NEWS ROUNDUP-Matthew W. Daus
6/18/24Public Transit in the Post-Pandemic World: Views Diverge at Congressional Hearing
6/17/24Feds Give Latest Congestion Pricing Approval, Leaving Hochul with Final Decision
6/14/24MTA Board Can't Revolt on Congestion Pricing, City Planning Chief Says
6/13/24Make NYC Congestion Pricing 2.0 About Reducing Congestion & Pollution - Not Just the Money!
6/12/24Congestion Pricing 2.0 Should Exempt EVs & Shared Mobility, Says IATR!
6/11/24Should Governor Hochul Remove the Interborough Express from MTA?
6/10/24M.T.A. Will Push to Run Subway Safely With Toll Plan Halted, Chief Says
6/7/24Will MTA Board Overrule the Governor on Congestion Pricing?
6/6/24Is Hochul’s Plan to Stop Congestion Pricing Legal?
6/5/24Congestion Pricing in New York City Indefinitely Postponed
6/4/24What Smartphone Data Can Reveal about Traffic Accidents
6/3/24What’s All the CoMotion about in Miami?
5/31/24Congestion Pricing’s Latest Challenger: New York City Truckers
5/30/24NYC Transit Chief Davey Heads for Mass. Port Authority
5/29/24Electric Bikes Are About to Get More Expensive
5/28/24Feds Provide Grants for Safer Streets to Nearly 3/4 of the U.S. Population
5/23/24As Cities Add Bus and Bike Lanes, Traffic Enforcement Keeps Them Clear
5/22/24May 2024 Monthly Column
“What’s All the CoMotion About in Miami? IATR Joins Forces with CoMotion to Promote Transportation Innovation!”
5/22/24NYC TLC Releases Regulatory Agenda for Fiscal Year 2024
5/20/24Uber Health Launches New Caregiving Solution
5/17/24EPA Makes $1 Billion in Grants Available for Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles
5/16/24Changing of the Guard at NY State Senate Transportation Committee
5/15/24White House Announces Third Year of SMART Grant Funding
5/14/24On-Demand Aviation Mobility Services Report Released!
5/13/24JOCO Takes the Lead as NYC Tackles E-Bike Batteries
5/10/24Why Some Cities Want to Combine Transit Agencies
5/9/24U.S. Could Ban Chinese Connected Vehicles or Impose Restrictions
5/8/24As E-Bike Fires Proliferate, Safety Advocates Urge Consumer Education
5/7/24Transit Bus Maker New Flyer Sees Record Orders, but Delivery Challenges Remain
5/6/24U.S. DOT Asks for Feedback on AI Risks, Opportunities
5/3/24Biden Administration Grants Flexibility for Automakers in EV Tax Credit Rule
5/2/24NYC DOT Puts Equity in Motion!
5/1/24Revel in Talks to Snap up Defunct NYC Tesla Charging Sites
4/30/24MTA Opens Congestion Pricing Exemption Enrollment for Buses and Others
4/29/24NYC's Budget Transportation Highlights
4/26/24Breaking: Congestion Pricing Starts June 30th
4/25/24White House Earmarks $1 Billion in Push for Freight and Bus Decarbonization
4/25/24April 2024 Monthly Column
TRB 2024: Curbtopia! – The Ideal Curb of the Future...
4/24/24FTC Issues Ban on Worker Non-Compete Clauses
4/23/24NY State Budget Transportation Rundown
4/22/24Tesla Has Lowest Maintenance and Repair Cost of Any Brand
4/19/24Tesla Plans to Build 1,800-Mile Charging Corridor for Semi Trucks
4/18/24MTA Chair Lieber Discusses Fare Evasion, Capital Investments, and More at Crain’s Breakfast
4/17/24New EV Charging Features Are Coming to Google Maps
4/16/24Congestion Pricing Gets Complicated on the Brooklyn and Queensboro Bridges
4/15/24Will Congestion Pricing Help Achieve Accessibility Systemwide?
4/12/24How Transit Agencies Can Succeed at Outsourcing Operations
4/11/24NYC Mayor Adams Touts Delivery Worker Pay Raise & New Proposed Regulatory Agency
4/10/24President Biden’s EV Czar Moves Full Speed Ahead on Charging Infrastructure!
4/9/24New Study: Autonomous Vehicle Jobs to Exceed 110k in U.S
4/8/24Solar Eclipse Traffic Caused Delays Across the Country
4/5/24New York City Earthquake Delays Trains, Grounds Planes
4/4/24The Intercity Bus of the Future!
4/3/24History Repeats Itself as JFK Taxi Dispatchers Charged with Taking Bribes
4/2/24U.S. Cities Are Clamoring for Electric Buses
4/1/24New Jersey to Hit EV Buyers with $250 Registration Fee, and Increased Fuel Levies
3/28/24NYC DOT Finalizes for Larger and Safer Cargo Bikes
3/27/24MTA Gives Final Approval for NYC Congestion Pricing
3/26/24Baltimore Bridge Collapses after Cargo Ship Collision
3/25/24Buses Likely Up for Congestion Pricing Exemptions
3/22/24What to Expect from Biden’s Clean Car Push
3/21/24March 2024 Monthly Column
TRB 2024: Robotaxis, Micromobility & International Cooperation
3/20/24NYC Gets $77 Million to Electrify School Buses and Trucks
3/19/24Matt Daus Named “Trailblazer in Law” by City & State!
3/18/24Remembering Black Car Industry Icon Victor Dizengoff!
3/15/24U.S. DOT Awards $3.3B to Reconnect Communities
3/14/24oes Your Transportation Business Need a Succession Plan?
3/13/24White House Releases Zero-Emission Freight Strategy
3/12/24NYC Council Proposes Laws Impacting Buses, FHVs, E-Bikes & Taxis
3/11/24Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Goes to Trial, but with New Evidence
3/8/24New York Pushes Forward with Electric School Bus Mandate
3/7/24FHWA Proposes States Must Assess Road Safety for Pedestrians, Cyclists
3/6/24Uber and Revel Offer NYC EV Drivers Charging Discounts
3/5/24New York City Tests Public E-Bike Charging for Delivery Workers
3/4/24NYC TLC Finds No Need for More FHVs in License Review Report
3/1/24City Council Approves Crackdown on Lithium-Ion Batteries
2/29/24Matt Daus in Vegas - Legal Succession Planning Workshop for Transportation Businesses!
2/28/24Daus & NYC Bar Association Take On EVs, AVs, Flying Taxis & More!
2/27/24Hybrids Lead Consumer Reports’ Top 10 New Vehicle Picks
2/26/24Electric Air Transport Is Set to Take off with Taxis by End of this Decade
2/26/24February 2024 Monthly Column
New Corporate Transparency Laws:
Transportation Companies Must Comply to Avoid Hefty Fines
2/23/24The Company That Runs the NYC Ferry Is Filing for Bankruptcy
2/22/24More Riders, Fewer Stations for Intercity Bus Lines
2/21/24NREL Offering Assistance with Bus Fleet Electrification Plans
2/20/24Uber Sues Insurer for Refusing to Cover NYC Drivers in Crashes
2/16/24Joint Venture EV Charging Network Ionna Begins Operations
2/15/24 NYC Uber, Lyft Drivers Due for Raise
2/14/24First Responders Are Getting New Help with EV Challenges
2/13/24Congestion Pricing Exemption Wars
2/12/24Stellantis to Adopt Tesla’s Charging Port
2/9/24FTA to Help Electric Transit Bus Buyers Amid Tough Times for Manufacturers
2/8/24NYC Mayor Adams’ Voice Will Be Heard on Congestion Pricing, with Key MTA Board Nominations!
2/7/24NYC Mayor and Council Speaker Against Current Congestion Pricing Structure
2/6/24Momentum for Expanding Intercity Bus Service Is Growing Among States
2/5/24Gov. Hochul Backs Congestion Pricing But Gives Free Tolls to Queens, Bronx Drivers
2/2/24EPA Clean School Bus Program Awards Nearly $1 Billion
2/1/24Limo Safety Bills Moving Forward in NY State Senate
1/31/24Micromobility Is Quickly Becoming a Digital Experience
1/30/24Are Riders More Injury-Prone on E-Scooters?
1/29/24Congress Looks at E-Bike Battery Bill Pushed by NY Reps
1/26/24School Bus Industry Eligible for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit
1/25/24NY Governor Hochul Announces $13 Million in EV Charging Reliability Funding
1/24/24 January 2024 Monthly Column
Congestion Pricing Exemption Wars:
The MTA Empire Strikes Back Against Private Buses!”
1/24/24NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Creation of Department of Sustainable Delivery
1/23/24NY Governor Hochul Targets Limo Safety, Tolls & Speed Limits in Budget Proposal
1/22/24Gov. Hochul Proposes Criminalizing Congestion Pricing Fare Evaders
1/19/24City Council Caucus Backs Lawsuit against Congestion Pricing
1/18/24Matt Daus Named Transportation Power Player by PoliticsNY!
1/17/24MTA Installs Cameras on Manhattan Highways to Track Congestion Tolls
1/16/24NYCSBUS Receives $29 Million Clean School Bus Grant
1/12/24Hertz is Selling 20,000 Electric Vehicles to Buy Gasoline Cars Instead
1/11/24Court Rules NY Black Car Fund Can Collect Surcharge Fees on Driver Tips
1/10/24Governor Kathy Hochul Lays Out NYS Transportation Agenda in Her 2024 State of the State Address
1/9/24Department of Labor Independent Contractor Final Rule Announced
1/8/24NYC TLC Publishes 2021 and 2022 Medallion Reports
1/5/24Office-to-Residential Conversions Raise Questions at the Curb
1/4/24Another Congestion Pricing Lawsuit Launched by Teachers Union & Staten Island Borough President
1/4/24Attending TRB? Join us for an International Cocktail Reception Honoring ICC on on Tue., Jan. 9th at 6pm ET
1/3/24AV Sensors Become International Dispute
1/2/24What to Know About 2024 Changes to the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit
12/29/23Happy Holidays! Wishing You Peace & Prosperous “Connectivity” in 2024!
12/28/23Mayor Adams Aims to Restrict Gov. Abbott's Migrant Busing
12/27/23MTA Announces Congestion Pricing Hearing Dates
12/26/23NYC DCAS to Expand Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)
12/22/23Happy Holidays! Wishing You Peace & Prosperous “Connectivity” in 2024!
12/21/23Waymo Reaches 7+ Million Miles of Rider-Only Driving
12/21December 2023 Monthly Column
NYC Congestion Pricing Holiday Wishes:
MTA’s Santa Con - Who’s Getting A Gift & Who’s Getting Coal in their Mobility Stockings?
12/20/23NYC Council Legalizes Interior Advertising in For Hire Vehicles!
12/18/23Passenger Vehicle Anti-Idling Law Proposed for New York State
12/15/23Hundreds of Vision Zero Projects Get Biden Bucks
12/14/23The Best Electric Cars for High-Mileage U.S. Drivers
12/13/23IIHS Pushes for Intelligent Speed Assist Tech
12/12/23Zipcar Offers Discounts to Philadelphia Housing Authority Residents
12/11/23Feds Could Begin Requiring Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Standards
12/8/23Why Used EV Prices Are Falling
12/7/23Florida Limousine Association Pushes fir Statewide Reciprocity Law!
12/6/23Where Are All the Robot Trucks?
12/5/23U.S. DOT Announces $1.5 Billion Round of RAISE Grants for 2024
12/4/23NYC Mayor Adams Vows to Remove Parking Spots from 1,000 Intersections Every Yea
11/29/23How 120 of the World’s Major Cities Could Cut Transport CO2 by 22%
11/28/23Breaking News: Uber Partnering with London Black Cabs!
11/27/23Electric vs. Gas Cars: Is It Cheaper to Drive an EV?
11/21/23Hertz and EVgo Offer One-Year Charging Deal to Hertz Renters
11/20/23Using Your iPhone to Start Your Car Is About to Get a Lot Easier
11/19/23November 2023 Monthly Column
{12245840:1}IATR Modernizes Mobility in Arizona – Next Stop? Florida 2024!”
11/17/23New York Governor Hochul Expands Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Funding and Incentives
11/16/23Feds Want Speed Reduction Tech in Every New Car
11/15/23Your Car Can Keep Collecting Your Text Message Data, Judge Rules
11/14/23Flying Taxis are Coming to NYC!
11/13/23App Drivers Rush to Get Green TLC Licenses before Judge-Ordered Stop Hits?
11/9/23Does Anyone Remember the NYC Talking Taxi Program?
11/8/23How Cars Have Become the Biggest Threat to Privacy
11/7/23DoorDash Will Start Tracking Delivery Workers' Driving Behavior
11/6/23Micromobility Trips Increased by 5 Million from 2021
11/3/23How Cities Can Decarbonize Delivery in the Era of Online Orders
11/2/23 NYC TLC Chairs Daus & Do (Past & Present) Chat About Vision Zero!
11/1/23Tesla Wins Fatal Autopilot Crash Jury Trial
10/31/23Why Cities Are Cracking Down on Free Parking
10/30/23USDOT Opens $40 Million Grant Opportunity for Connected Vehicle Technologies
10/28/23October Monthly Column
The Mobility Agency & TLC of the Future – IATR President Matt Daus Unveils New Initiatives in Prague at the World Road Congress Industry”
10/27/23GM, UAW May Be Nearing a Labor Deal after Marathon Negotiating Session
10/26/23Tesla’s First Big Supercharger Deal is a $100 Million Sale to BP
10/25/23JOCO’s Fireproof Cabinets Offer Solution for E-Bike Battery Fires
10/24/23Biden’s 58 MPG Fuel Economy Standard Could Slow EV Investments, Auto Group Warns
10/23/23Cities Reap Benefits from “Intelligent Transportation Systems,” but Challenges Remain
10/20/23How North American Cities Can Prepare for and Promote Large-Scale Adoption of E-Cargo Bikes
10/19/23NYC to Lift Limits on Electric Uber, Lyft, and Other Rideshare Vehicles
10/18/23New Data Suggests Top 3 Causes of Driving Risk
10/17/23How many chargers will the Northeast’s electric trucks need?
10/16/23U.S. Government Unveils Plans for Seven Clean Hydrogen Hubs
10/13/23Ford’s Joint EV Battery Venture Increases Wages at Planned Factories Amid UAW Strike
10/12/23RSVP Today for a Fireside Chat with Matt Daus & NYC TLC Commissioner at Vision Zero Fleet Safety Forum
10/11/23What Drove Online Used Car Marketplace Shift to File for Bankruptcy
10/10/23How New York City and the MTA Plan to Spend $15 Billion Raised Through the Congestion Pricing Toll
10/9/23GM Agrees To Put EV Battery Plants Under National Union Contract
10/6/23Treasury Lays Out Rules for Instant EV Rebate
10/5/23The U.S. Needs 100x More EVs to Reach Net Zero by 2050
10/4/23NEVI Charging Stations Going Nowhere
10/3/23Congestion Pricing Panel Weighs MTA's Tolls and Carve-Outs for Taxis and FHVs
10/2/23EPA Clean School Bus Rebate Program Offers $500 Million in Funding
9/29/23EV Charging Is Coming to Truck Stops and Curbsides
9/28/23Tesla Looms Large Over UAW Strike
9/27/23MTA Puts Limits on “Life-Changing” Taxi Service for Disabled Riders
9/26/23NYC School Bus Driver Strike Averted
9/26/23September 2023 Monthly Column
Estate Planning & Corporate Succession Guide for Transportation Company Owners Industry”
9/22/23Amtrak to Triple Infrastructure Investment over Two Years
9/21/23Mayor Adams and Hertz Announce Partnership to Create Jobs, Workforce Training, Electrify Vehicles
9/20/23Bird Acquires Spin Scooters from Tier for $19 Million
9/19/23Tesla Builds In-Car Software to Make Car Rental Easier With Hertz’s Fleet
9/18/23Detroit's Big Three Are Fighting to Dominate the Next Generation of the Car Industry
9/14/23Matt Daus Addresses Legality of EV Bike Mandate for Delivery Workers in NYC Council Bill!
9/13/23New York City DOT Releases Curb Management Action Plan
9/12/23NY Black Car Fund Promotes Driver Wellness!
9/11/23Electric Vehicle Sales Keep Going Up
9/8/23Clock Ticking for States to Replace Dwindling Gas Taxes
9/7/23Transportation Officials Cannot Ignore AI: Report
9/6/23NYC School Bus Strike Coming Soon?!
9/5/23Biden Gives Lifeline to Legacy Automakers with $15 Billion for EV Production
8/31/23Zero-Emission Delivery Takes Center Stage in New City Challenge
8/30/23Transit Bus Makers Struggling Despite Federal Funding Support
8/29/23Mayors Want Clearer Federal Guidance on Clean Energy Tax Credits
8/28/23Micromobility Makes a Full Recovery from COVID-19
8/26/23August 2023 Monthly Column
Are Flying Taxis Real and Taking Off Soon?
8/25/23Hertz Charges Up to Expand Electric Car Fleet in NYC with Revel Deal
8/24/23Making Sense of This Summer’s Congestion Pricing Debate
8/23/23Advanced Vehicle Tech Could Help Prevent 250,000 Traffic Deaths Over 30 Years
8/22/23In San Francisco, Being a Human Instead of a Robot Will Cost You
8/21/23Electric Cars Face “Punitive” Fees, New Restrictions in Many States
8/18/23Cruise And Waymo See a Surge in Robotaxi App Downloads
8/17/23Congestion Pricing Dominates NYC Hearing
8/16/23Mayor Adams, TLC Announce All Rideshare Vehicles Must be Zero-Emission or Wheelchair Accessible by 2030
8/15/23Ditching Gas Just Got More Affordable for Low-Income EV Buyers in California
8/14/23The Four Biggest Hurdles in America’s EV Transition
8/11/23Cruise And Waymo Win Robotaxi Expansions in San Francisco
8/10/23More GM Electric Vehicles Will Be Able to Charge Homes in Coming Years
8/9/23NYC TLC FHV License Storage and “JW” Summons Updates
8/8/23Downtown Travel Has Not Recovered from COVID-19, Data Shows
8/7/23The Power Grid Needs Technology to Handle an All-Electric Future
8/4/23New York Lawmakers Want to Mandate Devices to Slow Speeders
8/3/23Automated Traffic Cameras Coming to Some NYC School Buses
8/2/23Uber Posts First Operating Profit as Ridership Hits New Record
8/1/23Hertz Grows EV Fleet, City Partnerships
7/28/23Biden Administration Rejects GM's Warning That U.S. Emissions Rules Will Be Costly
7/28/23July 2023 Monthly Column
“Buses & the City: The Future of the NYC Motor Coach Industry”
7/27/23Autonomous Vehicle Regulation Focus of House Subcommittee Hearing
7/26/23Leading Automakers Partner to Create Massive EV Charging Network
7/25/23U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres, Revel Announce First High-Power EV Charger Coming to Port Morris
7/24/23Staten Island to Join NJ in Filing Lawsuit Against Congestion Pricing
7/21/23New Jersey Sues Over Congestion Pricing Plan in New York City
7/20/23Tesla to License FSD to Other OEMs, Allow Transfer of FSD to New Cars
7/19/23MTA’s Traffic Mobility Review Board Meets to Discuss Congestion Pricing Tolling Scenarios
7/18/23Battle Over U.S. EV Credits Heats Up With Carmakers Left Idling
7/17/23Driverless Truck Restrictions Advanced by California Senators in New Bill
7/14/23Transportation Electrification Toolkit for Cities Published by DOT
7/13/23NYC Congestion Pricing: First Meeting to Determine Toll Prices to Be Held Next Week
7/12/23Unsold Electric Cars Are Piling Up on Dealer Lots
7/11/23Matt Daus Appointed Co-Chair of Int’l Road Federation AV Task Force!
7/11/23Judge Delays Rollout of Delivery Worker Minimum Wage Law
7/10/23The EV Future Can Benefit from Supporting Tesla Superchargers
7/7/23Food Delivery Services Sue NYC Over Minimum Pay Rates for App-Based Workers
7/6/23Via Leans into Public Transit with Uber Partnership
7/5/23Daus on TV — Calls for Reducing Airport Taxi/FHV Access Fees & Instead Charging Fees to Private Cars!
6/29/23Via and Uber Sign Partnership: Uber Drivers Will Be Integrated into Via-Powered Transportation Offer
6/29/23June 2023 Monthly Column
Congestion Pricing Gets Green Light in NYC!
6/28/23The SAE is Standardizing Tesla’s EV Charging Plug
6/28/23Congestion Pricing Gets Green Light in NYC!
6/27/23NYC Is Cleared for First-in-U.S. Congestion Tolls as Soon as April
6/26/23The Deadly and Costly Impact of Supersized Vehicles in New York
6/23/23MTA Expands Paratransit E-Hail Pilot, but Boosts Price and Caps Number of Rides
6/22/23Will Congestion Pricing Properly Toll Taxis and FHVs?
6/21/23Tesla Owns Top Four Spots as Most American-Made Cars in Annual Report
6/20/23JOCO Partners With Grubhub to Open New Rest Stop for Delivery Workers in Soho
6/16/23E.V. Ride-Sharing Programs Bring Cleaner Transportation to Low-Income Communities
6/15/23Infrastructure Bill (NEVI) Stations Grind Slowly Toward Construction
6/14/23Labor Board Retools Crucial Independent Contractor Test
6/13/23A Moonshot for Infrastructure
6/12/23NYC Establishes First Minimum Wage for Food Delivery Workers
6/9/23Here is How Many Lives Would be Saved by Switching to EV-Only Sales
6/8/23EV Sales Are Soaring and Oil Use Is About to Peak
6/7/23How Remote Work Has Reshaped New York’s 'Super Commutes
6/6/23Port Authority Relocates For-Hire Vehicles for JFK Airport Terminal 5 Pick-Ups to Remote Garage Rooftop
6/5/23NYC Drivers Rally for Congestion Pricing Exemption
6/2/23Ford Offering Flexible EV Leases to Uber Drivers
6/1/23NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services Fleet Show Highlights Electric Vehicles!
5/31/23$400 Million for Low-Emission School Buses Available from EPA Grant Program
5/30/23U.S. EV Leases Are Climbing as Buyers Take Advantage of IRA Tax Credit
5/25/23May 2023 Monthly Column
The Airport of the Future – A Sustainable & Equitable Ground Transportation Management Paradigm”
5/25/23Ford to Bring Tesla’s Charging Tech Into its Future EVs
5/24/23Matt Daus Speaks at Columbia University about Post Pandemic Mobility Lessons Learned
5/23/23MTA Proposes Raising Subway, Bus Fare to $2.90 by Labor Day
5/22/23California Truck Emissions Rules Appear Poised to Spread Across North America
5/19/23Why Do So Many EV Chargers Across the Nation Not Work?
5/18/23Curbside EV Chargjng with Revenue Share Coming For NYC Property Owners!
5/17/23MTA Chair Janno Lieber Driving Forward Fast to Implement Congestion Pricing!
5/16/23Daus Vents on Radio Show About Congestion Pricing Funds to Fix Access-A-Ride!
5/15/23NJ Senator Bob Menendez Intros Fed Bill to Kill Congestion Pricing
5/12/23MTA Releases Final NYC CBD Tolling Program Environmental Assessment
5/11/23GM Combines Sales Operations for All Commercial Units Under GM Envolve
5/10/23Google is Driving Deeper Into the Automotive World
5/9/23MTA Will Offer Congestion Pricing Discounts for Low-Income ‘Frequent Drivers’
5/8/23Feds Give MTA Final Blessing to NYC Congestion Pricing
5/5/23AV Fever Has Cooled Off, but Driverless Cars Aren’t Going Away
5/4/23Waymo Doubles Robotaxi Service Area in Phoenix in Bid to Grow Driverless Trips Tenfold
5/3/23Remote Work Is Straining Public Transit — And Many Agencies Are Stuck
5/2/23JOCO & Grubhub Partner to Help NYC E-Bike Delivery Workers
5/1/23The Long Demise of the Stretch Limousine
4/28/23New York Governor Kathy Hochul Announces $1.1 Billion for the MTA in 2024 Budget Agreement
4/27/23City of Dublin, Ohio Partners with Automotus to Implement Curbside Management Analytics
4/26/23Cruise Robotaxis Are Now Operating Everywhere, All at Once in San Francisco
4/25/23April 2023 Monthly Column
“Minding the (MTA Budget) Gap!”
4/24/23Lyft to Make ‘Significant’ Cuts Across Ride-Hailing Company
4/21/23Adams Launches Sprawling Climate Blueprint on the Eve of Earth Day
4/20/23Hertz is Bringing 4,000 Rental EVs to Atlanta, Including Teslas
4/19/23Unagi Secures Best Buy as E-Scooter Subscription Partner
4/18/23Hyundai And Itselectric Pilot Curbside EV Charging in Brooklyn
4/17/23Curbside Parking Still Big Challenge for Delivery Drivers
4/14/23Still No Timeline for Feds’ Approval of Congestion Pricing, Says Secretary Buttigieg
4/13/23Remembering the NY Auto Show’s Taxi ‘07 Exhibit & 100 Year Anniversary of the Taxicab!
4/12/23Tighter EPA Vehicle Emissions Standards May Speed up Electric Vehicle Transition
4/11/23NY State & City Agencies Electrify NY Auto Show
4/10/23Walmart Is Preparing to Build Its Own Coast-to-Coast EV Charging Network
4/5/23GM Overtakes Ford as Second-Best Seller of EVs in U.S. but Still Trails Tesla by a Wide Margin
4/4/23Grubhub Driver Wins Employee Status in Misclassification Row
4/3/23A Sale May Be the Only ‘Rational’ Solution for Lyft, Observers Say
3/31/23Everything You Need to Know about the IRS’s New EV Tax Credit Guidance
3/30/23U.S. Battery Sourcing Guidance to Cut Some EV Tax Credits
3/29/23Lucid to Lay Off 1,300 Employees in Restructuring
3/28/23May Mobility and Stantec Partner to Advance AV Microtransit Services
3/27/23FTA Offers $212 Million in Disaster-Relief Funds for Cities, Transit Agencies
3/24/23March 2024 Monthly Column
Big Labor Law Changes on the Way for Ground
Transportation Gig Workers? – Impact of California’s Prop
22 Ruling & the Proposed U.S. Department of Labor Rule
3/24/23Next Stop for Andy Byford, Former New York Subway Chief: Amtrak
3/23/23U.S. New-Vehicle Sales to Rise in March on Strong Demand for Cars and Trucks
3/22/23One-Third of Americans Would Consider EV Purchase
3/21/23Windels Marx Trains NY State DOT Engineers (ITS-NY) on Ethics & Procurement Laws
3/20/23To Recover from COVID, Transit Needs a Rider-Centered Future. Here is How
3/17/23GM CEO Meets with Senators on Self-Driving Cars
3/16/23Via Confirms it Has Acquired Trip Planning App Citymapper to Boost Its Transit Tech
3/15/23Bipartisan Congressional Caucus Formed to Fight Congestion Pricing
3/14/23Uber and Lyft Shares Rise After California Court Victory Lets Them Classify Drivers as Contractors
3/13/23Amtrak and SRC to Seek Federal Study for Long Distance Service across Mississippi and Louisiana to Texas
3/10/23U.S. DOT’s Fiscal 2024 Budget Request Boosts Safety, Supply Chain Programs
3/9/23U.S. Opens Probe Into Amazon’s Zoox Robotaxi Self-Certification
3/8/23Safety Agency Opens Probe of Norfolk Southern Rail Accidents
3/7/23GM’s Ultra Cruise Will Use Radar, Camera, and Lidar to Enable Hands-Free Driving
3/6/23Tesla Cuts Model S and Model X Prices in the U.S. to Stoke Demand
3/3/23Gen Z’s Turn Against Driving Is a Mirage
3/2/23Everything Elon Musk and Execs Shared (and Skipped) at Tesla Investor Day
3/1/23EVs Are Billed as the Future, but a Potential Skills Gap Is Sparking Concerns about Cost and Safety
2/28/23Oct 2022 Monthly Column
NYC Announces Bold Zero Emissions Plans to “Charge-Up” the TLC’s Fleet: How to Obtain New Free Electric For-Hire Vehicle Permits (E-FHVs)
2/28/23Tesla Pauses New Full Self-Driving Beta Installations until Recall Is Addressed
2/27/23Full Long Island Rail Road Service to Grand Central Madison to Begin Monday
2/24/23MTA Pushes Congestion Pricing Back to Second Quarter of 2024
2/23/23TikTok Is Coming to Cars, Starting with Mercedes-Benz —
2/22/23NY State Comptroller Highlights Massive MTA Budget Gaps & Impending Fiscal Cliff!
2/21/23CUNY’s UTRC Awarded Millions in Transportation Equity Research Funding by US DOT!
2/17/23MTA Kills $50 Million Contract to Fix Paratransit, With Little Delivered in 4 Years
2/16/23Hyundai and Kia Forced to Update Software on Millions of Vehicles Because of Viral TikTok Challenge
2/15/23NYC’s First Electric Air Taxi Flight!
2/14/23he Economic Resilience of the Most Walkable U.S. Neighborhoods
2/13/23Taxis in South Carolina – Black History Month Spotlight
2/10/23Self-Driving Truck Companies Face a Potential Roadblock in California
2/9/23AI Pilot to Improve Traffic at NYC Bridges and Tunnels
2/8/23Biden Takes Victory Lap on Infrastructure in State of the Union
2/7/23Adding More Highway Lanes Does Not Solve Traffic
2/6/23Biden Administration Expands EV Tax Credits in Boost for Tesla, Cadillac, Others
2/3/23NY DOT May Get Power to Seize Buses, Vans & NEMT Vehicles!
2/2/23NY Governor Hochul Proposes Payroll Tax & Casino Revenue to Save Teetering MTA, but Fare Hikes Still Coming
2/1/23Cars Are Rewiring Our Brains to Ignore All the Bad Stuff about Driving
1/31/23GM Has Started Producing the Hummer EV SUV
1/30/23Micromobility and Transit Pave the Way to Net Zero
1/28/23Jan 2023 Monthly Column
IATR Releases Global Decarbonization Plans:Guiding Principles for Mobility Policy & Congestion Mitigation
1/27/23Florida Is Getting $200 Million to Amp up Electric Car Accessibility for Eco-Friendly Vehicles Spike
1/26/23NYC Mayor Announces All EVs for Uber & Lyft by 2030!
1/25/23Americans Spend $179 on Fuel Each Month—Here Is How to Spend Less
1/24/23A $3.6 Billion EV Charging Boost Is Still a Missed Opportunity
1/23/23Matthew Daus Speaks about AVs at SIP-adus in Japan
1/20/23In Race to Electrify, Uber Wants EVs That Sacrifice Top Speeds, Wheels
1/19/23NYC Says Vehicles Equipped with Speed Limit Tech Reduced Unsafe Driving
1/18/2310 Auto Industry Predictions Investors Should Keep an Eye on This Year
1/17/23Uber & Hertz Expand EV Rental Partnership to Europe
1/13/23Tesla Cuts Prices in the U.S. and Europe by up to 20 Percent
1/12/23Matt Daus Unplugged - Mobility Trends & Predictions for 2023
1/11/23Transit Topics to Watch in 2023
1/10/23Extreme Acceleration Is the New Traffic Safety Frontier
1/9/23Matt Daus Releases IATR’s Decarbonization Plans at Transportation Research Board (TRB)
1/6/23Flutes, Synths, a Human Voice – How Should Electric Vehicles Sound?
1/5/23NYC Will Buy Over 900 Electric Vehicles in Hopes of a “Greener” Municipal Fleet
1/4/23The Cities Keeping Their Car-Free Spaces
1/3/23A Partial List of All the EVs That Qualify for the New $7,500 Tax Credit
12/28/22An EV-plosion Awaits in 2023, and It Will be Packed with Tech
12/27/22Tesla’s Full Self-Driving is Blamed for Eight-Car Pileup in California
12/22/22Dec 2022 Monthly Column
The Future of Vision Zero:Transportation Safety Technology & Autonomous Enforcement
12/22/22Automated Vehicles Coming to NYC & NJ Airports in Early 2023?
12/21/22The EV Tax Credit Rules Are Being Delayed Until March 2023 — Here’s What That Means for You
12/20/22NYS Climate Action Council Finalizes Scoping Plan to Advance Nation-Leading “Climate Law”
12/19/22New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection
12/16/22Proposed NYC Anti-Idling Law Triples Fines for Buses & Trucks (3 strikes could = $12K!
12/15/22Spotlight on NYC Council Transportation Chair Selvena Brooks-Powers
12/14/22Uber Halts NYC TLC’s Pay Raise Formula – Until January 31, 2023!
12/13/22Western Countries Forge Green Alliance for Getting Electric Vehicle Minerals
12/12/22Uber Sues NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission to Block Rate Increase for Drivers
12/9/22BMW Thinks It Can Turn Speed Bumps into Energy for Its EVs
12/8/22Uber and Motional Launch Robotaxi Service in Las Vegas
12/7/22These 10 Cars Have the Greatest Potential Lifespan — And Several Are Models Used in the Limo Industry
12/6/22Ford CEO: U.S. Dealers Agree to Sell EVs Under Company’s Investment Programs
12/5/22Matt Daus Appointed Chair of the NYC Bar Transportation Law Committee!
12/2/22Here Are the EVs That Give You a Tax Credit
12/1/22Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries' Transportation Policy Insights
11/30/22Remote and Hybrid Work Is Boosting Commercial Air Travel -
11/29/22Matt Daus & NYC Commissioners Celebrate the NYC DOT Street Design Manual
11/28/22Can Electric Vehicle Conversion Lead the Race to Net Zero?
11/28/22Nov 2022 Monthly Column
Transportation Equity & Rockin’ Regulation in Memphis!IATR’s 35 Annual Conference Recap
11/23/22NYC School Bus Tracking App Begins Rollout After Delays Due to the Pandemic
11/22/22Electric Transit Bus Orders Boom after FTA Funds 1,100 Buses
11/21/22Airlines Say They Are Prepared for Busy Holiday Season, with 10% More Pilots Working than Pre-Pandemic
11/18/22The Infrastructure Law, One Year Later
11/17/22Boeing Urges Air Taxi Safety Standards Be as Strict as for Commercial Jets
11/16/22New York Taxi Drivers to Get First Raise in 10 Years, Riders Will Pay 23% More
11/15/22The Pandemic Bike Boom Survives—In Cities That Stepped Up
11/14/22Electric Vehicles Start to Enter the Car-Buying Mainstream
11/11/22Uber, Flywheel Announce Rideshare Partnership
11/10/22Everything You Need to Know About Charging an Electric Car
11/9/22Why Are Slow Rental E-Scooters Speed-Regulated in Cities but Fast Motor Cars Are Not?
11/8/22Auto Industry Reassesses Autonomous Vehicles, Creating Uncertainty for City Leaders
11/7/22Here Is How the U.S. Can Stop Wasting Billions of Dollars on Each Transit Project
11/4/22Lyft Is Cutting 13% of Staff to Cope with “Tough Reality
11/3/22U.S. Traffic Safety Is Getting Worse, While Other Countries Improve
11/2/22Trip to Become Publicly Traded via Business Combination with Spree Acquisition Corp
11/1/22U.S. Supreme Court Leaves TSA Mask Requirement Ruling in Place
10/31/22Biden Has Ambitious Infrastructure Goals. Made-in-America Rules Could Slow Them
10/28/22FHWA Releases Guidance to Reduce Traffic Fatalities under National Roadway Safety Strategy
10/28/22Oct 2022 Monthly Column
Spotlight on Hon. Selvena N. Brooks-Powers –New NYC Council Transportation Committee Chair Is on the Move & Shaking Things Up!
10/27/22Why the Price of Gas Has Such Power Over Us
10/26/22"Buy America” Takes a Back Seat in Drive to Build EV Charging Stations
10/25/22EV Bonanza Flows to Red States Critical of Biden Policies
10/24/22Matt Daus Named to Transportation Power 100
10/21/22Goodbye Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Hello, Luxury Bus?
10/20/22EmpireCLS Completes EV Charging Station Installations
10/19/22Vision Zero Cities: Driving as a Risk Factor: A New Paradigm
10/18/22Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Gets Real About the EV Revolution: Tuesday
10/17/22How is Travel Adapting to the Subscription Economy?
10/14/22U.S. DOL Proposed Rule: Employee or Independent Contractor Classification under the Fair Labor Standards Act: Friday
10/13/22There is a Billion-Dollar Bidding War for EV Plants Across the U.S
10/12/22NYC Yellow Cabs Are Struggling. Congestion Pricing Could Deal a New Blow
10/11/22Daus’ World Is ITS World – All Star Panel in Los Angeles Addresses Post-Pandemic AV Future!
10/10/22New York City Will Issue Up To 1,000 Electric Vehicle FHV Licenses
10/7/22Uber and Motional to Roll out Autonomous Ride-Hail and Delivery Services in U.S. Cities
10/6/22Gas Prices Going Up Again
10/5/22NY State Limo Task Force Addresses Schoharie Crash with Reform Proposals:
10/4/22Building EV Charging Through Public-Private Partnerships
10/3/22GM’s Cruise Wants to Add 5,000 More Robotaxis to American Streets
9/30/22September 2022 Monthly Column
Economic Impacts of NYC Congestion Pricing & Taxi Fare Increase
9/29/22Electric Vehicle Sales Poised for Rapid Growth, Despite Inflation Reduction Act Limitations
9/28/22All 50 States Get Green Light to Build EV Charging Stations Covering 75,000 Miles of Highways
9/27/22NACTO Pushes Back as Big Auto Seeks Safety Exemption for Driverless Carss
9/26/22Mayor Adams Announces Major Progress in NYC’s Transition to Electric Vehicles
9/23/22Minimobility: The Next Big Thing in Urban Mobility
9/22/22California Limousine Association Summit: “Opportunities for Success!
9/21/22President Biden's Administration Appoints Gabe Klein EV Charging Czar!
9/20/22Why Electric Vehicles Will Not Break the Grid
9/19/22Enough! Remove Most Taxi & Ride Hail Fees & Taxes Now!
9/16/22Tech Companies Vie to Monetize the Curb and Reinvent Street Parking
9/15/22Matt Daus’ M&A Team Helps Deliver Major Limousine Industry Acquisition
9/14/22Daus/Aidala Radio Show: "Hey MTA!- Back Off on Taxi Double Congestion Price Now! (Says 2 Brooklyn Guys)
9/13/22Daus Angeles:” Is the State of the Limo Industry Precariously Resilient?
9/12/22Soaring Energy Costs Could Threaten Future of Electric Cars, Experts Warn
9/9/22Uber Begins Rolling Out Yellow Taxi Rides in New York City
9/8/22Daus to Crain's NY: "NYC Taxi Fare Increase Makes Sense-But Not if MTA Charges Passengers More!
9/7/22Biden Administration Seeks Waiver of “Buy American” Rules for EV Chargers
9/6/22NYC TLC Announces Proposed Rules for Taxi Fare Increase; Minimum Pay Increases for Uber and Lyft Drivers
9/1/22The Next Big Market Opportunity for Micromobility is Commercial, Not Consumer
8/31/22Former TLC Chair Analyzes Medallion Bailout Program Impacts
8/30/22New York City Finalizes Major Deal for Taxi Debt Relief Program
8/29/22Cyclists, Pedestrians and Motorists Clash Over COVID Street Changes
8/28/22August 2022 Monthly Column
“The Inflation Reduction Act: EV & Infrastructure Funding, Credits & Incentives – How Do Ground Transportation Industry Stakeholders Benefit?”
8/26/22Can Technology Help Cities Manage Curbs Better?
8/25/22NYC Mayor Adams Announces $7.25 Million Federal Grant to Plan Major Expansion of Greenway Network
8/24/22MTA Congestion Plan: How to Speak Out, Comment & Be Heard
8/23/22Matt Daus Comments on the Squeeze on NYC Cab Drivers by Congestion Pricing
8/22/22Arrest of Recidivist in Cabbie Attack Should Be “Wake-Up Call” to Pols:
8/19/22Why New York City’s Car Safety Pilot Is a Big Deal: Transportation Newsletter for Fri.
8/18/22NYC Taxi Medallion Prices Rise Again! -- Why?: Transportation Newsletter for Thur
8/17/22Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act into Law
8/16/22U.S. DOT Seeks to Double the Nation’s Electric Bus Fleet: Tues
8/15/22Please Help the Family of Slain NYC Taxi Driver Kutin Gyimah!
8/12/22United Airlines Puts Down Deposit on Flying Taxis
8/11/22Matt Daus to MTA "Exempt Taxis & For Hire Vehicles from Congestion Charge!
8/10/22Gas Prices Have Fallen 57 Straight Days
8/9/22Up, Up and “Oh No”: The Trouble with Air Taxi Startups
8/8/22Senate Improves EV Tax Credit in Largest Climate Bill Ever
8/5/22Manchin Deal Could Raise New Hurdles for Electric Vehicle Incentives
8/4/22Electric Cars’ Surging Prices Mean Fewer Buyers Can Use Tax Credit
8/3/22Federal Highway Administration Announces $7.3 Billion in Grants for Transportation Resilience
8/2/22Matt Daus To Deliver Congestion Mitigation Speech at Texas Conference- Aug 4th at 1:30pm CDT
8/1/22San Francisco Taxi Drivers Prepare for First-in-the-Nation Uber Partnerships
7/29/22U.S. Senate Democratic Deal Would Expand EV Tax Credits
7/28/22MTA Stacks Congestion Pricing Panel with Business Leaders
7/28/22July 2022 Monthly Column
The Black Car & Limo M&A Market is Hot! -So Let’s Learn How to be Legally Prepared to Buy or Sell1
7/27/22Matt Daus Proposes Congestion Pricing Plan on Radio Show
7/26/22Americans Driving Less with Gas Prices Still Higher Than a Year Ago
7/25/22Pete Buttigieg Faces Crisis and Opportunity as Airline Cancellations Mount
7/22/225 Ways Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our World
7/21/22$84 Billion in Transportation Law Grants Awarded So Far: DOT Secretary Buttigieg Says During House Hearing
7/20/22Four Factors Driving the Bus Operator Shortage
7/19/22To Escape High Gas Prices, Many Are Searching for Electric Vehicles. They Are Nowhere to Be Found
7/18/22Extension of EV Tax Credits in Jeopardy after Manchin Says He Will Not Support Climate Spending Bill-
7/15/22Governor Hochul Announces Charging Discount Programs for Electric Vehicle Drivers across New York
7/14/2280% of American Travelers Experienced Travel Issues in 2022
7/13/22Alto: Meet the Startup Aiming to Take on the Ride-Hail Industry Leaders
7/12/22How the Ride-Sharing Revolution Failed Passengers with Disabilities
7/11/22City On-Road Emissions Targets Proposed by Biden Administration
7/8/22Carmakers Start to Starve Combustion Models Out of Existence
7/7/22DoorDash Patent Application Hints at Autonomous Vehicles under Consideration
7/6/22NYC Taxi Medallion Prices Rise-Again!
7/5/22Ira Goldstein Recognized in City & State’s Inaugural Class of Above & Beyond Innovators
7/1/22National Safety Council to Release New Report: Mobility, Technology and Safety: The Next 20 Years
6/30/22How Micromobility Can Improve Last-Mile Delivery
6/29/22Ridesharing and E-Scooters Are Growing Twice as Fast as Mass Transit - Transportation Update
6/29/22June 2022 Monthly Column
“NYC Yellow Taxicabs- The Road Ahead!”
6/28/22Cities Are Banning New Gas Stations. More Should Join Them. - Transportation Update
6/27/22Tesla’s in the Lead as U.S. Electric Car Sales Get Superchargeds - Transportation Update
6/24/22Gas Prices Sting U.S. Workers Who Depend on Their Cars - Transportation Update
6/23/22Gas Prices Tip Some U.S. Rideshare Drivers to Wrap Cars in Ads - Transportation Update
6/23/22U.S. Payroll Tax Cut Off the Table, But $100 Billion in School Aid May Come: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/22/22US Senate Plans "Handful" of Stimulus Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/21/22Lyft Agrees to $25 Million Settlement with Shareholders Over Safety-Related Allegations
6/17/22White House Takes New Look at Federal Gas Tax Holiday
6/16/22Waymo and the Future of Autonomous Driving
6/15/22U.S. Safety Agency Says Tesla Accounts for Most Driver-Assist Crashes, but Warns Data Lacks Context
6/13/22Taxi Medallion Values Inch up for First Time since 2014
6/10/22U.S. Drops Covid Testing Requirement for International Travelers
6/9/22More DC Fast Charging, No App Sign-Ups under White House’s New EV Charging Rules
6/8/22Let’s End Traffic Stops-
5/25/22May 2022 Monthly Column
“NYC Has A New TLC Commissioner/Chair: Who is David Do & What Will He Do?”
5/31/22Arcimoto’s FUN Electric Three-Wheelers are JOCO’s Newest Delivery Vehicles in NYC
5/27/22U.S. Infrastructure Is Nowhere Near Ready for Biden’s Electric Vehicle Timeline
5/26/22As Feds Update Auto Safety Standards, City Officials Want a Say
5/25/25Enhanced Benefits Legislation for Drivers under the Black Car Fund is Passed and Moves to the Governor!
5/24/22Electric Vehicles Tease a New Energy Source: Gravity
5/23/23The Case for Going Big with Infrastructure Spending
5/20/22The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over
5/19/22It is Official! David Do is the NYC TLC Chair: His Agenda is Outlined Here!
5/18/22U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Steers $5 Billion to Cities for Safety as Road Deaths Soar
5/17/22NHTSA Report Double-Digit Increase in Road Deaths in 2021
5/16/22Matt Daus Talks Bicycle Lane Enhancements and Enforcement on Cats Roundtable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/13/22How to Minimize COVID-19 Risk on a Plane as Passengers Ditch Masks, According to Doctors
5/12/22Gasoline Prices Spike to All-Time High, Again
5/11/22Hybrid Work Poses No Threat to New York’s Recovery, MTA Chief Says
5/10/22A Guide to U.S. Electric Car Tax Credits and Rebates
5/9/22The Future of Drones in Transportation and Logistics
5/6/22U.S. DOT, Congress Push Each Other to Do More on Automated Vehicles
5/5/22High Gas Prices Are Pushing Electric Car Sales to a Tipping Point
5/4/22Daus "Super-Pumped" by Uber Taxi Partnership (NY Daily News Op-Ed)
5/3/22Biden Administration Announces $3.1 Billion to Make Electric Vehicle Batteries in the U.S
5/2/22U.S. and China Race to Make Self-Driving Taxis a Reality
4/29/22Here Is Why Cutting Gas Taxes Does Not Work When Prices Soar
4/29/22April 2022 Monthly Column
“The Uber-Taxi Partnership: Regulatory Evolution Spawns A New Transportation Species!!”
4/28/22Breaking News: New NYC TLC Chair Announced Today!
4/27/22The Black Car Fund’s Push to Secure Benefits for Drivers
4/26/22Residents Left Behind as Pandemic Hurts Bus Companies: Tues
4/25/22As U.S. Mask Mandate Is Struck Down, Immunocompromised People Contemplate Travel Plans
4/22/22NYC DOT Commissioner Rodriguez Announces Programming for Largest-Ever Earth Day Celebration This Saturday
4/21/22U.S. Justice Department Appeals Ruling Lifting Transit Mask Mandate after CDC Request
4/20/22Startups Try to Make EV Charging Easier in Cities
4/19/22Traveler Mask Mandate Struck Down; Masks No Longer Required on Buses, Trains and Planes
4/18/22Who is in the Driver’s Seat? Risk Management Updates for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry
4/14/22Study: Today’s EV Tax Credits Might Actually Increase Emissions
4/13/22Mask Mandate for Air Travel and Public Transportation Is Extended Again
4/12/22Transportation Initiatives Are Key to the FY 2023 New York State Budget
4/11/22Can “Buses-as-Flights” Get Americans out of Cars — And Planes?
4/8/22Albany Looks to Gas Tax Holiday to Placate Drivers – Along With Some Assurances to Mass Transit
4/7/22Aidala Power Hour: Daus Talks Taxis, Ubers & Enhanced Wheelchair Access!
4/6/22Breaking News: Uber Lands Another Taxi Partnership with Flywheel in SF!
4/5/22NYC TLC Holds Hearing on Taxi Airport Flat Rates & Financial Disclosure Requirements
4/4/22"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been..."-from taxis to Uber & back!
4/1/22President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act for EV Batteries and Clean Energy
3/31/22President Biden’s FY23 Budget Requests $21.1 Billion for Transit, $17.9 Billion for Rail
3/30/22Historic Limo Integration Deal Announced in Vegas at NLA CD Show!
3/29/22NYC TLC Decides to Continue FHV Licensing Pause
3/28/22Matt Daus Comments: What You Need to Know about Uber-Taxi Deal with Curb
3/28/21March 2022 Monthly Column
3/25/22Stimulus Checks for Gas? Here is What Could Be Coming Your Way
3/24/22NYC Taxis Partner with Uber!-A Turning Point in Mobility History
3/23/22COVID-19 Recovery: Riders are Coming Back, but Where are the Drivers?
3/22/22As Gas Prices Rise, Towns Add Electric Car Charging Stations
3/21/22Georgia and Maryland Passed Gas Tax Suspensions, More States May Follow
3/18/22The 2020s Will Be a “Transformative” Transportation Era, Buttigieg Says
3/17/22Student Transporters Cope with Rising Fuel Prices-
3/16/22U.S. Senate Votes to Nix Mask Mandate for Public Transportation
3/15/22Americans Struggle as Vehicle Expenses Rise
3/14/22Joco Pivots to E-Bike Delivery Rentals
3/11/22Buckle Up, Autonomous Vehicles Finally Get Federal Safety Standards
3/10/22Mayor Adams Releases Blueprint for City’s Economic Recovery: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/9/22Public Transit Gets $3.7 Billion to Woo Riders, Adopt Green Fleets: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/8/22Honoring Our Women in Transportation!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/7/22Federal Transportation Officials Considering Lifting Mask Mandate for Travel: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/4/22Partisan Cracks Emerge over How to Implement $1 Trillion Infrastructure Law
3/3/22Matt Daus Interviewed on Post-Pandemic Mobility Predictions
3/2/22NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Chair Resigns!
3/1/22Mask Requirements for Public Transportation and Transportation Hubs
2/28/22New CDC Mask Guidance Marks Major Shift for Schools
2/25/22How Post-Pandemic Business Travel Will Change
2/24/22Celebrating Dominican Heritage Month in the Transportation Industry
2/24/22Federal Actions Threaten Independent Contractor Classification for Transportation #Gig Economy# Drivers (12014362)
2/23/22“Air Rage” Is Complicating Travel in North American and Europe
2/22/22Celebrating Black History Month in the Transportation Industry
2/18/22Small Cities Seek to Compete for Historic Infrastructure Funds
2/17/22Why Vision Zero Is a Human Rights Issue for the Deaf — and the Rest of the Disability Community
2/16/22Two Years Out, Transportation Leaders Reflect on Pandemic Changes
2/15/22NY Governor Hochul Establishes Office of the Chief Disability Officer
2/14/22States Must Develop EV Infrastructure Plans to Access $5 Billion in Federal Funding: U.S. DOE, U.S. DOT
2/11/22NYC Increases Minimum Pay Rates for Uber and Lyft Drivers
2/10/22NY State Assembly Hold Hearing on EV Charging Station Deployment
2/8/22Does America Need a “Mobility Bill of Rights?”
2/7/22House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Looks at the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
2/4/22New Federal Law Requires Some States to Improve Bike/Walk Safety
2/3/22Vaccine Mandate Legal Primer for Transportation Companies
2/2/22Driverless Cars Will Not Be Good for the Environment if They Lead to More Auto Use
2/1/22White House Issues Guidebook for Communities to Access Infrastructure Funding
1/31/22Will State-By-State Regulation of Self-Driving Vehicles Work—and Keep People Safe?
1/28/22U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Targeting Rising Traffic Fatalities
1/27/22How Automakers Can Stop Humans from Over-Relying on Automated Safety Tech
1/26/22The Best EV Charging Solution That No One Is Talking About
1/25/22Can AI-Powered Congestion Pricing Improve Transportation Equity
1/24/22House Republicans Now Tout Provisions to Infrastructure Funding Even Though They Voted Against the Bill
1/21/22U.S. DOT Announces $11 Million in Grant Awards to Help Communities Plan for Transit-Oriented Development
1/20/22Can Flying Taxis Overcome Civic and Legal Turbulence: COVID-19 Transportation Update
1/20/22Jan 2022 Monthly Column
“IATR 34th Annual Conference Recap 35th Annual Conference Preview (12003381)”
1/19/22US DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg Chats at TRB with Professor Shaheen & Nat Ford
1/18/22Fare Caps Might Get Transit out of the Pandemic Slump
1/14/22Five Potentially Overlooked Pieces of the Infrastructure Bill
1/13/22News Alert for Transportation Companies: Supreme Court Blocks Nationwide Vaccine and Testing Mandate for Large Businesses
1/12/22The Ubiquitous Yellow School Bus Can Be Turned into a Force for Climate Change Good
1/11/22Report: In 2021, Drivers Nearly Erased Most of 2020 Climate Wins
1/10/22U.S. Infrastructure Bill Primer: Billions of Dollars on the Way for the Ground Transportation Sector
1/7/22Congestion Pricing Can Be Equitable, If Done Right
1/6/22Micromobility Drives Toward Broader Acceptance
1/5/222021 Set Public Transit towards Equitable, Accessible Future
1/4/22De Blasio's Vision Zero Failure
12/30/21What the New Rules for COVID-19 Testing Mean for Your Business: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
12/29/21NYC TLC Supports Lifting FHV Cap: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/28/21NLRB Invites Briefs Regarding Independent Contractor Standard: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/27/21U.S. Government Should Consider Vaccination Requirement for Domestic Travel, Dr. Fauci Says: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/26/21Dec 2021 Monthly Column
“How To Strengthen Your Limousine Company’s Affiliate Network Agreements in a Post-Pandemic World”
12/23/21Disabled Passengers were Promised Autonomous Vehicles - They are Still Waiting
12/22/21Matt Daus Addresses NYC Mayor’s EV Legacy
12/21/21Ydanis Rodriguez Appointed NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner:
12/20/21Gravity Launches NYC EV Taxi of the Future: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/17/21EVs Are Taking Over. The Invasion Arrives in the U.S. in 2022: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/16/21Updated NYC Vaccine Mandate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/15/21U.S. EEOC Says COVID-19 Can Be Covered by Disability Bias Law: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/14/21Energy and Transportation Departments Team Up to Help States Develop EV Charging Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/13/21Shifting to EVs Alone Won’t Save Our Planet: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/10/21Six Improvements Worth Celebrating within Flawed Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/9/21Fixing Failure: Creating Safer Communities by Designing Safer Roads
12/8/21Traffic Ticks Up but Remains Below Pre-Pandemic Levels
12/7/21Jetpacks, Flying Cars and Taxi Drones: Transport’s Future is in the Skies
12/6/21With Ridership Still Down, Transit Agencies Rethink Priorities
12/3/21As Infrastructure Funds Begin to Flow, Climate, Safety, Equity Impacts Are Not Enough, Some Say
12/2/21TSA Extending Mask Mandate for Domestic Travel Through March 2022
12/1/21Can E-Moped Sharing Help Wean Americans Off Car Ownership?
11/30/21Matt Daus Addresses “Electric Future” at South American Transportation Conference
11/29/21Airlines Log Busiest Days Since Early 2020 over Thanksgiving but Omicron Poses New Challenge:
11/26/21Nov 2021 Monthly Column
“NYC Congestion Pricing Primer: Plans, Policies, Pandemic Impacts & Ideas to Make It Work Better!”
11/23/21NYC Congestion Pricing Primer:Plans, Policies< Pandemis Impacts& Ideas to Make It Work Better
11/22/21The Infrastructure Bill Will Not Transform America’s Focus on Cars
11/19/21Biden Pushes Electric Vehicle Chargers as Energy Costs Spike
11/18/21Reverse the NYC EV Ban Now! #StopEVbaninNYC : COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/17/21Nominate a Driver of the Year - IATR 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!
11/16/21U.S. School Buses May Never Be the Same Thanks to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/15/21President Biden Signs $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into Law: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/12/21On Infrastructure, Follow the Money: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/11/21Bootcamp 101 - Urban Air Mobility Training Session - IATR 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!
11/10/21Public Transit Use Must Double to Meet Climate Targets, City Leaders Warn:
11/9/21“Small Victories” for Vulnerable Road Users in Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/8/21U.S. Ends International Travel Ban, Opening the Door to Vaccinated Tourists: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/5/21House Poised to Vote on Both Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/4/21Key Takeaways as U.S. Sets January 4 Vaccine Mandate Deadline: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/3/21Congratulations to NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/2/21U.S. DOT Promises National Safe Systems Approach After Historic Death Surge: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/1/21Matt Daus to Speak at International School Bus Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/29/21House Democrats Punt Infrastructure for Third Time: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/28/21Hertz to Rent 50,000 Teslas to Rideshare Drivers: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/27/21Democrats’ Hopes for Infrastructure Vote Hit Brick Wall: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/26/21Unvaccinated Americans to Face Tighter COVID-19 Testing Requirements in New U.S. Travel System: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/26/21Oct 2021 Monthly Column
“NYC Congestion Pricing Primer: Plans, Policies, Pandemic Impacts & Ideas to Make It Work Better!”
10/25/21House Speaker Predicts Infrastructure Bill Vote This Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/22/21Lyft Reveals 4,158 Reports of Sexual Assault in Its Safety Report: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/21/21“Mobility Justice:” How Cities Are Rethinking Public Transportation after COVID-19: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/21Matt Daus Discusses Next Level of Evolution for Taxi, Limo, and NEMT Industries: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/19/21Bus Industry Raises Alarm, Asks Congress for Pandemic Relief: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/18/21Matt Daus Addresses Uber & Lyft’s Entry into Taxi Ad Market: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
10/15/21Holiday Travel May Be More Chaotic Than Ever this Year: Taxi Rooftops: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/14/21After Wild West Start, Scooter Providers Chase Scale to Survive: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/21U.S. to Lift Canada, Mexico Land Border Restrictions in November for Vaccinated Visitors: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/12/21President Biden Faces Pressure to Pass Infrastructure Bills This Month: COVID-19 Update
10/8/21COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for Federal Contractors Could Preview OSHA’s Rules
10/7/21Parking is Back as an Office Amenity Post-COVID
10/6/21Matt Daus' Rock Band to Headline Dallas, Texas Limousine Convention! – Coinciding with Release of Songs from Upcoming Album…
10/5/21Democrats Aim to Pass Infrastructure, Social Spending Bills by the End of October: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/4/21That Uber or Lyft Trip May Be Worse for the Planet than Driving Yourself
10/1/21Democrats Call off Infrastructure Vote after Negotiations Stall on Reconciliation Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/21How Megacars, More Driving Could Cancel out EV Gains: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/21September 2021 Monthly Column
Should My Transportation Company Mandate & Promote Driver Vaccines?
9/29/21Transit Funds Could Crack Under Pressure of the Budget Deadline:COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/28/21COVID-19 Variants Slow Pace of Business Travel Recovery: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/27/21House Began Debate on Infrastructure Bill Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/24/21Treasury Guidance Expands List of Eligible CERTS Expenses: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/23/21Democratic Leaders Racing Toward Monday Infrastructure Vote: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/22/21Progressives Say They Plan to Vote Against Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Next Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/21/21NYC Medallion Relief + Projections = Fuzzy Math: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/20/21Senior House Democrats Concede Likely Scale-Back of $3.5 Trillion Biden Spending Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/17/21FTA Announces $25 Million Funding Opportunity to Help Transit Agencies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/16/21Reconciliation Looking Good for Sustainable Transportation: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/15/21500,000 Public Electric Vehicle Chargers Is the Wrong Goal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/14/21Infrastructure Reconciliation Bills May Fail Over Democratic Infighting: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/13/21MaaS Faces Its Make-or-Break Moment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/10/21Remembering September 11, 2001, and How it Impacted the NYC TLC: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/9/21Matt Daus Presented on the “Future of Taxis” at the National Shared Mobility Summit!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/8/21More Risk, Less Coverage – How Rideshare Insurance Rules Shortchange NYC Crash Victims: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/2/21Walking Places Is Part of the Culture Wars Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/21What the Taxi of Tomorrow Could Have Been (Reminiscing on Taxi'07 Javits Center Showcase): COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/31/21Matt Daus Comments on the $65 Million Taxi Relief Fund, Now Stalled for Six Months: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/30/21Celebrating 114 Year Anniversary of the Taxicab!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/27/21New York's Hottest Ride Hailing Service is the Taxi: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/26/21The First NYC Wheelchair Accessible Taxis!: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/25/21Origins of the NYC Sustainable Taxi & For-Hire Vehicle Movement: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/24/21Celebrating the Origins of Taxi Technology: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/23/21Matt Daus Celebrates the 20 Year Anniversary of NYC TLC Commissioner Appointment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/21August 2021 Monthly Column
EVs in the City: Are FHV Diamonds Forever?
8/20/21Infrastructure Bill Would Cut the Employee Retention Tax Credit Short: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/19/21Federal Investigation into Tesla Autopilot Defects Could Pull 765,000 Cars from U.S. Roads: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/18/21The Bus Industry and the Coming Demographic Crisis: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/17/21Tesla Is Under Investigation Because its Cars Keep Hitting Emergency Vehicles: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/16/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Car Rental Speech in Vegas Tomorrow: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/13/21U.S. Road Travel Rose 14.5% in June as Motorists Near Pre-Pandemic Driving: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/12/21House Democrats Press Leaders to Include More Funding for Electric Vehicles in Spending Plan
8/11/21How the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Will Direct Billions Toward Tech Spending: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/10/21Senate Passes $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/9/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Infrastructure & Shared-Mobility Speech @ Transport Conference in Lima, Peru: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/6/21Senate Fails to Finalize Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Will Hold Key Vote Saturday: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/5/21Congress Wants to Make Going to the Airport Less Miserable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/4/21Matt Daus' Book Tour Continues - Multi-Modal Free Webinar Tomorrow
8/3/21Here is What Comes Next for the $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/2/21EPA Webinar Alert: COVID-19: Aerosol Treatment Devices & Ozone Disinfection: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
7/30/21Senate Set to Advance Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/29/21Funding Alert: FTA Opens $16.3 Million for Transit Planning to Address Equity: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/28/21Americans Want Green School Buses, but Congress Sells Them Short: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/27/21Biden’s Infrastructure Deal on Shaky Ground as Blame Game Begins: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/26/21Subject Line: Senate Vote On Revised Infrastructure Bill Expected Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/21Pittsburgh’s New MaaS Platform and Mobility Hubs Aim to Support “Universal Basic Mobility
7/22/21Curb’s Trips Increase 800% as U.S. States Reopen: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/21July 2021 Monthly Column
“IATR Announces 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!”
7/21/21Global EV Battery Industry Will Be ‘Sold Out’ by 2025: Bank of America: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/20/21Negotiators Struggle to Finish Infrastructure Bill with Clock Ticking: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/19/21CDC Defends U.S. Transit Mask Mandate as Some Call for Scrapping: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/16/21Reconciliation Bill May Limit GOP Support for Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/15/21Democrats Confident Their Infrastructure Plans Are Coming Together: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/14/21Bipartisan Senate Group to Finalize Infrastructure Bill This Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/13/21Matt Daus Further Expands Transportation Corporate Law Team!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/12/21Last Chance for CERTS Funding – Apply Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/9/21Business, Labor Groups Endorse Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/8/21Democrats Race to Push Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Through Senate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/7/21Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary & Talks Transportation Policy w. Daus & Co.: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/6/21Grappling with School Bus Driver Shortages Continues Despite Funding Promises: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/2/21House Passes Surface Transportation Bill, but the Path Forward Is Unclear: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/1/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Keynote Speech at Int'l Car Rental Convention in Vegas: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/30/21Biden Admin Praises Revel After NYC Snubs Its Tesla Taxi Plans: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/29/21Matt Daus Named to Top Transportation Power List: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/28/21U.S. Senate Republicans Press CDC to End Mask Mandate on Airplanes, Transit: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/25/21Details of the Infrastructure Deal Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/24/21March 2021 Monthly Column
The CERTS Act Program: How Transportation Companies Can Apply for COVID-19 Relief Grants
6/24/21“We Have a Deal,” Biden Says After Meeting with Senate Infrastructure Group: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/23/21Transport Bill in the Hands of Retiring Senator Toomey: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/22/21Biden and Congressional Leaders to Meet on an Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/21/21CERTS Act Portal is Open Now! – Deadline to Apply is July 19th: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/18/21Senator Collins Pushes USDOT To Expedite COVID-19 Funds for Bus and Motorcoach Companies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/17/21Daus to Deliver International Speech on Big Transportation Data Access & Privacy in a Multi-Modal Autonomous & Connected World Update-Thurs, June 17,
6/16/21NYC 2021 Mayoral ElectionTransportation Policy Primer & Voter Guide: Candidates’ Positions & Plans: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/15/21Senators Face Roadblocks to Passing Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/14/21What the Next NYC Mayor Should Do on Transportation Policy: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/11/21Surface Transportation Legislation Movement in House and Senate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/10/21Problem Solvers Caucus” in Congress Unveils $1.25 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/9/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams & Matt Daus Discuss Transportation Policy!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/8/21New EEOC Guidance Addresses COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/7/21Taxi-mageddon is Coming Soon!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/4/21Biden Wants GOP to Back More Spending: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/3/21Boston Consulting Group & Via Collaborates on TransitTech Study: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/2/21Infrastructure Negotiations Enter Make-or-Break Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/1/21Matt Daus’s Book Chapter on Taxis Published in the Routledge Handbook of Public Transport!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/28/21$10 Billion Federal Proposal to Improve Transit Station Accessibility: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/28/21May 2021 Monthly Column
The 2021 NYC Mayoral Election: What Candidates Are Saying About Transportation Issues & What the Next Mayor Should Do!
5/27/21Congress Considering Fourth Stimulus Check: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/26/21How to Avoid COVID-19 Lawsuits!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/25/21Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks on Life Support: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/24/21White House Makes $1.7 Trillion Infrastructure Counteroffer: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/21/21Biden Stimulus Plan – A Down Payment on Reviving American Cities?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/20/21House Republicans Introduce $400 Billion Transportation Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/19/21U.S. Treasury Expected to Open CERTS Portal by End of May: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/18/21Post-pandemic Innovation in Transit is Needed to Enhance Mobility and Economic Opportunities: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/17/21SBA Pushes Pending PPP Loan Applications To Community Financial Institutions: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/14/21U.S. Will Not Immediately Lift Mask Rules in Air Travel or Public Transit: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/13/21NYC Taxicab Fares Cheaper Than Uber & Lyft!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/12/21What to Watch in the Car Share Rental Company Turf Wars: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/11/21New CERTS Grant Guidance Released for Bus & Motorcoach Industry!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/10/21CERTS Act Transportation Business Grants Funding: Are You Ready to Apply?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/7/21New Guidelines for the CERTS Grant Program for Bus and Motorcoach Operators : COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/6/21Biden’s Labor Department Rescinds Trump-Era Rule Affecting Gig Workers: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/5/21Gravity Announces Innovative New Electric Yellow Taxi Fleet: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/4/21Public Health Experts Press Biden on Travel Strategy amid Virus Surge in India: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/3/21Federal Mask Mandate for Travel Extended to September: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/30/21Matt Daus Moderates RHI Virtual Summit Session: The Future of Mobility: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/29/21Senators Discussing Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/28/21Private School Bus and Motorcoach Industries Ask for Additional Relief from Congress: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/28/21April 2021 Monthly Column
{11919509:1}2Assessing Post-Pandemic Options for Your Transportation Company: Should I Borrow, Buy, Sell, Merge, File or Retire?
4/27/21U.S. States and Cities Await Guidelines on Spending Stimulus: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/26/21Pivotal U.S. Senate Democrat Wants “More Targeted” Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/23/21Senate Republicans Unveil $568 Billion Infrastructure Counterproposal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/22/21Senate Bill Would Make Gig Workers Permanently Eligible for Unemployment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/21/21Congressional Democrats Push Funding to Electrify School Buses: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/20/21Employers Considering Returning To The Office As More Workers Get Vaccinated: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/19/21Deep Divisions Over Transit Threaten Highway Bill Bipartisanship: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/16/21USDOT Makes $1 Billion Available for Newly Branded RAISE Grants: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/15/21Treasury Creates New Office to Oversee COVID-19 Relief Programs: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/14/21Biden and Congressional Republicans Still Apart on Infrastructure Deal: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/13/21Public Transit Gets Fiscal Shot from the American Rescue Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/12/21Matt Daus Hosts Transportation Chat with NYC Mayoral Hopeful Andrew Yang: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/9/21SBA Increases Loan Limits for COVID-19 EIDL Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/8/21Biden Open to Negotiating on Corporate Tax Hike to Pay for Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/7/21President Biden Signals Willingness to Negotiate on Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/6/21COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Are Coming Soon: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/5/21NYC Airport Access Fee Started Today!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/1/21Biden Promises ‘Once-in-a-Generation’ Investment: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/31/21USDOT Readies To Release $30.5 Billion To Transit Agencies: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/30/21NYC Congestion Pricing Can Move Forward After Feds Give Nod: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/29/21NYNJ Port Authority to Charge All For-Hire Vehicles for Airport Access: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/26/21U.S. Senate Votes to Extend Paycheck Protection Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/25/21Coronavirus Updates for NYC Schools: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/24/21Biden Administration Now Focuses on $3 Trillion Transportation, Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/23/21U.S. Reps Call on Treasury Secretary Yellen to Act Quickly in Providing CERTS Funds: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/22/21March 2021 Monthly Column
A Legal Roadmap for Vaccinating Ground Transportation Drivers– Should My Company Mandate & Promote Driver Vaccines?
3/19/21Can Shared Mobility Survive the Pandemic? COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/18/21Warren, AOC Push $500 Billion Bill for Mass Transit: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/17/21Senators Debate What Cutting Carbon Emissions Means for Transportation Industry: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/16/21Daus Going to California: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/15/21Emerging Technologies in Public Transit: Legal Issues and Post-Pandemic Future: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/12/21PRO Act, Called ‘Most Important Labor Legislation in Several Generations,’ Passes House: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/11/21What Happened to the CERTS Act Funding?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/10/21House Approves Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/9/21New York City Announces Taxi Medallion Owner-Driver Relief Fund: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/9/21Last Chance to Register - Free IATR Webinar on Vaccine Safety & Priority Featuring CDC & NIOSH Experts on Wed., March 10, 2021 at 1pm EST / 10am PST.
3/8/21Congress Poised to Deliver Billions More in Coronavirus Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/5/21Banks Lobby Congress to Postpone PPP Loan Application Deadline: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/4/21Senate Gears Up for Marathon Effort in Push for COVID Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/3/21Workers’ Comp Exclusive Remedy for COVID Transmission: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/2/21Transportation Funding Breakdown for Biden's $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/1/21School Bus Mask Mandate Carries Stiff Penalties: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/26/21House Set to Approve Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package, Send Bill to the Senate: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/25/21COVID-19 Relief Could Leave Bus Companies Behind: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/24/21Should I Buy or Sell My Transportation Company, or File for Bankruptcy?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/23/21U.S. Senators Seek Quick Implementation of CERTS Act Funding for Bus and Motorcoach Companies: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/22/21No Tourism Travel Recovery Until 2024?!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/19/21FMCSA Extends COVID-19 CDL, Med Card Waiver: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/19/21February 2021 Monthly Column
Vaccine Priority for Commercial Bus Drivers
2/18/21Former NY Governor Paterson & Radio Host John Catsimatidis Celebrate Driver Vaccine Victory!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/17/21COVID-19 Relief Update – Checks, Unemployment, Vaccine & Government Funding: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/16/21The Future of MaaS – Daus Collaborates with Florence, Italy School of Regulation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/12/21CDC Recommends Five Key Strategies to Reopen Schools: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/11/21Free Taxi Rides to Vaccination Appointments: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/10/21Congressional Democrats Set to Back More Than $50 Billion for Transportation Sector: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/9/21Transport Secretary "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg Considering COVID Test for Domestic Air Travel: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/8/21Bus Driver Vaccine Priority Needed Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/5/21Senate Approves Budget Resolution to Sideline GOP on Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/4/21Business Travel Expected to Make Full Recovery by 2025: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/3/21NYC Prioritizes All TLC Licensed Drivers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/2/21Breaking News: Driver Vaccine Victory in New York!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/1/21Federal Mask Requirement for Surface Transportation Providers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/29/21Kathryn Garcia is the 7th NYC Mayoral Candidate to Endorse Vaccine Priority for Drivers!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/28/21NYC Mayor de Blasio Joins Fight for TLC Driver Vaccine Priority!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/27/21NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Voices His Support for Vaccine Priority for Drivers: IATR Daily COVID-19 Updates
1/26/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/19/21January 2021 Monthly Column
IATR’sFirst Virtual Conference Recap & 34thAnnual ConferencePreview –Memphis 2021
1/25/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/24/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Ray McGuire Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/21/21Breaking News: Andrew Yang Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/20/21Daus Pushes for Vaccine Priority for Drivers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/19/21SBA Reopens the PPP Loan Program to All Lenders: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/15/21U.S. Labor Department’s Independent Contractor Rule May Not Stand for Long: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/14/21SBA is Re-Opening Paycheck Protection Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/13/21NY Excludes Taxi & For Hire Drivers from Vaccine Priority (But Public Transit Gets Shots): COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/12/21PPP Loan Application Forms Released: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/11/21The SBA and Treasury Announce PPP Re-Opening; Issue New Guidance: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/8/21The SBA and Treasury Announce PPP Re-Opening; Issue New Guidance: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/7/21U.S. Dept. of Labor Finalizes Regulation on Independent Contractor Classification: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/6/21Airlines Urge White House to Require Testing for Travelers Instead of Travel Bans
1/5/21SBA 7(a) Loans and 504 Microloans Are Now Partially Forgivable in New Relief Law COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/4/21SBA Extends COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application Deadline to December 31, 2021: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/31/20Push for Bigger Checks Stalls in Senate, but $600 Payments are Being Sent Now: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/29/20Fate of Trump's $2,000 Checks Now Rests with GOP-Led Senate: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/28/20Three Big Ways Transportation Businesses Would Benefit From the New COVID-19 Relief Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/23/20Breaking News Update - Stimulus Legislation in Limbo; Trump Vetoes Defense Spending Law: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/22/20Where Transit Stands with COVID-19 Relief Bill and FY21 Omnibus Legislation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/21/20Here is What is in the New Stimulus Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/19/20December 2020 Monthly Column
Taxi & For-Hire Business Opportunities with Government & Public Transit Agencies in 2021 and Beyond
12/18/20Congress Rushes to Reach Deal on $900 Billion in COVID Relief and Avoid Government Shutdown: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/17/20Lawmakers Close to Stimulus Deal: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/16/20Congressional Deal Close on Liability Protections for Transport Businesses + Transit Bailouts: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/15/20Pete Buttigieg Nominated US Transportation Secretary: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/14/20Limo Drivers To Get Rapid COVID Tests Upon Passenger Request: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/11/20Pfizer Vaccine Endorsed – So When Will Transport Workers/Drivers Receive It?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/10/20Congress Sets December 18 Deadline to Wrap Up COVID-19 Relief Measure: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/9/20You May Still Get a December Stimulus Check. Here is Why – and From Whom: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/8/20Congress Aims to Create a Deal For Spending and COVID-19 Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/7/20$908 Billion COVID Stimulus May Include More PPP $$$: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/4/20Is A Stimulus Deal Really Happening? – Congress Trying to Avoid Gov’t Shutdown on Dec. 11th!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/3/20Democrats Propose $900 Billion COVID Stimulus Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/2/20CDC Recommends Vaccine Priority for Transportation Workers (Phase 1B): COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/1/20Congress Returns to Face Funding Deadline, Pressure on Coronavirus Aid
11/30/20IATR President Matt Daus to Participate in UITP’s Taxi and Ride-Hailing Digital Conference
11/30/20Matt Daus Speaking on EU Ride-Hail Regulation & EVs in the USA: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/25/20Hopes for a New Stimulus Package are Revived: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/24/20Many COVID Relief Programs Are Due to Expire at the End of 2020.: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/23/20Matt Daus Addressed School Technology Summit: Setting a New Vision for Pupil Transportation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/19/20November 2020 Monthly Column
11/20/20Trump Team to Yank Emergency Economic Support: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/19/20IRS: Transportation Business Owners Expecting PPP Loan Forgiveness Can’t Deduct Expenses: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/18/20NASA Says Air Pollution Down; Dems Stimulate Stalled Stimulus Talks: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/17/20Free Airport & Prop 22 Webinar Tomorrow - Daus Updates on NY AB5 Legislation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/16/20Emerging Technologies in Public Transit – Legal Issues and the Post-Pandemic Future: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/13/20COVID Infections Surge, While Congress Remains Paralyzed: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/12/20Biden Says People Need Coronavirus Relief ‘Right Now’: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/11/20Matt Daus to Discuss AB 5, Prop 22 and the Impact in New York and elsewhere: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/10/20Matt Daus’ Interview – Corporate Black Car & Limo Service = Tech + Commuter Shuttles: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/9/20Matt Daus Participates in "What’s the Healthiest Way to Get to the Airport" Teleconference
11/6/20Status of New COVID-19 Relief Still in Limbo TBD: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/5/20State and Local Transit Ballot Measures Won in a Landslide on Election Day: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/4/20Prop 22 Passes in California: TNCs Exempt from AB 5 – But NOT Taxis or Limousines: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/3/20Transportation Issues on the Ballot for Voting Today!-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/2/20Matt Daus to Speak at AARP on Safe Senior Transportation-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/30/20House Speaker Says COVID-19 Relief Deal Still Elusive-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/29/20Harvard Study: Flying Presents Low Risk of COVID-19 With Multi-Layer Approach - COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/28/20S. Senate Adjourns & Hopes for a Pre-Election Stimulus Agreement EvaporateCOVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/27/20Stimulus Hope on Hold until After Election as Senate Leaves DC-19 Transportation Update
10/26/20Michigan Law Enacted to Protect Businesses from COVID-19 Lawsuits COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/23/20CDC to Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring System COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/22/20CDC Updates Guidelines for COVID-19 Contacts COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/21/20Pelosi & Mnuchin Restart Stimulus Talks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/20Matt Daus Speaking @International Car Rental Show - AB5-Prop 22 & Post-COVID Biz Opportunities: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/19/20Some States Still Paying Drivers Extra $300 in Unemployment Benefits: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/20October 2020 Monthly Column
10/16/20Senate to Propose “Slim” $500 Billion Stimulus Next Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/15/20SBA Plan to Forgive 70% of PPP Loans; IATR Releases Model Pandemic Regulations: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/15/20IATR Releases COVID-19 Model Regulations - Hearing on October 28, 2020 at 9:30am EST
10/14/20More Payroll Protection $$$ On the Way Next Week?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/20Matt Daus to Deliver Keynote Speech on Future of Vehicle Leasing Tomorrow: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/20IATR Announces Micro-Transit Hack-a-Thon Award Winners - Regulator, Academic & Industry Review Panel: October 27th @ 1PM EDT
10/12/20U.S. Plans to Resume Travel to London Without Quarantines: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/9/20New PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidelines Issued: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/8/20Last Chance to Register for the IATR 2020 Virtual Conference Registration & Sponsorship Deadline is Friday, October 9, 2020!
10/8/20Trump Reverses His Reversal on Stimulus Talks?!?!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/7/20Trump Now Pushing More PPE + $1200 Stimulus Checks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/6/20President Trump halts coronavirus relief talks until after Nov. 3 election: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/5/20Trump Pushes Stimulus Deal While in Hospital: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/2/20House Passes $2.2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/1/20White House Offers New Stimulus Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/20$2 Trillion HEROES Act + More Stimulus Checks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/29/20Alert to Transportation Companies – US DOL Proposes New Rules to Determine IC Status: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/29/20AB5 & Prop 22 - The End of TNCs... Or, A New Beginning? Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm
9/25/20New Coronavirus Aid Proposal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/24/20Matt Daus School Bus Tech Talk Now Available: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/23/20Last Chance to Register for the Matt Daus Bus Tech Talk at 10:15am EST: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/22/20CDC Flip Flops Again, Reversing Yesterday’s Reversal of New COVID Health & Safety Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/21/20Preview of Model Transportation Regulations for COVID-19 (IATR-UITP): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/18/20September 2020 Monthly Column
Regulations for Taxi, For-Hire TNC Transportation Providers – Mandates, Resurgences
9/17/20Trump Trumps Republicans On More Stimulus $$$: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/16/20House Politically Quarantines Until COVID Stimulus Passage: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/15/20House Bipartisan Stimulus Plan Coming: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/14/20Matt Daus to Deliver School Bus COVID Safety Tech Talk (Free Registration): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/11/20CDC Removes International Air Travel Restrictions: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/10/20Matt Daus Addresses the Association for Commuter Transport (another free Webinar): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/9/20Republican ‘Skinny’ Stimulus Bill Finalized & Heading for Vote: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/8/20U.S. Senate Stimulus Bill Helps Airline & Travel Industry: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/4/20NY Workers’ Comp Board – Clarifies Coverage Available for Drivers Contracting COVID-19: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/3/20Micromobility Post-COVID Bike Share Ridership Rebound: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/2/20Alert To Transportation Companies: Payroll Tax Cuts Take Effect Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/20Stimulus Deal Getting Closer: Possible New Funding for Transportation & Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/20IATR Releases 2020 Virtual Conference Program - Registration & Sponsorship Re-Opens for 33rd Annual Conference!
8/31/20White House Confirms Movement on Stimulus: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/28/20Democrats Are ‘Not Budging’ on Second Stimulus Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/27/20White House Chief of Staff Predicts No Relief Bill Until After September: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/26/20Federal Transit Administration Launches Pandemic Recovery Forum for Transit Industry: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/25/20CDC Drops 14-Day Self-Quarantine Recommendation: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/24/20Registration Opens for the IATR’s Virtual Conference to be held October 26-29, 2020!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/21/20More $1200 Stimulus Checks on the Way?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/20IATR Releases 2020 Virtual Conference Program - Registration & Sponsorship Re-Opens for 33rd Annual Conference!
8/20/20 The Future of the NYC Taxi Medallion Industry (NYC Taxi News Free Marathon Podcast)
8/19/20New GOP 'Skinny' COVID Relief Plan Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/20August 2020 Monthly Column
The Post-Pandemic Future for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
8/18/20New Smaller GOP Stimulus Package Unveiled: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/17/20No Stimulus Deal – U.S. Senators Leave D.C.!: -19 Transportation Update
8/14/20Congress Breaks for Summer – No Stimulus Deal!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/13/20$400 Federal Unemployment Benefit Slashed To $300 By States: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/12/20Congressional COVID-19 Relief Package Officially On Hold?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/11/20The Future of Electric Vehicles = Trump vs. Biden + Norway: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/10/20US President's Pandemic Executive Orders Explained: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/7/20Congressional Stimulus Update – 3 Options: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/7/20SBA Changes PPP Rules!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/6/20Last Chance to RSVP for Tomorrow’s EV & Emerging Tech Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/5/20Matt Daus Discusses Electric Vehicles Thurs., Aug. 6th @ 11am EDT (Register Now): COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/4/20Matt Daus on Radio Show Discussing NYC COVID Taxi Crisis: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/1/20Daus Addresses Taxi Ridership Decline on Radio Show this Sunday at 8:00am EST: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/31/20NYC TLC Post-Pandemic Industry Stats Finally Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/30/20Micro-Mobility in NYC – Revel, Lyft, Lime, Councilman Cabrera & TA: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/29/20Has U.S. Senate Crushed Public Transit Bailout Hopes?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/28/20NYC TLC Regulated Industry Leaders Discuss Re-Opening: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/24/20Stimulus Preview = $Checks + Unemployment + Tax Cuts + Liability Protection + PPP Extension: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/25/20July 2020 Monthly Column
IATR’s 33rd Annual ‘Virtual’ Conference “Resilient Regulation!” October 26th-29th, 2020
7/24/20U.S. Payroll Tax Cut Off the Table, But $100 Billion in School Aid May Come: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/20US Senate Plans "Handful" of Stimulus Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/22/20NY MTA Public Transit Free On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/21/20New Federal Stimulus Money Coming Soon?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/18/20NY State Board of Regents School Re-Opening Transportation Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/17/20Daus on TV Discussing Pandemic Politics, Robert Moses & Dire Public Transit Future: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/16/20California PUC Proposes Mandate of CDC Guidance, Safety Plans & Driver Training: COVID-19 Transportation Updates
7/15/20School Re-Opening Transportation Primer: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/14/20Tax Day is this Wed., July 15th – PPP Forgiven Loans Not Taxable; EIDL Grants Taxable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/11/20COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/10/20Business Disruption Pandemic Insurance Coverage Primer: COVID-19 Transportation Update - Thurs
7/9/20Re-Opening NY for Bikes, Taxis, FHVs, Scooters, Mopeds (2 Free Webinars Tomorrow): COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/8/20Last Chance to Register – NY Re-Opening Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/7/20Micro-Mobility in NYC - Free IATR/UTRC Webinar Thurs. July 9th at 3:00 pm (Register Now): COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/3/20Help for the Bus Industry on the Way! – Federal CERTS Relief Act; NY Re-Opening Bus Panel Webinar; Bus Safety Plan Webinar
7/2/20Bus COVID-19 Safety Webinar Recording Available Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/1/20FREE WEBINAR Today: Bus Re-Opening Compliance & Risk Mitigation - July 1, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT.
6/30/20UTRC/IATR Announces Public Transit Panel Webinar Speakers
6/30/20Free UTRC-IATR Webinar Series: Re-Opening New York's Transportation Ecosystem (July 8-9) - Register Now (Space Limited)
6/27/20Travel Tax Credit Stimulus Package On the Way for Transportation Companies?
6/26/20Free Webinar: Re-Opening NY's Transportation System (Registration Now Open)
5/26/20June 2020 Monthly Column
The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation Ecosystem: An International Perspective on Mobility Trends
6/25/20European Union May Ban Travel from U.S
6/24/20Report Released – “Act of God” Pandemic Provisions in Transportation Contracts
6/23/20Avoid Lawsuits & Claims - Implement “Return to Work” Safety Plans Now!
6/20/20Does Your Transportation Company Have a “Return to Work Safety Plan?
6/19/20EEOC Guidance Prohibits COVID-19 Antibody Testing by Transportation Companies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/18/20MTA Reveals NYC Public Transit Re-Opening Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/17/20US SBA’s EIDL Program Open Again!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/16/20Updated NYC Mobility Data & Trends During Pandemic: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 15, 2020.
6/13/20Canadian Transportation Worker PPE Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, June 12, 2020.
6/12/20NLA & Global Virus Network Driver & Rider Hygiene Protocol: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 11, 2020.
6/11/20Motor Carrier Transportation Worker Safety Legislation: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
6/10/20NIOSH Releases Post-Pandemic Driver Safety Guidelines: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, June 9, 2020.
6/9/20The FED Expands Main Street Loan Program: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 8, 2020.
6/6/20PPP Flexibility Act Becomes Law – Loan Deadline is June 30th: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, June 5, 2020.
6/5/20U.S. Senate Passes Law Liberalizing & Extending PPP Benefits – Trump to Sign ASAP: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, June 4, 2020.
6/3/20Vodcast with NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 3, 2020.
6/2/20Breaking News! - FHVs Ordered Off the Road @ 8:00 PM EDT Tonight: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, June 2, 2020.
6/1/20House Passes PPP Loan Forgiveness Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 1, 2020.
5/30/20New CDC School Bus Re-Opening Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, May 29, 2020.
5/29/20PPP Loan Forgiveness for Transportation Costs: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, May 28, 2020.
5/28/20Post-COVID-19 Mobility Predictions & Trends (Free Webcast): COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, May 27, 2020
5/27/20New $100 Million NY State Loan Program for Small Businesses Re-Opening!: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
5/26/20May 2020 Monthly Column
What the IATR and Transportation Regulators Are Doing to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic
5/23/20Regulatory Response in Europe, Asia, Australia & Middle East (Free On Demand Webinar): COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, May 22, 2020
5/22/20UPCOMING FREE WEBCAST - City Infrastructure Friday, May 22nd at 2:00pm EDT
5/21/20Live Webcast - City Transportation Infrastructure - tomorrow at 2:10 pm EDT: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, May 21, 2020
5/20/20 LA DOT’s Response to the Pandemic: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, May 20, 2020