Bhairvi Desai -Learn About the Demands We Put On the Table at Today's TLC Hearing

Here are today's exciting results:

1. Commissioner Aguado reminded fellow Commissioners of his support of NYTWA Demand for the TLC to regulate the fare App companies charge passengers and guarantee 80% - 85% to drivers! The TLC is right now analyzing data from Uber, Lyft and company on how much they charge passengers and how much they pay drivers for the same fare.  We are calling on them to also see how much the same fare would be on the yellow/green meter.  City Council law gives authority to TLC to regulate App passenger fares beginning August 2019.  We are demanding they regulate one minimum fare across the industry. 

2. After many of our App members testified about Deactivations, Acting Chairperson Bill Heinzen responded and asked for all drivers to report to TLC about their Deactivations. This is the first time the TLC will be investigating Deactivations and it's because of NYTWA Members speaking up and demanding justice!  We also demand the TLC regulate Uber's contract with drivers: Uber and other App Companies need to put in writing when and why they deactivate drivers, and the TLC must make sure they follow their contracts.  APP DRIVERS: If you are deactivated now or have ever been deactivated, take action. Click here to fill out our form so we can forward to the TLC's investigation. 

3. After our owner-driver members spoke up about medallion debt and need for modifications, TLC staff offered to help us put together owner-drivers' trips and earnings data that we can include in Hardship Applications with banks.  OWNER-DRIVERS:  Click here to sign up for an appointment with us to help you with a Hardship Letter to give to the bank, requesting lower monthly mortgage and debt relief.  We will be calling on the City Council's newly formed Medallion Taskforce to decide the current medallion value and work with the banks and brokers to forgive loan amounts above that value, and to cap monthly mortgage amounts so owner-drivers' day to day expenses can come down. The TLC Chairperson as a member of the Taskforce can support our campaign!

Our 25 signed up speakers also put the rest of our demands on the TLC's table! 

4. Support our Fight for an Exemption from Congestion Surcharge by issuing a Hardship Report to NYS Senators and Assembly Members.  The TLC cannot stop or lower the surcharge.  But they can tell the truth about the drivers' struggle and hardship as we keep up the pressure on lawmakers in Albany.  Now that the budget season is over, we just have to get to the Senate and Assembly to pass a bill to put on the Governor's table.   
5.  Regulate a Cap on FHV lease-to-own and vehicle financing! The TLC now has the authority from the City Council because of our organizing!  The TLC already caps the financing on the yellow side.  It's time for the TLC to put a cap (a maximum amount) that companies like FastTrack and Tower can charge the drivers!

6. Require App Companies Issue a New Contract to All Drivers, in compliance with TLC rules! Uber's last contract was issued in 2015.  Since then, with every change, they have issued "Addendum" with multiple files and pages in small print!  Information required by the TLC such as out of town rates is not even included!  Drivers need one contract with simple and plain language, including the terms for Deactivation and appeal rights. 

7. Protect our vehicle cap victory! Uber sued the city to stop the TLC from continuing the cap when it expires in August 2019.  We need to protect our victory and not let Uber, Lyft flood the streets again with more cars, leaving App drivers with less work / income and destroying drivers in the rest of the industry.

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