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1/24Punjabi Deli: New York’s Favorite Rest StopROADS&KINGDOMShttps://t.co/xLPJYM6nrD
1/24Colleges That Rushed to Fund Electric Scooter Startups Don’t Love Them on CampusBloomberghttps://t.co/UQ4Xzr1XFm
1/24The fight for e-scooters in NYC rolls alongMashablehttps://t.co/QjiMzGsjdL
1/24Advocates pitch congestion pricing for transit upgrades, but 'fact sheets' omit funding shortfallCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/IqPS9WFr4B
1/24E-Bike Champion: Let’s Not Be Distracted by Tech Companies Pushing ‘Toy’ E-ScootersSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Qz24jLRyc9
1/24Uber and Lyft are siphoning riders from public transit, study findsautobloghttps://t.co/jQyl3YzMIO
1/24Sheets of Water Gush Into L Train Tunnel After Main Breaks, Wreaking Havoc on ServiceNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/FNYQGoYCVw
1/24Boeing's flying taxi lifts off in first flight, bringing Uber Air closer to realityCBS NEWShttps://t.co/WrNQjHcIgF
1/24Taxi driver badly hurt in Spain's 'anti-Uber' strikeALJAZEERAhttps://t.co/ledMSL2Iow
1/24Taxi drivers vote on latest ridesharing proposal from authorities Catalan Newshttps://t.co/H78mHv5szl
1/23Here Are the Big Changes Coming to NYC This YearTHRILLISThttps://t.co/BFOIxUosiW
1/23Tractor-Trailer Comes Apart, Strikes Subway Entrance in Lower Manhattan NBC-4NYhttps://t.co/oT6t5jUISo
1/23Uber’s investigations unit stressed out over too much work: reportN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/wKpwWnf910
1/23NYC Transit president defends hiring private subway cleanersN.Y. Daily Newshttps://t.co/t0L7iNTsKR
1/23Spanish taxi strike against app services spreads to Madridjapan timeshttps://t.co/9xw2BnwwVE
1/23EDITORIAL: Massachusetts must raise fees on Uber, Lyft to fund infrastructure, forgotten workersThe Daily Free Presshttps://t.co/Oc86vgWHSZ
1/22Shaky Taxi Industry Saw Foreclosures Spike Tenfold Last Year Patchhttps://t.co/d328jKCDj6
1/22Stressed out and at risk: Inside Uber's special investigations unitCNNhttps://t.co/uXK3bI2n87
1/22Attorneys, Politicians and a Bitcoin Entrepreneur: The 23 People Running for Public AdvocateN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/iiecRTdTCI
1/22We Rode The L Train And Talked To Riders About The Un-Shutdown Confusiongothamisthttps://t.co/oRgXg4OyAk
1/22The MTA is off the rails, againNewsdayhttps://t.co/Q8F2aaWy3w
1/22$9.5 million MTA plan for 'heavy duty' cleaning of subway cars and stations angers unionN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Q8F2aaWy3w
1/22MTA seeks a consultant to review Cuomo's L-train tunnel fixN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2inhrX8Qpb
1/22Cuomo’s MTA moves show what a real dictator looks likeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/p4xJ6jHOBe
1/22Barcelona taxi drivers blockade roads in Uber protest The Telegraphhttps://t.co/n03HBjTH3G
1/21New L Train Plan Appears to be Going Ahead Without MTA Board Approval
— and That's Confusing Everyone
1/21Bill calls for higher fees for Uber, Lyft in Massachusetts BOSTON Heraldhttps://t.co/EXMgS2SGkv
1/21The Cab Ride That Nearly Killed Me Changed How I Think About Ride-Hailing AppsBloomberghttps://t.co/RwSFDjICGv
1/21NYC added 20 miles of new protected bike lanes in 2018 (updated)CURBEDhttps://t.co/rCiPQ62B3c
1/21The good, the bad, the ugly of MTA Riverdale Presshttps://t.co/Xpo69hozQJ
1/21Congestion pricing is just the city’s next big scamN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Y6IWQDqrDX
1/21Congestion Caused By Car Widths Not CyclewaysForbeshttps://t.co/ID7rGZgJET
1/21A $450 dinner, $45 whisky: Political appointee, aide ring up the expensesWashington Posthttps://t.co/Os4xHn4dvj
1/20How God used a cab driver to teach me an invaluable lessonFOX NEWShttps://t.co/aq4g17XnHI
1/20Cuomo accused of ramming through L-train plan to avoid MTA panelN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/x2bY72tIUX
1/20Bike lane battle rages on in Manhattan amid L-train dramaN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZlzGS0snVn
1/20Blame Cuomo for New York’s coming natural-gas crisisN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/aOHiZjDQdj
1/20Air taxis could fly people across major cities by ‘mid-2020s’, company saysBorneo Bulletinhttps://t.co/KUn50MLA93
1/20Taxi and ride-share congestion fee remains stalled by court caseN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/yVFUY6KOVJ
1/19Watch: Congestion Pricing a ‘Nail in the Coffin,’ Warn Taxi DriversTHE INDYPENDENThttps://t.co/o8miYL3pZY
1/19UNFINE PRINT: Andrew Cuomo is the Latest to Wrongly Blame Bike Lanes for CongestionSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/tX1dBAXrUQ
1/19Cuomo's MTA Is 'Neutering' Oversight To Ram Through L Train Plan, Board Members Saygothamisthttps://t.co/iK3B1hxEdE
1/19On Transportation, Cuomo Giveth and He Taketh AwaySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/IBgtdI3KtO
1/19Uber, Lyft, Airbnb: Unicorn IPOs are coming in 2019CITY A.M.https://t.co/acQqFw1wgt
1/19NY Governor Cuomo Wants Total Reform of Limo Regulations After 2018 Crash That Killed 20THE DRIVEhttps://t.co/8gGoVAVgTi
1/18Taxi Medallion Owner Speaks Out Against Congestion SurchargeCBSLOCALhttps://t.co/4EK1JXlVfo
1/18NYC taxi drivers call Gov. Cuomo's congestion pricing a "suicide surcharge"ABC-7NYhttps://t.co/6wWT5Wjp6b
1/18Judge Extends Block Of Congestion Pricing Plan Through Jan. 31CBSLOCALhttps://t.co/7484lNBIeO
1/18Taxis get congestion-surcharge reprieveCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/fJ5vNs6AKH
1/18Arrests of hustling cabbies skyrocket at NYC airportsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/f0A8aF5S0K
1/18I-Team: Expensive Experts? MTA Hires $300 Million Consultants But Opts for Free L Train AdviceNBC-NYhttps://t.co/aES7Uf8WJC
1/18Cuomo Ties MTA Funding to Congestion PricingNY1https://t.co/OW14EwHCzc
1/18Judge extends restraining order on congestion pricing feeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/FnggDBDYBY
1/18Lime and Bird Raise Millions, But at Far Lower Valuations Than HopedBloomberghttps://t.co/TtAoo81o8C
1/17‘Suicide Surcharge’ or Crucial Fee to Fix the Subway? Taxi Drivers Brace for Battle Over $2.50 ChargeN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/GjSVlpHXk3
1/175 key takeaways from the MTA’s emergency L train shutdown meetingCURBEDhttps://t.co/Ts88ObctIE
1/17KOMANOFF: Good Tidings for Congestion Pricing From Governor CuomoSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/xsUs8hTnGH
1/17De Blasio appears on 'The View' to tout health-care plans, gets yelled at by Whoopi Goldberg for bike lanesN.Y. Daily Newshttps://t.co/GgLLxvWmfc
1/17Uber Has Bigger Problems to Worry About Than the ShutdownBloomberghttps://t.co/58t28pspy1
1/17Quotation of the Day:
‘Suicide Surcharge’ or Crucial Fee to Fix the Subway? Taxi Drivers Brace for Battle Over $2.50 Charge
N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/S8Se3xr48Z
1/17Cuomo Gives Few Details on Congestion Pricing Plan in State of the StateNY-1https://t.co/hTd7tDKZuG
1/17Uber Drivers Face Uphill Battle in 3rd Circuit AppealCourthouse
News Service
1/16Governor Cuomo Announces Comprehensive Safety Reforms for Limousines and Large Passenger VehiclesNEW YORK STATEhttps://t.co/avFcvhIPBe
1/16Congestion pricing’s improved odds give hope to BQE opposition in Brooklyn HeightsBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/NTNBaFq8KA
1/16Support for a wonky transit tax is a great sign that cars are going out of styleQUARTZhttps://t.co/Rr5c9D2Klj
1/16Cuomo to propose stretch limo ban in New York following fatal crashTHE HILLhttps://t.co/DIC8pOxUJH
1/16Advocates push for 'bike mayor' in NYC SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/mloV16Uwzg
1/16Uber’s E-Bikes, Called Jump, Are Now In DallasD Magazinehttps://t.co/Eh4fm8iN49
1/15Why I love congestion pricing but hate the taxi-Uber surchargeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/gMlXglL2vv
1/15Paul Bettany leads the charge in a protest against a temporary highway in BrooklynDaily Mailhttps://t.co/Vq7sgxYNzy
1/15Congestion Pricing Has More Positive Momentum But Remains Uphill Battle in AlbanySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/7J6vJXvt7S
1/15Cuomo to unveil recreational marijuana proposal TuesdayCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GZnlzphpuY
1/15Ratings Downgrade: New York's MTA Debt is Getting Riskier Municipal Bondshttps://t.co/B20AeuA7uU
1/15Gov. Cuomo Makes It Clear: He Wants Total Control Of MTAWLNYhttps://t.co/6jCab5ZwsI
1/15Cuomo wants full control of MTA — but only half its debtN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/TdL1QsU40k
1/15Cuomo to deliver budget proposal to lawmakers TuesdayThe Buffalo Newshttps://t.co/Vq7sgxYNzy
1/15Considering Investing in Uber? Here Are 5 Numbers You Should KnowMotley Foolhttps://t.co/7J6vJXvt7S
1/15Uber’s Jump to Roll Out E-Scooters and E-Bikes; Parking Zones AppearRIVARD Reporthttps://t.co/iTLPp50gWJ
1/14Butt Sensors, Flying Taxis, and More This Week in Car NewsWIREDhttps://t.co/yuVKtIPINo
1/14Statement from Director of the Budget Robert Mujica on the MTAwww.governor.ny.govhttps://t.co/d0KUDWUlfi
1/14Madrid Taxi Drivers to Strike in Bid for Tighter Uber Rules: ABCBloomberghttps://t.co/UzpRTmN5Yb
1/14No-driver car group refocuses on safetyArkansas
Democrat Gazette
1/1415 major cities around the world that are starting to ban carsBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/5chi28bVW6
1/14The dangerous ride-hailing and public transportation equivalencyGreenBizhttps://t.co/EpKyRmrzZn
1/14Are Uber & Lyft Really Keeping Drunk Drivers Off the Streets?Milwaukee Magazinehttps://t.co/5wgJ7bGmBV
1/13Cuomo’s MTA shocker is one ‘L’ of a messN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/skMhCrcfn0
1/13Racist Uber driver meets his matchN.Y. POST-Videohttps://t.co/AzVORMCRno
1/13Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.TECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/tKdTpAnk3D
1/13Rider files suit against Uber over allegations of assault and battery Northern
California Record
1/13Uber loses $1bn in three months as growth slowsHerdon Gazette https://t.co/hINBAZpXhE
1/13Uber’s 3 grand ambitions and what they mean for us regular folksthenextweb.comhttps://t.co/YdH4eQIUCD
1/13Uber and Lyft IPOs Are in Limbo as Shutdown Threatens 2019 ListingsBloomberghttps://t.co/332iCi64cw
1/13Tech rivals set for clash over self-driving cars Tech rivals set for clash over self-driving carsReuters-TVhttps://t.co/LLW3Of6yqL
1/13French court backs Uber driver in key gig-economy casemid-day.comhttps://t.co/MW0xMTMFZb
1/12L Train Shutdown Reversal Stings For Small Business Owners Who Gave Up On Williamsburggothamisthttps://t.co/rPuE3XpAoR
1/12Uber wants to go public this year, but SoftBank has yet to seat its two board membersCNBChttps://t.co/0DS5FnHp9z
1/12Ford puts the brakes on Chariot ride-share trialsThe Car Connectionhttps://t.co/pbeWoFaYfq
1/12Taxi Riders Punch Driver After Skipping Fare In Gramercy: Cops Patchhttps://t.co/KdamrEt9HE
1/12Relief for New York City’s Transit Deserts? Commuter Trains Might HelpN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/30Ob1K65L2
1/12Air taxis could fly people across major cities by ‘mid-2020s,’ company says L.A. Daily Newshttps://t.co/8TPTRm9Ds8
1/12Take a look at Bell and Uber's flying taxi of the futureengadgethttps://t.co/jNdfI0CNCm
1/12Will a “front door” help San Francisco steer the stampede of emerging technologies testing on its streets? S.F. BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/DGrB6ztBjp
1/12Taxi-hailing apps: A promise unfulfilledGLOBEShttps://t.co/JaX342Ed7L
1/11A better way to attack congestion: Before passing a charge on all who enter
Manhattan's central business district, address the root of the problem, Ubers and Lyfts
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vO73p3UytI
1/11Councilman wants MTA to pay city for L train shutdown workN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/lvP6p1OM7x
1/11Term Sheet -- Thursday, January 10-CONFLICTS OF INTEREST FORTUNEhttps://t.co/12sfeSXa38
1/11Scooter startup Bird is reportedly raising $300 million with assistance from financial giant FidelityBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/jSnxyYvfmT
1/11Man who hailed a taxi while friend died in burning car sentenced to 12 years in prison WNEMhttps://t.co/tIEpXKO8Qy
1/11Are the days of the private car really over?BBChttps://t.co/ZYPnk7dSCI
1/11This company says its air taxis could be flying people across major cities by the ‘mid-2020s’The Washington Posthttps://t.co/GfeJyPCP8t
1/11Riders Wonder: With Uber as New York’s Plan B, Is There a Plan C?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/vEOh5I0drG
1/10NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Historic Surprise AnnouncementNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/2jLINNcyZt
1/10Boston Mayor Proposes Higher Fees For Uber, LyftPatchhttps://t.co/0s4zFE37rC
1/10Uber’s IPO outlook takes a $50 billion hitS.F, BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/a92InORweE
1/10Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says there's a chance the company may not IPO in 2019 after allBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/It9jWevXqm
1/10The $100 Million Man: How Cuomo’s campaign war chest became one of the nation’s largestDemocrat&Chroniclehttps://t.co/0nW2E1b4iC
1/10OPINION: Cuomo’s L-train surprise: What was his motivation?Brooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/Gwz5c4m0MF
1/10Will Toxic Silica Dust Derail Cuomo's Last Minute L Train Fix? gothamisthttps://t.co/Wr76bo7elT
1/10Cuomo's L Train Reboot Still Full Of Unknowns: 'Nobody Has Any Idea Except For The Governor'gothamisthttps://t.co/sdMgSilUgW
1/10NYC Transit's new subway cars suffering on the tracks, dozens pulled from railsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/YITtN0YsfC
1/10MTA should reimburse NYC for L train work: city council's transit chairN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/zpBdS7I0UM
1/10Woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Lyft driver files lawsuitKSBYhttps://t.co/F2vlgBVeNt
1/9Taxi commission leader calls her departure a 'mutual decision'CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/3EmZ47wiJG
1/9TLC Chair Steps Down: What’s Next for the Taxi Industry?NY-1https://t.co/PPT1BCmJop
1/9NYC Subway SurveyNYC Councilhttps://t.co/DInF1vcqxj
1/9NYC taxi chief recalls 'unproductive clash' with head of City Council cab committeeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/WhbkS0uc7O
1/9NYC Taxi and Limousine Chief Says Decision to Resign Was MutualNY1https://t.co/NBbicRrbj9
1/9Meera Joshi on the historic changes to the taxi industryCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/CgMBGitd8g
1/9Cuomo wants to 'blow up' the MTA after L train debacleN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/tSCBhB8gWD
1/9Outgoing TLC commissioner says Diaz relationship was 'unproductive clash'amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/HO4sjn1qZy
1/9Woman gives birth in back seat of NYC taxiN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/6Zf7S7YgxA
1/8De Blasio releases new Central Park horse carriage rulesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/dcTwcsAwUQ
1/8Electeds to Cuomo on L Train Plan: Thanks But We Have Many, Many QuestionsWNYChttps://t.co/P24s7luEzx
1/8Uber driver admits to murdering six strangers between faresN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/LEcL2uxNIz
1/8Seattle City Council Members Visit New York to Warn About Amazon HQ2Bloomberghttps://t.co/Fph6M8LgnY
1/8NY's last big taxi lender swallowed up in mergerCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/WzbShQ0tr2
1/8After taking on taxis, ride-share services now challenging public transit in U.S.UPIhttps://t.co/FBHVeXL2sw
1/8Uber’s IPO may not be as eye-popping as we expectedTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/OVUK0OUEsz
1/8Uber/Lyft staging area closed at airportSan Diego Readerhttps://t.co/P24s7luEzx
1/7Progressive pricing: The new Legislature ought to speed to a fair traffic-congestion feeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/V0Pp61nBRY
1/7New TLC commissioner should have economic smarts: AdvocatesamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/fimsiJ8r23
1/7New campaign finance law creates fissure in public advocate's racePOLITICOhttps://t.co/GwwKMFGvb9
1/7Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders 'are renting their jobs to illegal immigrants in a black market that allows them to work without record checks'Daily Mailhttps://t.co/6EPeFYfHlj
1/7Uber’s arbitration policy takes advantage of drivers,
according to a Canadian court that just sided against the company
1/7Life Behind The Wheel: The Daily Struggle Of Cab, Uber Drivers Patchhttps://t.co/LklSjo4Vkq
1/7Why we need more technologists in politicsCITY & STATEhttps://t.co/c7QspG4uus
1/6Joshi to step down as TLC boss in March POLITICOhttps://t.co/wZ1GeMDijx
1/6Taxi and Limousine Commission head to step downCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/DzoO86DwhC
1/6NYC taxi boss Meera Joshi to step downN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/0Gr0yEyk9L
1/6Bill, bribes and bad baloney: How political cash has corrupted in de Blasio's New YorkN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/y1TVJ3MsK6
1/6Secrecy over Amazon deal of prime concern, City Hall emails showN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qq5CcBeNoj
1/6Cabbie Punched, Perp Arrested by Counter-Terrorismyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Gzp2Xf9jtxY&app=desktop
1/6Cuomo May Have Spoken Too Soon When He Announced No L Shutdown Patchhttps://t.co/6xkmBRF4KG
1/5N.Y. Today: L Train Shutdown Apocalypse? Never MindN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/UXNRaiSZbI
1/5Political ‘fixer’ Bradley Tusk seeks $70M for Tusk Ventures’ sophomore fundTECH CRUNCHhttps://t.co/WphpAe2clB
1/5PenFed's latest expansion move sets off another banker battleCREDIT UNION
1/5Bankers Object to Surprise Announcement of Merger of Taxi Medallion CUCUtodayhttps://t.co/AjLRtggb34
1/5The rise and fall of a taxicab operation in LICQUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/N6h3y0ap3t
1/5Heated exchange between Uber driver, passenger caught on cameraNEWS12https://t.co/Mxi8hAC80s
1/5LIA: Suburban buses should net some revenue from congestion pricinglibn.comhttps://t.co/3svC7UyYrs
1/5Taxi or technology? / Ride-hailing firm Grab in hot water in VietnamSoutheast Asia
1/5Uber caught in apparent violation of its own policy against unaccompanied minorsKTNVhttps://t.co/wCam9cnPFp
1/4The Many Ways to Fund New York City's Big Subway FixCITYLABhttps://t.co/uETzT3PqxL
1/4Taxis, ride-hail industry and regulator will have groundbreaking yearCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/0D3an10VTH
1/4Cuomo halts full L shutdownCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/m3DM8YecX0
1/4Uber drivers file suit against ride-sharing company over wages, OTBoston Heraldhttps://t.co/DslGxgQl90
1/4NYC traffic injuries are up despite drop in fatalitiesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/SzKUGMgHky
1/4PenFed Acquires Troubled Taxi Medallion Lender Progressive CU Keith Leggett’s
Credit Union Watch
1/4City of Brussels declares Uber illegalFLEETEUROPEhttps://t.co/uOUkpoKTDa
1/4Fewer Americans bike to work despite new trails, lanes and bicycle share programsUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/Wat1DOFf01
1/4Canadian Court Slams Uber’s Arbitration ProcessWall Street Journalhttps://t.co/HP6hcEDLIr
1/4These companies are planning gigantic IPOs. The market might stop themKBZKhttps://t.co/OulC6nECeG
1/4City Leaders Press De Blasio For Details On ‘Fair Fares’ ProgramCBS-WLNYhttps://t.co/24WBMlFK6b
1/3The MTA loses six billion dollars a year and nobody caresMediumhttps://t.co/c4piYezrku
1/3MTA Could Lose $1M A Day Over Congestion Fee Lawsuit Patchhttps://t.co/okwrfHq6Af
1/3Cuomo warns of investigations war if Legislature looks into his administrationN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/A3NzuUaxh6
1/335 Questions for New York Politics in 2019GOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/CkeYIUwvTP
1/2Why the West Coast Is Suddenly Beating the East Coast on TransportationN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/ZmOlz6gtPu
1/2New York Democrats finally wise up to transit system’s costsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/xVHKqgyuRg
1/2Brooklyn bagel deliveryman on electric bike diesbr
in gruesome crash after taxi driver flings open door in his path
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KCEOSp9jB5
1/12 of New York’s Most Influential Offices Are About to Be Held by One PersonN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/T3eFYq8D5R
1/1Homeless shelters, a murder trial and Amazon HQ2 among five Queens stories to watch in 2019QNShttps://t.co/dQFSkEKWeE
1/1Drone Flying Over Times Square Draws Worries From Councilman PATCHhttps://t.co/3S5ij1S8Fe
1/1This board game helps Brooklynites prepare for looming L-train shutdownN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/NNN8rmWXBz
1/1How Uber’s internal safety team handles everything from car crashes to assaultsBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/zN986kibFu
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