravlemarket reporthttps://t.co/LjpVXAPh5O
7/6DOT’s Forthcoming ‘Cycling Safety Plan’ Won’t Likely Break the Car CultureSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/1vRoyK2mZ4
7/6Caerphilly public toilets reopen thanks to taxi driversBBChttps://t.co/aRvaHB04fc
7/6California Greenlights Waymo Taxi Test ProgramTT NEWShttps://t.co/z9iswwYf8C
7/6Electric taxis exempt from higher tax rates as UK moves towards net zeroTAXIPOINThttps://t.co/3YjddIPbWa
7/6Yearlong event series explores the future of New York City’s transportation infrastructure6sqfthttps://t.co/1aAAcyAtZs
7/6Fake taxi driver jailed for abduction and rape of womanBBChttps://t.co/C8cdohB12n
7/5New York City's Cyclist Deaths Should Surprise No OneOutside on Linehttps://t.co/18dbtjVVvG
7/5Mayor under pressure to protect city cyclists following week of carnageBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/7lhSXw3ajj
7/5Hey drivers, use this to discover how much Uber and Lyft take from youMashablehttps://t.co/cASINDLRB5
7/5SEIU Accused Of Trying To Cut ‘Sweetheart Deal’ To Represent Uber and Lyft DriversRedStatehttps://t.co/YRPUpDPp7A
7/5Fare evasion a no-no: ads prod riders to pay up on NYC subways and busesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/eUDrD3oJX9
7/5Fake Uber driver gets 30 years for sexually assaulting Florida teenFOX35https://t.co/2YGlDOu4rD
7/560 NYC TAXI MEDALLIONS Auction by: Maltz AuctionsMaltz Auctionshttps://t.co/NxLewNDvwC
7/5'Cash Cab' is filming in NYC again this summer, with a pop culture twist amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/xHqWXnRM2k
7/5The Rumor Mill: Separating Fact from Fiction in Andrew Cuomo’s Bid to Sideline Andy ByfordSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/dgyo3Tsnzk
7/5Yellow taxi bursts into flames in Tribeca N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/YiHecJng7t
7/4Uber and Lyft drivers reveal what they wish they knew before signing up to work for the appsBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/QZj4y0M7qE
7/4In Response To Taxi Medallion Crisis, City Arrests Debt Collector Who Allegedly Scammed Taxi Driversgothamisthttps://t.co/q3gggtfJMx
7/4Raising Cain: New taxi official vows zero tolerance for drivers who discriminate with ride refusalsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/d29UChvRBJ
7/4Governor Cuomo wants to test self-driving subways in NYC6sqfthttps://t.co/3xeLyNflpH
7/4CPW Protected Bike Lane Approved At Impassioned Meeting;
Work to Begin Immediately, With 400 Parking Spaces Eliminated
West Side Raghttps://t.co/vZc0FBUzZH
7/4UCC Foreclosure Auction of Sixteen NYC Taxi Medallions AnnouncedSend2Presshttps://t.co/BJVge3ySkW
7/4County Clerks Uncertain Over New License Law For Undocumented ImmigrantsWSKGhttps://t.co/giCyKrgPo6
7/3The taxi stand outside Punjabi DeliamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/dFbpWkOmQH
7/3Notorious Debt Collector in Taxi Industry Is ArrestedN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/tQKYTCG4nF
7/3Medallion fiasco mirrors housing crash, but response doesn'tCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/kaikT6Os7v
7/3Secret meetings between Uber and labor unions are causing an uproarVOXhttps://t.co/DnrZZW1xt7
7/3Uber's 3.9 million drivers are a major risk to the company's bottom lineYAHOOhttps://t.co/fTNiDqCY7d
7/3Tusk: 'Uber and Lyft waited too long to go public'YAHOOhttps://t.co/eVnmZn2VeC
7/3Life altered by scooter crash, man hopes to forewarn othersWREGhttps://t.co/308wwATecN
7/3US cities are joining forces to figure out what the hell to do with all these scootersTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/vW9CJH76oY
7/3Episode 73: 125,323, with Meera JoshiSOUNDCLOUDhttps://soundcloud.com/ggcbcpodcast/episode-73-125323
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7/2Uber warns UK not to over-regulate self-driving cars The Telegraphhttps://t.co/EzEgj2SvZD
7/2NKY man accused of child sex abuse remained a Lyft driver for months afterwardCincinnati.comhttps://t.co/0xLGung8k6
7/2Uber driver pulls out sex toy on cops who feared it was a gun N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/CGAetI4ulA
7/2When Paying a Traffic Ticket Can End in DeportationN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/v6RzrIt3Ef
7/1Judge Blocks City's Transit Plan For 14th Street BuswayWCBS- NY-880AMhttps://t.co/TyQhAaiyXG
7/1Corey Johnson Wants to ‘Break the Car Culture’ in New York City. What Does That Mean?GOTHAMGAZETTAhttps://t.co/MtoW9V2vD3
7/1Fear and loathing at MTA as Andy Byford expected to be stripped of major responsibilities N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/YJCRuxFLQP
7/1'We all suffer': why San Francisco techies hate the city they transformedTheGuardianhttps://t.co/K4UhS6tat0
7/1Toronto’s Uber Drivers Are Unionizing And Threatening to Disrupt the Low-Wage ‘Gig Economy’ PressProgresshttps://t.co/WjCbEg7tjK
7/1Uber Driver Busted After Police Catch Him Taking A Joy Ridethe smoking gunhttps://t.co/xpd41CqQIW
6/30Debate Over Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Rights in California Has Split LaborN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/j6LNK0XRQy
6/30Gig economy horror stories frame supes hearing48hillshttps://t.co/5peC7kJPq5
6/30Some Uber and Lyft drivers say they were misled into petitioning against their own worker rightsVOXhttps://t.co/YHHZiOnY0D
6/30Indian Uber Driver in New York Gets Three Years for Kidnapping Sleeping Passenger INDIAWESThttps://t.co/AAwW86Lwtu
6/30Can Waze Convince Commuters to Carpool Again?CITYLABhttps://t.co/1wkEnqsuXY
6/29New York Had a Plan to Speed Up Buses. A Judge Just Blocked It.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ceYj3WNSgX
6/29San Francisco joins the fight to make Uber and Lyft drivers employeesc/nethttps://t.co/vCFxCCvAVa
6/29Drivers ask for mercy as Port Authority reviews airport feeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/dGWHpBMmUP
6/29Trump official: 'Predatory' delivery apps are crushing city restaurantsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/HzP2pwTipo
6/29Taxi Driver Found Dead in Rockland County, Shot Multiple Times in His CabNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/8R8VFwviH3
6/29Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud PitGIZMODOhttps://t.co/wVzKwXCSBt
6/28OPINION: 14th St. plan favors Uber and Co. over taxisTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/ItbLPQltxc
6/28Brooklyn Paper hits the streets on new scooter rentalsBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/sAWeBToJoh
6/28Leeds taxi attacks: Uber settles women's sex assault casesBBChttps://t.co/e0PKjvvKoY
6/28Cuomo unveils new looks for next phase of $8B LaGuardia Airport overhaul6sqfthttps://t.co/ke34B1pcG2
6/28Gov. Cuomo says Israeli self-driving tech could pilot NYC’s subwaysTIMES OF ISRAELhttps://t.co/dktRsDd5Wd
6/28Start thinking bigger and bolder to move people and goods around New York in the 21st centuryN.Y.Y NEWShttps://t.co/7LeMcHtgB1
6/28Upstate county clerks ask President Trump
for federal review of New York law allowing undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9okVxzP634
6/28'Shocking' fake takeaway sold on Uber EatsBBChttps://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-48762211/shocking-fake-takeaway-sold-on-uber-eats#
6/27'Shut down the airports': Drivers fight airport pickup feeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/2TIvvgD0k2
6/27Taxi, App-Based Drivers 'Ready To Take Action' Against Proposed Airport FeeWCBS-880AM-NYhttps://t.co/f20yy9AdpW
6/27Tolls From New Jersey Into New York May Increase (Again)N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/zRmlLSC7bO
6/27Cops searching for crew of teens that have violently robbed three Bronx cabbiesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/NFvzOLUMvU
6/27Gavin Newsom dodges taking a stand on California’s gig-worker billS.F. Croniclehttps://t.co/GmUv7FgaY5
6/27'This Is Not How America Treats Its People':
Taxi Drivers Urge City Council To Take Action On Medallion Debt Crisis
6/27The Uber executive who was linked to company scandals
was reportedly vetted by Trump for a Cabinet position
6/27If you have an accident on a scooter, your insurance may not cover itStarTribunehttps://t.co/SarxzEqvmB
6/27A Productive Legislative Session in Albany, Marred by a Few Glaring ErrorsNY-1https://t.co/3YWvM76moJ
6/27What de Blasio Did in His First Presidential DebateNY-1https://t.co/h22s4ZcQVs
6/27How de Blasio has bloated the city’s budget N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/4hvh1gX7jV
6/26Newly released report shows analyst warned TLC of taxi medallion crisis in 2011N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9oEMWRPA4G
6/26De Blasio taxi chief ducks blame for medallion collapseCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/4fXtdLjUwB
6/26Port Authority proposes toll and fare hikes amid massive rebuilding planPOLITICOhttps://t.co/YQ09hCKhl7
6/26NYC council considers bailout for struggling cabbiesTHE HILLhttps://t.co/fpmd3YehMr
6/26Council rips TLC for failing to monitor predatory medallion loans despite 2011 warningamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/sbs5p619il
6/26Do You Understand the Fine Print of Your Loan Agreement?BUSINESS.COMhttps://t.co/Vao9gGLneK
6/26New Jersey Uber Eats Deliveryman Arrested for Allegedly Masturbating In Car: PoliceNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/VaMefOwCEx
6/26Lyft driver details last time seeing Mackenzie Lueck before she went missing N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/F88x3YGFuD
6/25City council considers bills to help taxi industryPIX-11https://t.co/IzCvFfk6tm
6/25NYC Cabbies Facing Financial Ruin Force City to Mull a RescueThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/zT8D2MGIGi
6/25Taxi Officials Are Grilled Over Lending Crisis: ‘This Is a Moral Outrage’N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/fTs1r1TBR6
6/25City council grills taxi bosses over medallion market collapse N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/L5bmQ09QYk
6/25Creepy Uber driver who groped sleeping passenger gets 3-year sentence N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZfGBeFLtpI
6/25Bad loans were killing the taxi industry long before Uber and Lyft: report N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/WQ18kzewCw
6/24De Blasio on Presidential Debate Stage, Taxi 'Crisis' Hearing, MTA Board MeetingGOTHAMGAZETTEhttps://t.co/ea2Pbf4c6V
6/24Drivers warn about people posing as taxis and ridesharesNewsChannel5https://t.co/K5Fk0SzTB4
6/24Uber Eats Won't Save UberYAHOOhttps://t.co/gCjnMm8z6v
6/24More Uber & Lyft Drivers Robbed By Riders Who Use Their Phones To Steal Fundsgothamisthttps://t.co/jC4qd3LuCp
6/24Treat workers as employees? Uber, Lyft and others are scrambling for a compromiseL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/Ui1FslZ2c8
6/24Citi Bike Rider Shoots, Injures Two People in Brooklyn: NYPDNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/JMzNqjtMrH
6/23Treat workers as employees? Uber, Lyft and others are scrambling for a compromiseL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/Ui1FslZ2c8
6/2313 Big Ideas to Improve Transportation in Your CityPOLITICOhttps://t.co/YstTQCvXWq
6/23Salt Lake City police release new photos of missing U of U student, reveal Lyft destination GEPHARDT DAILYhttps://t.co/ImvaWeJvI0
6/23Uber, Lyft Could Fleece Consumers to Satisfy Wall Street's Thirst for ProfitsMotley Foolhttps://t.co/ZJRajFgDkv
6/23Courts will settle battle over licenses for undocumented people, Cuomo says PRESS-REPUBLICANhttps://t.co/a3zK5ULpNa
6/23Scooter-Sharing Companies Don’t Make Money, They GrowCTECHhttps://t.co/KM0h82MUo0
6/23Judge dismisses cabbies’ age-discrimination lawsuit against SFO taxi banS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/LMk7q7wZaV
6/23Are Interest Rates Too High?Forbeshttps://t.co/EQ6CBlXu4D
6/22New York Considering Gig Worker Protection LawJDSUPRAhttps://t.co/vHCT2AxUDu
6/22New York has to take back its turf from the two-wheeled terrorsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/nIGpXxhcL5
6/22Cuomo won't commit to legalizing e-bikes and scootersCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/0WG4iVjdMo
6/22Uber and Lyft are fighting tooth and nail
against a California bill that could make some drivers employees and bankrupt both companies
6/22Cuomo: GOP will hammer us for illegal immigrants driver’s license law N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/jF5BRY35sQ
6/22Cuomo, Who Says He Doesn't Control The MTA,gothamisthttps://t.co/twfwgZLNJU
6/22The number of American taxi drivers has tripled in a decadeQUARTZhttps://t.co/Wjr1vDrtp8
6/21Council to Examine City’s Role in ‘Taxi Medallion Crisis’GOTHAMGAZETTEhttps://t.co/okPzOl20AM
6/21City and MTA reach initial agreement on congestion pricing rolloutN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/RYP5QJNH2z
6/21Who needs Andrew Cuomo? CITY&STATEhttps://t.co/NXK6caKrRa
6/21Cuomo says fate of law granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants uncertainN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/1usTKrndnF
6/21Cuomo and lawmakers finalize amendment allowing governor to place budget director on MTA boardN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/weFdKm9S6o
6/21Why Uber Isn’t Worried about Tax ProbesMARKET REALISThttps://t.co/ibAmt8GUWp
6/21Gig economy workers may get short changed when it comes to Social Security checksCNBChttps://t.co/zptcmPz5Fq
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6/21Klobuchar asks Uber, Lyft for information on vehicles with safety recallsKJBR6.COMhttps://t.co/tNPbnrM8NJ
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6/20New Lyft rules have Uber steaming madCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/qtPuzes1Nm
6/20New York taxi drivers driven to penury and suicideWSWS.ORGhttps://t.co/nGFEX9RLwg
6/20Rideshare Regulations to Keep Extra Cars off the Roads KCBShttps://t.co/ZpgNSR9SOd
6/20How Cuomo Plans to Crack Down on Subway Fare EvasionN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/kflWZ7mxNV
6/20M.T.A. drive for renewable-gas busesTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/dKbRqeXwTX
6/20Female drivers for Uber and Lyft say
sexual harassment is the norm — and getting help from the companies isn't easy
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/bDwtPCwzzb
6/20Electric Scooters Are Coming to New York, But You Can’t Rent One in ManhattanN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/sBD3rKVquW
6/20Monroe County exec plans to sue over New York’s immigrant driver’s license lawNYup.comhttps://t.co/AfbNgvmTVA
6/20Cuomo’s MTA board appointment may violate a state law, says ex-assemblyman who wrote itN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/AdVJmVMhl4
6/20Uber teams with start-up Grand Rounds to give big-company employees free rides to the doctorCNBChttps://t.co/k2DBwvg4on
6/19De Blasio taps Jeffrey Roth to lead the Taxi & Limousine CommissionamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/vzKTXPimOs
6/19Notice: TIFOwnerPayment ChangesNYC TLChttps://t.co/AgRVYpqydm
6/19De Blasio appoints new Taxi and Limousine Commission headCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/xMu6gc85K8
6/19Throwing drivers under the bus: Albany is poised to rush through a bill
that purports to protect gig economy workers; it would do nothing of the sort
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/eebA21d2K7
6/19The high-stakes battle between Uber executives and drivers in California, explainedVOXhttps://t.co/DGIiIRfdTY
6/19E-Bikes And E-Scooters Head Toward Full Legalization, With A Manhattan-Sized Exemptiongothamisthttps://t.co/LSIg9jsWHM
6/19Is American Micromobility a Bust?WIREDhttps://t.co/5O1VjZKjl7
6/19Uber threatens to withdraw from AustriaYAHOOhttps://t.co/pwSBEiSGz7
6/19Cities Need Scooter Data, and They Need to Keep It SafeBloomberghttps://t.co/PkixvQRdRH
6/19Overlooked in Debate Over E-Bikes, Pedicab Drivers Hope for a BoostCITYLIMITS.orghttps://t.co/3B2jSw58b7
6/19The MTA’s dysfunction starts at the top N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/9rL6LCQy6F
6/18Ride-hail cap mimics system Uber sankCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/P7MYtA9erk
6/18Cuomo announces plan to combat fare evasionCRAIN"Shttps://t.co/KFFHFIbA9R
6/18Cuomo sending 500 more cops to crack down on fare beating, improve straphanger safetyN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/VvLgZY3k4E
6/18The Auto Industry Is Nowhere Near The On-Ramp For Self-Driving CarsForbeshttps://t.co/eU2SplXneS
6/18I Found $100 in a Cab. Was It O.K. to Keep It?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/c3WLc9TdX9
6/18New York is poised to legalize electric scooters and bikesTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/p9mnvukFxC
6/18Video: Taxi driver cuts off trucker and the two collide — Preventable or not?ccjhttps://t.co/720UDBRIwz
6/18Charleston cab business creates ride-hailing app to disrupt Uber, Lyft The Post and Courierhttps://t.co/8PRGup4K0G
6/17KOMANOFF: Not So Fast — New Uber/Lyft Rules Will Speed Traffic Less Than City ThinksSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/A1UTzdIStI
6/17Flying taxis could lift off in six years — here’s how much it’ll cost to ride oneCNBChttps://t.co/Rh0UmgqPCJ
6/17Bronx cabbie suspected of suffocating girlfriend and her daughter before shooting himself N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/hl5zlzcnTP
6/17For the Earth's Sake, Enforce Bus Lanes with CamerasGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/T770lIak3Z
6/16New York City Flexes Again, Extending Cap on Uber and LyftWIREDhttps://t.co/DUznjJ1QfR
6/16Uber is discriminating against disabled riders, Pennsylvania lawsuit claimsPhiladelphia Inquirerhttps://t.co/wq0UD0OOFS
6/16The reality of how much you'll earn as an Uber driverautobloghttps://t.co/6ZTh2nhblM
6/16Can the economy and the earth survive the “sharing economy” downfall?RIDE SAFEhttps://t.co/uLxJW7MBmX
6/15It’s too little, too late to save taxis from Ubers and LyftsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/7Ck0vdDnoh
6/15De Blasio calls for ban on helicopters flying over Manhattan N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/KU2OEETy4L
6/15Here’s what’s really riding on New York City’s taxisNews@Northesternhttps://t.co/0z94hYHg7V
6/15Uber and Lyft Really Don’t Want California to Pass This Worker Rights BillCITYLABhttps://t.co/uDu5HbDJjF
6/15De Blasio plans to extend NYC’s limits on Lyft and Uber and make them permanent 6sqfthttps://t.co/HQbmZO2Jxi
6/15Uber and Lyft are trying to make an end-run around unionizationBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/BDGlqokQ1E
6/15How much it would cost Uber and Lyft if drivers were employeesQUARTZhttps://t.co/ptgxMsfuCA
6/15Uber is upset that its underpaid drivers are gaming the appAlterNethttps://t.co/IMbm7HJ7eV
6/15A 12-year-old’s death put Uber’s age policy in the spotlight —
but many parents and teens have no idea it exists
6/14As Uber sues over NYC vehicle cap, drivers say rule keeps them afloatN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/nvsneceZxu
6/14NY Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Driver’s Licenses NATIONAL REVIEWhttps://t.co/ydXw60bilv
6/14The MTA is Fiscally ExhaustedGOTHAMGAZETTEhttps://t.co/csCQi6Z3ty
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6/14City to App-Cab Giants: Cut Empty Cruising or Pay the PriceSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/5HAi3mLqDU
6/14Council speaker questions Uber's helicopter plans following skyscraper crash CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/K0nYrUQDZh
6/14Uber drivers across the U.S. are manipulating fares to create artificial price surgesWJLAhttps://t.co/Hb9HRmG6os
6/14New York isn’t letting up on ride-hailCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/r0YYDvQM0N
6/14Uber says people are bullying its self-driving cars with rude gestures and road rageBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/RFxz1nUJBX
6/14Bird just bought its way into San Francisco by purchasing scooter rival ScootTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/I5wUX0h6b8
6/14Brooklyn ranks second to San Francisco in growth of tech start-ups: ReportBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/T76l0d4e9w
6/13De Blasio plans to make NYC’s cap on Uber, Lyft permanent N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/XvYmAflx8d
6/13NYC to impose some of the world’s toughest regulations on Uber and LyftN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/E1sPTePdU4
6/13For-Hire Vehicles Get Hit With More Restrictions In NYCCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/WQ0f97s9N7
6/13Mayor to keep cap on Uber, Lyft vehiclesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/VeEtalMQRs
6/13New York City deems its yearlong Uber cap a success worth repeatingPOLITICOhttps://t.co/1GXs0twJ0R
6/13Central Park West Protected Bike Lane Approved
by Community Board Committee; Would Eliminate 400 Parking Spaces
West Side Raghttps://t.co/GSZdExmO2x
6/13Facing Ruin, Taxi Drivers to Get $10 Million Break and Loan SafeguardsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/07ykDHG2SH
6/13Cap on e-hail services to be extended by Mayor de BlasioamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/Rd8OgdcJng
6/13Cap on e-hail services to be extended by Mayor de BlasioSOURCELINK
6/13Uber, Lyft suggest changes but want drivers as contractorsYAHOOhttps://t.co/yXGpCQ0gYH
6/12NYC officials to get rid of $10M in taxi medallion feesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HEPkHaMt4y
6/12MTA’s initial round of Subway Action Plan money is spent — but more cash is on the wayN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qtEX2VQ5zy
6/12City Council to Hear Speaker’s Bill Requiring ‘Master Plan for City Streets’GOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/XppndpY7iB
6/12After exposé, Black Car Fund asks that finances be kept from publicCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/nnDLlob7xj
6/12In 1977, Five Were Killed In Helicopter Accident Atop Midtown's Pan Am Buildinggothamisthttps://t.co/LmeHJDczqY
6/12Gov. Cuomo Defends Helicopter Industry Despite Deadly 7th Ave CrashTHE INDYPENDENThttps://t.co/Oal0hMS3we
6/12How many taxis can scan a city? Fewer than you’d think CORNELL CHRONICLEhttps://t.co/mwCSrlrDIx
6/12E-Scooter safety investigation finds alarming number of injuries abc3340https://t.co/VgAp54sRE2
6/12Police looking for man who allegedly caused woman's broken ankle with Bird scooter11ALIVEhttps://t.co/AJPPqMkm7A
6/12Lyft's wheelchair controversy: When ride-hailing falls shortc/nethttps://t.co/sC6lWPQPB7
6/12Electric scooters booted from Fort Lauderdale beach for summerSun Sentinelhttps://t.co/I7ZJMw54LP
6/11Deadly New York Helicopter Crash
Should Serve As A Warning For The Hordes Working On Electric Air Taxis
6/11Pilot Killed When Helicopter Crash-Lands on Roof of Midtown High-RiseNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/WhinSQJe3l
6/11FX’s The Weekly gives audiences a cause to rally behind in episode twoHulu Watcherhttps://t.co/blDVgcnUyi
6/11Assessing Vision Zero Amid a Spike in Traffic FatalitiesGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/OsOGfhUpj5
6/11Uber And Lyft Have About 80% DownsideSeeking Alphahttps://t.co/BXKdqgGWTo
6/11Uber’s European rival Bolt launches in LondonCNBChttps://t.co/9eUzvtKrX9
6/11Austin Scooter Rider Sustains Life-Threatening Injuries In Crash Patchhttps://t.co/5WpaZdSJyv
6/11Poll reveals opposition to a fourth term for Cuomo lockportjournal.comhttps://t.co/B0ltJKiinX
6/10City probes after News finds thousands of parking tickets written for violations that haven’t happened yetN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/hZYaUKhJOg
6/10Lyft driver runs out of gas, gets busted with 17 license suspensions N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ghTXmeXSKJ
6/10Anatomy of a Resignation: Why Polly Trottenberg Quit the MTA BoardSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Nyg4NpNbV4
6/10Cuomo vows overhaul of MTA board amid sabotageN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/pUoVTMFd7z
6/10Congestion pricing to be an even bigger money grab than you thought silive.comhttps://t.co/76zrq3hYM9
6/10NYC legislation addresses street design, safetySMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/Y9LDuNr2Wq
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6/10Five futures for journalismsalonhttps://t.co/514e424S2s
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6/10Yahoo Poll: Do you think inward-facing cameras should be installed in taxis or private-hire cars?YAHOOhttps://t.co/FwxA2MdLij
6/9Drivers Stuck In Traffic For Hours Thanks To NYC’s Sudden One-Way Policy On 11th AvenueWLNYhttps://t.co/Bt3rX6935i
6/9Top Uber executives pushed out in shake-up after IPO launch N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/MFSpbXyXDZ
6/9This Company Could Crush Elon Musk's Tesla Robotaxi DreamThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/jopxwDcc7m
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6/9Electric scooter storefronts? Helmets required? Nashville Mayor David Briley talks transportation on CNNTennesseanhttps://t.co/fim1iVsP4g
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6/9Riders love electric scooters, but deaths and injuries follow their rise around the worldstuffhttps://t.co/wYmFJG1Vyo
6/9Bird, Lyft and Skip glitch lets scooters exceed 20 mph, report saysc/nethttps://t.co/geUCJY2n6R
6/8Family says 12-year-old took Uber alone to Orlando parking garage and jumped to her deathNBC-WESHhttps://t.co/g2Xx02xSJs
6/8Uber Copter Will Only Make New York Transit WorseCITYH LABhttps://t.co/iNrWpIbIT7
6/8Giambra looks to take ground transportation to the next level with Liberty TaxiWIVBhttps://t.co/Uu4EHMSURe
6/8Virtually No One Can Understand ‘Fairest City’ Mayor de Blasio’s Crackdown on E-BikesSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/g6z7vJAgdQ
6/8Hoboken rolling out new fines for e-scooter riders who break the rulesnj.comhttps://t.co/w23cgIiLKD
6/8Robert B. Reich: The gig is upTHE BALTIMORE SUNRobert B. Reich: The gig is up
6/8Uber’s chief operating officer and chief marketing officer are stepping downCNBChttps://t.co/y7V1CKNN43
6/8Uber stock falls more than 1% after report operating, marketing chiefs stepping down Market Watchhttps://t.co/t5Iintk420
6/8Uber's Australian drivers are not employees, Fair Work watchdog findsSydney Morning Heraldhttps://t.co/c9oWkMNOcq
6/8Lyft Sues San Francisco To Fend Off Uber And Others In Bike-Share DisputeForbeshttps://t.co/Jt0VdPabKQ
6/8Uber and Lyft said ride-sharing would cut traffic congestion
and supplement public transit. But has it worked?
Chicago Tribunehttps://t.co/S7DMvyW5Ev
6/7NYC Suddenly Changes 11th Avenue Traffic To One WayWLNYhttps://t.co/SEB8f10LtD
6/7The Weekly-Episode 2 The Myth of The MedallionN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/QBnUiyNUiW
6/7Digital Taxi Top Network Expands To 65% Share Of New York City, Offers Programmatic TargetingMediaPosthttps://t.co/OLTcQE5Ocu
6/7Local county clerk won't give licenses to undocumented immigrants, no matter what law saysWRGBhttps://t.co/dHB6y8jrSQ
6/7Driver's license bill moves forward in Assemblytimesunionhttps://t.co/mxaSIbpofg
6/7Could Pa. legislate ride-share drivers’ rights? Politicians are hosting a hearing Philadelphia Inquirerhttps://t.co/F7C4C9CTcG
6/7Why Uber has clawed back to its IPO price while Lyft still has a ways to goYAHOOhttps://t.co/AlHX6f3ANS
6/7Riders Say Lyft Driver Shot Pellet Gun at Their Home After Bumpy RideNBC-LAhttps://t.co/LdroZLKG0K
6/7Community Bankers Want Congressional Probe of Credit Union Taxi DebacleCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/lBFrrkBW1I
6/6Nerves Fray at Community Board Meeting Over Resolution to End Free Curbside Parkingest Side Raghttps://t.co/3ptPoBfzSm
6/6Cuomo threatens to kneecap MTA budget, imperils key subway repairsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/0djKeBFQ53
6/6DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Who Has Questioned Cuomo's Agenda, Resigns From MTA Boardgothamisthttps://t.co/GNz42S92ve
6/6Canceled WSP Contract Sends Message To NY Construction IndustryENRhttps://t.co/rNQNO26qRi
6/6Uber Tax Audit By IRS & Abroad Is Big, But Not Over Driver Employment TaxesForbeshttps://t.co/Hp1iZsheoy
6/6Taxis shut down major Mexico City thoroughfares in ride-sharing protestMEXICO NEWS DAILYhttps://t.co/v7dLVK7xTo
6/6As was predicted, Uber’s IPO means you’ll be paying higher fares for your ridesL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/EG817QbfqJ
6/6Uber Copter to Offer Flights From Lower Manhattan to J.F.K.N.Y.Timeshttps://t.co/e7rtfDv4cs
6/6A Lyft Driver With A Criminal Record Was Charged With Rape.
So Why Was He Even Behind The Wheel?
6/6Can Uber Ever Deliver The Transformative, Profitable Future That Its CEO Has Promised?Forbeshttps://t.co/MoV0ibs80Q
6/6Retired Georgia Tech professor sues Uber, Lyft claiming he patented concept years earlier11ALIVEhttps://t.co/McmWvPJHpb
6/5Congestion pricing likely to be complicated, suggests MTA documentN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/543PyGgByx
6/5Uber Examined by IRS, Foreign Authorities for Tax ChargesBloomberghttps://t.co/wVeZaP6bba
6/5Sources Keep Saying Andy Byford's Leaving, Byford Says He Just Signed A New Leasegothamisthttps://t.co/hBr6Vt7eDP
6/5Man says he warned police,Uber and Lyft
about driver who punched him and allegedly delivered a fatal kick to taxi driver weeks later
6/5With Uber Price Targets All Over the Map, What's Realistic?Real Moneyhttps://t.co/f9ppWhgRdm
6/5Bird is launching a two-seater electric vehicle to become more than a kick scooter startupTech Crunchhttps://t.co/TaOtWUyOOv
6/4ALBANY ACTION! TUESDAY, JUNE 11thNYC Taxi Newshttps://t.co/L3H1VOasOB
6/48 Deaths Now Tied to E-ScootersConsumer Reportshttps://t.co/iHtVGKK4s1
6/4My Somewhat Harrowing Experience Test Driving Revel, NYC's New Rental Mopedgothamisthttps://t.co/vtm5nd44Yz
6/4Uber touts cross-promotion for growthWARChttps://t.co/zVPmc11CMN
6/4NYC taxi mpg requirments also cut pollution, study confirmsGREEN CAR REPORTShttps://t.co/uwib2q3VRT
6/4Lili Reinhart warns fans after alarming ride-share encounter: 'Trust your gut'TODAYhttps://t.co/IXsOVriRmW
6/4With Congestion Pricing Looming, NYC Residents Want More Parking Meters WLNYhttps://t.co/cPsGDNVCyV
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6/4S’Park pol scorns trolley, leverages it for new bus serviceBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/Kb1rig9BaP
6/3'Gaming the system' — Uber and Lyft face a driver reckoning in CaliforniaNBC NEWShttps://t.co/NN8G7EfK9H
6/3‘The algorithm is our boss’: Uber drivers face long hours, no benefits and sometimes dangerCNBChttps://t.co/fBRXj9fLcS
6/390 days later, plan to play favorites with SFO taxis finds some successS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/ZqZ0bwd7qY
6/3Taxi Medallion LoansN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/mspkrquYWD
6/3Passengers may pay a lot more. Drivers won't accept much less. The Philadelphia Tribunehttps://t.co/mReJTEX50q
6/2Woman says fake Lyft driver knew her personal informationBOSTON25NEWShttps://t.co/6qLTIpSS8e
6/2To Get As Big As Amazon, Uber Is Giving Away Business In DenverForbeshttps://t.co/NG4ZoGJ0g5
6/2'His Eyes Were Wild… Raged': Palestinian Uber Driver Boots Jewish Women from Car in L.A.CBN NEWShttps://t.co/NgumeCpy0n
6/2Despite Caps On Ridesharing In NYC, Uber And Lyft Have Biggest Month EverPYMNTShttps://t.co/i4UoZYni0y
6/2Opinion: Why Lyft, Uber and other ‘gig economy’ stocks are in trouble now MarketWatchhttps://t.co/tPsyI9DXTa
6/2The Future of Real Jobs: Round TwoTHE AMERICAN PROSPECThttps://t.co/OMwnFK6BTS
6/1Abolish All Free On-Street Parking, UWS Community Board Committee SaysWest Side Raghttps://t.co/k3JVs29UH7
6/1NY Crackdown Eyes Unlicensed Prom Taxis and LimosNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/1mjo6ZY0Cx
6/1This Uber Scam Adds Insult to Injury for Investors After $1 Billion LossCCNhttps://t.co/JZCIAbXE0G
6/1As was predicted, Uber’s IPO means you’ll be paying higher fares for your ridesL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/EG817QbfqJ
6/1Uber passenger's death draws attention to 'vomit fraud' allegations in ride-hailing businessFOX NEWShttps://t.co/EA7nHXxsqg
6/1Uber loses $1 billion in quarter as costs grow for drivers, food deliveryYAHOOhttps://t.co/BAbmm0ZUai
6/1Taxi and rideshare drivers desperately need revenue from rooftop adsL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/vLqdNeRpfk
5/31NYC Yellow Cab Drivers' Earnings Have Fallen 44 Percent Since 2013NY-1https://t.co/1Pwl7UquBS
5/31Komanoff: Times Exposé Understated the Damage to Yellow Cab Industry by Uber and LyftSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/rYBjAyjyJ5
5/31NYTWA & elected officials call for taxi driver exemption from congestion pricingN.Y. Amsterdam Newshttps://t.co/DXI47NLnbY
5/31Familiar lessons from the taxi debacleCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/6WyKgzsupo
5/31Opinion: TLC’s Unjust Confiscation of Cars Merits ScrutinyCITYLIMITS.orghttps://t.co/X6YzAKxMKt
5/31Will electric scooters be legal on the streets of New York?PIX-11 NYhttps://t.co/ESogMJJ2yH
5/31Loophole Allows NYC Uber and Lyft Cars to Pollute More Than Yellow CabsEARTHERhttps://t.co/jb3KhR8aFx
5/31Hubert Horan: Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Twenty:
Will the “Train Wreck” Uber/Lyft IPOs Finally Change the Public Narrative About Ridesharing?
naked capitalismhttps://t.co/7H7ffcxeG3
5/31Bulls pile into Uber ahead of earningsCNBChttps://t.co/XRfCqeUnyP
5/311,000 electric mopeds are taking over NYC and you can rent them by the minuteelectrekhttps://t.co/VW54cNmCgs
5/31An Uber driver fatally shot a passenger in an argument over vomit in the car, police sayBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/Awgfhd4biT
5/31Legally blind and deaf woman denied Uber ride due to service dog: ’It broke me down’YAHOOhttps://t.co/QfdIXh2yXD
5/31Hundreds of NYC Taxis Are About to Go Programmatic Thanks to a Funding Boost From GoogleADWEEKhttps://t.co/vzYkX2NjXP
5/31How Uber is disrupting transportation on opposites sides of the globe ST LOUIS POST-DISPATCHhttps://t.co/nh9BcNjqZO
5/30Uber will start booting riders with low ratings N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/AOfJ8JgmlY
5/30NYC Clean Air Taxi legislation has reduced air pollution over the last decadeearth.comhttps://t.co/3g2f2UGq8z
5/30Autonomous taxis will become a $2 trillion market, UBS saysBUSINESS INDIDERhttps://t.co/fHNy0XqjL0
5/30Council Speaker Corey Johnson introduces bill
to ‘break the car culture’ in NYC by adding bike, bus lanes
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/pUGVvL2rqf
5/30The recession hasn’t ended for gig economy workersVoxhttps://t.co/UrBW3IAZcT
5/30Taxi driver earnings have dropped by 36% since 2013N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/5cY0toKYbr
5/30It looks like Cuomo is losing control of spending N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/qLId5OPQf6
5/30Electric Scooters Are Sweeping the Country. New York Says Not So Fast.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/oCUqMMQ2pz
5/30Uber and Lyft are betting on self-driving cars to become profitable.
But that may not happen, new research from MIT suggests.
5/30Cuomo takes a shot at MTA board for not hiring former prosecutor to look into OTNewsdayhttps://t.co/idxYJk2ftc
5/30Cuomo says he'll run for fourth term as NY governorTHE HILLhttps://t.co/adDSHduTFy
5/29Taxi Medallion Exposé Drives Home Key Budget LessonGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/mOo5uyZcMP
5/29Bill establishing street safety checklist for DOT set to pass in City Council this weekN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4lopSjdy2x
5/29Traders have a $1.5 billion bet riding against UberBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/mtg4GF8LlV
5/29Uber Stock Losses Pile Up After This Rival Got a $575 Million BoostMONEY MORNINGhttps://t.co/XQA30bV5Jo
5/29Autonomous vehicles could soon drive on, empty, in FloridaFOX35https://t.co/jVh1dV9u3W
5/29What Actually Happened to New York's Taxi DriversN.Y. Times-The Dailyhttps://t.co/QdphKYYaho
5/29CEO who plundered massive city credit union pleads for mercyCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Eabw9OX7KY
5/27McArdle: Why is no one is making money driving people around?Heraldhttps://t.co/85hyFxaQmk
5/27Uber’s First CEO Resigns From BoardPYMNTShttps://t.co/wZYrT4uNxW
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5/27Uber to make its earnings debut, joining a passel of companies and retailers reporting quarterly results MarketWatchhttps://t.co/j0LOcTu1qb
5/27NYC Lyft Passenger Caught on Camera Savagely Beating DriverNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/TjDBkQ9zcq
5/27NYC Uber driver calls Hasidic passenger ‘one of those f***ing measles people’jta.orghttps://t.co/ltLG4ElxXc
5/27Family of Queens woman killed by taxi in hit-and-run plans to sue city for $25M, hopes for reformsN.Y. Daily Newshttps://t.co/6esS0ofO5U
5/27Uber launches app-based electric 'Jump' bikes on the streets of LondonThe Telegraphhttps://t.co/bQwQi5ZMZG
5/26City set to install more speed camerasBROOKLYN REPORTERhttps://t.co/yErlTs7QC5
5/26Bankshot Taxi loan abuses part of a broader pattern in New York AMERICAN BANKERhttps://t.co/OuBE2fwUoh
5/26De Blasio defends record on taxi medallionsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/SDqxFruSha
5/26Sen. Schumer Takes NCUA to Task Over Predatory Taxi Medallion Lending ABA BANKING JOURNALhttps://t.co/icogvwatEA
5/26Caution, Uber and Lyft, wrecking taxis may turn out to be a multi-company pileupThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/A78D6JUhEO
5/26Uber, Lyft and the hard economics of taxi cab medallionsThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/BjnDwrQWyY
5/25MTA Inspector General stepping down amid ongoing probes into alleged overtime abusesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4ky1z9meU5
5/25Barcelona taxi drivers to lodge legal case against UberPHYS.ORGhttps://t.co/MfbTalzgQd
5/25Readers sound off on abortion laws, yellow cabs, and Emma the Shih TzuN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vktR41wn5M
5/25Advocates Rally Against Changes to New York’s Paratransit ServicesNEXT CITYhttps://t.co/msZZYWmhyz
5/25Report: Uber and Lyft’s rise tanked wheelchair access to taxisS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/qAtTJc92nE
5/25Uber Launches Submarine Rides to Great Barrier ReefBloomberghttps://t.co/F8ysQAZ0zg
5/25Central Coast Uber driver caught at Mexico border after alleged rape of riderTHE TRIBUNEhttps://t.co/iHkASgizaJ
5/24NYTWA Statement: NYC Council Transportation Committee Chair
Ydanis Rodriguez Joins Our Call for Taxi Exemption from Congestion Surcharge
5/24College Professor Working As An Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnapped 3 Women In 1 Night HOT97.comhttps://t.co/gTJE3J9l1c
5/24New York Experiments with a ‘Holy Grail’ to End GridlockPOLITICOhttps://t.co/rOK2CPEJpn
5/24Groups call for taxi exemption from NYC congestion charge SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/agbpaJhJ9m
5/24Plans proceed to build new Port Authority bus terminalCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GMc7QZ2dDY
5/24This week’s biggest Winners & LosersCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/VvfrgesURc
5/23The Real Conning of the Medallion Owners: Regulatory Malfeasance and the Rise of UberNYC Taxi Newshttps://t.co/6mx7gWg6sM
5/23How We Investigated the New York Taxi Medallion BubbleN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/KRDNeVzOfJ
5/23Road kill: How New York, and the country, failed to protect immigrant cabbies from predatory loansN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/51k5QIyVTD
5/23How New York could respond to the taxi medallion lending crisisCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/ljgINchODO
5/23No one is innocent in New York City’s taxi marketQUARTZhttps://t.co/ttGzWZ3fCr
5/23Experts: Exempting Yellow Taxis From Congestion Pricing Won’t Help CabbiesSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/SMyzp1dbv8
5/23Can government help when things cost too much?FEDERAL NEWS NETWORKhttps://t.co/GQ5vCD8RqG
5/23Report: Many Uber, Lyft drivers fail to respond to recallsTHE TELEGRAPHhttps://t.co/NQEEx3RAIO
5/23De Blasio Announces Investigation Into Exploitative Taxi Industry After Years Of Neglectgothamisthttps://t.co/TqKFZqVCU7
5/22Taxi drivers should be exempt from NYC congestion pricing, council members sayamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/RLzSY3g5Ft
5/22Cabby suicides: Blame New York’s sick political cultureN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/yOuED5CKzn
5/22NY AG, Mayor Launch Inquiries In Taxi Industry PracticesPYMTShttps://t.co/pks3obhXEG
5/22One in 6 Uber and Lyft Cars Have Open Safety Recalls, Consumer Reports' Study SuggestsConsumer Reportshttps://t.co/KPTjJYs7A1
5/22Uber and Lyft could face tax for snarling S.F. traffic: ‘Everyone needs to pay their fair share’S.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/A4XMq7aAdC
5/22Beware: Lyft’s Car Rental Program Is a Sucker’s Bet for DriversCCNhttps://t.co/F5PvaRTs89
5/22Uber's Less Than Optimal IPO Highlights One Of The Biggest Risks Of SoftBank GroupSeeking Alphahttps://t.co/YCgKD9mxk3
5/22Masayoshi Son claims to have a 300-year vision, but his bets suggest he’s making it up as he goesCNBChttps://t.co/9oRNSB04TM
5/22The 'naked' short: how it helps an IPO from plummeting on day oneYAHOOhttps://t.co/tI9xNWiPbz
5/22Bets against Uber and Lyft rev up to nearly US$2 billionYAHOOhttps://t.co/KUk5vPjUlV
5/22Uber must share data with San Francisco, appeals court rulesS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/L2VyISqhM1
5/22Congestion Pricing: What NYC Can Learn from London’s Traffic Experiment NY1https://t.co/82Ho77qtqn
5/21Inquiries Into Reckless Loans to Taxi Drivers Ordered by State Attorney General and Mayor N.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/pfrmoAsWtO
5/21NYC Taxi medallions show what happens when business and gov't are too closeMSNBChttps://t.co/WZZQD3uRyS
5/21Night out ended in motel horror after predator posed as Uber driver, cops say. It’s a disturbing trend.nj.comhttps://t.co/djtFiEoSTC
5/21The Legal Argument That Could Destroy UberJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/CZ27RCAoBh
5/21Court Approves San Francisco’s Uber-Nuisance ProbeINSURANCE JOURNALhttps://t.co/7rlOw5nLe6
5/21The Dangerous Standoff Between Uber and Buenos AiresCITYLABhttps://t.co/WshebfcEa6
5/21What science says Uber and Lyft are doing to San FranciscoSF GATEhttps://t.co/F3n5XRcE5Z
5/21Bad loans were killing the taxi industry long before Uber and Lyft: report N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/WQ18kzewCw
5/21Even the NY Times finds bankrupt taxi drivers shouldn’t be blaming UberHOT AIRhttps://t.co/EDoZxahxaY
5/21The inside story of how Uber fought New York’s City Hall and wonFastCompanyhttps://t.co/SHFMEjciK4
5/21Loans hastened taxi industry's decline — De Blasio hits campaign trail POLITICOhttps://t.co/eVOdrD23Bu
5/21Driven to despair: How reckless loans devastated a generation of taxi driversbdnews24.comhttps://t.co/HORWR6HkQH
5/20Quick growth of Uber and Lyft has hammered NYC’s yellow cab industry, data showsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ZApukSO08t
5/20Lyft says drivers tampering with surge pricing could be bootedABC NEWShttps://t.co/wmj7VJ6qxJ
5/20Bad loans were killing the taxi industry long before Uber and Lyft: report N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/WQ18kzewCw
5/20Could Congestion Pricing Help Curb U.S. Traffic?FORTUNEhttps://t.co/hV6uXgbMDY
5/20New York Lawmakers Introduce a New Cannabis Legalization BillCivilizedhttps://t.co/S5d26JaJqx
5/19‘They Were Conned’: How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi DriversN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/L4Msm0J21P
5/19As Thousands of Taxi Drivers Were Trapped in Loans, Top Officials Counted the MoneyN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/8Byf6ivl1t
5/19A Self-Driving Taxi Fleet Won’t Make a Profit — and This Is Why24/7 WALL Sthttps://t.co/pfSwaR5WdG
5/19Lyft accused of misleading investors, inflating IPO share priceFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/8yphGs6S6z
5/19Lyft executive suggests drivers become mechanics after they're replaced by self-driving robo-taxisBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/VzuLJ4WP6t
5/19Tesla reached a $13 million settlement with a former contract worker
who was left permanently disabled after being struck by a Model S while on the job
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/oAzpj5dsye
5/19When Are Self-Driving Cars Actually Coming?POPULAR MECHANICShttps://t.co/6POwXgTkM0
5/19We The Commuters: Does Presidential Candidate Bill de Blasio Have a Transit Legacy to Run On? gothamisthttps://t.co/y6KZPUvCnh
5/18Flying cars: Ready to take offCBS NEWShttps://t.co/x5kR34iq05
5/18Ride-hail still lags on accessibilityCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/mgRBqHf3fx
5/18Uber slump after IPO points to concern about business model, profitabilityCGTNhttps://t.co/Pfx3iYIaba
5/18Uber rang in its IPO with champagne and mimosas. Then the hangover began.Washington Posthttps://t.co/AHxRPnIEIV
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5/18"No Exit!": A "CBS Sunday Morning" primetime special devoted to our car cultureCBS Newshttps://t.co/QZH7NGZx6h
5/18Corey Johnson unveils criminal justice plan amid De Blasio presidential run N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/BjMPFJ9JX1
5/17Romania sets big fines for drivers of ride-hailing servicesFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/hSfRN6f6I8
5/17Autopilot was active when a Tesla crashed into a truck, killing driverarsTECHNICAhttps://t.co/hb1k54fGxN
5/17Farah Louis wins City Council special election in Brooklyn's District 45amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/5S7vaIo8P4
5/17Just Like the Subway, Public Transit for New York’s Disabled Riders Is MaddeningN.Y.Timeshttps://t.co/Gx8Ei6vBXA
5/17New entrance, plaza coming to Penn StationCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/W4xqUREqrU
5/16Uber Drivers Don’t Need NLRB, Ride-Hail Driver Groups SayBloomberg Lawhttps://t.co/lnKhFC1Qjs
5/16Uber stock rises after NLRB rules drivers are not employees N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/D979DV3gZM
5/16Uber driver accused of being a Somali war criminal N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/C1oRq3kUZq
5/16Blade helicopter ride-share taxi crashes in New YorkC/NEThttps://t.co/tFzxPdjg5Z
5/16Oakland Uber driver arrested, accused of kidnapping and intending to rape passengersSFGATEhttps://t.co/oiKZBSsq3X
5/16Bird scooters got kicked out of San Francisco but found a loophole back inCNNhttps://t.co/j5SfXee1um
5/16Woman Bludgeoned to Death with Bird Electric Scooter in CaliforniaTHE/DRIVEhttps://t.co/XSJKu45Eg6
5/16New Jersey Legalizes E-Bikes and ScootersSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/cy7RechEZr
5/16Mayor's presidential fantasy is costing the cityCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/W2YHuYIfCE
5/15Uber Drivers Are Contractors, Not Employees, Labor Board SaysN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/yajbxzEMe3
5/15Medallion Financial May Be Unlikely Beneficiary of Uber’s WoesBloomberghttps://t.co/kFDT7LuVae
5/15He's accused of war crimes and torture. Uber and Lyft approved him to drive.CNNhttps://t.co/JFB42oqVCw
5/15Uber's CEO Sent an Extraordinary Email to Employees After the Company's Stock Slidinchttps://t.co/ch6qjxDrhD
5/15Should Motorcycles and Greener Cars Get a Pass on Congestion Pricing?CITYLIMITShttps://t.co/VWrKLGR9bP
5/15No matter how much Uber exploits its workers, it still can’t make moneysalonhttps://t.co/2R2s1VSqah
5/15Uber launches a new tool to help cities track average vehicle speeds by streetTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/F1JqitdjSp
5/15Mark Cuban says Uber’s poor IPO is a wake-up call for Silicon Valley: ‘They just waited too long’CNBChttps://t.co/EIHY730K6m
5/15There Was No Way to Win With the Uber IPOBloomberghttps://t.co/DZzjunVz4q
5/15Uber driver accused of raping woman on ‘quiet Wrentham road’boston.comhttps://t.co/af5v6FRy3b
5/14Why Elon Musk’s Genius Tesla Strategy Will Make Lyft & Uber ObsoleteCCNhttps://t.co/mdlqEFYIWN
5/14Former City Taxi Commissioner on Regulating the App Companies and Saving the YellowsGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/ijkeq8V5NL
5/14Uber stock continues to tank as market gets clocked across the boardCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/hySkc6Yd3z
5/14Uber CEO expects further pressure as shares add to losses, down 12%REUTERShttps://t.co/hxHt60FvJT
5/14Morgan Stanley Got Clients Into Uber. Then the IPO StumbledBloomberghttps://t.co/AgkV0uGyQD
5/14Just one day after IPO, Uber driver allegedly tried to kidnap two female passengers MarketWatchhttps://t.co/5bVwnwyCpT
5/14De Blasio's NYPD vehicle reportedly drove wrong way in crash at center of alleged cover-upFOX NEWShttps://t.co/o4KrexDi1C
5/14 Immigrant license issue sparks upstate revoltoswegocountynewsnow.comhttps://t.co/8HlN7yuXnV
5/14Gov. Cuomo Blasts MTA Overtime Scandal: ‘This Is About Stealing; This Is About Fraud’WLNYhttps://t.co/k6ee9B2O8E
5/14Lyft hits yet another low as rival Uber sputters in its 2nd day of trading (LYFT, UBER)BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/4SqQiAfm3e
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5/11EXCLUSIVE: Top Cuomo aide sends scalding letter to
MTA board members calling for shake-ups at problem-plagued agency
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/kBnL9przX0
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How Uber’s IPO Could Be A Windfall For Celebrity Backers
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5/9MTA board to hold emergency meeting on overtime scandal N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/3csXjEyRdZ
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5/9City's Uber and Lyft drivers join protests planned across the countryCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/bqsov2RL8r
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5/8Lyft posts large loss in its first quarterly report as a public companyCNBChttps://t.co/kmefRpqKiS
5/8Lyft driver kidnapped, then sexually assaulted female passenger twice, Mount Prospect police sayChicago Tribunehttps://t.co/BJYjsM63mb
5/8There's Plenty of Money in the MTA Capital Plan, It's Just Not Being SpentGotham Gazettehttps://t.co/Kl85jyuXcY
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5/7Cuomo taps former TLC commissioner as director of state policyCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/9ldJAPTl1P
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5/6Foss: Thank you, Gov. Cuomo, for not running for presidentTHE DAILY GAZETTEhttps://t.co/UfjD7dOQ4y
5/6Knife-wielding suspect sexually assaults woman after pretending to be ride-share driver: copsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/yVD0IdL7eL
5/6Push for driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants intensifies at CapitolThe Buffalo Newshttps://t.co/kSXbuH8Caj
5/5US Ride-Share Drivers Ready for Massive Countrywide Strike Ahead of Uber IPOTHE/DRIVEhttps://t.co/Eaw7WDyU2Q
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5/4Uber and Lyft drivers in NYC plan short work stoppage for May 8CURBEDhttps://t.co/ZNL8mb162W
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5/4Lyft, Uber drivers plan to strike before Uber IPOPOLITICOhttps://t.co/Hu9eJjf2pu
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5/3Profits in Uber’s core ride-hailing are an ‘Everest uphill battle,’ analyst warns ahead of the IPOCNBChttps://t.co/a8ID3V5EXm
5/3Investor group demands changes to Uber’s board ahead of IPOCNBChttps://t.co/px85vV9013
5/3Watch two analysts break down their Uber ratings ahead of its IPOCNBChttps://t.co/XOAKezvqOt
5/2Judge denies Lyft’s petition to block NYC’s driver minimum wage rulesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/4R8WfYWfED
5/2Cuomo must take the blame for numerous MTA failures: watchdog N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/fK60gkjHJ3
5/2Advocates Make May Day Push For Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Immigrantsgothamisthttps://t.co/7gY1AUlwRV
5/2Uber driver sees passenger in wheelchair, takes offABC-7SFhttps://t.co/rhEzE9G6aN
5/2Report: The MTA's 'Biggest Single Governance Problem' Is Governor Cuomogothamisthttps://t.co/MGqY8NIqlF
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5/1Uber’s $9 billion IPO rests on drivers’ 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waitingTHE CONVERSATIONhttps://t.co/uCDbp99E4M
5/1Cuomo: ‘I don’t know’ when I’m meeting with a lobbyist N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/jpEm15G5sr
4/30Uber and Lyft stop accepting new drivers in New York CityPOLITICOhttps://t.co/eXB3EiQE5j
4/30NYC mayor announces new initiatives to improve mobility in cityRoads&Bridgeshttps://t.co/xlE9Hv34tr
4/30Why Lyft, Uber discounts may be lower than you expectFOX5https://t.co/nFLFzBHy6o
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4/30De Blasio opposing bid to lessen penalty on parking offenders N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6ZkM107SWL
4/30Cuomo’s greatest MTA micro-managing hitsCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/h6vhKaezd7
4/30E-bike crackdown puts unfair burden on working-class delivery drivers, lawsuit saysN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/eUTr5blNKt
4/30Flat tire: City unveils plans for protected Flatbush Avenue bike lane near Prospect ParkBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/rQLbadnmpg
4/29New Yorkers want the MTA to reveal cost to fix L train N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Hoi7HcHzn9
4/29Killik Explains: Why Equity Investors Should Be Wary Of UnicornsValt Walkhttps://t.co/aWWhGyd6Hw
4/29While NY lawmakers move left, top court moves more to the rightNewsdayhttps://t.co/aWWhGyd6Hw
4/29A commission on congestion pricing? Good luck with thattimesunionhttps://t.co/MqpoAteCAi
4/29New Yorkers are furious over sneaky credit card surcharges N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Vcm8jgLXwm
4/29Logan airport’s new Uber and Lyft fees, rules not as severe as proposed Boston Herald.comhttps://t.co/2g3wvRpK6o
4/29Meet the 16 people who may decide the fate of the BQEBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/pGvtkt1u01
4/29Global Taxi and Limousine Services Market Insights 2019-2025:
Uber, Lyft, Yellow Cab, Limo City, Eti Taxi Service
4/29Uber's fresh IPO plans capped off Lyft's brutal first month on the stock market.
Here's everything we know since its debut.
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/Pk8IW9dWd3
4/28Taxi vs. Uber in NYC9NOWhttps://t.co/A4PGVMiEkg
4/2814th Street closing to private through-traffic during L train shutdownamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/QS3HrnvX7c
4/28Just In Time For Its Big IPO, Uber Loses $1 BillionGIZMODOhttps://t.co/N9YC6lJuJZ
4/28Uber driver leaves with dying passenger shot at pick-up: SheriffABC-13 HOUSTONhttps://t.co/rPpeOl3SHj
4/28Councilman sues NYPD over refusal to release farebeating arrest data N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/GITOCkbehj
4/28Uber’s stunning journey to a $90 billion IPO changed transportation foreverQUARTZhttps://t.co/qydv9eNIIN
4/28Statement: ‘Green Bus Act’ will drive healthier communitiesU.S. PIRGhttps://t.co/qOAnbTnmZ7
4/27Uber Is a Growth Business That Has Trouble GrowingWashington Posthttps://t.co/SxqNDuQzaL
4/27Here’s who stands to get rich from Uber’s IPOCNBChttps://t.co/Gm7Dl5BUtn
4/27Thousands of commuters rely on dollar vans, NYC’s other transit systemQUEENS Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/cr9idUBTor
4/27NYC Plans New Crackdown On Double Parked Vehicles In Quest To Get Traffic MovingWLNYhttps://t.co/ElHsADMnA1
4/27Grand Street redux: City to finish, extend halted Williamsburg bike lanesBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/4AKTNWR0eW
4/27West Siders Fret Over Congestion PricingWest Side Raghttps://t.co/PfG664E08s
4/27'Enough Is Enough': Lawmakers Seek To Break Cuomo's Grip On NY's Budgetgothamisthttps://t.co/rF4LywixkH
4/27Cuomo sidesteps question on whether he struck a congestion pricing deal with MurphyNJ.comhttps://t.co/wqFhTdg28w
4/272-year-old boy walking with grandmother struck by cab in Queens hit and runABC-7NYhttps://t.co/vnQ6SHAsOy
4/27Pols push for two-way tolls on Verrazzano-Narrows BridgeBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/SLrUlhkd0h
4/26Bhairvi Desai -Learn About the Demands We Put On the Table at Today's TLC HearingNYC TAXI NEWShttps://t.co/Lt3EmekWmv
4/26Woman in coma after being struck by cyclist in Midtown N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/rAG3jTgWCR
4/26NYC draws closer to legalizing e-scooters, e-bikes thanks to state billCURBEDhttps://t.co/GLY4NXIJrw
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4/26Wall Street’s valuation guru: From Uber to Pinterest, all the major IPOs this year are overpricedCNBChttps://t.co/1CqBJdvBtT
4/26Uber to price IPO between $44 and $50 per shareCNBChttps://t.co/l6cTi0wXBv
4/26Uber is convenient for city commuters — but bad for citiesNBC NEWShttps://t.co/vStoNN4ulK
4/26City gearing up for Car-Free Day activitiesTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/xQfPzO70oE
4/25Uber drivers plan shutdown over 'poverty wages' as company goes publicThe Guardianhttps://t.co/LsaPf2fWOM
4/25Uber Drivers Plan Strike to Kick Off 2019’s Most-Hyped IPOGIZMODOhttps://t.co/IDZljW3Ip2
4/25Uber Will Let Citadel Make The Market For Its IPO Because Uber Is Apparently Not Taking Many ChancesDEALBREAKERhttps://t.co/Xjl6OnwJNt
4/25City returns to plan to turn 14th St. into a ‘busway’ during L train constructionN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/x26g0BqYGV
4/25Uber, Lyft respond after former driver allegedly attacks womenKOMONEWShttps://t.co/yIrrVdguWS
4/25City Council Speaker’s electric scooter ride in Mexico City ends with ‘face plant on a busy street’N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/PfnM8pw3yS
4/25Another sign congestion pricing is just another Cuomo power playN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/YNj4WDfIGe
4/25MTA’s top earner made $344K in overtime last year N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/LPcPMzs7IH
4/25The MTA is hemorrhaging overtime N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/C7yw0QVw0Z
4/25Ex-Prosecutor to Lead Sexual Harassment Case Against Grodenchikforesthillsposthttps://t.co/sNqPqQ7Dol
4/25NYC announces 3 initiatives to improve mobility SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/ZwBwDcu4pI
4/24Tesla: We’ll Have Full Self-Driving by 2020. Robo-Taxis, Too.EXTREMETECHhttps://t.co/t1maBOlSJ0
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4/23As Public Firms, Uber And Lyft Could Raise PricesPYMNTShttps://t.co/rusBc4yN3h
4/23De Blasio defends 11-mile drive to gym while promoting environmental planCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/8YIvgX7G6D
4/23New York Cabbie Whose Throat Was Slashed by Knife-Wielding Passenger Still Waiting for Justice INDIA WESThttps://t.co/VNotBfCRud
4/23Tesla’s Elon Musk Promises Robot Taxis by Next YearWSJhttps://t.co/vznuDLsDkW
4/23Police look for man in early 30s who posed as ride-hail driver in alleged sexual assaultCBChttps://t.co/K3KGRsdLT7
4/22MTA’s plan to give Access-A-Ride users cheap taxis leaves disabled riders strandedN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/fBvXV2svPK
4/22Burying Our BrothersYou Tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkTswb3zyII
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4/21Uber raised $1 billion for self-driving cars because it desperately needs the moneyQUARTZhttps://t.co/yWvNKwvWG1
4/21Parents of NY Boy in Uber Roof Surfing Death Release Powerful Statement After Driver's Guilty PleaNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/R0LcfmwGPC
4/21Lyft's Fast-Slumping Stock Quickly Leads to Investor LawsuitsBloomberghttps://t.co/kTjfZf3tEj
4/20Uber driver 'dumps woman by roadside' for seeking an abortionSTYLISThttps://t.co/ozKjYeD9Ek
4/20Transportation Chief Shares Vision Of NYC As Pedestrian ParadiseWLNYhttps://t.co/UMm7gUbtKJ
4/20De Blasio details plan to boost bus speeds 25% CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/Q1ji3lc4l1
4/20Uber’s self-driving unit gets $1 billion investment from SoftBank and Japan’s auto industryTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/2AzbAALpn5
4/20‘It hurts’: Rising gas prices burn drivers for Uber, Lyft, taxisS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/mN0N8NuaG9
4/20Part of Broadway will be car-free on April 27 for Earth Day CURBEDhttps://t.co/LcWWDt3qPe
4/20De Blasio backs street vendor reform despite administration's objectionsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/LxBvot76tQ
4/20Uber Recruits Some Rich Friends to Drive its Autonomous CarsWIREDhttps://t.co/GlUzG6QnF4
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4/19Uber Settles Driver Lawsuit for $20 MillionLAWYERSandSETTLEMENTShttps://t.co/5aphrVRVV4
4/19New York City population shrinks for second year in a rowN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/SMgQNVkIf7
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4/18New Jersey Lawmakers Push Back Against Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing PlanWLNYhttps://t.co/N3NPCe7X8w
4/18Uber and Lyft continue rapid growth in NYC despite regulationsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/pq2cSSzKfo
4/18GM quiet about Cruise driverless taxi fleet as deadline loomsThe Detroit Newshttps://t.co/cVLkMLDjFE
4/18Lawmaker wants city to review safety of Citi Bike’s electric bikesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/QHUYJkBUHf
4/18Lyft will add Citi Bike to its appCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/upuWHJkORa
4/18Lyft has plunged 20% since going publicMARKETS INSIDERhttps://t.co/S4bAd4GbYt
4/18MONEY FOR NOTHING: Transit Authority Gives Manhattan Taxi Fees to Queens DriversSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/ThwMN4ybsn
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4/18New Jersey lawmakers want a piece of New York City congestion pricing feesnorthjersey.comhttps://t.co/200pZL1ihy
4/18RIVERDALE REBATE! Bronx Drivers Get Free Ride Over Henry Hudson BridgeSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/wZ74pWSKHh
4/17'The Checker Guy' brings classic cab to screens big and smallABC-7NYhttps://t.co/JDxp0tAAc0
4/17Uber and Lyft may be forced from the curb at Logan Airport. But not taxisBoston Globehttps://t.co/YKE2lmrkVu
4/17Boston has a traffic problem. New congestion-pricing bills aim to curb itWFTX-Bostonhttps://t.co/7kkrzYsJFD
4/17Quebec to raise taxi, Uber rides by 90 cents to reimburse all taxi licence feesCBC NEWShttps://t.co/hK2GSlGZpo
4/17Uber Readies Its Pitch as the Amazon of TransportationBloomberghttps://t.co/yeuP6qnqCH
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4/17Poll: Voters back plastic bag ban, tax cap, not Cuomo raise The Telegraphhttps://t.co/JSJPZItCPg
4/17Jumaane Williams slams Hudson Yards as 'not for the majority'amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/l1VnEBdsrq
4/16Uber's Coming Out Party: Personal Mobility Pioneer Or Overpriced Car Service Company?Seeking Alphahttps://t.co/XMzhbd9f8W
4/16Uber is basically promising investors it will become a monopolyTHE WEEKhttps://t.co/dMFUcmXqAN
4/16Valuation expert says Uber is worth a little more than half the $100 billion it’s seekingCNBChttps://t.co/fTyUeJMpAX
4/16Uber needs NYC, IPO documents showCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/PPRhwCALR2
4/16City transportation chief eyes 'transformative possibilities' in congestion pricingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/V2Fzpgc3nS
4/16Andrew Cuomo benefited from Trump tax cuts, returns showDemocrat&Chroniclehttps://t.co/DKbphkwY0n
4/16Diaz Sr. Formally Declares Run for CongressNORWOOD NEWShttps://t.co/sKW9BJgDti
4/16Parents of college student from N.J. killed after mistaking
car for Uber make national plea for strict ride-share laws
4/15In its drive for political power, the Black Car Fund may have swerved out of its laneCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/QYBqda8h8D
4/15Lyft pulls electric bicycles in DC, NY and San Francisco after reports of brake issuesKGUN-9https://t.co/alQWkcXU7D
4/15Uber and Lyft Drivers Are in a World of Trouble if This New Study Is RightInc.https://t.co/tpklor5eQW
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4/14Lyft Driver Took Own Life In Drug Overdose, Medical Examiner Says Patchhttps://t.co/Ae6nIvVAR0
4/14NYC Taxi Drivers Feel Powerless in Battle over Congestion PricesPavement Pieceshttps://t.co/ovkHZdBJve
4/14Uber (Finally) Admits It's Directly Competing With Public TransportationJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/3mJmVcrcmA
4/14The Subway Fare Rises on April 21. It Could Be Worse: One Year It Doubled. N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/zfW0XSlIy7
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4/12'The City I Love Is Making People Sick.' London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Making Polluters PayYAHOOhttps://t.co/I3qVROUd5G
4/12Long Island Republicans slam governor's congestion pricing plan ABC-7NYhttps://t.co/JPxDdtHo2j
4/12Inside SoftBank's push to rule the roadREUTERShttps://t.co/t46pH4LsDE
4/11New York Democrats Pass a Tax on PainFRONTPAGE MAGhttps://t.co/StpXLiTvTE
4/11Take from the rich and give to ... the subway? Inside New York's evolving congestion pricing policy gristhttps://t.co/Bq9SDJy2rI
4/11Rising gasoline prices and rents boost US consumer prices in MarchCNBChttps://t.co/rNVgpPtV9F
4/11The Uber IPO Will Be Like Chernobyl For The IPO MarketABOVE THE LAWhttps://t.co/uV3OBWM2Vd
4/11Gov. Cuomo's New York Is a Land of TaxesNEWSMAXhttps://t.co/uVlSUciVX1
4/11Everyone Thinks New York City's Congestion Tolls Should Apply to Someone Elsereasonhttps://t.co/AfPIroPOkn
4/11Ford CEO confession: We “overestimated” the arrival of self-driving carsFastCompanyhttps://t.co/fpIAsbSblW
4/11Two Uber Board Seats for SoftBank Imperiled by U.S. National Security ReviewBloomberghttps://t.co/6pbqb46MgE
4/11German taxi drivers protest against liberalization plan Miami Heraldhttps://t.co/vruajqGOpd
4/10Uber driver attempts to break into home after driving owner to the airportVThttps://t.co/px0WmWaf93
4/10Congestion pricing costs city control of streetsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/UhTtvCOQXC
4/10Uber plans to sell around $10B worth of stock in IPO N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/21SI2XsOGN
4/10On congestion pricing, BQE, Cuomo and de Blasio let others do the dirty work silivehttps://t.co/0NeIIkX7pB
4/10Readers Write: When it comes to congestion pricing, details mattertheislandnowhttps://t.co/V1C0lsL2u9
4/10Lyft shares should only be worth $59 according to valuation guruCNBChttps://t.co/HKspSHmDlT
4/10Unicorns Like Lyft Have a Ton of ‘Restricted’ Stock. Here’s Why That Matters.BARRON'Shttps://t.co/fj48QBHKQw
4/10Uber launching JUMP scooters in Baltimore as Bird nearly doubles price per minuteTHE BALTIMORE SUNhttps://t.co/pJoVe1rWe7
4/10Flying taxis could be more efficient than gas and electric cars on long-distance tripsTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/yfVGDAF2UJ
4/10Long wait-times for taxis driving city to revisit UberORILLIAMATTERShttps://t.co/p2HNZqTz5R
4/10OC Committee Recommends Helping Taxi Companies ‘To Keep These People In Business’The Dispatchhttps://t.co/ZXMFpfaKFr
4/9Ruben Diaz, Sr., Fumes Over Council Ethics ProbeGay City NEWShttps://t.co/bEsTg4PawI
4/9The fight over exemptions will determine the fate of NYC’s congestion pricingCURBEDhttps://t.co/mjRXQ25tYw
4/9Transit Advocates Strongly Oppose NYPD Congestion Pricing CarveoutSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/DVWCwjYc68
4/9Bye-bye, bikes? Many mobility companies quietly shift their focus to scooters SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/zOmBM2d0IR
4/9Robots or Wage-Slaves: The Only 2 Ways Lyft Can Actually Be ProfitableOBSERVERhttps://t.co/csgEvjktqo
4/9Push to allow immigrants to have driver’s licenses
regardless of status would help upstate New York farm workers
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/zf32IcPoQV
4/9Uber, ahead of IPO, sees some time before self-driving cars dominate the roadWHTChttps://t.co/djmMNMGYBH
4/9City Council poised to pass bill barring marijuana drug tests for people on probationN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/gYWiRbmmHF
4/8Fox Host Whines About NYC Congestion Pricing:FOX NEWShttps://t.co/ZtpkzxxZQv
4/8Stumbling toward a walkable city: Congestion pricing, a very big deal, could finally help get us thereN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/PSV2D7gU0K
4/8Slaying puts focus on ride-hailing safety, fake driversWashington Posthttps://t.co/NdHpKD1GPv
4/8A college student's death spurs a city toward requiring 'identifying signage' for rideshare vehiclesCNNhttps://t.co/cShOyZ7y7e
4/7New York bill proposes splitting Empire State into three districtsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/vOkitvEkI9
4/7MTA to Study if a Utica Avenue Subway Extension is Worth PursuingNY1https://t.co/2KnzTn7Pgv
4/7Limo company operator faces negligent homicide, manslaughter charges in upstate New York crash N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/i6OZRdAZwa
4/7Investing In Uber: Outlook On The Rideshare Giant's Coming IPOForbeshttps://t.co/p4U1qeI5dF
4/7Wall Street prepares to profit off looming global credit crunchN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/rCiQAYMDDF
4/7Andrew Cuomo defends his huge pay raiseN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/IH8IVQ70TJ
4/7Cuomo & Co’s next special-interest payoff N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Bt9XOcYb3N
4/7Cutting NY taxes will eventually increase state, city revenue N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/SDxlTczckh
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4/5‘Our Legislators Lied To Us’: New Push To Repeal
Congestion Pricing Gains Steam As Lawmakers Reveal Dirty Tricks Used To Get Deal Passed
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walk down Interstate 880 in the rain after rideshare breakdown
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challenge is how to fund regular repairs - and a new Tappan Zee
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3/21The Route to Cleaner Air for Communities of Color and Low Income:
Electric Buses and Congestion Pricing
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3/19Gett Could Follow Lyft to IPO Market in 2019TheStreethttps://t.co/2bVpTpMps7
3/19Brooklyn Borough President Adams calls for
investigation into MTA's allocation of buses in poor neighborhoods
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2D5acVC1xL
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3/15The two main objections to charging cars and trucks
to enter Manhattan's central business district don't hold up
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vpkMh6Ye4Z
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3/15Uber reportedly plans to kick off IPO roadshow next month N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/n9Fvme2Nai
3/15Uber’s Self-Driving Car Unit In Talks To Raise At Least $1 BillionPYMTShttps://t.co/J7tTenQX8H
3/15Uber, the Mother of All Unicorns, Will Finally Begin Its IPO Process in April, Report SaysFORTUNEhttps://t.co/UA6cEs3Udd
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3/15New York’s TLC to Implement Car Sharing TechnologiesCTECHhttps://t.co/YKg6zIRJGn
3/15Cabbies, cab companies sue San Francisco, allege discrimination at SFOS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/Wphzfeb5aW
3/14Tax On NYC's Luxe Second Homes Gains Steam Patchhttps://t.co/L3FsXKATFX
3/14NY Senate, Assembly take shots at Cuomo's congestion pricing planN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/bTWog5gWxf
3/14Juno selling for almost nothingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/s5sk4rkqp3
3/14Assembly, Senate reject Cuomo's limo protectionstimesunionhttps://t.co/anGDXlS3II
3/14Uber hires more IPO underwriters as it prepares to go public: sourcesREUTERShttps://t.co/TOssf33EO1
3/14Uber’s electric bike company eyes Jersey Citynj.comhttps://t.co/ZBaWX1dJC8
3/14Uber’s self-driving car unit was burning $20 million a monthTChttps://t.co/s03zbZEQLX
3/14Scott Stringer Proposes Alternative BQE Solution: Trucks Only, With A Park On Topgothamisthttps://t.co/P3EcDoL25T
3/13Outgoing NYC Taxi and Limousine Chief: NYC May Have Missed a Chance to Regulate Uber in 2015NY1https://t.co/uKDMbQNdaW
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3/13Ex-Lyft driver sentenced to 35 years for raping Cobb woman on ride homeajchttps://t.co/8sZ5y5tHUS
3/13Stressed Out Uber, E-Hail Drivers Vent in Group Therapy SessionsNY1https://t.co/OsFz8tTNih
3/13Licenses for illegal aliens: another slap at the rule of lawN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6d30wcTd6w
3/12Uber driver accused of kidnapping, groping sleeping rider takes plea dealN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/WJ5x2WX22J
3/12Has Congestion Pricing’s Moment Finally Arrived in Albany?STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Fc6Kil2LTG
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3/12NY Gov. Cuomo: No quick vote on legal marijuanaWashington Timeshttps://t.co/2Prx19nbtu
3/12Keep it rolling:
The MTA must continue a pilot for people with disabilities that's proven to be a rousing success
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/0gnlXcSsNj
3/12Tax developers, not vehicles:N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/eQM9YbVMyW
3/12Readers sound off on congestion pricing, Ilhan Omar and daylight savings timeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Ms2MGQyZFJ
3/12Jump bikes, in PR war with Citi Bike, to launch subscription offerCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/48kxiM6yUx
3/12Uber and Travis Kalanick Are in Business Again. This Time, as CompetitorsBloomberghttps://t.co/3rtYn2vOme
3/11Ride-hailing services take the air out of local taxi industry's tires ithaca.comhttps://t.co/dRAF4WmWx1
3/11Taxis get Access to surviveCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/EUEYk0OkLm
3/11How Via benefits from new regulations that hurt Uber and LyftCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/87LvWf1YQE
3/11Autonomous Driving is Coming No Matter What, Says SoftBank CEOWebProNewshttps://t.co/2Q9osv0IvH
3/11If Lyft can’t keep its drivers as independent contractors, it may never be profitableL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/e4QRUKSb8O
3/11Think the future lies in self-driving Uber, Lyft or Waymo cabs? Dream onazcentralhttps://t.co/zT0sUlIGOB
3/11NYC Transit chief Andy Byford goes all out seeking $40 billion for bus and subway fixesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/IClijQaIyy
3/10New York City is edging toward financial disaster, experts warnN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Mi9PPUdMgy
3/10Judge goes ballistic on missing ‘Taxi King’ Gene Freidman over unpaid child supportN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ielSTOx9yn
3/10Congestion plan will take its tollNewsdayhttps://t.co/JDp6tKeel3
3/10Tax developers, not vehicles:
Congestion pricing is the wrong way to deal with traffic and generate revenue for the subways
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/eQM9YbVMyW
3/10New York Could Soon Be Less of a Transportation Nightmare for People With DisabilitiesJALOPINKhttps://t.co/YSvIRVIxGD
3/10Uber could face class action lawsuit over safety complaintsNews24https://t.co/jGwgEVWLFY
3/10Would NYC Control of the Subway System Make a Difference?NY1https://t.co/IyDaOkfG3h
3/10Amazon’s Tax Breaks and Incentives Were Big. Hudson Yards’ Are Bigger.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/mglxXFrJ6R
3/10Tidal wave of 10,000 instant millionaires could be set to hit San FranciscoDaily Mailhttps://t.co/SSJeIbELIP
3/9MTA Statement on E-Hail On-Demand Pilot ProgramNYS Newshttps://t.co/qCJGxxM04E
3/9Five years on, Uber settles Dutch UberPop case for €2.3mDutch Newshttps://t.co/v5S6FyWgfb
3/9The CDC is studying the rise in e-scooter injuries for the first time as start-ups expand to more citiesCNBChttps://t.co/PGi2YVPeSP
3/9SoftBank CEO on the Vision Fund, Uber IPOCNBChttps://t.co/0oe90owvvU
3/9Lyft's IPO will determine future of other ride-sharing apps like Ola and Ubermoney controlhttps://t.co/WvnP8EjgBD
3/9Philadelphia Uber driver attacked, stabbed in chest by man in horrifying attack caught on videoFOX NEWShttps://t.co/xvcafUHQHW
3/8New York Considers Taxing Non-Resident Owners of Luxury ApartmentsBloomberghttps://t.co/cKwOsseOi6
3/8Yellow Cab Drivers Protest New Congestion Pricing Surchargegothamisthttps://t.co/dkHaS8uXvF
3/8Mayor de Blasio takes to subway to push for congestion pricing, says gov controls MTAN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/pNhvs5f8kc
3/8How Bird plans to blanket the world with electric scooters without going bankruptTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/Q0XkKK6hzg
3/8Don’t Hop Into A Ride-Hail IPO palisadeshudson.comhttps://t.co/yRXQYXd8By
3/8Lyft’s IPO disclosure shows it’s not close to profitability and has no good way to get thereL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/LYCBF315eQ
3/8Unions back pay effort for Uber, Lyft driversctposthttps://t.co/aGjMkNR49P
3/8Uber and Lyft are losing money. At some point, we’ll pay for it.Washington Posthttps://t.co/rfFHYVaqqt
3/7Put the city at the controls:
Council Speaker Corey Johnson makes the case for municipal oversight of the subways
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/lUVWXXYe6s
3/7Cabbies protest congestion pricing fee they now have to charge; it’s killing business, and drivers, they sayPIX-11https://t.co/gqzIEVhcU6
3/7Corey Johnson offers a serious vision for fixing the MTAN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/kV7CtTD9tA
3/7Cuomo: If NYC takes over subways, city will lose $10B state providesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/lAV5i8Q0YS
3/7Residents Irate Over Truck Troubles In AstoriaCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/90dQ8oLYAj
3/7Gunman On Bicycle Shoots Uber PassengerCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/1Vvy0xkHLW
3/7Lyft's IPO Filing Should Frighten Investors And Infuriate DriversForbeshttps://t.co/4hv9u1VES1
3/7Uber 'not criminally liable' for self-driving deathBBChttps://t.co/qG2O3FWxD2
3/7Michael Goodwin: Progressives turn New York into a leftist lab experiment -- will it survive?FOX NEWShttps://t.co/OjVA2V2uyy
3/7Conductor Corey: In the short run, he can be most helpful by pushing for congestion pricingN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/gP30jcgqLO
3/7Electric dreams: Boston to New York in a Tesla, for $99Boston Globehttps://t.co/kppcx9IIRD
3/6Corey Johnson offers a serious vision for fixing the MTAN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/kV7CtTD9tA
3/6Council Speaker Johnson Joins Calls for Knocking Down the BQESTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/w3cXJWprCD
3/6City expanding Fair Fares programsilive.comhttps://t.co/LO3myF329g
3/6Corey Johnson: Give NYC Control Of The Subways, Ban Cars On Bedford Avenuegothamisthttps://t.co/nlB07k6M6Z
3/6Lyft has to pay Amazon's cloud at least $8 million a month until the end of 2021BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/o7r1Wl5k0J
3/6Put politics before people: reject congestion pricingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/aoxk2jA2RT
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3/5Manhattan toll plan can keep NYC moving above and below groundamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/vbI3BoVqXP
3/5An Uber driver was stabbed to death in New York City,
and it shows a big safety problem the company needs to solve
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/or5XP8HAlf
3/5Bronx Uber driver’s devastated widow recalls their final conversationN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/W3UORB0KcX
3/5Taxi Driver Has Medical Issue, Crashes Into Utility Pole in Brooklyn and Dies: PoliceNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/2oLzpzbMfb
3/5Children push ahead with historic lawsuit to force Trump administration to tackle climate changeINDEPENDENThttps://t.co/juZ6AfdGbZ
3/5Some NYC subway newsstands will be replaced by vending machines 6sqsfhttps://t.co/T2dIMjCEu9
3/5Uber gives up fight over unemployment insurance decisionCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ogXE8QCPZl
3/5Despite City’s Positive Outlook On Crime Numbers, NYPD Reports Murders & Rapes Soaring In 2019CBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/xqA58mP6nY
3/4Assemblyman says Cuomo’s using pay-raise ‘extortion’ to pass budgetN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/H1h3JvslTt
3/4This plan isn’t about unclogging New York City’s streets — it’s about milking themN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/kKrUZZ3DXn
3/4Gas-guzzling car rides expose AOC’s hypocrisy amid Green New Deal pledgeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/r0rSQ9ctJF
3/4Fatal taxi stabbing victim ID’d as Uber driverN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/tbyg2UxvEd
3/4Uber Driver Is Stabbed to Death in the BronxN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/v8X8vIXJdK
3/4Lyft IPO could spark asset class warCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/436P1MM0MH
3/4$3,000 Reward Offered In Stabbing Of Livery DriverCBSNY-WLNY
3/4Cuomo's plan for Manhattan congestion pricing facing hurdlesNewsdayhttps://t.co/O3SKELZ0S9
3/4Compare and contrast: De Blasio cracks down on a legal,
sanctioned tourism business and ignores unlicensed illegal hawkers
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/XlHafbAVL2
3/3Lyft IPO: 5 things the ride-hailing company just revealed MarketWatchhttps://t.co/KU9j44GEYb
3/3Early Data Suggests Shared Scooters Unsustainably ExpensiveEXTREMETECHhttps://t.co/24caq9rKDU
3/3NYC toll plan can help keep Long Island movingNewsdayhttps://t.co/XzDKweWcmk
3/3Ride-hailing taking a toll on taxi companiestimesunionhttps://t.co/EHDZuto6yZ
3/2Residents Only? City Council Considers Parking Permits To Curb Out-Of-State Drivers Taking Up NYC SpacesCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/W4jvvTKrrb
3/2Upper Manhattan Pols Want Parking Permits For Congestion Pricing Patchhttps://t.co/fu75dWnc9t
3/2NYC Congestion-Fee Hurdles Emerge as Senate Leader Makes DemandsBloomberghttps://t.co/KQ3hrrCa54
3/2SUBURBAN REVOLT! Another County Heard from as Senate Dems Protest Congestion PricingSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/pTYmNHlmwv
3/2Lyft zooms past Uber in IPO raceN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/tDCHZ0AuBO
3/2Uber drivers claim new London congestion charge is discriminationMashablehttps://t.co/ab8pFsroJO
3/1The Age of Congestion Pricing May Finally Be Upon UsWIREDhttps://t.co/zj4X4e9XcY
3/1Seriously, How Many People Are Throwing Citi Bikes in the Hudson?West Side Raghttps://t.co/i67P2PZD63
3/1NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson says Mayor de Blasio
gave up too much power under Gov. Cuomo's congestion pricing plan
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/6LyfKtVsWA
3/1Mayor de Blasio orders carriage horses into Central ParkN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/dWLO6KOycB
3/1Uber and Lyft are reportedly giving drivers cash to buy shares in their respective IPOsTech Crunchhttps://t.co/7ayZLx8FKI
3/1How Jumaane Williams won the special electionBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/JfEZ4mOT0L
2/28Uber vs. Taxi: What's the Difference?TheStreethttps://t.co/LwlGuYcqHJ
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2/28Congestion Pricing Opponents Say Plan Hurts Outer Borough Residents wcbs-880NYhttps://t.co/o52loTVspe
2/28MTA Keeps Base Fare at $2.75, Drops Multi-Ride Card BonusBloomberghttps://t.co/NR4wGyqAlj
2/28Man, Woman Wanted in Wild Deli Attack on NYC Cab Driver in Brooklyn: CopsNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/FVPOfCWXqc
2/28Uber’s electric bicycles are starting to get more riders than their carselectrekhttps://t.co/rY0eE68OIA
2/27Jumaane Williams wins special election for public advocateN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/U3KCiKEOG4
2/27With a de Blasio assist, Cuomo demonstrates congestion-pricing momentumPOLITICOhttps://t.co/PB8F2Ry8CB
2/27Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo release 10-point plan to fix MTAABC-7NYhttps://t.co/OVPuz626JE
2/27Following Cuomo's Abrupt L Train Takeover, MTA Vows To 'Stick With What We Planned' On Future Projectsgothamisthttps://t.co/oT7b3zpAOa
2/27Uber Under The Antitrust Microscope: Is There A 'Firm Exemption' To Antitrust?Forbeshttps://t.co/3f0qfovmmY
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2/27Hudson River rail tunnel shutdown would deal massive blow to economy: studyCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/TOWG8pGtec
2/27Governor Cuomo is a Guest on WNYC with Brian Lehrer to Discuss Plan to Transform and Fund the MTA New York Statehttps://t.co/NKAeU2tdkK
2/27Uber Wins Round 742 in Legals with London CabbiesGIZMODOhttps://t.co/U0malgETGr
2/26Lawmakers Running Out Of Time To Pass Congestion Pricing WCBS-880NYhttps://t.co/eJzW2aqEdM
2/26Advocates say congestion pricing vital for most vulnerable New YorkersN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/rlC4NaqdyJ
2/26Why it’s time for congestion pricing in New York CityGreenBizhttps://t.co/kjrUqEnjae
2/26Subway Escalator Buckles at Height of Morning Rush, Terrifying Some CommutersNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/q2NyM8xw7U
2/26Pickup Truck Goes Up in Flames, Driver Burned When Passerby Chucks Molotov Cocktail Into Car in Harlem: NYPDNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/RhQrnfaT5m
2/26Andrew Cuomo quietly drops stretch limo ban amid oppositionDemocrat & Chroniclehttps://t.co/ajfyIq2Xo0
2/25These ‘congestion pricing’ schemes are just a new way to bleed the publicN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ifyo8zCBZx
2/25Congestion pricing cards are on the table:
Lawmakers can't pretend they don't know what the governor is proposing
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/fGt7Kpa29s
2/25The scooter scourgeTHEWEEKhttps://t.co/jS2gVrN2Vf
2/25UBER-Everything Is Still Riding on the Upcoming IPOnaked capitalismhttps://t.co/Zvca9gXQjo
2/25Woman on Sidewalk Killed in Taxi Hit-and-Run: Police NBC-4NYhttps://t.co/Oszpg9QmiQ
2/25Green cab driver released hours after fatally striking woman on Queens sidewalk: copsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/K1P4y2V0LT
2/25Uber’s biggest competitor in the Middle East
says it has mapped 45,000 miles of road in its bid to compete on a global stage
2/25Requesting a shorter ride in the city? Uber wants you to bike insteadOsburn Oraclehttps://t.co/4SjGvAb6fN
2/25Debates of the Century @ NYU Wagner: Congestion PricingTHE CENTURY FOUNDATIONhttps://t.co/erBXaiPexv
2/24Uber Defeated in Spain Thanks to Taxi Driver ProtestCITIZEN TRUTHhttps://t.co/DazuSXGUJt
2/24Former car service app driver gets 3 years in prison for fatal Manhattan hit-and-runN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/DqlrRLGLZN
2/24We're paying a price for the de Blasio-Cuomo spending bingeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/fzHZVTmqSC
2/24Uber stopped telling investors how much it pays to driversQUARTZhttps://t.co/yGaKwPaP11
2/24E-Scooter Companies Ramp Up Lobbying for State and City AuthorizationGOTHAMGAZETTEhttps://t.co/ffo8z6Au3j
2/24Daimler, BMW Throw In $1 Billion to Battle With Uber, LyftTheStreethttps://t.co/9QQWGprrRC
2/24Public Advocate Candidates Spar at Debate Ahead of Feb. 26 ElectionWest Side Raghttps://t.co/XJOxvA50S8
2/23Driver of SUV impaled by subway plank speaks out; activists say incident is a call to actionPIX-11https://t.co/0sYOK3JZB0
2/23Yellow taxicab erupts in flames outside Port AuthorityN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/t6hdwzwpN0
2/23Uber rider claims she was almost a victim of sex traffickingN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/rrUzhSBtWE
2/23Long Island City-bound trains skipping Greenpoint Ave for the entire month of MarchFree WILLIMSBURGhttps://t.co/Z4APCRlhKy
2/23Former Uber driver jailed for 2016 shooting spree in Michigan
claims the app 'literally took over' his mind and body
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/gTYED4HMcR
2/22Lyft's IPO Date Puts It Ahead of Uber in the Race to Go PublicFORTUNEhttps://t.co/22WbVdlPxb
2/22For-hire drivers are fearful of new congestion taxAmsterdam Newshttps://t.co/2lEMIe4ukJ
2/22GRIDLOCK SAM: You'll need alternatives for the L train on weekendsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/7qss6cA9ta
2/22AARP Backs Congestion Pricing — Defying Pols Who Claim Seniors Would be Hurt By TollsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/oVzRqHFiMl
2/22Free Parking:Is it the Secret Ingredient in NYC’s Traffic Problem?CITYLIMITS.orghttps://t.co/Z6ExNHt83y
2/22Watch: Uber drives the wrong way up York city centre streetYORK MIXhttps://t.co/5lYG4vlUtt
NYC COUNCILhttps://t.co/6v1eJNIrvv
2/21Gov. Cuomo Pushing For New Law Requiring All Back Seat Passengers To Use Seat BeltsWLNYhttps://t.co/s4ze7TFvpU
2/21Lyft plans to launch IPO roadshow week of March 18CNBChttps://t.co/VDhcvYOKN3
2/21New York officials face backlash over 'congestion' tax pushFOX NEWShttps://t.co/FgIUrCleoN
2/21Lyft reportedly will beat Uber to IPOMashable
2/21No L Train Shutdown Might Mean Worse Commutes Longterm: Experts PATCHhttps://t.co/DERUkDGOqm
2/21Customers turn cold shoulder to cabs in ride-sharing warThe Investorhttps://t.co/JWaCVzTTtH
2/20Congestion pricing plan wouldn’t roll out for two more years: MTAN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/5X66OYhb7M
2/20After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Could Be NextN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/1TSWo35p25
2/20Uber and Lyft fare increases put a strain on the wallets of ridersThe Tickerhttps://t.co/srINTOrGTt
2/20Uber Says NYC License Cap Hinges on Bogus Traffic Data Court House Newshttps://t.co/xWhDaU09jv
2/20Saudi investors uneasy with how Son is running his $100B Vision FundThe Real Dealhttps://t.co/gmytZbANMI
2/20Scrutiny Over SoftBank's Mega Fund Could Impact VC Fund Raising And DealsForbeshttps://t.co/qBaRLD37DW
2/20Did Pre-IPO Uber ‘Lose’ $1.8 Billion in 2018, Or Aggressively Invest In Its 85% Market Share Dominance?CCNhttps://t.co/eFHdfHzZF8
2/20We Asked Public Advocate Candidates: Is NYC Following the Freedom of Information Law?CITYLIMITS.orghttps://t.co/4Ji56QpaTT
2/19Cabbies upset Johnson axed for-hire vehicle committeeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/x0psR9RySX
2/19Richard Brodsky: Broad-based taxes are the way to fund mass transittimesunionhttps://t.co/BG3LXdcQhh
2/19Is 2019 the Year When New York Passes Congestion Pricing?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/tYjVCYPDve
2/19New York lawmakers will talk to subway commuters in push for congestion pricingN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/1PlMHOdAS7
2/19Uber and the Ongoing Erasure of Public LifeTHE NEW YOUKERhttps://t.co/VIRWQurEFw
2/19Cuomo proposes seat belt requirement for automobile back seatstimesunionhttps://t.co/2qhehra5ss
2/18Company Watch: Uber Reports $1.8 Billion In Losses Last Year And $3 Billion In Q4 RevenueBUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/DXPCrQ0iYJ
2/18Getting There: New surcharge takes NY taxi drivers for a ridectposthttps://t.co/LTtOWH83uW
2/18Uber's surge pricing policy change could cost workers $1,000 a monthabc action newshttps://t.co/FPZd9nXwnk
2/18Google Moves In Where Amazon, GE Move OutPYMNTShttps://t.co/5Dz8ePzTlJ
2/18How Does New York City Solve a Problem Like Rubén Díaz?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/LiO0Zvarc6
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2/17UBER suing New York City: Bringing balance or stifling innovation?NEWSTRAILhttps://t.co/8cbTVKYXHi
2/17Uber sues NYC over limit on ridehailing vehiclesCNNhttps://t.co/TEzRiil1PQ
2/17As Uber Prepares for I.P.O., Its Losses Pile UpN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/Wh1aQNPWop
2/17Defunct startup Sidecar sues Uber: 'hell-bent on stifling competition'REUTERShttps://t.co/X3r6sCpXWj
2/16Uber sues NYC over new cap on rideshare carsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ieDL54oEpY
2/16Uber keeps burning through money and its sales growth slows as it prepares for IPOL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/u8OD0jwhHd
2/16Uber suing city over rule limiting number of driversCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/FS46sR6uW6
2/16Uber Sues NYC to Kill Its Ride-Hail Car CapWIREDhttps://t.co/aQPcRsvM9f
2/16Carriage horse drivers fighting rule that moves them inside Central ParkamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/ASmhSHSDwu
2/15Bronx pol Ruben Diaz Sr. says Amazon decision proves him rightN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/wugixM5Hlj
2/15Uber’s London license under threat as cab drivers fight backGULF TIMEShttps://t.co/c91ah8glR2
2/15Cuomo’s New L-Train Shutdown Plan Is Basically As Bad As We ExpectedSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/hHqAQeaV5d
2/15Driverless Cars Still Require Human InterventionMediaPosthttps://t.co/IFZqIyXbK4
2/15Congestion Pricing is Only Way to Save MTA: CuomoThe Forumhttps://t.co/0mrLQhbUj4
2/15Robert Mujica, the money man in Albany, on congestion pricing in the state budgetCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/JrvTrjYPVO
2/14The Unrepentant Bigotry Of Ruben Diaz, Sr. Has Been Enabled By Democrats For Yearsgothamisthttps://t.co/PBi6i1InMX
2/14New Congestion Surcharge Hurts Taxi Passengers and Drivers: NYC Taxi Group Presidenthttps://t.co/zECAsVeOfR
2/14Johnson faces skeptical questions about his decision to eliminate Diaz's committeePOLITICOhttps://t.co/YCUWIaWQcH
2/14Council committee dissolved following chairman's homophobic remarksCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/zP9Oe9LUiI
2/14Wrong about being wrong:
Ilhan Omar and Ruben Diaz both say divisive and hateful things; neither should resign
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/DuvwdIjTo9
2/14Ruben Diaz Sr.'s subcommittee dissolved after homophobic commentsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/aMJnZKYyHY
2/14De Blasio Still A No On Congestion Pricing, Report Says Patchhttps://t.co/iyXnEfPVpT
2/14Ydanis Rodriguez dodges questions about Diaz Sr.’s anti-gay commentsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/hIQ2ucLk4K
2/14NYC pushes to get driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrantsPIX-11https://t.co/018HuJimmp
2/14Law Enforcement Struggles to Catch Fraudulent Uber and Lyft DriversNBC-Bay Areahttps://t.co/ByIeu4JNvv
2/14Americans Are Abandoning Public Transit—but Don't Blame UberWIREDhttps://t.co/DLviIaHS4a
2/13Smell from L-train seeping into Brooklyn homesFOX5https://t.co/ty5VyrENnE
2/13Diaz Sr. may lose committee post after homophobic remarksN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/VuqirMURMT
2/13KOMANOFF: How to Counter the Latest Congestion Pricing ObjectionsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/xXSZx1USYO
2/13Illegal Uber drivers should lose cars the minute they are charged,
says Hong Kong lawmaker calling for crackdown on ride-hailing service
South China
Morning Post
2/13Real-time tracking of security and taxi wait times available at all New York airportsAviation24.behttps://t.co/8m0SnWm4x4
2/13In a once-flourishing taxicab mecca, DC rides plummetWTOPhttps://t.co/4KZVByNAsY
2/13Flying taxis could be coming to this airportN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/asUN0qeMxI
2/13Wife raped as she lay next to husband in #Uber attackIOLhttps://t.co/AlnMwMAojc
2/12Corey Johnson calls on Ruben Diaz Sr. to resign after anti-gay remarksN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/yCNG1LmbRa
2/12Bronx lawmaker refuses to apologize for anti-gay remarksN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/VXm1tLUj6v
2/12Ruben Diaz Sr Bullied For Claiming Gays Control Council, He SaysPatchhttps://t.co/H0Jqs2OIx3
2/12Mayor De Blasio Seeks ‘Carve Out’ In Congestion Pricing Plan For Poor PeopleWLNYhttps://t.co/V43tiXrQDO
2/12Another taxi driver sets himself on fireKorea Heraldhttps://t.co/9g6I0tA3nD
2/12Think before you click: A fee for every online deliveryCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/XtDRjFlFkP
2/12‘Confused’ Tesla on autopilot runs off N.J. highway, crashes into signs, driver tells copsnj.comhttps://t.co/KHAR2qhq0v
2/12Police arrest man who stole taxicab, took it for a joyrideN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/BXmNa4iH8W
2/12Controversial taxi rules have not reduced SFO trips, but may be driving cabbies awayS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/pe9rw9cqDL
2/12Connecticut legislators to consider minimum pay for Uber and Lyft driversgreenwichtimehttps://t.co/HGTTg8l2n8
2/12Uber, Lyft ordinance vetoed by Ashland mayorkobi5https://t.co/nezryk6CX6
2/11Uber and Lyft accounts hacked in money laundering scheme11ALIVEhttps://t.co/JbExVbw8QJ
2/11Bill to let undocumented residents get driver's licenses to be introduced in City Council: exclusiveN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/K12UbLIhP6
2/11Uber’s bikesharing service is eating into its regular business DIGITAL TRENDShttps://t.co/oi9sBctOVn
2/11Self-driving cars could actually make congestion much worseBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/KtrrfmSx5o
2/11Lawmakers react to report that Amazon may pull the plug on LIC campusThe Real Dealhttps://t.co/gNFPNoNzvG
2/11Claiming Attempt to Silence Them, Advocacy Groups Oppose Cuomo Lobbying ProposalGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/H0kQWGuUPH
2/11Editorial: Make the Legislature more transparentTHE DAILY GAZETTEhttps://t.co/3BVGPWTZzz
2/11NYC’s tax dollars are still rushing in — and Blas is still spending even fasterN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/BrlPPHxnYX
2/10Drivers need to start paying to use New York City’s streetsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/tOaRd53kOc
2/10Conservative Ruben Diaz Sr. unapologetic after claiming
City Council controlled by the 'homosexual community'
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/QWzktpGrLx
2/10MTA Says They Finally Found The Source Of The Noxious L Train Smell... Maybegothamisthttps://t.co/huDqLbFIEa
2/10Amazon exploring potential alternatives to New York HQ: sourceREUTERShttps://t.co/GF2WRpA2ha
2/10Russia offers a glimpse of the future of car sharing, and carmakers should be terrifiedSFGATEhttps://t.co/BB6e6jZ7Nf
2/10Other bus lines filling gap left by Bieber, which collapsed under load of debtsThe Morning Callhttps://t.co/TqzEeTIhv8
2/9Cuomo’s crazed MTA attacksN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6RPTsAwvCD
2/9Cuomo’s Ultimatum: Congestion Pricing Or 30-Percent Fare Hike To Fund MTA FixCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/qDRUeQRx4f
2/9Citi Bike Installs Largest Station In the City On the Edge of UWSWest Side Raghttps://t.co/fi8AItnzzk
2/9Oil Leak Causing Irritating Odor On L TrainCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/UtAXoqRkIC
2/9Sorry, self-driving cars won't make your Uber ride any cheaperBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/KAHAqH5rlh
2/9Amazon’s opponents think the company is bluffing about killing its HQ2 plan in NYCrecodehttps://t.co/QbTFmPYcgW
2/9Donald Trump’s first major Manhattan hotel to be torn downN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/XUIdHSYMKI
2/9Lyft driver charged with kidnapping, raping intoxicated female passengerN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/IFSY3dlmHz
2/9Black cab drivers block London streets for second day
in protest at Sadiq Khan's plans to improve air quality by BANNING them from part of the capital
Daily Mailhttps://t.co/MHp6sPa7n1
2/9Shocking Video Catches NYC Taxi Driver On FaceTime While Behind The WheelCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/LpkdaIV1BU
2/9Is New York City the best city in the world right now? We want to know...TimeOUthttps://t.co/JnjJettyJL
2/8Queens pol: Cuomo should scrap, renegotiate Amazon dealN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/kuNFXZrgLA
2/8Amazon just invested in a secretive self-driving
car startup lead by former Tesla, Uber, and Google executives
2/8Uber Lays Out Its Plan for Long-Term Self-DisruptionBloomberghttps://t.co/bv3l4M3EpZ
2/8Victims in Uber rape trial to institute civil actionnews24https://t.co/SQTU1xzlGw
2/7Gig economy tech companies like Instacart have
been accused of tip theft. But the problem is bigger than that.
2/8Uber Faces $1.3B Tax Suit in UK from Lawyer Who Won Major Brexit RulingINSURANCE JOURNALhttps://t.co/oaYRa7OCRc
2/8Lyft caves on minimum wage CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/sXZaR9FKme
2/8Uber driver charged with drug-impaired driving in OshawaCP24https://t.co/DycNAb2kSb
2/8Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s is revolting against Uber Eats and other food delivery appsTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/Ty2mIfsi6E
2/8How criminals use Uber and Airbnb to launder money stolen from your credit cardCNBChttps://t.co/rsS3qQbSqS
2/7Lyft caves on minimum-wage rulesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/8NYKoLk9Qh
2/7Gig economy tech companies like Instacart have
been accused of tip theft. But the problem is bigger than that.
2/7Electric scooters were to blame for at least 1,500 injuries and deaths in the US last yearBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/sdLhBpt5zX
2/7New Berkeley study on electric scooters shows it may be better to own than shareelectrekhttps://t.co/sbKqS1LaEO
2/7Local Politics: Ride-share tax could curb Lyft and Uber excessesCOLUMBUS ALIVEhttps://t.co/QDRqH8sIce
2/7Crucial—and unfunded—subway fixes could save New Yorkers millions of hours per year: studyCURBEDhttps://t.co/eaycs3fu6n
2/7Self-Driving Cars Have ‘Every Incentive to Create Havoc’NEXT CITYhttps://t.co/apGgYCgaAA
2/7Accessible subway station numbers in Manhattan are inflated, report saysCURBEDhttps://t.co/MUbARds9yv
2/7Congestion Pricing Begins in NY on Taxi Trips South of 96th StThe Jewish Voicehttps://t.co/BnfRD5lQYM
2/7Madrid taxis end strike, fail to get tighter rules for Uber Miami Heraldhttps://t.co/zcebMgrYMY
2/6Cabs circle Capitol to protest new surchargetimesunionhttps://t.co/XnHT1xJ634
2/6Uber, Lyft crushing bus and subway ridership in cities: StudyWashington Timeshttps://t.co/xjL35Ce3mI
2/6Transit Advocates to Rally on Wednesday for Robust Grand Street Plans in Light of Revised L Train Projectgreenpointposthttps://t.co/MKaYX7rSVj
2/6Uber and Lyft are in a battle for user loyalty, and riders may winrecodehttps://t.co/LNOzPQ0K0m
2/6Uber driver who murdered 6 people in shooting rampage sentenced to life in prison NBChttps://t.co/UNaWucyQcs
2/6Lyft says it will give drivers their raiseCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/U4VdSyHLQs
2/6Cuomo may go around state board to approve Amazon HQ dealN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/aVLUwuT1cU
2/6The Micromobility Gold Rush Has Only Just BegunCITYLABhttps://t.co/79s3V2IP5m
2/6Congestion pricing may be coming to NY. What's the impact on NJ?northjersey.comhttps://t.co/aOht0NchNt
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2/5All the Bad Things About Uber and Lyft In One Simple ListSTREETSBLOG USAhttps://t.co/KtpV51QSaH
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2/5Does Gov. Cuomo really want congestion pricing to pass in NY?N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/iOFIyf365w
2/5Port Authority Airports Now Have Real-Time Tracking for TSA and Taxi Wait Times OnlineNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/3UUzUHaHz9
2/5New congestion surcharge now in effectFOX-5NYhttps://t.co/CNvWV8eWft
2/5Cab rides in NYC to get pricier as judge allows congestion pricing surchargeQNShttps://t.co/WIiyRHryul
2/5Bird CEO on scooter startup copycats, unit economics, safety and seasonalityTech Crunchhttps://t.co/LTG7jLqAKS
2/572-Year-Old Bicyclist Hit, Killed by Truck in Manhattan: NYPDNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/BFsbFNeHEY
2/4Cabbies protest fare hikes outside Cuomo’s Manhattan officeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/c2KXklfHa1
2/4Taxi Fares and the ElderlyN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/1DnfKBhgGx
2/4British tourist who lost leg in 2013 taxi crash ends legal battle with only $150,000 settlementN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/cFxWHELftM
2/4Fate of bike lanes, busway debated after L plans canceled amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/XjxQ7lQVqR
2/4Tempe faces $10M suit in Uber self-driving death BUSINESS JOURNALhttps://t.co/inCpEONvpy
2/4New York brings in congestion charge for cabs to reduce number of cars on streets EVENING STANDARDhttps://t.co/hc3OFHOWgO
2/4Uber Is Under Siege All Over the World NATIONAL REVIEWhttps://t.co/I9eKiUkaPd
2/3Uber and Lyft Raise Prices in New York City, Citing Wage LawBloomberghttps://t.co/rZpBtuEfDA
2/3A New Yorker’s Guide to the Sudden Upheaval in Uber and Taxi FaresBloomberghttps://t.co/YB5DLhYb67
2/3Congestion pricing now: New fees on cabs and other for-hire vehicles should be the start of something bigN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/x6kE0T7dsu
2/3NYC Now Knows More Than Ever About Your Uber and Lyft TripsWIREDhttps://t.co/s0u4sGNYsS
2/3Relatives of woman killed in Uber crash file $10M claim Miami Heraldhttps://t.co/SlXwziPK2q
2/3Thousands of Spaniards protest for better pensions in Madrid Miami Heraldhttps://t.co/vgGTqJqoi3
2/2Congestion Pricing For For-Hire Vehicles In Manhattan Takes Effect SaturdayCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/VR65Hw70uC
2/2Congestion pricing fee on for-hire vehicles can proceed, judge rulesCURBEDhttps://t.co/cmXgiZ64CS
2/2New ride-hail minimum-wage rules move ahead despite lawsuitCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/f1LusNWZ7p
2/2Uber raises prices in New York City, citing new minimum-wage lawCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/JjwP7IQqaG
2/1Fairness uber alles: Pay app-hail drivers the decent wages they deserveN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/HbY2YemFKi
2/1Judge allows congestion pricing surcharge to be collectedN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/znodxKv8m8
2/1Ride-hailing apps must pay drivers minimum wage: judgeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/a6vhDe7IXB
2/1The cost of your Uber ride just went upN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/L1DjAgYNJQ
2/1Cuomo Is Eating De Blasio's Lunch On Congestion Pricinggothamisthttps://t.co/1nzRoR8qvZ
2/1Judge lifts restraining order on congestion pricing surchargeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/mfUKfYQeun
2/1NYC Now Knows More Than Ever About Your Uber and Lyft TripsWIREDhttps://t.co/s0u4sGNYsS
2/1Lyft Claims that NYC's New Driver Minimum Wage Makes It Even Harder to Compete with UberFORTUNEhttps://t.co/TPabgy0ux6
2/1WHO WILL EMERGE?: The race for public advocate—full speed aheadAmsterdam Newshttps://t.co/Crxc4sKV9u
2/1Uber, Cabify to cease operations in Barcelona due to tighter regulationsTHE HILLhttps://t.co/gUD6Ebxf5I
2/1How Uber’s Trying to Clean Up Its Act En Route to an IPOThe Washington Posthttps://t.co/cQmlU1tr8E
1/31Your Taxi or Uber Ride in Manhattan Will Soon Cost MoreN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/zAKW2DIWUb
1/31Ride-hailing apps must pay drivers minimum wage: judgeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/a6vhDe7IXB
1/31Lyft and Juno are suing to block minimum-wage rule for driversCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/DYpl83Mpzj
1/31Two early executives at Lime have quietly left the scooter companyrecodehttps://t.co/7Qg4hzN3ht
1/31Cuomo raked in $17 million from campaign finance loophole he fought to close (See donors)syracuse.comhttps://t.co/FQ8aqcNdLw
1/31Uber to open new SF office as it moves toward IPOS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/4ZAXtfz3mt
1/31'Long Lyft, Short Uber' Says This IPO ExpertTheStreethttps://t.co/O6PpB5TNjA
1/31New taxi rules at SFO help some drivers, but hurt others KALWhttps://t.co/kI6WcAECKr
1/31Why Flying Cars Are an Impossible DreamNextgovhttps://t.co/HvFXY448YR
1/30City Council members introduce taxicab ‘panic button’ billsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/UCo1oAa5Ma
1/30OPINION: Gov. Cuomo Is Talking Crazy About Congestion Pricing — But He May Be Crazy Like a FoxSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/prMFT5XWVZ
1/30Cuomo: MTA would need even higher fare hikes if congestion pricing doesn’t passN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/VMUpl9vZeu
1/30Popularity of brief Uber, Lyft rides on campus raises environmental concernsDAILY BRUINhttps://t.co/cMUX3685QL
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1/29KOMANOFF: Want Fair Taxi Congestion Surcharges? Embed Them Within Congestion TollingSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/tMmPqgFsCc
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1/29New York's overly political approach to mass transitPHYS.ORGhttps://t.co/YaZkgoVNMO
1/29Incensed taxi drivers propose airport strikeMISSION LOCALhttps://t.co/pTVaTwHVcq
1/29Future Of Taxi, Ride-Sharing In NYC May Include ‘Panic Buttons’ For Drivers And PassengersCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/d0zvgg0xO5
1/29PD: Passenger stabs, kills pregnant Lyft driver in Tempe azfamily.comhttps://t.co/umJYzETHrA
1/29Police use cranes to clear major Madrid road blocked by striking taxi drivers FRANCE24https://t.co/9jodVDEBfh
1/29In photos: Taxi drivers clash with riot police in MadridEl PAIShttps://t.co/Ht8y25x7sa
1/29Man Fights Claim He Left Blood Stains in Ride-Sharing CarNBC-6Miamihttps://t.co/P20BzZyOI1
1/29Martha Stewart‘s First Uber Ride Is A Recipe For DisasterHerdon Gazettehttps://t.co/TnNPakSkju
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1/28Dimwitted thief takes $100,000 from a jewelry store, then uses a cab as a getaway car Daily Mailhttps://t.co/rpqKDlu6EB
1/28Singapore wants ride-hailing licensing update e27https://t.co/jYfYa8Z7Jx
1/27Why a $15 Lyft coupon won’t fix sexual harassmentThe Stanford Dailyhttps://t.co/1JHwPhN6xb
1/27Blind woman says Denver Uber driver denied ride because of service dogABC-7DENVERhttps://t.co/M2g3zyZ2pC
1/27Violent Collision Sends Car Flying Toward Home at Busy Astoria Intersection, 6 Hurt: FDNYNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/W89Sv54LR4
1/27Push to make e-scooters legal in NYC despite safety concernsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/mKyvuyouKG
1/27D.C. Just Released the First Evaluation of Its Dockless Bike and Scooter ExperimentTheCityFixhttps://t.co/bCi80fQ8aN
1/27Electric Scooters Are Remaking Mass Transit While Driving Profits for Service ProvidersADWEEKhttps://t.co/9QleAwDAXl
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1/26New York taxi gang forced a British couple to hand over $450Daily Mailhttps://t.co/7H0W58dyy8
1/26LaGuardia flights halted due to staffing shortageCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/UMCKkDIpTe
1/26De Blasio endorses Cuomo's L-train planCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/vkc33D8qt8
1/26Uber, Lyft boosting Brooklyn nightlife: reportCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/kDmN8iWlTj
1/26Advocates pitch congestion pricing for transit upgrades, but 'fact sheets' omit funding shortfallCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/IqPS9WFr4B
1/26NYC congestion pricing is this year’s toughest issue: HeastieN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/sVVRXkEy0l
1/26Taxi drivers protest new regulation that could bar hundreds of drivers from picking up at SFOABC-7NEWShttps://t.co/4K8Fihi9v1
1/26Uber Rewards Is a Bad Deal for Cities Hoping to Reduce CongestionCITYLABhttps://t.co/rXXQugUj53
1/25Cuomo’s ‘miracle’ L-train plan sounds like straphanger hellN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/35uapx2fE9
1/25MTA made ‘giant mistake’ by canceling L train shutdown: boardN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/fCHnpJT3w9
1/25Cuomo Plan Lets Localities Legalize E-Scooters and E-BikesSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/B61oUir2oi
1/25City raises concerns over e-bike, scooter legislation at Council hearingCURBEDhttps://t.co/sIMMBcj8P1
1/25Roadblocks Ahead For NYC Council's Plan To Legalize E-Bikes And E-Scootersgothamisthttps://t.co/hHbpChif9w
1/25Roadblocks Ahead For NYC Council's Plan To Legalize E-Bikes And E-ScootersSOURCELINK
1/25Police: Taxi Driver Robbed By Passengers With Box Cutter In BrooklynCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/7VPJ3lX7TE
1/25Barcelona taxi drivers end strike; Madrid stoppage enters day fourEL PAIShttps://t.co/pehEzZ32SG
1/25Boeing completes first autonomous air taxi flightKXLYhttps://t.co/XHgDOp8KFW
1/25'Bizarre And Terrifying' Attack On Uber Car In MidtownCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/T873Vj9ShS
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1/24E-Bike Champion: Let’s Not Be Distracted by Tech Companies Pushing ‘Toy’ E-ScootersSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Qz24jLRyc9
1/24Uber and Lyft are siphoning riders from public transit, study findsautobloghttps://t.co/jQyl3YzMIO
1/24Sheets of Water Gush Into L Train Tunnel After Main Breaks, Wreaking Havoc on ServiceNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/FNYQGoYCVw
1/24Boeing's flying taxi lifts off in first flight, bringing Uber Air closer to realityCBS NEWShttps://t.co/WrNQjHcIgF
1/24Taxi driver badly hurt in Spain's 'anti-Uber' strikeALJAZEERAhttps://t.co/ledMSL2Iow
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1/23Uber’s investigations unit stressed out over too much work: reportN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/wKpwWnf910
1/23NYC Transit president defends hiring private subway cleanersN.Y. Daily Newshttps://t.co/t0L7iNTsKR
1/23Spanish taxi strike against app services spreads to Madridjapan timeshttps://t.co/9xw2BnwwVE
1/23EDITORIAL: Massachusetts must raise fees on Uber, Lyft to fund infrastructure, forgotten workersThe Daily Free Presshttps://t.co/Oc86vgWHSZ
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1/22$9.5 million MTA plan for 'heavy duty' cleaning of subway cars and stations angers unionN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Q8F2aaWy3w
1/22MTA seeks a consultant to review Cuomo's L-train tunnel fixN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2inhrX8Qpb
1/22Cuomo’s MTA moves show what a real dictator looks likeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/p4xJ6jHOBe
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1/21New L Train Plan Appears to be Going Ahead Without MTA Board Approval
— and That's Confusing Everyone
1/21Bill calls for higher fees for Uber, Lyft in Massachusetts BOSTON Heraldhttps://t.co/EXMgS2SGkv
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1/20Cuomo accused of ramming through L-train plan to avoid MTA panelN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/x2bY72tIUX
1/20Bike lane battle rages on in Manhattan amid L-train dramaN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZlzGS0snVn
1/20Blame Cuomo for New York’s coming natural-gas crisisN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/aOHiZjDQdj
1/20Air taxis could fly people across major cities by ‘mid-2020s’, company saysBorneo Bulletinhttps://t.co/KUn50MLA93
1/20Taxi and ride-share congestion fee remains stalled by court caseN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/yVFUY6KOVJ
1/19Watch: Congestion Pricing a ‘Nail in the Coffin,’ Warn Taxi DriversTHE INDYPENDENThttps://t.co/o8miYL3pZY
1/19UNFINE PRINT: Andrew Cuomo is the Latest to Wrongly Blame Bike Lanes for CongestionSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/tX1dBAXrUQ
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1/18Taxi Medallion Owner Speaks Out Against Congestion SurchargeCBSLOCALhttps://t.co/4EK1JXlVfo
1/18NYC taxi drivers call Gov. Cuomo's congestion pricing a "suicide surcharge"ABC-7NYhttps://t.co/6wWT5Wjp6b
1/18Judge Extends Block Of Congestion Pricing Plan Through Jan. 31CBSLOCALhttps://t.co/7484lNBIeO
1/18Taxis get congestion-surcharge reprieveCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/fJ5vNs6AKH
1/18Arrests of hustling cabbies skyrocket at NYC airportsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/f0A8aF5S0K
1/18I-Team: Expensive Experts? MTA Hires $300 Million Consultants But Opts for Free L Train AdviceNBC-NYhttps://t.co/aES7Uf8WJC
1/18Cuomo Ties MTA Funding to Congestion PricingNY1https://t.co/OW14EwHCzc
1/18Judge extends restraining order on congestion pricing feeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/FnggDBDYBY
1/18Lime and Bird Raise Millions, But at Far Lower Valuations Than HopedBloomberghttps://t.co/TtAoo81o8C
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1/17KOMANOFF: Good Tidings for Congestion Pricing From Governor CuomoSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/xsUs8hTnGH
1/17De Blasio appears on 'The View' to tout health-care plans, gets yelled at by Whoopi Goldberg for bike lanesN.Y. Daily Newshttps://t.co/GgLLxvWmfc
1/17Uber Has Bigger Problems to Worry About Than the ShutdownBloomberghttps://t.co/58t28pspy1
1/17Quotation of the Day:
‘Suicide Surcharge’ or Crucial Fee to Fix the Subway? Taxi Drivers Brace for Battle Over $2.50 Charge
N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/S8Se3xr48Z
1/17Cuomo Gives Few Details on Congestion Pricing Plan in State of the StateNY-1https://t.co/hTd7tDKZuG
1/17Uber Drivers Face Uphill Battle in 3rd Circuit AppealCourthouse
News Service
1/16Governor Cuomo Announces Comprehensive Safety Reforms for Limousines and Large Passenger VehiclesNEW YORK STATEhttps://t.co/avFcvhIPBe
1/16Congestion pricing’s improved odds give hope to BQE opposition in Brooklyn HeightsBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/NTNBaFq8KA
1/16Support for a wonky transit tax is a great sign that cars are going out of styleQUARTZhttps://t.co/Rr5c9D2Klj
1/16Cuomo to propose stretch limo ban in New York following fatal crashTHE HILLhttps://t.co/DIC8pOxUJH
1/16Advocates push for 'bike mayor' in NYC SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/mloV16Uwzg
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1/15Why I love congestion pricing but hate the taxi-Uber surchargeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/gMlXglL2vv
1/15Paul Bettany leads the charge in a protest against a temporary highway in BrooklynDaily Mailhttps://t.co/Vq7sgxYNzy
1/15Congestion Pricing Has More Positive Momentum But Remains Uphill Battle in AlbanySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/7J6vJXvt7S
1/15Cuomo to unveil recreational marijuana proposal TuesdayCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GZnlzphpuY
1/15Ratings Downgrade: New York's MTA Debt is Getting Riskier Municipal Bondshttps://t.co/B20AeuA7uU
1/15Gov. Cuomo Makes It Clear: He Wants Total Control Of MTAWLNYhttps://t.co/6jCab5ZwsI
1/15Cuomo wants full control of MTA — but only half its debtN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/TdL1QsU40k
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1/13Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.TECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/tKdTpAnk3D
1/13Rider files suit against Uber over allegations of assault and battery Northern
California Record
1/13Uber loses $1bn in three months as growth slowsHerdon Gazette https://t.co/hINBAZpXhE
1/13Uber’s 3 grand ambitions and what they mean for us regular folksthenextweb.comhttps://t.co/YdH4eQIUCD
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1/13Tech rivals set for clash over self-driving cars Tech rivals set for clash over self-driving carsReuters-TVhttps://t.co/LLW3Of6yqL
1/13French court backs Uber driver in key gig-economy casemid-day.comhttps://t.co/MW0xMTMFZb
1/12L Train Shutdown Reversal Stings For Small Business Owners Who Gave Up On Williamsburggothamisthttps://t.co/rPuE3XpAoR
1/12Uber wants to go public this year, but SoftBank has yet to seat its two board membersCNBChttps://t.co/0DS5FnHp9z
1/12Ford puts the brakes on Chariot ride-share trialsThe Car Connectionhttps://t.co/pbeWoFaYfq
1/12Taxi Riders Punch Driver After Skipping Fare In Gramercy: Cops Patchhttps://t.co/KdamrEt9HE
1/12Relief for New York City’s Transit Deserts? Commuter Trains Might HelpN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/30Ob1K65L2
1/12Air taxis could fly people across major cities by ‘mid-2020s,’ company says L.A. Daily Newshttps://t.co/8TPTRm9Ds8
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1/11A better way to attack congestion: Before passing a charge on all who enter
Manhattan's central business district, address the root of the problem, Ubers and Lyfts
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vO73p3UytI
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1/10NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Historic Surprise AnnouncementNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/2jLINNcyZt
1/10Boston Mayor Proposes Higher Fees For Uber, LyftPatchhttps://t.co/0s4zFE37rC
1/10Uber’s IPO outlook takes a $50 billion hitS.F, BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/a92InORweE
1/10Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says there's a chance the company may not IPO in 2019 after allBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/It9jWevXqm
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1/10Will Toxic Silica Dust Derail Cuomo's Last Minute L Train Fix? gothamisthttps://t.co/Wr76bo7elT
1/10Cuomo's L Train Reboot Still Full Of Unknowns: 'Nobody Has Any Idea Except For The Governor'gothamisthttps://t.co/sdMgSilUgW
1/10NYC Transit's new subway cars suffering on the tracks, dozens pulled from railsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/YITtN0YsfC
1/10MTA should reimburse NYC for L train work: city council's transit chairN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/zpBdS7I0UM
1/10Woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Lyft driver files lawsuitKSBYhttps://t.co/F2vlgBVeNt
1/9Taxi commission leader calls her departure a 'mutual decision'CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/3EmZ47wiJG
1/9TLC Chair Steps Down: What’s Next for the Taxi Industry?NY-1https://t.co/PPT1BCmJop
1/9NYC Subway SurveyNYC Councilhttps://t.co/DInF1vcqxj
1/9NYC taxi chief recalls 'unproductive clash' with head of City Council cab committeeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/WhbkS0uc7O
1/9NYC Taxi and Limousine Chief Says Decision to Resign Was MutualNY1https://t.co/NBbicRrbj9
1/9Meera Joshi on the historic changes to the taxi industryCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/CgMBGitd8g
1/9Cuomo wants to 'blow up' the MTA after L train debacleN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/tSCBhB8gWD
1/9Outgoing TLC commissioner says Diaz relationship was 'unproductive clash'amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/HO4sjn1qZy
1/9Woman gives birth in back seat of NYC taxiN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6Zf7S7YgxA
1/8De Blasio releases new Central Park horse carriage rulesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/dcTwcsAwUQ
1/8Electeds to Cuomo on L Train Plan: Thanks But We Have Many, Many QuestionsWNYChttps://t.co/P24s7luEzx
1/8Uber driver admits to murdering six strangers between faresN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/LEcL2uxNIz
1/8Seattle City Council Members Visit New York to Warn About Amazon HQ2Bloomberghttps://t.co/Fph6M8LgnY
1/8NY's last big taxi lender swallowed up in mergerCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/WzbShQ0tr2
1/8After taking on taxis, ride-share services now challenging public transit in U.S.UPIhttps://t.co/FBHVeXL2sw
1/8Uber’s IPO may not be as eye-popping as we expectedTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/OVUK0OUEsz
1/8Uber/Lyft staging area closed at airportSan Diego Readerhttps://t.co/P24s7luEzx
1/7Progressive pricing: The new Legislature ought to speed to a fair traffic-congestion feeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/V0Pp61nBRY
1/7New TLC commissioner should have economic smarts: AdvocatesamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/fimsiJ8r23
1/7New campaign finance law creates fissure in public advocate's racePOLITICOhttps://t.co/GwwKMFGvb9
1/7Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders 'are renting their jobs to illegal immigrants in a black market that allows them to work without record checks'Daily Mailhttps://t.co/6EPeFYfHlj
1/7Uber’s arbitration policy takes advantage of drivers,
according to a Canadian court that just sided against the company
1/7Life Behind The Wheel: The Daily Struggle Of Cab, Uber Drivers Patchhttps://t.co/LklSjo4Vkq
1/7Why we need more technologists in politicsCITY & STATEhttps://t.co/c7QspG4uus
1/6Joshi to step down as TLC boss in March POLITICOhttps://t.co/wZ1GeMDijx
1/6Taxi and Limousine Commission head to step downCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/DzoO86DwhC
1/6NYC taxi boss Meera Joshi to step downN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/0Gr0yEyk9L
1/6Bill, bribes and bad baloney: How political cash has corrupted in de Blasio's New YorkN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/y1TVJ3MsK6
1/6Secrecy over Amazon deal of prime concern, City Hall emails showN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qq5CcBeNoj
1/6Cabbie Punched, Perp Arrested by Counter-Terrorismyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Gzp2Xf9jtxY&app=desktop
1/6Cuomo May Have Spoken Too Soon When He Announced No L Shutdown Patchhttps://t.co/6xkmBRF4KG
1/5N.Y. Today: L Train Shutdown Apocalypse? Never MindN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/UXNRaiSZbI
1/5Political ‘fixer’ Bradley Tusk seeks $70M for Tusk Ventures’ sophomore fundTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/WphpAe2clB
1/5PenFed's latest expansion move sets off another banker battleCREDIT UNION
1/5Bankers Object to Surprise Announcement of Merger of Taxi Medallion CUCUtodayhttps://t.co/AjLRtggb34
1/5The rise and fall of a taxicab operation in LICQUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/N6h3y0ap3t
1/5Heated exchange between Uber driver, passenger caught on cameraNEWS12https://t.co/Mxi8hAC80s
1/5LIA: Suburban buses should net some revenue from congestion pricinglibn.comhttps://t.co/3svC7UyYrs
1/5Taxi or technology? / Ride-hailing firm Grab in hot water in VietnamSoutheast Asia
1/5Uber caught in apparent violation of its own policy against unaccompanied minorsKTNVhttps://t.co/wCam9cnPFp
1/4The Many Ways to Fund New York City's Big Subway FixCITYLABhttps://t.co/uETzT3PqxL
1/4Taxis, ride-hail industry and regulator will have groundbreaking yearCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/0D3an10VTH
1/4Cuomo halts full L shutdownCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/m3DM8YecX0
1/4Uber drivers file suit against ride-sharing company over wages, OTBoston Heraldhttps://t.co/DslGxgQl90
1/4NYC traffic injuries are up despite drop in fatalitiesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/SzKUGMgHky
1/4PenFed Acquires Troubled Taxi Medallion Lender Progressive CU Keith Leggett’s
Credit Union Watch
1/4City of Brussels declares Uber illegalFLEETEUROPEhttps://t.co/uOUkpoKTDa
1/4Fewer Americans bike to work despite new trails, lanes and bicycle share programsUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/Wat1DOFf01
1/4Canadian Court Slams Uber’s Arbitration ProcessWall Street Journalhttps://t.co/HP6hcEDLIr
1/4These companies are planning gigantic IPOs. The market might stop themKBZKhttps://t.co/OulC6nECeG
1/4City Leaders Press De Blasio For Details On ‘Fair Fares’ ProgramCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/24WBMlFK6b
1/3The MTA loses six billion dollars a year and nobody caresMediumhttps://t.co/c4piYezrku
1/3MTA Could Lose $1M A Day Over Congestion Fee Lawsuit Patchhttps://t.co/okwrfHq6Af
1/3Cuomo warns of investigations war if Legislature looks into his administrationN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/A3NzuUaxh6
1/335 Questions for New York Politics in 2019GOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/CkeYIUwvTP
1/2Why the West Coast Is Suddenly Beating the East Coast on TransportationN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/ZmOlz6gtPu
1/2New York Democrats finally wise up to transit system’s costsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/xVHKqgyuRg
1/2Brooklyn bagel deliveryman on electric bike diesbr
in gruesome crash after taxi driver flings open door in his path
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KCEOSp9jB5
1/12 of New York’s Most Influential Offices Are About to Be Held by One PersonN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/T3eFYq8D5R
1/1Homeless shelters, a murder trial and Amazon HQ2 among five Queens stories to watch in 2019QNShttps://t.co/dQFSkEKWeE
1/1Drone Flying Over Times Square Draws Worries From Councilman PATCHhttps://t.co/3S5ij1S8Fe
1/1This board game helps Brooklynites prepare for looming L-train shutdownN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/NNN8rmWXBz
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