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12/31Congestion pricing clears final hurdles as launch nears in early 2024crainsnewyork.comREAD HERE
12/31The highs and lows of Eric Adams’ first two years as NYC mayor nypost.comREAD HERE
12/31The environmental costs of EV batteries that politicians don't tend to talk aboutcbc.caREAD HERE
12/31In the year of AI, autonomous vehicles had a tough showing post-gazette.comREAD HERE
12/31Three More Migrant Buses Arrive in New York Just 48 Hours After Mayor Signs Bill Attempting to Curb Influxthemessenger.comREAD HERE
12/31Chinese EV makers are planning factories in Mexico—and the U.S. is worried it’s a ‘back door’ to undercutting the Big 3 HERE
12/30Taxi Driver Information Dashboardpanynj.govREAD HERE
12/30NYC's annual 'Good Riddance Day' takes place in Times Square | NBC New Yorknbcny/youtubeREAD HERE
12/30Eric Adams faces massive disapproval over his handling of this crisisFox News/youtubeREAD HERE
12/30Rogue migrants buses arrive in NYC again, just hours ahead of Mayor Adams’ crackdown on bus companies nypost.comREAD HERE
12/30Watch again: NYC Mayor speaks about New Year's security preparationsThe Independent/youtubeREAD HERE
12/30City to prohibit street vendors on bridge walkways and bike lanesny1.comREAD HERE
12/30New York City to evict 3,500 migrant families from shelters in Januarywsws.orgREAD HERE
12/30NYC to crack down on drunk driving on New Year’s Eveny1.comREAD HERE
12/30General Motors suing San Fran for $100M+ in connection to driverless taxi service, report sayskatv.comREAD HERE
12/29NYPD cracking down on impaired driving during New Year's holidayabc7ny.comREAD HERE
12/29Queens Blvd. section set for $30M upgradeqchron.comREAD HERE
12/29Philadelphia’s Fleet Of Electric Government Cars Is A Total Disaster: REPORTdailycaller.comREAD HERE
12/29Philly buys hundreds of electric vehicles but not enough chargers nbcphiladelphia.comREAD HERE
12/29Friday’s Headlines: Twelve Kids Died in 2023 Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/28Marblegate Delays Taxi Medallion Stock Market Listing (Again)AutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/28They’re Driving To America: Neil Diamond Musical’s Anti-Congestion Pricing Stunt Irks New Yorkersnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/28Adams slaps restrictions on migrant buses coming to NYC from Texas as numbers risefoxnews.comREAD HERE
12/28After Grand Central stabbing, Mayor Adams’ response shows he missed crime train nypost.comREAD HERE
12/27MTA moves forward on plans to redesign subway turnstile in latest effort to combat fare evasionamny.comREAD HERE
12/27MTA congestion pricing hearing dates setny1.comREAD HERE
12/27Another Utopia Pkwy Crash Shows What Happens When Drivers are Allowed to Speed on Unsafe Roadsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/27Taxi driver caught on video using sidewalk to get around in West New York.romesentinel.comREAD HERE
12/27Yes, that's a New York City cab driving around town and it belongs to a Burnaby car enthusiastcbc.caREAD HERE
12/27Migrants in Brooklyn Seen Begging for Food, Money, Clothingnewsmax.comREAD HERE
12/27Queens couple attacked with hammer in Christmas road-rage clash nydailynews.comREAD HERE
12/26NYC Mayor Adams cries the poor mouth but hired nearly 300 ‘special assistants’bizpacreview.comREAD HERE
12/26Uber’s Downward Spiral: How Driver Pay Has Worsened As The Company Stopped Innovatingviewfromthewing.comREAD HERE
12/26The Worst News of 2023 For Sustainable Transportation Advocatesusa.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/26The Best News of 2023 For Sustainable Transportation Advocatesusa.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/26Flying Taxis Are Coming in 2024. You Read That Rightrollingstone.comREAD HERE
12/26Uber, Lyft drivers shut down apps, boycott at Atlanta airportfox5atlanta,com/youtubeREAD HERE
12/26Student Stranded After Lyft Driver Flees With Luggageindiawest.comREAD HERE
12/25Fire underneath train causes smoke to fill subway station in Downtown Brooklynabc7ny.comREAD HERE
12/25NYC ambulance workers sound sirens over $15 congestion toll: ‘It’s a slap in the face’ HERE
12/25MTA not confident electric buses are ready for NYC HERE
12/24Current State & Possible Future Of The NYC For-Hire Transportation IndustryAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/24Companies co-founded by NYC Mayor Adams adviser Frank Carone named as defendants in ‘money laundering scheme’gazettextra.comREAD HERE
12/24storia scooter rider killed in head-on collision with taxi in Long Island City: NYPDqueenspost.comREAD HERE
12/24Eric Adams pads cash-strapped NYC payroll with 293 ‘special assistants’ nypost.comREAD HERE
12/24Andrew Cuomo ‘leaning towards’ mayoral run, if Adams craps out pagesix.comREAD HERE
12/24All-electric push sparks concerns about for-hire vehicle accessibilityny1.comREAD HERE
12/23When will congestion pricing start for NJ commuters? ny1015.comREAD HERE
12/23NYPD cops received more than $150M in overtime for subway patrols — but New Yorkers still feel unsafe despite crime dip nypost.comREAD HERE
12/23In the News: Congestion pricing round-uptribecacitizen.comREAD HERE
12/23Mayor’s Year-End Self-Praise Neglects the Bus — Because There’s So Little To Praisenyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/23Costly ‘Mountable’ Bike Lanes on Grand Concourse Have Failed — Yet City Plans More of Them on Queens HERE
12/23NYC In-Car FHV Ads Approved By City CouncilAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/23NYC Legislators Continue Fight to Set Own Speed Limitsplanetizen.comREAD HERE
12/23NYC DOT Celebrates Year of Record Achievements, Initiatives to Reimagine the Use of Public Spacenyc.govREAD HERE
12/22‘Smart Curbs’ program could bring more pedestrian friendly streets to the Upper West Sidegothamist.comREAD HERE
12/22Service changes ahead as Queensboro Plaza station to shut down every weekend of Januaryny1.comREAD HERE
12/22Congestion pricing faces pushback on all fronts. What might "exemptions" mean for drivers? wshu.orgREAD HERE
12/22Thursday’s Headlines: 34th Avenue Is Officially a Park Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/22NYC Mayor Eric Adams blames rats as a big reason for New Yorkers fleeing state in drovesnypost.comREAD HERE
12/22MTA and NJ still talking settlement terms in congestion pricing lawsuit with tolls slated to start in May nypost.comREAD HERE
12/22New York City’s extra-wide 10th Avenue bike lanes are great but city needs moremomentummag.comREAD HERE
12/21I-Team: Video shows Access-a-Ride driver beating up disabled Brooklyn passenger nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
12/21NYC DOT Kicks off Public Outreach for ‘Smart Curbs’ Pilot, Launches Online Feedback Portal to Reimagine City’s Curb Spacenyc.govREAD HERE
12/21NYC Council expected to approve slew of last-minute bills, including controversial NYPD, DOC reforms nypost.comREAD HERE
12/21Komanoff: MTA’s Three-Day Blitz on Toll Scofflaws is Not Nearly Enoughnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/21MTA: N.J. Slept Through the Entire Congestion Pricing Environmental Reviewnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/20NYC TLC Chair Do Sits Down With Agape Transportation Founder Mario SenaAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/20NYC congestion pricing confusion: Will drivers be charged to exit the zone?fox2ny.comREAD HERE
12/20NYC subway crime declines in 2023, but violent crime is up: MTAfox5/youtubeREAD HERE
12/20Lyft (LYFT) Stock Falls As Insiders Sell SharesSchwab/youtubeREAD HERE
12/20Is Co-Founder John Zimmer Giving Up on LYFT Stock? investorplace.comREAD HERE
12/20NYC could allow video ads in the back of Ubers and HERE
12/19Andrew Cuomo wants NY to put brakes on $15 congestion toll he once championed nypost.comREAD HERE
12/19Could congestion pricing hurt Broadway?FOX5/youtubeREAD HERE
12/19Woman says she can't see father with cancer after Lyft driver took off with her luggage nbcboston.comREAD HERE
12/19Chinese EV giants are planning factories in Mexico, and it's alarming US officials: reportbusinessinsider.comREAD HERE
12/19TLC-Plated Vehicle Featured On CBS New York Toll Evasion ReportAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/18Why Is Making EV Fast Chargers Reliable So Hard? cleantechnica.comREAD HERE
12/18MTA crackdown on toll evaders, fake license plates fox5ny/youtubeREAD HERE
12/18Exclusive: Fed's Bostic sees two rate cuts, soft landing next yearreuters.comREAD HERE
12/18Self-driving cars are driving right into their own graveresilience.orgREAD HERE
12/17Holiday Open Streets in NYC ends Dec. 17cbsny/youtubeREAD HERE
12/17‘It’s everyone’s nightmare — the robot doesn’t stop’: Tesla recall and robotaxi crash throw self-driving car dream into crisis nypost.comREAD HERE
12/17Bungled migrant crisis, and so much more: The party is over for NYC Mayor Eric Adams nypost.comREAD HERE
12/17Driver Attacked By Passenger. Can't Sleep, Can't WorkAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
12/16Woman Awoke To Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulting Her In Union, Docs Saypatch.comREAD HERE
12/16Op-Ed | Bringing daylight to our intersectionsbxtimes.comREAD HERE
12/16MTA seizes cars tied to $1 million in unpaid tolls and finescbsny/youtube.comREAD HERE
12/16San Diego taxi drivers get a ride-hailing appKPBS Public Media/youtube.comREAD HERE
12/15NYC red light cameras: Why some lawmakers are pushing for morefox5ny.comREAD HERE
12/15NYC woman sues Uber over alleged ‘disgusting and depraved’ rape, kidnapping by driver who picked her up in Brooklynnypost.comREAD HERE
12/15MTA & NYPD crack down on cars blocking bus lanesabc7ny/youtube.comREAD HERE
12/15Andrew Cuomo doesn't think NYC 'is going in the right directionfox5ny.comREAD HERE
12/15Why This Ugly Taxi Is One Of The Most Important Vehicles On Earththeautopian.comREAD HERE
12/159 executives leave after GM Cruise robotaxi crash investigation thehill.comREAD HERE
12/15Cruise lays off 900 workers after pausing robotaxi operations; investigation into SF crash ongoingabc7news.comREAD HERE
12/14Long Islanders call on Governor Hochul to stop congestion pricing planabc7ny.comREAD HERE
12/14New Protected 10th Avenue Bike Lane Opens, Marking a Safer, Greener Hell’s Kitchen w42st.comREAD HERE
12/14Citi Sued for Seizing French Riviera Villas of NYC ‘Taxi King’bloomberglaw.comREAD HERE
12/14Cyclist Takes NYPD to Court Over Improper Red Light Ticketsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/14Thursday’s Headlines: Another Tragedy Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/14City Solicitor warns Toronto council could lose Uber lawsuit, offers option to back downtoronto.ctvnews.caREAD HERE
12/13TLC Insurance Costs Set To Increase 8% to 10%+AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/13Uber loses bid to change name of US cases over 'sexual assault' claimsreuters.comREAD HERE
12/13Making Headway on the Perfect New York Streetcurbed.comREAD HERE
12/13Elected officials announce bills aimed toward safety initiatives surrounding lithium ion batteriesbrooklyn.news12.comREAD HERE
12/13Mayor Eric Adams hires fundraiser for legal defenseny1.comREAD HERE
12/13Big changes coming to Queens bus service, with more routes coming: What to know nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
12/13London Electric Vehicle Company: 'Fully electric MPV' drives black cab firm into new sectorbusinessgreen.comREAD HERE
12/12City behind on bus lane mandate for second yearny1.comREAD HERE
12/12TLC-Licensed Driver May Have Assaulted Access-A-Ride Passenger (& Former Access-A-Ride Driver)AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/12NYC Council says $1.2B in new revenue can curb Mayor Adams’ city service cutsmvariety.comREAD HERE
12/12The AV industry sends an SOS to Pete Buttigiegtheverge.comREAD HERE
12/12Goldman Sachs projects two Fed rate cuts next year with first in Q3reuters.comREAD HERE
12/12A Pedestrian Death in Queens Highlights a Year of Carnagenyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/12Survey: Prospect Park East Loop Redesign Going Over Well Enoughnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/12Tuesday’s Headlines: A Bridge Too Far Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/12Ask the MTA | Strategic Action Plan, emergency brakes and reduced fare MetroCardsamny.comREAD HERE
12/11Adds Another Moving Lane to Appease Car Drivers Near Williamsburg Bridgenyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/11Skoufis threatens to join lawsuit against congestion pricingmidhudsonnews.comREAD HERE
12/11PURE POLITICS: Congestion pricingcalifornia18.comREAD HERE
12/11Why experts say falling EV prices could actually hinder widespread adoptioncnbc.comREAD HERE
12/10NYC councilmember pushes bill requiring e-bikes and e-scooters have license plates and be registeredgothamist.comREAD HERE
12/10NYPD: For-hire driver charged with manslaughter after passenger’s deathgothamist.comREAD HERE
12/10Bus services seek exemption from new NYC congestion pricingspectrumlocalnews.comREAD HERE
12/10Don’t expect changes to MTA's congestion pricing even after final public reviewgothamist.comREAD HERE
12/10What’s Behind the Increasing Assaults of NYC Transit Workers? HERE
12/10Komanoff: IMHO, TMRB is A-OKnyc.streesblog.orgREAD HERE
12/9DORIS Says NYC TLC Has Not Filed Required Taxi Medallion ReportAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/9Dynamic! MTA Could Hike Congestion Pricing Toll 25% on Gridlock Alert Daysnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/9Livery cab driver arrested for beating man to death in NYC, wounding his cousin nypost.comREAD HERE
12/9MTA’s ‘reckless spending spree’ needs extra $1B for non-pedestrian expansions as drivers face congestion fee nypost.comREAD HERE
12/9Door Dash updates tipping policy after NYC passes minimum wage lawfoxbusiness.comREAD HERE
12/8NYC DOT Celebrates Completion of Major Safety Project on Manhattan's Third Avenuenyc.govREAD HERE
12/8Why 2023 was the year of the e-bike and not the self-driving carfastcompany.comREAD HERE
12/8NYC Mayor Adams' Approval Sinks To Record Low, Under Fire On Several Fronts, Quinnipiac University New York City Poll Finds; Most Voters Worry Budget Cuts Will Affect Their Daily Livespoll.qu.eduREAD HERE
12/8More noise traffic cameras coming to city streetsny1.comREAD HERE
12/7Final Congestion Toll For NYC Taxis & FHVs *Almost* Decided, Taxi Exemption Still On TableAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/7MTA board approves congestion pricing planny1.comREAD HERE
12/7MTA board approves NYC congestion pricing plan: What to know about tolls, exemptions and more nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
12/7Half of London's famed black cab taxi fleet are now EVsengadget.comREAD HERE
12/7Poll: Mayor Eric Adams’ approval rating among NYC voters sinks to historic 28% HERE
12/6IDG Will Hold "Drivers Right To Ownership" Rally Tomorrow At 10AMAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/6MTA officials hold rally for congestion pricing; Adams urges exemption for school buses and taxisabc7ny/youtubeREAD HERE
12/6Adams headed to DC for first time since FBI raid at top fundraiser’s homeny1.comREAD HERE
12/6NYC Mayor Adams to launch lithium-ion battery-charging pilot program in early 2024 for delivery workers to safely charge bikes morningstar.comREAD HERE
12/6Lawmakers, advocates for homeless rally to defend Right to Shelter law in NYCabc7.nyREAD HERE
12/6GM’s Cruise robotaxi service faces potential fine in alleged cover-up of San Francisco accident wdtn.comREAD HERE
12/5New York City Unveils Controversial Congestion Pricing Planenergyportal.euREAD HERE
12/5Will Humans Always Be Part of a Robotaxi Future?autoweek.comREAD HERE
12/5MTA tests new fare gates in Queenspix11/youtubeREAD HERE
12/5MTA tests out new subway gates designed to keep fare-jumpers outnypost.comREAD HERE
12/5John Lennon’s Killer Told Cab Driver ‘You’ll Remember My Name’: Watch Exclusive ‘Murder Without a Trial’ Clipbillboard.comREAD HERE
12/5Flying Taxi Company Expanding; $20M Grant from New Yorkiotworldtoday.comREAD HERE
12/5Jaclyn Elmquist left a NYC holiday party. Her body was found in a trash chute hours HERE
12/5LET'S GO FOR A RIDEAutoMarketplace NYC/youtubeREAD HERE
12/4Commentary: The hard part of being mayor has started for Eric Adamscityandstateny.comREAD HERE
12/4New York City is borrowing from the great cities of Europe with America’s first congestion pricing plan, charging $15 to most driversfortune.comREAD HERE
12/4NYC Taxi Driver Would Rather Retire Than Give Up His Crown Vicmotorbiscuit.comREAD HERE
12/4Hudson Valley leaders react to possible $15 congestion pricing toll to drive into Midtownlohud.comREAD HERE
12/4Disgraced Cruise CEO Quietly Resigns: What Does It Mean for GM?motorbiscuit.comREAD HERE
12/4Mayor Adams’ hotel-for-migrants money pit nypost.comREAD HERE
12/3NYC Uber & Lyft Utilization Rates Rebound. Lockout Risk Declines, As Uber Monopoly Takes HoldAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/3Budget cuts cause reduced staffing at New York City firehouses, firefighters union sayscbsnews.comREAD HERE
12/3NYC Congestion Plan Would Charge Business District Driversttnews.comREAD HERE
12/3A new path for unionizing Uber and Lyft commonwealthbeacon.orgREAD HERE
12/3Cycle of Rage: Mayor is Failing the Leadership Test on Congestion Pricingnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/3New York City is Down One MTA Board Member as Mayor Fights Congestion Pricing Feenyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
12/2Mayor Eric Adams calls for exemptions to congestion pricing as MTA releases proposal nypost.comREAD HERE
12/2Komanoff: IMHO, TMRB is A-OKnyc.streetblog.orgREAD HERE
12/2Williamsburg’s Berry Street Turns Into Cyclist- and Pedestrian-Friendly Bike Boulevardbrowstoner.comREAD HERE
12/2Man steals car in NYC, crashes into taxi, climbs onto moving SUV during police chasefox5/youtubeREAD HERE
12/2NYC up in arms over long-awaited plan to charge drivers $15 or more to enter central Manhattanfortune.comREAD HERE
12/2Source: Most drivers likely to pay $15 to enter proposed congestion pricing zoneny1.comREAD HERE
12/2NYC congestion pricing draft shows costly commute, especially for New Jersey drivers politico.comREAD HERE
12/2New York City's Holiday Open Streets program kicks off Sundaycbs/YouTubeREAD HERE
12/1WAV TIF Proposals Appear To *REDUCE* Overall Payments To DriversAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/1Adams Says He’ll Ban Parking Near 1,000 Intersections Every Year To Make Corners Safernyc.streetblog.orgREAD HERE
12/1Uber tries to win over London black cabsstreetinsider.comREAD HERE
11/30'WE DON’T WANT IT': Uber's new ‘Black Cab’ offering draws heavy criticism from licensed taxi HERE
11/30Village to crack down on illegal taxisthephoto-news.comREAD HERE
11/30ThursdayEric Adams’s McGuinness Blvd. Capitulation Did ‘Nothing’ for Pedestrians, Greenpoint Pols Chargenyc.streetsblog.comREAD HERE
11/30Thursday’s Headlines: Congestion Pricing Will Be $15 Editionnyc.streetsblog.comREAD HERE
11/30Passengers Rob Taxi Drivers in Manhattan & The BronxAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/30This Cheap Street Fix Saves Lives. Why Don’t More Cities Do It?bloomberg.comREAD HERE
11/30MTA worker killed by subway train at 34th Street-Herald Square stationabc7ny.comREAD HERE
11/29TLC Hearing On New WAV-Related TIF Rules Tomorrow, Could Help Medallion Industry & ValuesAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/29Judge orders pro-car protester to stay away from NYC transportation commissionergothamist.comREAD HERE
11/29NY drivers who need vision tests could lose license after COVID rule expires pix11.comREAD HERE
11/29London’s famed black cabs will be listed on Uber’s app in big win for the ridehail companytheverge.comREAD HERE
11/29Queens officials celebrate completion of renovation project at Flushing-Main Street subway stationqns.comREAD HERE
11/293 women wanted for robbing taxi cab drivers at gunpoint across NYC: NYPDpix11/youtubeREAD HERE
11/29Eric Adams’ admin proposes zoning changes to permit casinos in NYC nypost.comREAD HERE
11/28TLC Says NYTWA Amendment To EV Plate TRO Should Be Denied, Trying To "Prevent Competition"AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/28Crime and Public Safety | Gun-toting women rob cabbies in Manhattan and the Bronxizoner.onlineREAD HERE
11/28Why Is Uber In Portland Illegally?cellularnews.comREAD HERE
11/28MTA Faces Potential $900 Million Budget Gap in 2026bloomberg.comREAD HERE
11/28MTA completes Flushing-Main Street station 7 improvement project masstransitmag.comREAD HERE
11/28Is the Self-Driving Taxi Revolution Slowing Down?oilprice.comREAD HERE
11/27Drivers in Manhattan May Pay Congestion Pricing as Soon as April 2024bloomberg.comREAD HERE
11/27Ex-NY Gov. David Paterson defends Eric Adams over ‘Orwellian’ FBI probe nypost.comREAD HERE
11/27NYC buses running at slowest speeds since 2019amny.comREAD HERE
11/27TAKING A TOLL US city now charging drivers $23 every time they visit & it could unleash a new nationwide surcharge simply to travelthe-sun.comREAD HERE
11/27New plan to create a stock market portfolio for every child in America that’s caught Microsoft, Uber, Dell and Zillow’s attentioncnbc.comREAD HERE
11/26Police seek 3 accused of throwing ice at subway conductor in Queenscbsny/youtubeREAD HERE
11/26Surging farebeating is a sign of bad things to come: Reverse the soft-on-crime trend now nypost.comREAD HERE
11/26A New Jersey city hasn't had a single traffic death in almost 7 years. Here's HERE
11/26Is Uber Technologies, Inc.'s (NYSE:UBER) Recent Stock Performance Influenced By Its Fundamentals In Any Way? HERE
11/25TLC Could Take 6 to 9 Months To Process ~10,000 New EV Plate ApplicationsAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/25City Rideshare Drivers Worry Over Electric-Vehicle Mandategoodmenproject.comREAD HERE
11/25Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Nearbybrooklynheightsblog.comREAD HERE
11/25Water main break causes street closures in midtown Manhattanny1.comREAD HERE
11/25GM Cruise to Relaunch Robotaxi Service - Would You Ever Trust Them?autospies.comREAD HERE
11/24New York City Prepares for Congestion Pricing ‘Revolution'theenergymix.comREAD HERE
11/24Here’s how you can save money without cutting cops, Mayor Adams nypost.comREAD HERE
11/24MTA losing ‘staggering amount of money’ as NYC subway farebeating surges: data nypost.comREAD HERE
11/24KISS announces NYC takeover, including limited-edition MetroCards6sqft.comREAD HERE
11/24New York City mayor Eric Adams accused of sexual assault in 1993theguardian.comREAD HERE
11/23Uber and Lyft should be made to pay their fair share dotnews.comREAD HERE
11/23Some Uber and Lyft drivers have learned they can make more money if they're pickier about whom they servemsn.comREAD HERE
11/23City announces $12 million redesign of Steinway Street in Astoria to boost business, increase pedestrian safetyastoriapost.comREAD HERE
11/23Cruise Plans to Resume Robotaxi Service in One City pymnts.comREAD HERE
11/23Where NYC Busways Are Succeedingplanetizen.comREAD HERE
11/22Violent Taxi Driver at JFKcitizen.comREAD HERE
11/22New York Wants More Electric Ubers. Everyone Is Madwired.comREAD HERE
11/22Delivery Companies Don’t Want to Supply Delivery Workers With Safe Batteries and Bikesnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/22Time’s Up For Ford Crown Victoria Taxi Cabs In New York Cityfordauthority.comREAD HERE
11/21Open streets on Fifth Avenue returns for the holiday seasonny1.comREAD HERE
11/21One Year Later, Delivery Workers Are Still Waiting for Their Charging Hubsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/21Governor Hochul Advances Nation-Leading Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Buildout Program governor.ny.govREAD HERE
11/21Revel Scooter Sharing Service Ceases After Ridership Plummets thecity.nycREAD HERE
11/21Hochul signs bill requiring disability representation on MTA Boardamny.comREAD HERE
11/21The NYPD is spending $390 million on a new, encrypted radio systemthegothamist.comREAD HERE
11/21Police investigating slashing and shooting at NYC subway stationscbsnhy/youtubeREAD HERE
11/20NYC Uber & Lyft Utilization Rates Rapidly Declining. Lockouts Soon?AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/20Op-ed | MTA is more than ‘ABLE’ to speed things up for bus ridersamny.comREAD HERE
11/20Subway saunas: NYC’s underground unbearably hot as outside temps fall nypost.comREAD HERE
11/20Cardi B slams Eric Adams over NYC budget cuts: ‘Crimes are gonna go through the roof’ nypost.comREAD HERE
11/20What you need to know about the FBI’s investigation into potential ties between Turkey and NY mayor's campaigngazettextra.comREAD HERE
11/20As NYC traffic deaths pile up, advocates march through Astoria to call for street redesignsgothamist.comREAD HERE
11/20CEO of self-driving cab outfit Cruise parks his careertheregister.comREAD HERE
11/1982 Year Old NYC Taxi Driver Knocked Unconscious, NYPD Needs Help Finding Suspectautomarketplace.substack.comREAD HERE
11/19NYC Mayor Eric Adams opens legal defense fund amid campaign probe thehill.comREAD HERE
11/19Adams pleads with NYC’s richest residents to help pick up slack for cash-strapped city: ‘All hands on deck’ nypost.comREAD HERE
11/19Major MTA service disruptions cause confusion for Queens commutersny1.comREAD HERE
11/19You win this street game by getting “hit” by a self-driving carfreethink.comREAD HERE
11/19Uber Technologies Inc CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Sells 100,000 HERE
11/19Eyes on the Street: How Are De Blasio’s Pandemic Era Busways Doing?nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/18Opinion: TLC’s New Policy is a Wrong Turn for People with Disabilities and Driverscitylimits.orgREAD HERE
11/18Eric Adams attended nearly 80 events celebrating Turkey politico.comREAD HERE
11/18NYC cab driver viciously beaten by customer in fight over fare payment: policepix11/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/18Taxi driver, 82, knocked unconscious after man refused to pay fare in Manhattan: NYPD pix11.comREAD HERE
11/17NYC Under Adams: Migrant Crisis, Budget Trends, and Subway Crime | Nicole Gelinas & Reihan SalamManhattan Insights/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/17Can’t get a ‘brake’: NYC taxi drivers fume over plan to lift ride-share cap adding more Uber and Lyft vehicles to city streetsamny.comREAD HERE
11/17Transportation | NYC federal jury says cabbies entitled to back-pay over former TLC suspension policylightaholictech.infoREAD HERE
11/17MTA announces changes to weekend services in Queens amid accessibility upgradesqns.comREAD HERE
11/17Capital Idea: MTA Spending Pours Cash into Every District in the State: Reportnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/169,700 New EV TLC Plate Applications SubmittedAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/16NYC Mayor Adams deflects questions on FBI fundraising probenbc/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/16Comptroller report shows Citi Bike service is unreliable in many neighborhoodsny1.comREAD HERE
11/16NY: MTA in talks to possibly settle N.J. congestion pricing lawsuitmasstransitmag.comREAD HERE
11/16New York's Game-Changing Electric Air Taxi Takes Offfirstpost/YpuTubeREAD HERE
11/16Komanoff: The Congestion Toll Solution That Could Have Beennyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/16Bus Ridership is Near 2019 Levels (If You Count the People Who Don’t Pay)nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
11/15Amtrak service suspensions continue due to structural issues inside NYC parking garagefox5ny.comREAD HERE
11/15Joby shows off electric air taxis in New York, targeting 2025 launch datereuters.comREAD HERE
11/15New York City wrangling over Mayor Adams’ push to expand green taxis justthenews.comREAD HERE
11/15Revolutionizing urban travel: NYC's first electric air taxi flightthesun/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/15DOT Begins Enforcement for Overweight Trucks on BQEcitylandnyc.orgREAD HERE
11/15Op-Ed | NYC’s truck routes haven’t changed since the 1970s. It’s time for an overhaul.amny.comREAD HERE
11/15NYC driver arrested for fatally mowing down 75-year-old woman as she crossed street with walker nypost.comREAD HERE
11/14EV TLC Plates: What's Going On? What's Next? AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
11/14Rideshare Drivers With No Place To Go Demand Bathroom Accessgoodmenproject.comREAD HERE
11/14Washington, DC, CVS toilet paper lock-up shows NYC its ugly future nypost.comREAD HERE
11/14MTA Chair Janno Lieber refutes environmental charges in New Jersey's lawsuit to block congestion pricingcbsnews.comREAD HERE
11/14Settlement conference underway about MTA's congestion pricing planabc7/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/14MTA in talks to possibly settle N.J. congestion pricing lawsuitnj.comREAD HERE
11/14Mayor Adams, NYCEDC Move to Transform Downtown Manhattan Heliport nyc.govREAD HERE
11/13As NYC’s fleet of electric Uber, Lyft and Revel cars grows, fears rise charging network won’t meet demandgaxettextra.comREAD HERE
11/13Electric vehicles, range anxiety, and how dynamic charging could help electrify America's roadsYAHOO/YouTubeREAD HERE
11/13Op-Ed | Safely integrating e-bikes into our streetsamny.comREAD HERE
11/13Here are four ways to save New York City as residents flee crime and fiscal failurenypost.comREAD HERE
11/13Subway ‘vigilantes’ will continue until NYC deals with rampant crime nypost.comREAD HERE
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—despite unions warning of accidents and job losses
fortune.comREAD HERE
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9/22Mayor Adams, Hertz Announce Partnership to Create Green Jobs, Provide Workforce Training, Electrify VehiclesNYCREAD HERE
9/22NYC DOT Completes East New York’s Longest Protected Bike Lane Project, Delivering Much-Needed Safety Near SchoolsNYCREAD HERE
9/22TLC Misses Deadline to Make Half of All Taxis Wheelchair Accessible, AgainTHE CITYREAD HERE
9/22Online Retailers Selling Illegal Batteries and Mopeds to City Buyersnycstreetsblog.orgREAD HERE
9/22City to consider banning gas burning vehicles for taxis, Ubers and Lyftscitynews/YouTubeREAD HERE
9/22Fed keeps rates unchanged and signals optimism about a potential ‘soft landing’apnews.comREAD HERE
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9/21MTA will not boost service when congestion pricing goes into effectGothamistREAD HERE
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9/16All Ubers, Lyfts and taxis should be zero emissions by 2031, city recommendsiheartradio.caREAD HERE
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9/12Bistate battle over congestion pricing enters new phase njbiz.comREAD HERE
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8/22MTA Chief Builder Says He’d Use Condemnation to Grab Jim Dolan’s MSG Property Needed for Penn Station Rebuild westsidespirit.comREAD HERE
8/22Biggest one yet: City opens immense Randall’s Island migrant center for 3,000 people as officials plead for fed aid amid crisisamny.comREAD HERE
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8/19Speeding Driver Runs Red Light and Kills 18-Year-Old on Deadly Atlantic Avenue Speedwaynycstreetsblog.orgREAD HERE
8/1825 pols call for taxis, app-based drivers to be exempt from congestion pricingCITY & STATEREAD HERE
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8/17San Francisco robotaxi traffic jam is a warning to the world, says city official CBCREAD HERE
8/17Mayor Adams, TLC Announce Rules to Require City's Rideshare Vehicles to be Zero-Emission, Wheelchair Accessible by 2030NYCREAD HERE
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7/26Minneapolis considers minimum wage for Uber, Lyft driverskare11.comREAD HERE
7/25Staten Island plans to sue MTA over congestion pricing plan after NJ announced lawsuit NBC-4NYREAD HERE
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7/25After a pause, US Fed Likely to hike interest rates to 22-year highlivemint.comREAD HERE
7/25Police want to identify man they say robbed LaGrange cab driverYAHOOREAD HERE
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7/24Noisy, overnight BQE jackhammering work delayed (again)Brooklyn Daily EagleREAD HERE
7/24Migrants booted from mini-tent city under BQE are back living there again nypost.comREAD HERE
7/24Driverless cars stall in downtown Austin intersection, drawing safety concernsFOX 7READ HERE
7/23Bill would mandate commercial e-bike licenses; Apps would be fined for riders going on sidewalksthevillagsun.comREAD HERE
7/23Tent city troubles emerge in New York City as migrants seek shelter below Brooklyn-Queens Expressway amid housing crisishindustantimes.comREAD HERE
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7/22New Jersey files federal lawsuit to block congestion pricing in NYC njbiz.comREAD HERE
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7/22Cruise starts initial robotaxi testing in MiamiTECH CRUNCHREAD HERE
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7/21Mayor Adams, Parks Commissioner Donoghue, DOT Commissioner Rodriguez Announce More Than $40 Million Investment in Safer, More Vibrant Downtown BrooklynNYCREAD HERE
7/21Downtown Brooklyn to get $40 million pedestrian-friendly makeoverGothamistREAD HERE
7/21MTA boosting service on five subway lines in Augustamny.comREAD HERE
7/21Noisy nighttime BQE jackhammering to begin July 24:BROOKLYN EAGLEREAD HERE
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7/21MTA proposing more fare hikes ahead of congestion pricing meetingPIX11READ HERE
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7/20MTA approves increasing NYC subway, bus fares to $2.90 by end of August nypost.comREAD HERE
7/20MTA votes to raise fares; congestion pricing tolls under discussion CBS/YouTubeREAD HERE
7/20MTA hears from Traffic Mobility Review Board for first timeny1.comREAD HERE
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7/19Manhattan's Third Avenue redesign begins next week with upgrades for bikes, buses, pedestriansGothamistREAD HERE
7/19NYC DOT to Begin Construction on Third Avenue ‘Complete Street’ Redesign in Midtown & Upper East Side with New Bic& Bus NYC DOTREAD HERE
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6/28MTA Selects “ARRO” as Exclusive Yellow Taxi E-Hailing App for Phase II of its Paratransit Access-a-Ride E-Hail ProgramMTBOT/ARROREAD HERE
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6/27NYC DOT Announces Second Round of 2023 Open Street Locations Across the Five BoroughsNYCREAD HERE
6/27Tuesday primary elections feature races for Queens, Bronx District Attorneys, NYC Council nypost.comREAD HERE
6/27Congestion pricing gets final okay from feds to move forward: Hochul nypost.comREAD HERE
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6/23Charge upgraded to murder in shooting of Uber driverKTSM9NEWS/YouTubeREAD HERE
6/23Steeper fines for alternate side parking violations could be on the wayN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
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6/21Four people killed, two critically hurt by fire sparked by lithium ion battery in Manhattan Chinatown e-bike shopN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
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6/21Investigates: Shortage of air traffic controllers hitting New York especially hardCBS-2NYREAD HERE
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6/16Defund Police? New York Already DidCITY JOURNALREAD HERE
6/16MTA will start accepting IDNYC applications for reduced fare benefitsamny.comREAD HERE
6/16MTA to reassign elevator operators in deepest NYC subway stations; union cites safety concerns at upper Manhattan stopsN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
6/16Uber driver shot in North Philadelphia, teen passenger nearly struckYouTube/ABC NewsREAD HERE
6/16Uber pulls out of Israel; ends food delivery in Italy proactiveinvestors.comREAD HERE
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6/16Mayor Adams Blasts Food Delivery ‘Hypocrisy’ Editionnycstreetsblog.orgREAD HERE
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6/15NYC office occupancy rates reaches 50% following COVID-19: data nypost.comREAD HERE
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5/9 HERE
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5/2 Livery Pilot Proposed, 2,500 "Restricted" TLC Plates Could Be Issued SoonAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
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4/29MTA could have a lower fare hike and 5 free bus routes under proposed state budgetGothamistREAD HERE
4/28Cabbies can't sue NYC over Uber, Lyft impact on license valuesREUTERSREAD HERE
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3/28NYC DOT Announces Major Step in Crafting Vision to Reconnect Communities Along the BQE CorridorNYCREAD HERE
3/28Lyft CEO and president to step down, former Amazon exec David Risher named as replacementCNBCREAD HERE
3/28Uber driver carjacked, shot and killed in Lynwood identified as Marine veteranFX11-L.A.READ HERE
3/28Uber drivers, Instacart workers in CT would be paid $36 per hour under proposalCTINSIDERREAD HERE
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3/27Sounds of sirens, car horns and other traffic noise can make blood pressure soarstudyfinds.orgREAD HERE
3/27Uber driver killed by passengers in Lynwood identified as married father of 2, veteranYouTubeREAD HERE
3/27Nearly 10,000 NYC Uber and Lyft cars controlled by leasing companies, pushing up driver costs; ‘You’re a slave to the vehicleN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
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3/20Woman says she was assaulted by Uber driver in Denver, feels more needs to be doneFOX NEWSREAD HERE
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3/17Four congressmembers from NY and NJ form 'caucus' to kill congestion pricingGothamistREAD HERE
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1/11Hochul punts on new MTA revenue source amid threat of big fare hikesGothamistREAD HERE
1/11NYC Should Re-Draft Plan for Ride-Share Rate Hike, Judge SaysBloombergREAD HERE
1/11NYC judge blocks pay raises for rideshare drivers after Uber lawsuitnypost.comREAD HERE
1/11Pay raises for Uber and Lyft drivers ‘held up by a technicality,’ NYC judge saysMSNREAD HERE
1/11Driven to Debt- Driven to Debt- Too-low interest rates caused unsustainable growthCJREAD HERE
1/11Mayor Adams unveils plans to turn NYC offices into 20,000 new apartmentsGothamistREAD HERE
1/11UBER Stock Benefits From a Favorable Court RulingYAHOOREAD HERE
1/10Ford Mustang Mach-E NYC Taxi Gets Its Own Diecast ModelFORD AUTHORITYREAD HERE
1/10New laws will remove thousands of NYC Airbnb listingsPIX-11READ HERE
1/10Public bathrooms reopen in 9 subway stationsny1.comREAD HERE
1/10Uber stock rises after NYC judge blocks driver pay raiseYAHOOREAD HERE
1/10Revel to open five additional public EV fast charging stations in NYCelectrekREAD HERE
1/10Masked Queens farebeater points gun at MTA bus driver, threatens to kill him: police PIX-11READ HERE
1/10Charlotte Uber driver was shot in the back and robbed: PDYouTubeREAD HERE
1/10Curtis Sliwa tries to convince mayor’s Brooklyn neighbors to use feral cats to combat rats nypost.comREAD HERE
1/9NYC Mayor Eric Adams needs to follow up on his road-safety success nypost.comREAD HERE
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1/8Subway shove victim Lenny Javier sues MTA for ignoring violent menacesnypost.comREAD HERE
1/8Cyclist struck dead by cement truck in Astoria on streets the city promised protected bike lanesny1.comREAD HERE
1/7New York Judge Blocks Pay Raise for Uber, Lyft DriversPakistan WeekREAD HERE
1/7NYC court blocks pay raise for Uber and Lyft driversYAHOOREAD HERE
1/7NYC Rate Hike for Uber, Lyft Drivers Blocked by CourtBloombergREAD HERE
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1/7Taxicab drivers rush to help fellow driver being attackedPIX11READ HERE
1/7NYC Subway Crime Jumps 30%, Defying Surge in Police PatrolsBloombergREAD HERE
1/7Cyclist killed, motorcyclist clinging to life in separate Queens crashesN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
1/6Undercover investigators entrap people of color through illegal cabs crackdown at NYC airports: lawsuitGothamistREAD HERE
1/6Uber workers on strike demanding higher wagesny1.comREAD HERE
1/6Queens compost program lightens NYC landfills' load by 12 million poundsGothamistREAD HERE
1/6‘Zapped’ of funds: Watchdog says MTA let Con Ed ‘estimate’ its electric bills, and may have been seriously overchargedamny.comREAD HERE
1/6NYC will buy over 900 electric vehicles in hopes of a ‘greener’ municipal fleetGothamistREAD HERE
1/5Rats! NYC mayor ticketed for rodents at his property againAOLREAD HERE
1/5Community Board 4 Wants Shared Street on W. 22nd — And Continued Open Street in the Meantimenycstreetsblog.orgREAD HERE
1/5City Council demands MTA more regularly inspect 11,000+ cameras in subway systemnews 12 THE BRONXREAD HERE
1/5Taxi Driver Saves Boy’s Life with Free Ride to Hospital, 18 Years Later They Meet in Cab Again – Story of the Daynews.amomama.comREAD HERE
1/5Taxi class-action suit against Ottawa heads to court today; information updatedroadwarriornews.comREAD HERE
1/5TLC Is Missing $10 Million+ Opportunity In Plate ReleaseAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
1/5Why Isn't Every Parking Lot Covered With Solar Panels?CNETREAD HERE
1/4Uber, Lyft deserve congestion toll as the ‘real’ cause of NYC traffic, ex-DOT boss says nypost.comREAD HERE
1/4MTA: No 7 line service for six weekends, starting in Februaryny1.comREAD HERE
1/4Letter: Free transit rides proposal will have real consequencesBronx TimesREAD HERE
1/4Uber drivers plan 2nd strike, app drivers lost approx. $12M: NYTWAPIX-NYREAD HERE
1/4Congressman-elect Mike Lawler takes aim at congestion pricingCBS NEW YORKREAD HERE
1/4Delivery Worker Hubs En Route to West Side and The BronxTHE CITYREAD HERE
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1/4You gotta love these New Yorkers with their Vermont vacation homesTWITTERREAD HERE
1/4Down in Smoke CJREAD HERE
1/4Trial starts in taxi industry's $215-million lawsuit over city's handling of Uber OTTAWA CITIZENREAD HERE
1/3Micromobility in limbo: Takeaways from Paris and LATECH CRUNCHREAD HERE
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1/2MTA must finish East Side AccessNewsdayREAD HERE
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