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6/19Supreme Court snubs Uber’s fight over driver employmentcourthousenews.comREAD HERE
6/19‘I have bigger prospects’ - Why aren’t young people becoming taxi drivers? newstalk.comREAD HERE
6/19MTA to expand camera en­forcement along some bus routesny1.comREAD HERE
6/19Inside the furious debate over New York City's new tax on drivers, which New Jersey Democrats are fighting against tooth and nailyahoo.comREAD HERE
6/19Feds want a decision in N.J. lawsuit to block $15 congestion pricing fee to enter Lower Manhattannj.comREAD HERE
6/19NYC Business District Leaders Support Congestion Pricingplanetizen.comREAD HERE
6/19Horror stories from NYC’s 8th Ave. ‘Strip of Despair’ — where stabbings, drug use and public defecation are the norm nypost.comREAD HERE
6/18Feds Give Latest Congestion Pricing Approval, Leaving Hochul with Final Decision nyctaxinews/dausREAD HERE
6/18Upper West Side ‘Smart Curbs’ Must Think Bigger: Advocatesnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/18Deep Dive: Hochul Ignored Broad Coalition of Congestion Pricing Supporters In Favor Of Placard Elitenyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/18Revel's WARN Layoff Notice Lists 791 Remaining W2 DriversAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
6/18Uber and Lyft are fighting minimum wage laws. But in this state, the drivers won wxxinews.orgREAD HERE
6/17NYC subway delays spike after congestion pricing pause: Datafox5ny.comREAD HERE
6/17MTA says repairs and upgrades for trains and buses will 'shrink' after governor halts Manhattan tollAP/youtubeREAD HERE
6/17New York Inches Closer to Police State with Bonkers Proposed Ruleyahoo.comREAD HERE
6/17Wuhan’s Driverless Taxi Revolution Leads the Autonomous Futurelavocedinewyork.comREAD HERE
6/17Mayor Adams Announces Free Cultural Events Happening Across All Five Boroughs This Summernyc.govREAD HERE
6/16NYPD cop let drunk girlfriend take joyride in cruiser, covered it up after crashing into cab: DA nypost.comREAD HERE
6/16Congestion Pricing Pause to Have ‘Serious Implications’ for Agency’s Finances: MTAhttp://theforumnewsgroup.comREAD HERE
6/16We’re completely transforming JFK International Airport into a world-class gateway, ?rebuilding across the HERE
6/16‘Irresponsible, Destructive’: Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Flip Harms Working New Yorkers, Ritchie Torres Saysnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/16Congestion pricing: How something that was supposed to save our city ended up as roadkillbkmag.comREAD HERE
6/15NYC congestion pricing advocates plan lawsuit to keep Hochul from halting tollnorthjersey.comREAD HERE
6/15Manhattan’s Central Business District Unites To Condemn Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Surrendernyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/15US Lawmakers Take On Uber, Lyft Rider Surveillance in New HERE
6/15Waymo Recalls Over 600 Self-Driving Vehicles for Software and Mapping Updates After Phoenix Incidenthoodline.comREAD HERE
6/14New York Spends $225 Million on Its Own “Cop City” — to Make the Whole City Run on Cops.blackagendareport.comREAD HERE
6/14REPORT: Candidate Allegedly Received $162,000 In Taxpayer Funds After Faking Donationsdailycaller.comREAD HERE
6/14Advocate defends congestion pricing, warns of a potential 'class war'ny1.comREAD HERE
6/14Is it Truly the End of NYC Congestion Pricing?planetizen.comREAD HERE
6/143 women wanted for robbing taxi cab drivers at gunpoint across NYC: NYPDmsn.comREAD HERE
6/13Hochul Murder Mysterywashingtonspectator.orgREAD HERE
6/13Congestion Pricing: A Case Study on Interstate Air Pollution Disputesnysba.orgREAD HERE
6/13“I Have Never Felt Worse For A Human Being In My Life”: Taxi Drivers Share The Craziest Storiesmsn.comREAD HERE
6/12TLC Abandons TIF Hack-Up Payment Increase, Citing LawsuitAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
6/12MTA vows it ‘isn’t giving up’ on hated congestion pricing plan after Hochul’s sudden about-face nypost.comREAD HERE
6/12Komanoff: Actually, Small Businesses Stand to Benefit from Congestion Pricingnyc,streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/12Gov. Hochul weighs in on congestion pricing pausebrooklyn.news12.comREAD HERE
6/12Uber loses challenge to California gig work law in US appeals courtreuters.comREAD HERE
6/11Calm down, the MTA won’t collapse without congestion pricing nypost.comREAD HERE
6/11Rallies held across city after congestion pricing pauseny1.comREAD HERE
6/11NY lawmakers were ‘blindsided’ by congestion pricing pause: Assemblywoman Gallagheryahoo.comREAD HERE
6/11Hochul’s Bid to Stop Congestion Pricing Might Be Illegalnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/107 Loveliest Small Towns to Visit in Upstate New York This Summerworldatlas.comREAD HERE
6/10NYC Red Light Camera Program Green Lighted Through 2027, To Expand To 600 Intersectionscrownheights.infoREAD HERE
6/10MTA bus driver stabbed in neck during dispute in blood-covered Brooklyn scene nypost.comREAD HERE
6/10Pro-congestion pricing rally held in Manhattancbs new york/youtubeREAD HERE
6/10Until Hochul finds billions for congestion pricing funding gap, MTA to focus on ‘basic' operationsnbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
6/10Demand for food delivery has skyrocketed. So have complaints about some drivers nbcnewyork,comREAD HERE
6/9NY's congestion pricing fail isn't just about the Big Appleaxios.comREAD HERE
6/9NYC Congestion Pricing Is Seemingly Dead—In Favor Of Payroll Taxesforbs.comREAD HERE
6/9Komanoff: For Congestion Pricing, I’ll Eat Crownyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/8State of Confusion: Albany Pols Adjourn, Hochul Gets Delusional, MTA Plans Capital Cuts in Wild Final Daynyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/8What They Are Saying: Governor Hochul Announces Pause on Congestion Pricing to Address the Rising Cost of Living in N.Y.governor.ny.govREAD HERE
6/8Business Leaders ‘Furious’ at Hochul Reversal on Manhattan Congestion Charge thecity.nycREAD HERE
6/8Taxi drivers support governor's decision to pause congestion pricingcbsnews/youtubeREAD HERE
6/8Armed Uber-like service expands to Miami after being shunned from Georgiawashingtonexaminer.comREAD HERE
6/7Consumers say they're pulling back on tipping servers, drivers and hair stylistsnbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
6/7NYC DOT to Hold New Round of Public Workshops for Brooklyn Queens Expressway Central Beginning June 20nyc.govREAD HERE
6/7Two Huge Questions About ‘Gridlock Gov.’ Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Delaynyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/7NYC congestion pricing CANCELED? MTA puts pricey toll on pause indefinitely | NBC New York nbc/youtubeREAD HERE
6/7NYC ‘clearly hurting’ with loss of at least 15% of its hotel rooms to migrant shelters, ballooning costs for tourists nypost.comREAD HERE
6/7Enhanced Summer Enforcement Efforts to Remove Illegal Mopeds and Scooters From City Streetsnyc.govREAD HERE
6/6Gov. Hochul halts congestion pricing in New York HERE
6/6Yellow cab drivers want lawmakers to suspend congestion surcharge on taxisny1.comREAD HERE
6/6Study shows electric vehicles can have positive impact on air quality and public health in some cities, but not allmsn.comREAD HERE
6/6London Cab Drivers Club president reacts to NYC's congestion pricing plan postponementcbsnews/youtubeREAD HERE
6/6NYC Introduces Dining Out NYC: A New Era for Outdoor Diningeastnewyork.comREAD HERE
6/6NBC Bay Area: Uber and Lyft drivers frequently refuse service dogssanjosespotlight.comREAD HERE
6/5Mayor Eric Adams Says the Public Can Pee Freely at City Hallhellgatenyc.comREAD HERE
6/5New York City and State to Develop Concepts to Cap Cross Bronx Expressway,nyc.govREAD HERE
6/5NYC DOT Begins Redesign of Manhattan’s Second Avenue With Wider Bike Lane and Upgraded Bus Lane nyc.govREAD HERE
6/5MTA mulls direct transit from Red Hook to Manhattan: brooklyneagle.comREAD HERE
6/5Paul Gilman, 64, committed activist, Green Party member, adviser, friendthevillagesun.comREAD HERE
6/4NYTWA Asks For Annulment Of Already Issued EV TLC Plates To "Non-Active" DriversAuto MarketplaceREAD HERE
6/4Here’s why no one escapes NYC’s controversial congestion toll — not even locals without cars nypost.comREAD HERE
6/4These 15 jobs might not exist in the next 50 years, new study findssilive.comREAD HERE
6/4Palm Tran will cut 3 bus routes, replace them with Uber and taxis. Will fares increase?palmbeachpost.comREAD HERE
6/4SF paid taxi medallion program ruined lives, purchasers saysfexaminer.comREAD HERE
6/4Wider Crosstown Bike Lanes Coming on 2 Midtown Stripsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/4NYC launches monthly 'drops,' putting commemorative street signs on salegothamist.comREAD HERE
6/3Can a psychologist stop fare evaders? MTA mulls new strategy to save millions nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
6/3Brooklyn-Queens Expressway closed for final weekend of repairsSOURCEREAD HERE
6/3Esposito blasts MTA’s congesting pricing as new tax loomsmidhudsonnews.comREAD HERE
6/3Monday’s Headlines: More Weird Coverage from the Times Editionnycstreetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/2NYC congestion pricing called “unconstitutional” in trucking lawsuitcdllife.comREAD HERE
6/2OPINION: Stop Phil Murphy’s Brazen Turnpike Widening Trapnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/2City Officials Unveil ‘Bike Boulevard’ Design for 31st Avenue in Queensnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
6/2Lawsuit against Lyft and driverwptv/youtubeREAD HERE
6/1Truckers group files lawsuit against congestion pricing planny1.comREAD HERE
6/1Over 90 Percent of NYC Jaywalking Tickets Issued to Black and Latino Pedestriansplanetizen.comREAD HERE
6/1New York City Congestion pricing plan FAQabc7ny.comREAD HERE
6/1Small rideshare companies said they’d fill void if Uber and Lyft left. What happens now that they’re staying?msn.comREAD HERE
5/31BQE weekend shutdown to make traffic nightmare in Brooklyn nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
5/31Wild Scene After Teen Hit by Taxi in New York Cityyahoo.comREAD HERE
5/31Hamilton restaurant out thousands of dollars from Uber Eats thepec.comREAD HERE
5/30Got questions about congestion pricing? MTA to hold webinars for public: What to know nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
5/30Hot Pursuit: NYPD Chases Still Surging Unleashing Danger on City Streetsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/30How Waymo outlasted the competition and made robo-taxis a real HERE
5/30Woman Kidnapped, Assaulted While Working as Lyft Driver Sues Rideshare Company morningstar.comREAD HERE
5/29Uber Rideshare Lawsuit (2024 Update)forbes.comREAD HERE
5/29Man punched in face, robbed on NYC subway trainaol.comREAD HERE
5/29When does NYC congestion pricing start? With just weeks left, the countdown is on.silive.comREAD HERE
5/29Congestion pricing could bring cleaner air. But maybe not for everyoneilluminem.comREAD HERE
5/29Self-driving robotaxi operator Waymo is in hot water after a safety probe revealed additional unseen incidents in the United States.carexpert.comREAD HERE
5/28Ontario Superior Court finds Ottawa negligent in response to Uber's entry, damaging taxi industrycanadianlawyermag.comREAD HERE
5/28NYC DOT Announces Third And Final BQE Closurebkreader.comREAD HERE
5/28NYC transit: MTA rolls out new ways to stop fare evasion at train, subway turnstilessilive.comREAD HERE
5/28Straphanger set on fire on a 1 train in NYCfox5/youtubeREAD HERE
5/28Democrats reach compromise on ride share bill, drivers to get 20% pay raise; Republicans say they weren't in on talks audacy.comREAD HERE
5/27Yellow cab driver hit with homicide charge in death of Queens scooter ridermsn.comREAD HERE
5/27Caught On Cam: Woman Verbally Abuses Cab Driver After Taxi Malfunctionsshethepeople.comREAD HERE
5/27Friday’s Headlines: Confirmation Consternation Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/27Shocking footage shows driver's dangerous attempt to bypass traffic: 'And the bikes are still going faster'thecooldown.comREAD HERE
5/27Dead body found on tracks in NYC subway station pix11.comREAD HERE
5/26City to shut large stretch of BQE in early June for repairssilive.comREAD HERE
5/26Roosevelt Hotel becomes modern-day Ellis Island for NYC migrants fox5/youtubeREAD HERE
5/26Uber, Motional launch robotaxi service in Las HERE
5/26[COMPUTEX 2024] Mobility of Tomorrow: When a Car is More Than Just a Cartrendforce.comREAD HERE
5/26Major robotaxi firms face federal safety investigations after crashesyahoo.comREAD HERE
5/25New York City Greenlights Congestion Pricing – Here’s How This Toll Plan Is Expected to Improve Traffic, Air Quality and Public Transitgoodmenproject.comREAD HERE
5/25DOT plans 96th Street bus lanes ahead of congestion pricingbronx.news12.comREAD HERE
5/25War of words over NYC’s congestion pricing pits transit CEO against lawmakersmsn.comREAD HERE
5/25Bill Ackman slams Uber for ‘ripping off NYC cab driver’ who said company doesn’t let him keep tips nypost.comREAD HERE
5/25Congestion pricing feud between MTA, Curb leaves NYC taxi drivers squeezedfox 5/ youtubeREAD HERE
5/24NYC taxi drivers caught in crossfire of MTA and Curb fee disputefox5ny.comREAD HERE
5/24Vision Zero: NYC DOT and NYPD Remind New Yorkers to Not Drive Impaired During Holiday Weekendnyc.govREAD HERE
5/24MTA tests new strategies to combat fare evasion as losses mountny1.comREAD HERE
5/24MTA approves new phase of E-Hail Pilot Programbronx.news12.comREAD HERE
5/23Congestion pricing is on its way — and in court. Here's why opponents are suingwamc.orgREAD HERE
5/23Adams, Hochul remain silent on NYC congestion pricing, pretend they’re just bystanders to legal graftnypost.comREAD HERE
5/23Yellow cab driver hit with homicide charge in death of Queens scooter rideryahoo.comREAD HERE
5/23NYC installs first Citi Bike charging stations in Brooklyn, Manhattanpix.comREAD HERE
5/23NYC DOT Announces Notification Campaign Ahead of Third and Final BQE Closure June 1-3 Due to Necessary Deck Repair Worknyc.govREAD HERE
5/23Freed: Maybe Charles Komanoff is Worried That I’m Right on Congestion Pricingnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/22Federal probe targets Waymo’s driverless robotaxis amid traffic safety concernscyberguy.comREAD HERE
5/22UR Remains Sub-53% In March As Uber Officially Launches NYC Lockouts. What's Going On?AutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/22POLITICS Auto industry experts warn Biden's EV mandate may limit gas car options in the futurefoxnews.comREAD HERE
5/22Viral video shows Waymo driverless car in Phoenix struggling to stay in its laneKOLD.COMREAD HERE
5/22Opinion: We Need a Miracle on 42nd StreetNYC.STREETSBLOG.ORGREAD HERE
5/21Up Close for 5/19/24: FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh and George Stephanopoulos from ABC Newsab7ny.comREAD HERE
5/21UK's autonomous vehicle legislation becomes law, paving the way for first driverless cars by HERE
5/21Minnesota lawmakers reach deal to raise pay rate for Uber, Lyft driversfoxbusiness.comREAD HERE
5/21New York City Launches On-Site Charging for Citi Bike E-Bikesagogs.skREAD HERE
5/20The Story of The New York City Yellow Cabs | NYC RevealedCuriosity StreamREAD HERE
5/20Manhattan parking, already a 'nightmare,' forecast to worsen uptown with congestion HERE
5/20OPINION: 8 ways New York could make driving an even bigger rip-off for motoristsmsn.comREAD HERE
5/20Why are Hong Kong taxi drivers going ‘undercover’ to target Uber and what’s behind their latest clash?scmp.comREAD HERE
5/20NHTSA Opens Investigation into Self-Driving Carspresidentialprayerteam.orgREAD HERE
5/19Greenpoint residents continue to rally for safer streetsbrooklyn.news12.comREAD HERE
5/19New rideshare services launch in Twin Cities as Uber, Lyft appear poised to leave cbsnews.comREAD HERE
5/1825,545 TLC-Plated Vehicles Not Affiliated With Uber NYC HVFHS BaseAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/18How Much Does It Suck to Be the President of the New York City Transit Authority?hellgatenyc.comREAD HERE
5/18Is the self-driving dream going to crash into a regulatory wall?fastcomppany.comREAD HERE
5/17Legislators call on MTA to expand express bus service in Queens nysenate.govREAD HERE
5/17NYC DOT invites commuters to join the citywide Bike-to-Work Day tomorrowqns.comREAD HERE
5/17DOT Proposes Bus Lanes To Speed Up Crosstown Transit In Upper Manhattannyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/17Congestion pricing might drive NYC commuters uptown. Residents want parking permits.wnyc.orgREAD HERE
5/16NYC DOT Commissioner Rodriguez Heads to Albany Amidst Urgent Need for Legislature to Renew and Expand City’s Red Light Camera Programnyc.govREAD HERE
5/16Thursday’s Headlines: Will Albany Green Light More Red Light Camerasnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/16What Would Happen if We Electrified Every Bus in America?nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/15New York Pols Back Gounardes’s Bill to Cut Driving by 20%nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/15Revel Might Need A NYC High-Volume Base License & Why It's A Big Deal!AutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/15NYC Transit President Richard Davey, who runs subways and buses, leaving MTAgothamist.comREAD HERE
5/15Bronx taxi driver shares story of being shot by passengerlongisland.news12.comREAD HERE
5/15NYC DOT Resuming Work on McGuinness Boulevard Redesign greenpointers.comREAD HERE
5/15Waymo's robotaxi fleet targeted in new federal probe following multiple incidentsnews-journal.comREAD HERE
5/14Regulatory Agenda Of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2025NYC Taxi NewsREAD HERE
5/14Data: NYPD Enforcement, Now in Decline, Was Once a Key to Vision Zero Successnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/14DOT Proposes Protected Bike Lane To Fill Crucial Gap In Queensnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/14Massachusetts takes Uber and Lyft to trial over status of gig workerscnn.comREAD HERE
5/14TLC proposes permanent Flex Fare pricing for NYC yellow cabs:brooklyneagle.comREAD HERE
5/14Uber driver arrested for allegedly raping Sandy Springs woman11 ALIVE/YouTubeREAD HERE
5/13Up Close 5/12/24: MTA Chairman Janno Lieber talks congestion pricing, lawsuits to block itabc7ny.comREAD HERE
5/13MTA’s $7.8B payroll, $75M overtime payments hit record highs: watchdog nypost.comREAD HERE
5/13Gig work is the new Ellis Island for immigrants looking for work. But many drivers feel trapped in the long hours and low pay.businessinsider.comREAD HERE
5/13Teslas and EV’s Now Make Up a Hefty Proportion of NYC Ubers and Lyftslavocedinewyork.comREAD HERE
5/13Self-driving cars could lead to a fourth, white traffic signal — or no signals at all: researchersfoxbusiness.comREAD HERE
5/13NYPD ‘crossed the line’ with X posts about protests: NYC Council speaker pix11.comREAD HERE
5/12Trump lawyer-turned-foe Cohen considers congressional run over frustration about congestion pricingwashingtontimes.comREAD HERE
5/12Latest NYS Comptroller report warns MTA’s capital program facing funding issues masstransitmag.comREAD HERE
5/12Sweeping Overhaul of Crumbling BQE Likely Delayed Until 2028brownstoner.comREAD HERE
5/12Gov. Hochul Backs Red Light Camera Renewalnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/12Uber Continues To Enjoy Robust Demand But Legal Bills Take A Toll On Its Bottom Lineyahoo.comREAD HERE
5/12Raging Harlem mob surrounds suspect in attack on 11-year-old, woman – as NYPD cops protect him nypost.comREAD HERE
5/11Trump lawyer-turned-foe Cohen considers congressional run over frustration about congestion pricing washingtontimes.comREAD HERE
5/11Why Teslas are suddenly dominating NYC Ubers and Lyftsgothamist.comREAD HERE
5/11Uber, Lyft still say they'll leave Minnesota | Here's what happened during their exit in Austin, Texaskare11.comREAD HERE
5/10The TruthNYC Taxi NewsREAD HERE
5/10NYC TLC Presentation On Flex Fare / App E-Hail Taxi Pilot (May 8 2024)AutoMarketplace/youtubeREAD HERE
5/10City of ‘No’: Community Board Members Don’t Want Newcomers Stealing ‘Their’ Parkingnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/10NYC DOT Takes Major Step to Launch Network of 500 Secure Bike Parking Locations Next Yearnyc.govREAD HERE
5/10Uber, Lyft saw rider growth in Q1 but face regulatory challenges smartcitiesdive.comREAD HERE
5/10A dad review of San Francisco's self-driving Waymo taxissfgate.comREAD HERE
5/9Federal judge blasts city for attempt to wriggle out of accessible taxi settlementamny.comREAD HERE
5/9Daimler’s driverless semi trucks will hit the road in 2027theverge.comREAD HERE
5/9NYC rolls out new, high-tech parking meters. Here's how they workcbsnews.comREAD HERE
5/9NYC DOT Kicks off Installation of Upgraded Parking Meters in Northern Manhattannyc.govREAD HERE
5/8Adams Backs Lower Speed Limits, Calls Crashes ‘Accidentsnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/8TLC wants out of agreement to make 50% of cabs wheelchair accessibleny1.comREAD HERE
5/8Federal judge blasts city for attempt to wriggle out of accessible taxi settlementamny.comREAD HERE
5/8NYC congestion pricing: Could legal challenges push back start date?fox5ny.comREAD HERE
5/8Lyft NYC Lockouts Have Arrived With "Ready For A Break" PromptAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/7Upfront Medallion Owner WAV TIF Payments IncreasingAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/7The Father of the 15-Minute City Doubles Down on His Visionbloomberg.comREAD HERE
5/7I took a self-driving taxi in Los Angeles - here's what happened HERE
5/7To Make Cars Safer, Connect Them to Everything HERE
5/7New Bill Will Bring Poop Bag Dispensers to New York StreetsDOGTIME.COMREAD HERE
5/6 RIP Taximeter? BUT...NYC Taxi Medallion Values Could Rise Because Of Uber!AutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
5/6DOT Unveils First Step for Park Row Redesignnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/6New budget forbids MTA from using facial recognition to bust fare evaders nypost.comREAD HERE
5/6Bronx gunman jumps out of moving car, nearly shoots taxi driver in dispute: copsamny.comREAD HERE
5/6Are robots the future of food delivery? Serve Robotics thinks soyahoo.comREAD HERE
5/6Watch Waymo's Self-Driving Cars Navigate a Freeway cnet.comREAD HERE
5/4Uber and Lyft will pay $328 million to settle wage theft claims in New Yorkmsn.comREAD HERE
5/4Uber partnering with DC taxi drivers; faster pickups coming for ridersmsn.comREAD HERE
5/4Here's How a Massachusetts Court Case Featuring Uber and Lyft Could Reshape the Gig Economyinc.comREAD HERE
5/4Uber and Lyft face an uncertain future in Massachusetts as state’s ballot measures go to courtfastcompany.comREAD HERE
5/4Driverless Trucks Set to Hit US Highways voanews.comREAD HERE
5/4NYC congestion pricing map, costs, hours, exemptionsfox5ny.comREAD HERE
5/4NYC’s 5 Boro Bike Tour worried MTA still wants hundreds of thousands of dollars in tolls for using Verrazzano Bridgenypost.comREAD HERE
5/4Hempstead becomes 1st town on Long Island to file lawsuit against NYC congestion pricing planabc7ny.comREAD HERE
5/4MTA faces backlash from business owners over congestion pricing pix11.comREAD HERE
5/4NYC congestion pricing map, costs, hours, exemptionsyahoo.comREAD HERE
5/4NYC congestion pricing will take a toll on Chinatown businesses, critics arguenypost.comREAD HERE
5/4Uber faces £250-M lawsuit in London as black cab drivers allege misleading practicesuk.investing.comREAD HERE
5/3Congestion pricing: DOT touts dozens of proposed street redesign projects to come following start of Manhattan toll programamny.comREAD HERE
5/3NYC taxi driver sounds off on ‘unfair’ congestion pricing: ‘Just a big money grab’ nypost.comREAD HERE
5/3Uber, Lyft drivers demand better wages and protections11 Alive/YouTubeREAD HERE
5/2Uber Shuts Down All Operations Across Pakistan: Report ndtv.comREAD HERE
5/2Congestion pricing discounts approved for some LIRR, Metro-North riderscbsny/youtubeREAD HERE
5/2Letter to DOT Requesting a Sixth Avenue Bike Lanenysenate.govREAD HERE
5/2Trump Trial Street Closures Push Pedestrians, Cyclists into Busy Trafficnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/2What the class-action suit against Uber is all about — and what it could meantvo.orgREAD HERE
5/2Mayor Adams’ new budget sets NYC (and him) up for big trouble in Summer 2025nypost.comREAD HERE
5/1MTA opens applications for congestion pricing discounts, exemptionsny1.comREAD HERE
5/1Some NYC commuters could get discounts when congestion pricing startscbsnewyork/youtubeREAD HERE
5/1MTA spends $141 million on cameras to ticket drivers blocking bus routesgothamist.comREAD HERE
5/1Good Luck Docking Your Citi Bike In Lower Manhattannyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/1Tuesday’s Headlines: First Ave. Bike Lane Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
5/1Uber Eats hit with class action lawsuit in Nevada over ‘imposter’ restaurantsmyhighplains.comREAD HERE
5/1DOT Launches Incentive Program to Promote Off-Hour Deliveries, Reduce Daytime Congestioncitylandnyc.orgREAD HERE
5/1Tractor-trailers with no one aboard? The future is near for self-driving trucks on U.S. roadspressherald.comREAD HERE
4/30NYC Taxi Workers Alliance: Congestion pricing "cannot come at a worse time"cbsny/youtubeREAD HERE
4/30[FULL VIDEO] Police release bodycam footage of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley trafficNews 8 WROC/youtubeREAD HERE
4/30‘Buy, Bully, Bamboozle’: Report Alleges App Companies Threaten Democracynyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
4/30Tractor-trailers with no one aboard? The future is near for self-driving trucks on US roadswlbt.comREAD HERE
4/30BK Man Crushed to Death By Own Vehicle: NYPDPatch.comREAD HERE
4/29Exemptions for NYC congestion pricing: How to get one, who qualifies and more to know nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
4/29NYPD: 2 suspects wanted for robbing taxi driver at gunpoint in Morris Heightsbrooklyn.news12.comREAD HERE
4/29Uber and Lyft Mull Exit from Minneapolis Amid Fee Hikes; City Seeks Input on Repurposing Fire-Damaged Precincthoodline.comREAD HERE
4/29Uber Eats hit with class action lawsuit in Nevada over ‘imposter’ restaurantsfox8.comREAD HERE
4/29Elon Musk in China to discuss enabling full self drivingbbc.comREAD HERE
4/28Diary of a Transit Miraclewashingtonspectator.orgREAD HERE
4/28Sherrill Calls on MTA to Halt Unfair Congestion Pricing HERE
4/28MTA announces official start date for congestion pricing in New York Citynbc7ny.comREAD HERE
4/28News10NBC Investigates: Taxi cab service sparse in the City of Rochesterwhec.comREAD HERE
4/28Video shows 2 accused of targeting ride-share drivers across NYC. What drivers should look out forcbsnews.comREAD HERE
4/28Uber driver held at gunpoint in carjacking in North Haven wtnh.comREAD HERE
4/27Community Board Wants Protected Bike Lane on Empire HERE
4/27Friday’s Headlines: Canal Street Follies Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
4/27NYC records 60 traffic deaths in 1st quarter of 2024, the most since Vision Zero begangothamist.comREAD HERE
4/27NYC to install ‘bee hotels’ in 7 public plazas to protect at-risk pollinators6sqft.comREAD HERE
4/26NYC taxi drivers demand action following spike in carjackings, robberiesfox5ny.comREAD HERE
4/26Report: Road Violence Hits Record in First Quarter of 2024nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
4/261st self-driving car that 'lets you take your eyes off the road' goes on sale in the US — and it's not a Teslalivescience.comREAD HERE
4/26Street Sweepers Could Nab Illegal Parking Under State Billnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
4/25New York City’s Electric Rideshare Cars Surpass Two Million Trips In Marchinsideevs.comREAD HERE
4/25NYC DOT to Provide New Incentives to Reduce Truck Deliveries During Busiest Hours and Fight Congestion nyc.govREAD HERE
4/25Man arrested for taxi cab driver's murder in Rochester13wham.comREAD HERE
4/25"Uber TV" Set To Hit NYC Streets, FHV In-Car Ads Now LegalAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
4/24MTA Plan to Run Brooklyn-Queens Train on City Streets a ‘Grave’ Mistake: Advocatesnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
4/24Congestion pricing could cause more traffic, higher pollution in the Tri-State Area. Here's wherecbsnews.comREAD HERE
4/24NY voters overwhelmingly reject new Manhattan $15 ‘congestion’ toll in poll: Inside the statsnypost.comREAD HERE
4/24Homicide on the job: Cab driver killing highlights need for safetywhec.comREAD HERE
4/24Teamsters union jump into rideshare drivers' rights fightwbur.orgREAD HERE
4/24Woman Banned From Uber Over 'Offensive' First Nameiheart.comREAD HERE
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4/22New Yorkers come out for city's largest Open Streets event with climate change in mindny1.comREAD HERE
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4/19NYS Federation of Taxi Drivers offer $5,000 reward after string of carjackings and robberiesbrooklyn.news12.comREAD HERE
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4/13NYC start-up founder, 30, dies three days after she was struck by Range Rover being driven by 72-year-old man who's been cited for speeding near schools five times in three HERE
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1/10MTA hopes to prevent flooding in subway system as NYC braces for stormcbs/youtubeREAD HERE
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1/7Full service restored on 1/2/3 subway lines following Upper West Side derailmentamny.comREAD HERE
1/7Stabbing leaves 1 dead at New York City migrant shelter; 2nd resident charged with murdermysantonio.comREAD HERE
1/7Ride-hail driver was fatally shot on the job in Edmonds, association says seattletimes.comREAD HERE
1/6NYC teachers’ union to pay legal tab for Staten Island’s congestion-pricing fight nypost.comREAD HERE
1/6Levine Raises Concerns Over City’s Inadequate Snow Removal Planbnnbreaking.comREAD HERE
1/6Uber drivers say the job has become more competitive — and that it's made their work less profitablemsn.comREAD HERE
1/6The plaza near the Brooklyn Bridge will soon turn into a giant sports centertimeout.comREAD HERE
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1/6Feds to investigate entire NYC subway system after derailment injures more than 20 nbcnewyork.comREAD HERE
1/6Teachers Union Prez: You Can’t Expect My Members To Ride The Train Or Bus!nyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
1/6NYC subway service is disrupted for a second day after low-speed collisionabcnews.comREAD HERE
1/62024 Will Be the Year We Figure Out EV Chargingcnet.comREAD HERE
1/6Minnesota Uber, Lyft drivers promise new debate over minimum wage and job protectionsaxios.comREAD HERE
1/6NYC DOT Completes New Plaza Space, Shared Street on Post Avenue in Inwoodnyc.govREAD HERE
1/6New York sues US bus companies for $708M over migrant coststrtworld.comREAD HERE
1/6NYC teachers union files federal lawsuit to stop NYC congestion pricing: 'What's this scheme really about?' audacy.comREAD HERE
1/5NYC TLC Chair David Do Term Ends On January 31st. Will He Be Reappointed?AutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
1/5Special Report: Subway derailment at 96th StreetCBS/youtubeREAD HERE
1/5MTA defends new fare gates in subways despite people 'piggybacking' through | NBC New YorkNBC/youtubeREAD HERE
1/5Eric Adams sues for $700 million from Texas bus companies in latest move against Gov. Abbottpolitico.comREAD HERE
1/5Lyft drivers missing NYE moneywisn/youtubeREAD HERE
1/5NYC Council member seeks to establish designated spaces for vendors on Brooklyn Bridge pix11.comREAD HERE
1/5A half-dozen ballot measures affecting Uber and Lyft drivers cleared a hurdle for the November ballot. It’s as complicated as it sounds.bostonglobe.comREAD HERE
1/5Friday’s Headlines: Hey, Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
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1/4Transcript: Mayor Adams Appears Live on CNN's "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer"nyc.govREAD HERE
1/4New York Will Use Public Health Dollars to Curb Youth Violenceimprintnews.orgREAD HERE
1/4Uber hopes to win over London cabbies. Will it work?npr.orgREAD HERE
1/4NYC DOT Announces New Public Safety Measures on Brooklyn Bridge to Promote Safe Travel for Pedestrians, Cyclistsnyc.govREAD HERE
1/4Mayor takes aim at City Council, public advocate over police transparency billny1READ HERE
1/4A half-dozen ballot measures affecting Uber and Lyft drivers cleared a hurdle for the November ballot. It’s as complicated as it sounds.bostonglobe.comREAD HERE
1/32024: A Look Ahead, A Look BackAutoMarketplaceREAD HERE
1/3$5K reward offered for information in fatal shooting of livery cab driverabc7ny/youtubeREAD HERE
1/3Lyft drivers distraught over missing money from New Year's Eve rideswbaltv.comREAD HERE
1/3New York crash investigated as possible terrorism on New Year's Dayabcnews/youtubeREAD HERE
1/3How 2024 will accelerate New York City's EV futuregreenbiz.comREAD HERE
1/3Access to busy NYC airport’s international terminal restricted due to pro-Palestinian protest wnct.comREAD HERE
1/3Beginning Wednesday, vendors will be banned from the Brooklyn Bridgebkmag.comREAD HERE
1/3Eric Adams renews call to amend outdated ‘right to shelter’ rules amid NYC migrant crisis nypost.comREAD HERE
1/3Mayor Adams blames Gov. Abbott for chaotic New Jersey migrant situationny1.comREAD HERE
1/2NYC New Year's Car Crash Leaves 5 Injurednewsmax.comREAD HERE
1/2NYC residents fighting planned ‘deliverista hub’ for e-bike chargingnypost.comREAD HERE
1/2Tuesday’s Headlines: Ring in 2024 and Drum Out 2023 Editionnyc.streetsblog.orgREAD HERE
1/2NYC's No-Plate ProblemGresh Streetsblog/YouTubeREAD HERE
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